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Noorani Qaida Lessons

Learn Noorani Qaida Lessons Online Free

Do you want to learn and read the Noorani Qaida Lessons Online Free in Arabic for yourself, kids? Noorani Qaida is a basic and short online course that has important lessons for reciting the Quran with tajweed perfectly. Noorani Qaida is one of main booklets to learn and understand the Arabic alphabets, all signs & their works. Noorani Qaida starts with alphabets lesson and it leads how to join the letters, words finally sentences in Arabic.

Noorani Qaida lessons are necessary, if you are learning the Quran from the very beginning. Many Quran teachers follow this Qaida to make the Quran lessons easy and interactive. Noorani Qaida was compiled by Molvi Noor Muhammad Ludhianvi, He was famous Indian scholar who gave a great contribution in reading the Quran with tajweed for every beginner, kids and adults.

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