Online Quran Learning Fee Plan:

The Holy Quran is considered the final revelation of God to man in Islam and it’s education is also free whether Arabic text learning for recitation or translation to understand it’s laws which illustrate and teach Islamic faith, values and practices but what’s about online Quran learning fee?

Why Do We Charge Fee & How Much?

No doubt Quran teaching & learning should be free for the sake of Allah but it just can be done at some fixed time for all Quran learners not teaching each student in a separate class globally means: One Quran Tutor for One Student at same time in order to abstain from any mistake.

We have fiery and well educated Quran teachers to provide the best online Quran learning classes at flexible time 24\4 a week for students of all ages but with very lowest and affordable fee which everyone can pay per month easily as much you carry off your home coming Qari sahab for kids or adults Quran lessons.

Unique Quran Learning Way With 8 Tips:

No Mistake or doubt in any verse (ayah)after understanding and following 8 unique tips, And a good news for each Quran learner, Once you or your kids complete basic book and last 30 juz (total surahs in 30th amma para here then left 29 juz of Quran, will be able to recite any para, surat by his\herself with correct rules of tajweed In shaa Allah.

First Month of Quran Classes, We provide free of cost for beginners kids, adults to check the teaching method of our online Quran tutors, After trial if you are satisfied and wish to continue then you will need to send an affordable amount which you can meet each month happily.

Join Us On Skype:

Our Quran tutors teach quran learning classes on skype/Imo/WhatsApp if you want to get assistance regarding Quran Learning with tajweed, you can join us via below mentioned contacts.
Skype ID Name: jameel.ahmed8000
WhatsApp Contact: 0092-322-4388522