Muslim Indian Baby Boy Names in Urud & Hindi with Meaning Starting with A to Z

Find beautiful unique Islamic Muslim baby boy names list in Hindi Urdu with English Meaning, Popular Muslim boy names in Indian adorable territories with Urdu Hindi languages starting with A to Z. Some Muslim baby names are also available with meanings which are mentioned in Quran, Indian Muslim boy names in Hindi

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Adil Justice minded
Aftab The sun
Ahsan An act of kindness,
Ajmal Holy
Akbar Powerful
Aklamash Spotless, pure
Akram The best, Excellent
Alam Universe
Alamgir Lord of the Universe
Ali Protected by God
Alim Learned, wise
Amin Blessing of God
Amir Rich
Anjum Star
Anjuman Meeting
Anwar Devoted to the Lord
Arab Peaceful, tranquil
Arshad Holy
Asgar Devoted to Lord
Ashraf Benevolent, kind, tall
Aslam One who salutes
Azam The powerful one
Aziz a Friend, comrade, dear
Basheer One who carries Good news
Deenar Gold coin
Dilawar Brave, valiant, intrepid
Dilbar Lover
Dilshad Happy
Eijaz Blessings
Farhat Happiness
Faiyaz A good Donor
Faiz Blessings, gain
Faraz divine
Fareed Second to nobody
Farookh A good Judge
Fateh Victory
Firdaus Heaven
Ghalib The Best
Gul Flower
Gulfam Flower color
Gulzar Garden
Habeeb Friend
Hafeez Protector
Hamid One who deserves to be praised
Haroon Achievement
Hashmat Happy
Hussain Name of saint
Ibrahim Abraham
Ifran Identity
Imran Powerful
Intakhab Election
Iqbal Richness
Irshad Order
Ishrat Happiness
Izhar Expression
Jahangir King of  Universe
Jalal Richness
Jalil Respectable
Javed Immortal
Jugnu a fire- fly
Karim Kind hearted, generous
Khadim Servant of God
Khalid Creator, Immortal
Latif Variety
Mahtab Moon
Masheer Advisor
Mehboob Lover
Mirza Prince
Misal Example
Mohammad Name of the Prophet (p.b.u.h.)
Mubarak Auspicious, holy
Murad Wish, desire
Nadira Rare, Inaccessible
Quasim Judge
Qutub Chieftain, leader
Rahim Kind hearted
Rasool Messenger of God, Prophet (p.b.u.h.)
Raunak Fame
Raza Wish, Agreement
Razak Protector
Rehman Kind hearted
Rehmat Kind
Rifat Development
Riyaz Practice
Rizwan Messenger of Good news
Rushil Attractive
Rustam Brave fighter
Sadik Truthful, veracious
Sahel One who shows way/path
Salarjung Army leader in war
Salim Happy, peaceful
Saquib Bright, luminous
Sayeed Leader, Auspicious
Shadab Fresh
Shaista Gentle, obedient
Shakeel Handsome
Sharif Gentleman
Sharique Participant
Shaukat Prestige, Richness
Siraj Lamp
Sohail Moon light
Sohil Handsome
Sual Invitation
Suhail Moon light
Sultan King
Tahir Holy
Taj Crown
Tajim Respect
Talat Prayer
Talib Willing
Tarique Morning star
Tuhin Snow
Tuhinsurra Snow white
Usman Slave
Wahab Kind hearted
Wasidali Engrossed
Yusuf Chosen by god
Zafar The best
Zahid Saintly
Zain Good light
Zakariya Remembering god
Zaki Intelligent
Zia Light
Zubair Pure

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