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About Us

About Us - TadeebulQuran

TadeebulQuran is one of the best online Quran academy founded by a team of Islamic scholars in 2011 in Lahore Pakistan. With a team of dedicated Pakistani teachers, we are committed to set decorum in Online Quran teaching for beginners, kids, adults brothers and sisters.

Our platform provide a great opportunity to learn Quran Online with Tajweed for students of all age while staying at home conveniently. You can learn many online courses such as Noorani Qaida, Reading Quran with Tajweed, Quran Memorization and Arabic Language at your place without disturbing a busy life schedule.

Why Join TadeebulQuran?

We at TadeebulQuran have well trained and highly qualified Quran tutors to deliver online Quran classes 24/7 around the world. Our Online Quran classes are preferred by a large number of Muslim parents, especially who live in the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UK, Germany USA, Canada, and Australia because our method of teaching is unique and attractive.

All our teachers are fluent speakers of English and Urdu to communicate and teaching in online Quran classes . We also have very qualified and expert female Quran teachers to take the online Quran classes for kids and sisters.
We also feel proud in helping the converted Muslims brothers and sisters to get free Online Quran Classes and learn more about Islam, basic Islamic beliefs, Prayers etc.

No matter, what your age is, but if you could not get a chance to learn and recite the Holy Quran with Tajweed, Start Your Free Trial Classes now.

About The Blog

This platform offers a range of Islamic features, including interactive online Quran lessons with tajweed, to make learning the Quran engaging and fun for kids.

We post quality content on TadeebulQuran to assist with a small effort about Islamic studies: Quran reading with tajweed, memorizing of Quran Surah, knowledge of 5 pillars of Islam: Shahada, Salat, Fasting, Zakat, Pilgrimage, Salat, Islamic masnoon duas, Tajweed rules in Urdu and Muslim baby names.

Our team of Quran Tutors provide online Quran classes to all beginners, kids and adults who want to improve their Quran recitation with tajweed. We offers free online Quran classes with experienced teachers, covering Quran recitation, tajweed and Arabic language.

Are you ready to begin your online Quran classes with affordable fee charges after getting the one month free trial lessons.

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