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Learn Tajweed In Urdu

Learn Tajweed Rules In Urdu Step By Step

Learn tajweed rules in Urdu for beginners kids, male and female sister with easy steps. Basic Tajweed rules in Urdu refers  to the rules and principles of correct pronunciation and recitation of the holy Quran. Understand the initial rules of tajweed in Urdu for proper Quran reading. There are 25 tajweed lessons in Urdu.

Tajweed means to beautify something while in the context of Quran recitation, its means to give every letter of the Quran its rights and dues of characteristics. It is obligatory for every Muslim, kids and adults to recite Holy Quran with rules of Tajweed. Learn tajweed rules in Urdu step by step.
Learn Quran online with tajweed rules as One Month Free trial lessons for beginners kids.

Abdullah bin ‘Amr bin Al-‘As (May Allah be pleased with them) reported: The Prophet PBUH said, “The one who was devoted to the the Qur’an will be told on the Day of Resurrection: ‘Recite and ascend (in ranks) as you used to recite when you were in the world. Your rank will be at the last Ayah-verse you recite.”‘
What is The Meaning of Tajweed?
The word “tajweed or Tajwid” means to improve, make or become better, revamp, ameliorate, enhance in good reciting, read the quranic letter from it’s Makhrij with clear accent.
What is The Literal Meaning of Tajweed?

Tajweed means:improve in a better way, accomplish on step ahead or having capability of doing something superior”. Tajweed word comes from Arabic root of  ‘Jayyid’ that’s meaning: Making good or Doing of a high standard. when you apply it in The Holy Quran then it means” Furnish each letter of holy book with it’s rights & dues of attribute perfectly.

What is The History of Tajweed Rules in English?
There was no need of Tajweed rules during the period of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and life of His companions RA Because they used to talk naturally what is known now as a principles of Tajweed, And The Angel Jibreel Alaihis Salam made our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam taught the holy Quran as well as it was revealed by Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala but when Islam started to spread in Non-Arabs regions by Islamic Scholars in different languages, At that time mistakes in recitation of quran began to appear then Scholars had to make some rules for reciting The Holy Quranic Letters well from it’s point and accent.
The Scholars of Tajweed As A Role Models:
There are mentioned below list The Names of some well known Tajweed Scholars who did their efforts in the field of Tajweed rules for Muslim peoples who have been living in non-arabs territories or who don’t know the way of quran reciting from it’s Makhrij correctly.

1.Umm Al-Sa’ad Al-Askandariyyah 2.Kareema Carol Czerepinski 3.Ibn Katheer 4.Warsh 5.Qaaloon 6.Naafi’ Ibn Abi Nu’aym 6.Imaam ibn al-Jazari 7.Ya‘qub Ibn Ishaq 8.Abu Ja‘far 9.Al Madanee 10.Al-Layth bin Khaalid al-Baghdaadee 11.Al Kisaaee, the Kufan 12.Khallad ibn Khaalid 13.Khalaf, al-Baghdaadee 14.Hamzah, the Kufan 15.Hafs ibn Sulaymaan 16.Shu‘bah, the Reciter 17.Aasim, the Kufan 18.Ibn Dhakwaan 19.Hishaam ibn ‘Ammaar 20.Ibn ‘Aamir of Damascus 21.Al-Soosee 22.Abu ‘Amr, Hafs al-Duri 23.Abu ‘Amr, Al Basaree 24.Qunbul 25.Al-Bazzee

What is The Usage of Tajweed in The Holy Quran?
Quran Majeed has been revealed by Allah, All Muslims should take it’s recitation earnestly. The purpose of the science of Tajweed in quintessence is to make the quran reciter efficacious while reading Quran because each Arabic alphabet has different Makhrij-articulation point and Sifaat-attributes so knowing the place & point of every Arabic letter is compulsory in order to recite quran correctly with proper makharij.
What’s Purpose of Tajweed Principles While Reciting Quran?
We have tried here our best to resolve the problem for non-Arabs in reciting the holy quran with better accent by providing Tajweed lessons step by step in Urdu with complete guidance of Arabic alphabets.
Learn to understand 25 Tajweed Arabic Lessons in Urdu 
Fehrist of Twenty Five Tajweed lessons Step By Step In Urdu
Learn Arabic Tajweed lessons with ideal explanation in Urdu & Hindi for learning to recite holy quran as quran tutor has knowledge about principles of Tajweed. So make attempt to understand rules of Tajweed with an easier steps for beginners children & adults in Urdu with hd pictures of Tajweed rules. asan tajweed basic principles with perfect examples & exercises in order to recite quran as better as it is deserved with proper accent & pronunciation. Here some necessary lessons of tajweed rules are given to make practice with colour coded script. Learn free about quran tajweed rules step by step for quran learning students of all age.
Tajweed Lesson No1:Tajweed Seekhna Kyon Zaroori Hai
what are the benefits of tajwid, Importance of Tajweed, historical development of tajweed, define tajweed rules in Urdu, tajweed exercises examples, why tajweed is important in quran recitation, what is tajweed in Islam, tajweed seekhna kyon zaroori hai, tajweed ke usool and rules, asan tajweed qaida Urdu English pdf free download with images audio mp3 online quran learning website for Muslim kids & adults in order to recite holy quran with unique & easier way. Online tajweed quranic rules for free learning in Hindi for revert Muslim.
Tajweed Lesson No2:Tajweed O Qira’at, Lahn Jali and Lahn Khafi
tajweed ka matlab, Tajweed Ki Istlahi Tareef definition, qirat quran meaning in Islam, qirat types, quran qirat styles, different qiraat 1.qirat tarteel 2.qirat hadar 3.qirat tadweer, Al lahn-e-jali and Al lahn-e-khafi in Tajweed.
Tajweed Lesson No3:Teeth Names in Tajweed-Articulation Points of Arabic Letters

Place of articulation of Arabic letters with examples, makhraj meaning in Urdu, Makhraj of Arabic letters, Numbers of teeth names in Tajweed: 4.Sanya-Sufla Sanya-Uliya teeth 4.Rabaai teeth, 4.Anyaab teeth, 4.Dhawaa-hik teeth, 12.Tawahin teeth, 4.Nawaajiz teeth, Total 32 teeth names in Tajweed, Names of tongue parts in tajweed, Articulation point side of the tongue with rules, Haafah, Lahaat, Ra’sul-lisaan, Tarful-lisaan.

Tajweed Lesson No4:Tajweed Makharij Al Huruf Rules In Urdu
Makhraj of Arabic Letters, 17 makhraj huruf chart, Makharij al huruf in Urdu, how many makharij are there, what does makharij mean in Hindi, Articulation points of Arabic letters, Throat letters tajweed,tongue letters.
Tajweed Lesson No5:Tajweed Makharij Al Huruf Rules With Details In Urdu
Makhrij of each Arabic alphabet with image, Makhraj of all 29 Arabic letters, Makhrij of Wow Alif Yaa, Hamza Haa, Ayen Haa, Ghyen Khaa, Qaaf, Kaaf, Jeem Sheen Yaa, Zaad-Daad, Laam, Noon, Raa, Taa Daal Ta, Baa, Meem, Guhunnah Arabic letter in Urdu with images. Place of Arabic Makharij letters which sound come out from Mouth, There are five main exiting places مخارج: the mouth, the tongue, the throat, the lips, the nose.
Tajweed Lesson No6:Tajweed Sifaat Lazma Ghair Mutazada In Urdu
What does Sift mean? Sifaat meaning, two types of Sifaat, 1.Sift-e-Lazma Mutazada, 2.Sift-e-Lazmah Ghair Mutazada: 1.Sift of qalqalah in five letters, 2.Sift of Tafasshi in Sheen letter, 3.Sift of Isttalat in Zaad-Daad letter, 4.Sift of Safeer in Saad, Zaa and Seen letters is called Safeeriya, 5.Sift of wow Leen and yaa leen, 6.Sift of Inhiraf in Laam and Raa letters, 7.Sift of Takreer in Raa letter in Urdu Hindi with examples and exercise.
Tajweed Lesson No7:Tajweed Sifaat Al Huruf & Sifaat Lazma Mutazada

Tajweed Sifaat al huroof, Makhraj of all 29 arabic letters, Sifaate haroof, Sifaat Lazma Mutazada:10.Haroof e mahmoosah 19.Haroof e majhooorah 8.Haroof e shadeedah haroof e rikhwah 7.Haroof e mustalia haroof e mustafilah 4.Haroof e mutbiqah haroof e munfatiha 6.Haroof e muzliqah haroofe musmitah in Urdu Hindi.

Tajweed Lesson No8:Sajda e tilawat ki dua & Sajda e tilawat karne ka tarika in Urdu
Sajda e tilawat ki dua in Arabic, Quran ke Sajda e tilawat karne ka tarika in Urdu, 14 Sajda places in The Holy Quran, quran ke sajde ki dua, what to recite in sajdah tilawat, sajda e tilawat hanfi in Hindi, Dua For Sajda-e-Tilawatsajda e tilawat ki niyat, how to perform sajdah tilawat in Quran, sajdah tilawat islamqa, where are the sajdah in the quran, sujood al-tilaawah, what to read in sujood tilawat in English, quran sajda how to do it in urdu, quran mein sajda kitne hai, quran majeed mein kitne sajde hain, quran k 14 sajdah, Sajda in quran list.
Tajweed Lesson No9:Harakat Signs, Tanween Signs, Madda Letters, Leen letters
Harkat Letter: Any letter (of 29 of Arabic alphabets) which has harkat sign is called Harkat Letter. There are three Harkat signs:1.Fatah Sign(Zabar Sign) 2.kasrah Sign(Zair Signs) 3.Dammah Sign(Paish Sign). Harakat Signs, Tanween signs, Madda Letters, Leen letters with examples and exercises in Hindi Urdu languages.
Tajweed Lesson No10:Tajweed Rules on Alif, The Silent & Pronounced Alif in Urdu
Tajweed rules on alif in Urdu, The Silent & Pronounced Alif in English, Rules of the letter Hamza, When do we make bold or heavy alif letter: when there is any bold letter before alif. There are total 10 bold\heavy letters 7 of them we make bold forever and other 3 letters: Alif, Laam and Raa we make them heavy sound not forever.
Tajweed Lesson No11:Tajweed Rules of Letter “LAAM” in Word Allah While Reading Quran
How to pronounce\make thick-bold-heavy sound of laam letter in word Allah during reciting it? Haroof e shamsi, haroof e qamri, tajweed lafze Allah, how to read word Allah in Quran, Tafkheem of Arabic word Allah, Definatoin of Arabic grammar & tajweed rules on Hurful Qamri-moon letters and Shamsi-sun letters in Urdu.
Tajweed Lesson No12:Tajweed Rules of Letter “Raa In Urdu With Examples & Exercise
Rules of the letter ‘Ra’ when read it, What’s Raa Tafkheem-rough / thick- ﺗَﻔْﺨِﻴْﻢ; and Tarqeeq-soft / thin- ﺗَﺮْﻗِﻴْﻖ, Tajweed rules of Raa, when Raa should be pronounced Heavy or right in Hindi. 7 letters are called musta’liya-bold or heavy letters in English. How to define Huroof-e-Mustaliyah in The Holy Quran with Tajweed in Urdu.
Tajweed Lesson No13:Tajweed Rules of Arabic Letter “Raa in Pronouncing Thin\Light Sound in Urdu
When Arabic letter Raa is Made-Pronounced-Recited thin or light in rules of Tajweed in English, Conditions of Raa letter reading in Quran with Tajweed, 7 categories of Tarqeeq-soft  ﺗَﺮْﻗِﻴْﻖ in Tajweed with Urdu translation.
Tajweed Lesson No14:Tajweed Rules of Noon Saakin And Tanween Examples in Urdu & Hindi
Tajweed ruled of Noon Saakin and tanween, 4 Rules about them: 1.Izhar 2.Idgham 3.Iqlab 4.Ikhfa with examples & explanation in Urdu and Hindi language. Rules & definition of noon saakinah in Quran, What is Tanween, rules of  tanween pdf in Arabic. Define Izhaar Idghaam, Learn tajweed rules in Malayalam Bangla.
Tajweed Lesson No15:Rules of noon saakin and tanween Examples pdf In Urdu

The basic and necessary rules of noon saakin and tanween in English, What’s meaning of idgham qalb, Learn tajweed rules of Iqlab : إقلاب, Idghaam : إدغام, Iz’har : إظهار, Ikhfa : إخفاء in Urdu, Noon Saakin and Tanween rules in Arabic with examples exercises, 10 examples of izhar idghaam ikhfa in the quran. Idghaam with ghunnah,  definition & types of ghunnah sound examples. Idghaam letters & ikhfa letters for beginners to learn quran.

Tajweed Lesson No16:Rules of Meem Saakin Tajweed Arabic in Urdu & Hindi

what does meem sakinah mean?  The makhraj of the meem sakin is the lips-shafatain, 3 meem saakin rules, tajwid izhar examples, idgham letters, rules of meem saakin and tanween, idghaam meem saakin in urdu, rules ikhfa examples in Hindi free download mp3 audio image online, idgham shafawi examples, 10 examples of ikhfa shafawi. noon and meem mushaddad meaning, ikhfa meem saakin, izhar meem saakin examples.

Tajweed Lesson No17:Rules of Ijtama Sakineen in Arabic Tajweed with Urdu Tarjuma

Rules of Ijtama Sakineen, Preventing two Saakins: Man’ Iltiqaa’ Al-Saakinayn, stopping on two Saakin letters, free download simple tajweed rules of the quran part 2 pdf for beginners in English & Urdu.

Tajweed Lesson No18:Rules of Haa Zameer in QuranTajweed With Examples

Rules of haa zameer in Tajweed, Rules of Harkat with examples in Urdu, rules of stretching\prolonging haa zameer pdf in Hindi , harakat meaning arabic worksheet free download, English to Arabic harakat principles.

Tajweed Lesson No19:Rules of Humzah  in Urdu & Types of Hamza in Arabic Tajweed

categories of humzh, Rules of hamzatul wasl with examples in Urdu, symbol for a hamzah wasl & it’s meaning, difference betweeen alif and hamza in English, Definition of Hamza Qati and Hamza Wasli in Hindi,

Tajweed Lesson No20:Rules of idghaam and it’s Types With Examples in Urdu

Idgham definition in English, categories of idgham in Tajweed, idgham rules and examples in Urdu, Idghaam noon saakin, idghaam with ghunnah, idghaam meem saakin, idghaam without ghunnah in Bangla, 5 taypes of idgham tajweed in Hindi: 1.idgham mislain, 2.idgham mutajanisain kamil-taam, 3.idgham mutajanisain naqis 4.idgham mutaqaribain, jenis idgham, contoh ayat idgham mutamatsilain. types & principles of Idghaam.

Tajweed Lesson No21:Rules of Madd andTypes of Madd with Examples in Urdu

Categories of Madd: 1.Madd e Munfasil 2.Madd e Muttasil 3.Madd e Laazim 4.Madd e Aridh, Types of Madd e Lazim kalimi, Madd e Lazim Harfi, Madd e Lazim Leen, maad Asli, Madd Fury, Madd Badal, Tajweed madd Silah with examples in Hindi, Madd definition rules and examples in English,Ruels of madd in tajweed quran with picture in Urdu, Haroof e muqataat meaning in quran with image, Huruf e muqataat kiya hain in Bengali, alif laam meem ka wazifa, kaf ha ya ain sad benefits in urdu kaf ha ya ain sad ha mim ain sin kaf fazileti.

Tajweed Lesson No22:Rules of Waqf With Definition and Types of Waqf Examples in Urdu

Waqf definition with examples, categories-types of waqf: 1.Waqf bil iskaan 2.Waqf bir Raum 3.waqf bil ishmaam, Waqaf Ikhtiari, Waqfe Kafi, Waqaf Al Hasan, Waqf Qabih, Waqf symbols in Urdu, Alamat al waqf in quran with exercise in Hindi, Maqoof aliya, Rules of waqf in quran with image in Bengali, concept of waqf in Islam, Rules sings of stopping in English, wow maroof and majhoolمجہول, difference between wow ya maroof majhool picture, waqf pronunciation on Arabic word in roman English, How to make, say or pronounce Waqf.

Tajweed Lesson No23:Rules of Waqf in Tajweed Types & Concept of waqf in Quran

Types of Waqf: 1.Waqaf Ikhtiari 2.Waqaf Idtirari 3.Waqaf e Taam 4.Waqf e Kaffi 5.Waqf e Hasan 6.Waqf e Qabeeh 7.Waqf e Ghufran 8.Waqf-un-Nabi 9.Waqf Manzil 10.Waqf Jibreel 11.Waqf Circle 12.Waqf or stopping on Laam Alif 13.Waqf-e-Mutlaq a triangle of three dots with examples & exercise in Urdu Hindi.

Tajweed Lesson No24:Waqf Rules on Saktah in Tajweed & Seen Sign above Saad in Quran

Definition of saktah Tajweed with examples & exercise in Urdu, Total 4.four Saktah places in The Holy Quran, Saktah signs in 4 surah: 1.Surah Kahf 2.Surah Yaseen 3.Surah Qiyamah 4.Surah Mutaffifin, Meaning of saktah in Hindi, How to perform-make-Stop-Do Saktah. How to recite Seen above Saad in Quran explanation.

Tajweed Lesson No25:Tajweed Rules of Maddah and Leen Letters in Urdu

Definition of Maddah & Leen letters with examples in Tajweed Quran, Meaning of maroof and majhool letters in Hindi, Define Shadd-Tashdeed-Shadda(sign of emphasis) Arabic word in Tajweed rules. Difference between Hamza mutharrik and Hamza Sakin, How to do-make difference between alif and Hamzah when recite quran.

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