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Kids Quran Learning Classes

Learn Quran Online Free for Kids

Want to learn Quran online free for kids! Online Quran classes are very reliable, secure and affordable for kids and beginner. Due to the latest technology, Kids take the Quran classes online at any schedule and anywhere while living at home. Fill your kids form to get online Quran learning classes with tajweed for free. We provide one month free trial classes for students of all age.

Our Quran academy online Quran classes are as effective and interactive as face-to-face Quran learning. As it provides the kids an opportunity to understand the tajweed rules. Reading the Quran correctly is an obligatory on every Muslim and reciting the verses wrong is a sin and we must not commit this sin. Therefore, every one of us should Learn Quran with Tajweed to avoid making the severe mistakes.

Learn Quran Online in Arabic Accent

Learn Quran online free in Arabic accent. Our teaching way is very effective and Tajweed course is reliable. Tajweed means to perform something excellently. Your kids must learn to read the Arabic of the Quran with correct articulation points. Online Quran classes with tajweed are interactive in form of live sessions.

We teach the kids about the characteristics (sifat) and articulation points of the Arabic letters in the Tajweed. In Tajweed include laam, meem, and noon sakin, the mudood rules (lengthening), rules of stopping and more. Learn to read Quran online free with us and your kids can enjoy all these perks at their own pace.

We have a team of well trained and certified Arabic teachers who are familiar with the rules of Tajweed. And they teach the best live Quran classes how to pronounce the Arabic words and read the Quran very effectively. Our online Quran course helps the kids to avoid making the clear mistakes that can change the meaning of words.

Our well trained teachers of TadeebulQuran teach the Noorani Qaida first that is a basic course for all who want to learn to read Quran from the very beginning. Noorani Qaida includes all important chapters for the correct recitation of Quran.

Why to choose Kids Quran Classes Online

  • Basic Islamic Teachings: While learning Quran with tajweed, the kids will also learn more about Islam, Iman, stories of Prophets, and will memorize the short surah of the Quran and prayers with meaning, kalmay and knowledge about 5 pillars of Islam  (shahada, Salat, Fasting, Zakat, Pilgrimage).
  • Affordable Fee: We provide very affordable Quran classes for kids and also offer reasonable siblings’ concessions to all Muslim families.
  • Certified Quran Teacher: We have well trained and compassionate male and female Quran tutors for kids who know who to teach the Quran with comfort and excitement.
  • Comfort and safety: Kids can take the online Quran classes from home at any convenient time, so the parents keep an eye on their learning and progress way.
  • Homework tools: We have developed and arranged the easy lessons for kids, and after each Quran class session, the kids can easily get and revise their lessons at home.

Benefit of Online Quran Learning for Kids

1: Online Quran classes are awesome! It’s like having own teacher who remains available at schedule.

2: Each Quran class is just for one student to pay all attention. And helps to learn Quran in the way that works best.

3: It’s like having a friendly Quran tutor who guides the kids in each lesson for better outcome.

4: Online Quran learning for kids are easier than traveling and going to a mosque for regular classes.

5: Quran classes are consistent and remain same and don’t change a lot. Students can make a desirable schedule.

6: Online Quran classes are more affordable so don’t have to pay further for other things.

7:TadeebulQuran provides highly qualified and compassionate Quran tutors to teach Quran with tajweed for kids.

Why TadeebulQuran to Learn Quran for Kids

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