Islamic Names for Muslim Girls with Meanings starting with A to Z

Find Islamic names for Muslim girls with accurate meanings in Urdu English because names also affects in personality of girls that’s why always try to put your Muslim girls names which are mentioned in Quran or at least from Arabic root. Here some beautiful, unique and Pakistani girls names list is provided with meaning starting from A till Z to choose your Muslim baby girl name with Arabic quranic roots in Urdu.

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Girls Names from Quran: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Islamic Baby Girls names with Meanings


Aadila عادله Honest, upright, just, righteous; fem. of Adil.
Aafreeda آفریده Created, Produced.
Aafreen آفرین Stimulation, encouragement
Aaida عاﺋده Visiting, returning.
Aaila آﺋله Beautiful, like moon.
Aaima آﺋمه Leader, ruler.
Aaina آﺋینه Mirror
Aaira آﺋره Noble, respectful, respected, honourable.
Aala آلاء Benefit, favour, blessing.
Aaliyah عالیه Highest social standing, exalted.
Aamal آمال Pl. of Amal, hope, expectation, aspiration.
Aamilah عامله Doer of (good) deeds, Righteous.
Aaminah آمنی Secured, Safe.
Aamira عامره Prosperous, full of life, large, substantial; fem. of Aamir.
Aani Fatimah Khatoon آنی فاطمه خاتون She was a literary woman and a poetess in Qastantiniyah (AN)
Aania آنیه Towards, direction, concern.
Aanisah انیسأ Young lady, Maiden
Aasfa آصفه Protector, guardian.
Aasira آصره Bond.
Aatiqah عتیقۃ Shoulder (support) old.
Abasah عباسه Daughter of al-Mahdi, a woman who was distinguished among her contemporaries.
Abdah عبده Worshiper (of Allah).
Abeedah عبیده Worshipper. The daughter of Nabil had this name; she was a narrator of Hadith.
Abeer عبیر Fragrance
Abeera عبیره Rose, Sandal Safron mixed together in fragrance.
Abida عابده Worshiper, devotee, adorer, devout; fem of Abid.
Abla عبله Well-rounded, perfectly formed, a woman possessing a beautiful figure.
Abqurah عبقره Genius.
Abreshmina ابریشمینه Made of silk.
Ada ادا Grace, Expression.
Adala عداله Justice.
Adan عدن Paradise, heaven.
Adeena ادینا Pious, good luck.
Adiba ادیبه Polite, well-mannered, well-bred, courteous, polished, writer; fem. of Adib.
Adila عدیله Equal.
Afaf عفاف Chastity, purity, honesty, righteousness, modesty, decency.
Afana عفانه The forgiver, pardner.
Afeerah عفیره Covered with soil or dust.
Afia عافیه good health, vigour, vitality
Afifa عفیفه pure, chaste, modest, virtuous, honest, righteous, upright, decent; fem. Of Afif
Afkar افکار Pl. of Fikr, intellect thought.
Afnan افنان Pl. of Fanan, branch, twig.
Afra عفراء Dust coloured, earth-coloured, a variety buck.
Afrah افراح Pl. of Farah, joy, happiness.
Afrin آفرین Praise, lucky.
Afroz افروز Illuminated.
Afroza افروزا Burning, polishing.
Afsana افسانه Fable, fiction, romance.
Afsar افسر Crown.
Afsar Ara افسرآرا Adorning the crown.
Afshan افشاں Adornment aids.
Afsheen آفشین Shine like a star.
Afshin افشین Decorated with sparkles, golden.
Afza افزا Increase, augmentation.
Agharid اغارید Pl. of Ughrudah, twittering, song.
Aghsan اغصان Pl. of Ghusn, branch, twig.
Ahd عھد Pledge, knowledge.
Ahdaf اھداف Pl. of hadaf, aim, goal, target.
Ahlam احلام Pl. of Hulm, dream.
Aighar آیغر She was a religious, righteous woman (AN)
Aimen ایمن Brave, fearless, lucky, right hand.
Aiza عایزه Noble.
Ajeebah عجیبه She was the daughter of Muhammad al-Baqadari, and was a narrator of Hadith.
Ajrada عجرده Al-Ameeh, was a great worshipper who worshipped long in the night somnetimes right upto daun (AN).
Ajwa اجوا Name of a date in Saudia Arabia. Tree planted by Holy Prohpet (PBUH).
Akhtar اختر Star, good luck.
Akida اکیده Certain, firm.
Akifa عاکفه Devoted to, dedicated to, intent, busy; fem. of Akif.
Al-Adur al-Karimah الادرالکریمه A pious, righteous and intelligent woman of Egypt. She respected the Ulama and built religious schools (Madrasah) and mosques, She died in 762.
Alam عالم World; sing. of Alameen.
Alam Ara عالم آرا Adorning the world.
Aleema علیمه Exalted, highest social standing.
Aleena الینا Beautiful.
Alhan الحان Melody.
Alia عالیۃ Beautiful
Alifa الیفه Friendly, sociable, amicable; fem. of Alif.
Alima عالمه Woman of learning, scholar.
Alishba علشبه Lovely, Innocent, Pretty.
Aliya عالیه High, tall, towering, lofty, exalted, high-ranking, sublime, superior, excellent; fem. of Aali.
Aliyya علیه Highest social standing, lofty, sublime; fem. of Ali.
Almas الماس Diamond.
Almasa الماسه Diamond.
Almira المیره Princess
Altaf الطاف Pl. of Lutf, kindness.
Alveena الوینا Loved one, cared one, liked.
Alyaa علیاء Heaven(s), sky, sublimity, lofty.
Alyan علیان Tall and healthy.
Ama امه Female slave, servant.
Amal امل Hope, expectation; sing. of Amaal.
Aman امان Trust, safety, protection, tranquillity, peace of mind, calmness.
Amanat امانات Pl. of Amanah, trust, deposit.
Amani امانی Wishes, aspirations, hopes; pl. of Umniyah.
AmatulIslam امه الاسلام (female) servant of Islam.
Amatul Karim امه الکریم (female) servant of the most generous i.e. Allah.
Amatullah امهالله (female) servant of Allah.
Ambar عنبر Perfume, ambergris.
Ambara عنبره Perfume, ambergris; fem. of Ambar.
Ambarin عنبرین Perfumed.
Ambreen امبرین Sky
Ameena امینه Trustworthy, faithful. hones; fem. of Amin.
Ameera امیره Princess; fem. of Ameer.
Amila آمله Hopeful.
Amima عمیمه Full, complete,
Amina آمنه Safe, secure, protected, a lady of peace and harmony. Name of the beloved mother of the Prophet Muhammad.
Amira عامره An occupant of an abode, one who makes umrah or ziyaarah, abundant treasure.
Amjad امجاد Pl. of Majd, glory, honour.
Ammara عماره A lady with strong Imaan; tolerant.
Amna امنه Safety.
Amra عمره Any covering for the head, as a crown.
Amrah عمره Headgear; This was the name of the female companion Amrah RA daughter of Abdur Rahman bin Sa’ad bin Zurarah Ansari.
Amreen آمرین Sky.
Amreen آمرین Sky.
Amreen آمرین Sky
Amrozia امروزیه Woman of today
Anadil عنادل Pl. of Andalib, nightingale.
Anam انعم Blessings of God.
Anan عنان Clouds.
Anat اناه Perseverance, patience.
Anaum انعم The blessing of Allah.
Andalah عندله Song of the nightingale.
Andalib عندلیب Nightingale; sing. of Anadil.
Aneeqa انیقا Beautiful
Aneesa انیسه Companion, affectionate, friendly, sociable, intimate friend; fem. of Anis.
Aneezah عنیزه She-Goat.
Angbin انگبین Honey.
Anila انیلا Inexperienced, raw.
Aniqa انیقه Neat, elegant, smart.
Anisa آنسه A pious-hearted lady, good-natured, compatible.
Anjum انجم Pl. Najm, star.
Anjuman انجمن Assembly.
Anjuman Ara انجمن آرا Adorning the assembly.
Anmol انمول Precious
Anoosh انوش Delighted.
Anoosha انوشه Delighted, happy
Anqa عنقا A woman with a long neck, an imaginary bird.
Ansam انسام Pl. of Nasam, breath, breath of life.
Anum انم Blessing of God, Gods gift.
Anwar انوار Rays of light; pl. of Noor.
Anwarah انوره Greatly lighted
Anya عنیا A woman with large eyes.
Aoj اوج Peak, height, apex, climax.
Aqdas اقدس Pure, sacred.
Aqeela عقیله The best, the very best.
Aqiba عاقبه Result, consequence.
Aqila عاقله Wise, sensible, intelligent, sensible, discerning.
Aqsa اقصٰی Name of a mosque.
Aqsa اقصٰی Height, limit, far, shore.
Ara آرا Adorning.
Areeba اریبۃ Wise
Areefa عریفه Learned, expert, authority; fem. of Areef.
Areej اریج Fragrance, aroma, sweet smell, scent, perfume.
Arfa ارفع Exalted, sublime, great, high.
Aribah اریبه Wise.
Arifa عارفه Learned, expert, authority; fem. of Arif.
Arjumand ارجمند Excellent, beloved, noble.
Arjumnd Bano ارجمند بانو Excellent woman, noble woman.
Aroob عروب Lover wife, who loves her husband
Aroosa عروسه Bride.
Arshia عرشیه She who lives in skies.
Arshia عرشیه One who lives is the sky.
Arus عروس Brides.
Arwa اروا She was the daughter of Abdul Muttalib, and so an aunt of the Prophet PBUH his father’s sister.
Arzu آرزو Wish, hope, love.
Asar آثار Pl. of Asar, sign, mark, trace.
Aseela اثیله Highborn, of noble origin.
Aseela اصیله Of noble origin, highborn, pure; fem. of Asil.
Asghia اصغیه Pious people, modest people.
Ashalina آ شلیانا Sweet, always living, shy, loving.
Ashiqa عشیقه Very friendly, which stays very close.
Ashraf اشرف Nobler, more honourable; comp. adj. of Sharif.
Ashraf Jahan اشرف جھان Noblest of the world.
Ashwaq اشواق Pl. of Shawq, longing, desire, wish.
Asifa آصفه Virtuous, pure, spotless, upright.
Asima عاصمه Safe, chaste, protector, guardian; fem. of Asim.
Asira اثیره Honoured, chosen, preferred; fem. of Asir.
Asiya آسیه Comforting, consoling, a mansion with solid foundation or pillars, firm, a powerful. Wife of Firawn. One who heals
Asli ا صلی Pure, original.
Asma عثمه A narrator of Hadith and daughter of Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Tahir al-Aswadi (AN)
Asmaa اسماء Higher, more exalted, more sublime, more eminent.
Asmaa اسماء Pl. of Ism. name.
Asmaa عصماء Chaste, virtuous, precious, valuable, excellent.
Asra اسریٰ To travel by night, to make someone travel by night.
Ateefa عطیفه Affectionate, compassionate.
Ateeqa عتیقه Ancient, noble; fem. of Atiq.
Atifa عاطفه Compassion, affection, sympathetic, kindness; fem. of Atif.
Atifat عاطفت Kindness, sympathy.
Atika عاتکه Clear, pure, limpid (of wine).
Atiqa عاتقه Emancipated, a beautiful lady.
Atira عاطره Fragrant, connoisseur of good fragrance, aromatic, perfumed.
Atiya عطیه Gift, present, bounty, grant.
Atuf عطوف Affectionate, kind hearted, compassionate, loving.
Awatif عواطف Pl. of Aatifa, affection, compassion, kindness, kind feeling.
Ayaat آیت Many signs & proofs, verses in the Quran.
Ayesha عاﺋشه Living, well-off, well-to-do, prosperous. Aisha (d.678): wife of the Prophet Muhammad and daughter of Kahlifa Abu Bakr.
Ayn عین Source, spring.
Aynul Hayat عین الحیاه Fountain of life.
Aynun Nahr عین النھر Source of the spring.
Ayra آﺋرا Respectable
Azaa عزا A must have, right, courage, power, legal, allowable.
Azah عزه Loved one, good, successful.
Azeema عزیمه Determination, firm will.
Azeen اذ Beauty, Patience
Azeen اذین Beauty, Patience
Azhaar ازھار Pl. of Zahrah, flower, blossom.
Azima عظیمه Great, powerful, dignified, magnificent, glorious; fem. of Azim.
Aziza عزیزه Noble, precious, cherished, honourable, illustrious, highly esteemed, dearly loved, beloved; fem. of Aziz.
Azka اذکه Big hearted, generous.
Azra عزراء Virgin, maiden, a young unmarried lady.
Azwa اضواء Pl. of Zau, light, splendour, limelight.


Badai بداﺋﻊ Pl. of Badia, wonder, marvel.
Badiha بدیھه Insight, perceptive faculty.
Badiyah بادیه Desert; Bint Ghaylan al-Saqafi was so named; she was of Taif.
Badr بدر Full moon of the fourteenth night.
Badriyah بدریه Full moon-like.
Badrun Nisa بدرانساء Full moon of the women.
Badyah بدیه Clear, knowledgeable person.
Baha بھاء Beauty, glory, splendour, magnificence, glow.
Bahar بھار Spring, blossom.
Bahar Bano بھاربانو Blooming princess.
Baheera بھیره Dazzling, brilliant.
Bahija بھیجه Glad, happy, joyful, delighted, delightful, cheerful; fem. of Bahij.
Bahira باھره Brilliant, superb, magnificent, gorgeous, spectacular.
Bahiya بھیه Beautiful, brilliant, elegant, radiant, pretty, charming; fem. of Bahi.
Bahriyah al-Aabidah بحریه العابده She was a devoted worshipper and ascetic of Basrah. She used to say, “If the heart gives up the passions, it will then domesticate knowledge.”
Baiza بیضاء White, bright, brilliant, innocent, pure; fem. of Abyad.
Bajila بجیله Honoured, dignified, highly regarded.
Bakarah بکاره Virginity.
Bakhita بخیته Lucky, fortunate; fem. of Bakhit.
Bakht بخت Lot, Fate, Portion.
Bakhtawar بختاور Fortunate, Lucky.
Bakura بکوره Coming early.
Baligha بلیغه Eloquent.
Balquees بلقیس She was the daughter of Ahmad bin Mishqar, and a distinguished woman of her times; she was the wife of Sayfud-din al- Hanafi. (A.N).
Banafsaj بنفسج Violent flower.
Banafsha بنفشا Daughter of Abdullah al-Rumiyah; was a very pious and generous woman who gave much in charity (AN).
Banan بنان Fingertips.
Banu بانو Princess, lady, Miss.
Banujah بانوجه The daughter of al-Mahdi, the Khalifah (775-785), had this name.
Baqilah باقله
Baraim براعم Pl. of Burum, blossom, bud.
Barakah برکه Blessing.
Barat براءه Innocence, guiltlessness.
Bareea بریٔه Innocent, blameless, guiltless, sound; fem. of Bari.
Bareerah بریره Pious.
Baria بارعه Excelling, originator; fem. of Bari.
Barkat برکت Blessing; sing. of Barakat.
Barrah بره She was the aunt of the Prophet PBUH, daughter of Abdul Muttalib and mother of Abi Salamah.
Barraqa براقه Bright, brilliant, shining, sparkling, glittering; fem. of Barraq.
Barsa برصا
Barzah برزه She was a narrator of hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah RA
Basbas بصبص She was a slave-girl of Ibn Nafees; she was beautiful and had a melodions voice, (AN)
Basbasah بسبسه
Basharat بشارت Good news, glad tidings.
Bashira بشیره Bringer of good news; fem. of Bashir, harbinger.
Basila باسله Brave, fearless, intrepid.
Basima باسمه Smiling; fem. of Basim.
Basira بصیره Sagacious, endowed with insight; fem. of Basir..
Basma بسمه Smile.
Basoos بسوس She was the daughter of Munqiz at-Tamimah (AN).
Bassama بسامه Smiling; fem. of Bassam.
Batina باطنه Hidden, Inner.
Batool بتول A true devotee woman of Allah.
Batul بتول Virgin, pure and chaste. A lady who is purely devoted to Allah, an epithet of Maryam, mother of Prophet Isa, and of Fatima, daughter of Muhammad.
Bazala باذله Generous woman.
Bazegha بازغه Bright
Bazla بزله Reward, generous.
Bazla باذله Big hearted, open handed, bounteous.
Bazm-Ara بزم آرا Beauty of company.
Bazriqa بزرقه Exalted, great.
Beena بینا Seeing; clear sighted.
Beenish بینش Intelligent, genius
Begum بیگم Honorific title, queen, lady of rank.
Benazir بینظیر Matchless, unique.
Bhajat بھجت Splendour, magnificence, pomp, joy, happiness.
Bibi بی بی Lady of rank, and honorific title used at the end of a woman’s name in the Indian sub-continent.
Bilqis بلقیس Queen of Saba known as Bilqis in the Arabian tradition.
Bisharah بشاره A narrator of Hadith (AN)
Bisma بسمه
Bismal بسمل Fragrance.
Budur بدور Pl. of Badr, full moon.
Buhaysah بھیسه This was the name of a female narrator of Hadith; She was al-fazariyah; Abu Dawood and Nasai transmitted from her.
Buhayyah بھیه The name of a freed female slave of Sayyidah Ayshah RA
Bujaybah بجیبه A narrator who transmitted from Shaybah bin Usman and Sabit Al-Shimale narrated from her. (AN)
Bulbul بلبل Nightingale.
Bunanah بنانه This was the name of the daughter of Yazid al-Abshamiyah.
Buqayrah بقیره She was a narrator of Hadith, she died in 119 AH (AN)
Burdah برده She was al-Suraymiyah, and a very dutiful worshipper.
Burum برعم Bud, blossom; sing. of Baraim.
Busaina بثینه Diminutive of Basna, beautiful woman.
Busayrah بصیره She was a female companion RA and also a muhajirah, who migrated to Madinah.
Bushra بشریٰ Good news, glad tidings.
Busrah بسره This was the name of the daughter of Safwan bin Nawfal; She was a companion and she lived until the era of Muawiyah.
Bustan بستان Garden, orchard.


Dafiya ضفیه Narrator of Hadith, daughter of Muhammad bin Bisharah.
Dahma دھماء She was a scholar of religion and had learnt from her brother al-Imam al-Mahdi.
Daiba داﺋبه Assiduous, persistent, devoted.
Dalal دلال Coquetry, pampering.
Dalia دالیا Dahlia, flower.
Danish دانش Wisdom, learning.
Danish Ara دانش آرا Endowed with wisdom, learning.
Daniya دانیه Kind hearted, the one who gets near.
Dara داره Halo (of the moon).
Darakhshan درخشاں Shining.
Daria داریه Learned, knowing.
Darkhshanda درخشنده Splendid, glittering.
Darra دره pearl, brilliant, teat, udder; name of a Sahabiyah RA, daughter of Abu Lahab.
Daulah دوله Wealth, empire, state, power.
Dawha دوحه Lofty tree with many branches, family tree.
Dawlat Khatoon. دولت خاتون She was from a ruling family.
Deeba دیبا Brocade.
Deenah دینه Obedience.
Dil دل Heart, mind.
Dilara دل آرا Beloved, one who decorates heart.
Dildar دلدار Having a big heart. Wife of Mughal emperor Babur.
Dilkash دلکش Attractive, captivating.
Dilruba دلربا Heart-ravishing, a beloved object.
Dilshad دلشاد Happy, glad, cheerful.
Dilshad Khatoon دلشاد خاتون She lived between 730-750.
Dima دیمه An incessant gentle rain unaccompanied by wind, thunder, or lightning.
Diya دیا Light
Doha ضحیٰ Forenoon.
Dua دعا Pray
Dujanah دجانه A great rain, name of a woman.
Dunya دنیا World, earth.
Durdanah دردانه Pearl-grain
Dur-e-Shahwar در شھوار Kings worthy pearl
Durr در Pearls.
Durrah دره Pearl. A sahabia i.e. a Muslim woman who lived in time of Prophet Muhammad.
Durriya دریه Glittering, sparkling, twinkling, brilliant.


Emaan ایمان Faith
Erum ارم Heaven
Eshal ایشل The name of flower in the heaven.


Faariha فارحه Happy, glad, delighted, cheerful, joyful; fem. of Farih.
Fadia فادیه Redeemer, ransomer; fem. of Fadi.
Fadwa فدوی name derived from self-sacrifice
Faheemah فھیمه Intelligent.
Fahhama فھامه Very intelligent, learned, very understanding.
Fahm فھم Intellect, intelligence, insight.
Fahm Ara فھم آرا Adorned with intellect, intelligent.
Fahmida فھمیده Intelligent, judicious.
Faida فاﺋده Benefit, advantage, gain, worth, welfare.
Faiqa فاﺋقه Excellent, outstanding, distinguished, superior, ascendant.
FAIROOZA فیروزا A precious gem
Faiza فاﺋزه Victorious, triumphant, winner, successful, prosperous; fem. of Faiz.
Fajr فجر Dawn, rise, beginning, start.
Fakeehah فاکیھه Cheerful.
Fakhar فخار Honour, pride, glory.
Fakhira فاخره Excellent, glorious, magnificent, precious, honourable.
Fakhr فخر Glory, pride, honour.
Fakhriya فخریه Proud, honorary, glory, pride (for noble cause); fem. of Fakhri.
Fakhrun Nisa فخرالنساء Glory of the women.
Fakhtah فاخته A dove. This was the name of Umm Hani; Alo the name of the mother of Khalid bin Yazeede.
Fakihah فاکھه Fruit.
Fakira فاکره Thinker.
Falahat فلاحت Welfare, benefit.
Falak فلک Orbit, sky, celestial sphere.
Faliha فالحه Fortunate, lucky, successful, prosperous; fem. of Falih.
Falisha فالیشأ Happiness.
Fanila فانیله Able, worthy.
Faqiha فقیھه Jurist, expert, scholar in fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence); fem. of Faqih.
Faqirah فاقره This was the name of a beautiful woman, wife of Murrah al-Asadi (AN)
Faraal فرال Name of lion, height.
Farah فرح Joy, happiness, cheerfulness, delight.
Fareefta فریفته Devotee, lover.
Farha فرحه Gladness, pleasure, happiness, delight.
Farhal فرحال Happy.
Farhana فرحانه Glad, joyful, happy, cheerful, delighted; fem. of Farhan.
Farhat فرحت Cheer, pleasure.
Farheen فرحین Happy, glad.
Farhi فرحی Glad, happy.
Faria فارعه Tall, towering, lofty, pretty, slim, slender, fem. of Fari.
Farida فریده Unique, matchless, singular, precious; fem. of Farid.
Fariha فریحه Happy, glad, joyful.
Farihah فارھه Brisk, Swift.
Farkhanda فرخنده Blessed
Farqad فرقد Name of a Star.
Farrukh فرخ Happy, Fortunate.
Farwa فروه Fur; (daughter of Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq).
Faryal فریال Name.
Farzana فرزانه Wise, learned.
Faseelah فسیله Some distance.
Fasiha فصیحه Eloquent, fluent, well-spoken; fem. of Fasih.
Fasiya فاصیا A gentle woman.
Fateenah فطینه Intelligent.
Fathiya فتحیه One who wins victory after victory; fem. of Fathi.
Fatiha فاتحه Opening, introduction, dawn, first.
Fatima فاطمه Literally: weaner, Abstinence, daughter of Muhammad and wife of Khalifa Ali known as Sayyidat-al-Nisa (the chief of women).
Fatin فاتن Beautiful, pretty, attractive, glamorous, captivating, ravishing.
Fatinah فاتنه Charming, fascinating, alluring, captivating.
Fattana فتانه Extremely beautiful, charming, captivating.
Fauqiyah فوقیه High Grade
Fawha فوحه Breath of fragrance.
Fawz فوز Success, Salvation.
Fawza فوزه Victory, triumph, success, winning, achievement.
Fawziya فوزیه Triumphant, successful, victorious, fem. of Fawzi.
Fayha فیھا Good smell from heaven. Fragrance.
Fayona فیونا Beautiful, pretty.
Fayrooz فیروز Turquoise.
Fayyaza فیاضه A lady who confers great favours, most generous and bountiful.
Fazeela فضیله High degree of excellence, merit, perfection, outstanding, virtue, excellence, knowledge.
Fazeen فزین Increasing.
Fazila فاضله Virtuous, honest, excellent, superior, kind, outstanding, eminent, learned; fem. of Fazil (fadil).
Fazilatun Nisa فضیله النساء Excellence of the women.
Feheema فھیمه Intelligent, judicious, learned, erudite; fem. of Faheem.
Fida فدا Sacrifice.
Fidda فضه Silver.
Firdaus فردوس Paradise, heaven, garden.
Firdausi فردوسی Heavenly.
Firoza فیروزه Turquoise, a bright greenish-blue coloured precious stone.
Fiza فضاء Wide, open, open hearted.
Fiza فضا Running water on land.
Fiza فزاء Enlarger, improver, who expands, magnifier.
Fozia فوزیه Successful
Fuada فواده Heart; fem. of fuad.
Fudayl فضیل Learned, scholar.
Funoon فنون Variety, art.
Furayah فریعه Handsome, Well-built.
Furoozan فروزان Luminous, radiant.
Fuseelah فسیله Name of a narrator of Hadith who transmitted from her father, Wasilah bin al-Asqa RA who from the Prophet PBUH.
Fuzail فضیل A form of Faazil, meaning: An accomplished person; name of a saint known as Fuzail bin Iyaaz.


Ghada غاده Delicate young girl, beautiful young woman, youthful and beautiful woman.
Ghadeer غدیر Brook, rivulet, small stream.
Ghadia غادیه Morning, cloud.
Ghadir غادر She was the slave of Musa al-Hadi and then Haroon Rashid (AN)
Ghafira غافره One who hides other’s sins.
Ghaida غیداء Young and delicate, soft.
Ghalia غالیه Precious, priceless, valuable, dear, beloved.
Ghaliba غالبه Conqueror, victor, winner; fem. of Ghalib.
Ghamza غمزه Gestures.
Ghaneemah غنیمه Spoils, booty.
Ghania غانیه Beauty, beautiful girl, pretty girl, danseuse.
Ghaniya غنیه Rich, wealthy, prosperous; fem. of Ghani.
Ghareebah غریبه Strange, foreign; the daughter of Salim bin Ahmad at-Tajir had this name (AN)
Ghashia غاشیه Guidance.
Ghasna غصنه Bud, blossom.
Ghatiya غاطیه Dynamic, moving.
Ghazal غزال Gazelle, deer.
Ghazal غزل A poem, ode, talk with woman.
Ghazala غزاله Gazelle, a young deer, the sun.
Ghaziya غازیه Female Warrior.
Ghibtah غبطه She was the daughter of Amer al-Mujashaiyah; she was a narrator of Hadith.
Ghina غناء Singing, song.
Ghufayrah غفیره This was the name of a very pious woman who kept vigil in the night. (AN)
Ghufran غفران Pardon, forgiveness.
Ghumaysa غمیصاء Her Kuniyah was Umm Sulaym; She was a front-rank companion RA and narrated ahadith. She died in the times of Sayyidina Usman RA.
Ghusn غصن Branch, twig; sing. of Ghusoon.
Ghusun غصون Pl. of Ghusn, branch, twig.
Ghuzayyah غزیه She was also known as Ghuzaylah; she was a narrator of Hadith.
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Gohar گوھر Precious Stone.
Gul گل Flower, rose.
Gul Badan گلبدن Beautiful body resembling rose.
Gul Bahar گلبھار Rose spring.
Gul Barg گلبرگ Rose petal.
Gul Izar گل عذار Rosy-cheeked.
Gul Rang گل رنگ Rose-coloured.
Gul Ru گل رو Rosy-faced.
Gul Rukh گل رخ Rose-face.
Gulab گلاب Rose, rosewater.
Gul-e-Rana گل رعنا Beautiful delicate scented rose.
Gulistan گلستان Rose garden, garden.
Gulnar گلنار A plant whose flowers resemble pomegranates
Gulnaz گل ناز Cute like a flower
Gulrez گلریز Rose-Sprinkler
Gulshan گلشن Rose-garden.
Gulzaar گلزار Rose-garden.


Hababah حبابه A daughter of Ajlan; She was narrator of Hadith.
Habiba حبیبه Beloved, darling, sweetheart; fem. of Habib.
Hablah هابله A woman who earns a lot.
Haboos حبوس This was the name of noble lady who was kind and benevolent; she lived in Lebanon.
Hadaya ھدایه Pl. of Hadiya, gift, present.
Hadeel ھدیل Cooing of a pigeon.
Hadeeqah حدیقه Garden.
Hadiya ھادیه Guide to righteousness; fem. of Hadi leader.
Hadya ھدیه Gift, present; sing. of Hadaya.
Haeda هاﺋده A woman who repents a lot.
Haemah هاﺋمه Crazy in love.
Hafeeza حفیظه Guardian, protector; fem. of Hafeez.
Haffafa ھفافه Glittering, shining, thin, peaceful, gentle wind.
Hafiza حافظه Honorific title of a woman who has memorised the Quran, guardian, protector; fem. Hafiz.
Hafsa حفصه Cub; wife of Muhammad (pbuh); daughter of Khalifa Umar.
Haifa ھیفاء Slender, slim, of beautiful body.
Haiqa حاﺋقه True, truly, obedient of God, prayer of God
Hajar ھاجر The wife of Prophet Ibrahim AS was name Hajar AS.
Hajira ھاجره Wife of Prophet Ibrahim and mother of Prophet Ismail.
Hajjah حجه She was a narrator of Hadith, daughter of Murrah; another narrator by the same name was the daughter of Murayt (AN).
Hajna حجناء The daughter of Nusayb, she was a poetess. (AN)
Hakeema حکیمه Wise, sage, judicious, prudent; fem. of Hakeem. A Sahabia i.e. a Muslim woman who lived in time of the Prophet Muhammad.
Hakima حاکمه Ruler, queen.
Hala ھاله Halo, ring around the eye, aureole, name of the sister of Khadija, the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad.
Haleema حلیمه Clement, patient, tolerant, gentle; fem. of Halim. Halima Al-Sadiyah: foster mother of the Prophet Muhammad.
Halia حالیه Aware, knowing.
Halima حالمه Dreamer, visionary.
Hamama حمامه Dove, pigeon.
Hamama حمامه Bearer.
Hamas همس Low and soft sound, heartbeat.
Hamda حمده Praised, laudation of Allah; fem. of Hamd.
Hamdan حمدان Much praise. A tribe in Arabia.
Hameeda حمیده Praised, commended, praiseworthy, commendable; fem. of Hamid.
Hamida حامده Praiser (of Allah); fem. of Hamid.
Hamima حمیمه Close friend.
Hammada حماده Praising (God).
Hamnah حمنه The daughter of Jahsh al-Asdiyah was so named; she narrated Hadith.
Hamra حمراء Red.
Hana ھناء Happiness, bliss, felicity.
Hana حنا Merciful, kind hearted.
Hanan حنان Compassion, affection, love, mercy, tenderness, warm-heartedness.
Hanfa حنفاء Name of the wife of Sayyidina Ismail AS.
Hani ھانی Pleasant.
Hania ھانیه Happy, delighted.
Hanifa حنیفه True, one of true faith, upright; fem. of Hanif.
Hanin حنین Desire, longing, yearning.
Haniya ھنیه Pleasant, happy.
Hanna حنه Compassion, sympathy, pity.
Hanoon حنون Compassionate, merciful, affectionate, tender-hearted, soft-hearted.
Hanoona حنونه Compassionate; fem. of Hanun.
Hareem حریم House, walls of a house.
Hareer حریر Silk.
Harisa حارثه Cultivator, lioness; fem. of Haris (Harith).
Harisa حارسه Guard, protector (f.).
Haroona هارونه Protector, messenger.
Hasana حسنه Good deed, kind act, favour; sing. of Hasanat.
Hashmat حشمت Modesty, bashfulness, decency, decorum.
Hasiba حسیبه Highborn, respected, noble; fem. of Hasib.
Hasifa حصیفه Judicious, wise, prudent, sagacious, endowed with sound judgement; fem. of Hasif.
Hasina حسینه Pretty, beautiful.
Hasna حسناء Pious, beautiful woman.
Hasnat حسنات Virtues.
Hassana حسانه Most beautiful woman, most sweetheart.
Hatima حاطمه Generous.
Hawiya حاویه Dominant.
Hawla حولاء Intelligent.
Hawwa حواء A beautiful girl with a ruddy complexion, Eve; wife of Adam, mother of mankind.
Haya حیاء Shyness, bashfulness, coyness, modesty.
Hayat حیات Life.
Hayrah حیره She was a well-=known narrator of Hadith from the generation after the companions (AN)
Hazar ھزار Kind of nightingale.
Hazeena ھزینه Autumn, treasure, forever.
Hazeerah هزیره Wise.
Hazima حازمه Firm, energetic, judicious, discreet, prudent; fem. of Hazim.
Haziqa حاذقه Clever, shrewd.
Hazzafa حذافه The name of Hazrat Haleema Saadia’s daughter.
Hena حنا Greenery
Hiba ھبه Gift, present.
Hibatullah ھبه الله Gift of God.
Hijab حجاب Daughter of a Scholar from Baghdad.
Hikmat حکمت Wisdom.
Hilal ھلال Crescent, new moon.
Hina حنا The Indian privet; a shrub, the leaves of which are used for dyeing the hands, feet and hair.
Hind ھند Proper name.
Hindah ھنده She was the wife of Abu Sufyan (some versions call her Hind).
Hira حرا A peak near Makkah where Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to worship Allah.
Hiyam ھیام Passionate love.
Hoor حور A virgin maiden of Paradise for its dwellers.
Hooriya حوریه Virgin of Paradise, houri, nymph.
Hoorulain حورالعین The most beautiful HUR with beautiful eyes.
Hoyam ھیام Passionate love.
Hubayshah حبیثه She was the daughter of Hubaysh al-Aamiriyah; she was a poetess.
Hubba حبٰی She was a beautiful woman, daughter of Maalik bin Amr al-Adwaniyah (AN)
Huboor حبور Happiness.
Huda ھدی Right guidance, right path.
Hujaymah ھجیمه Attack.
Hujayrah حجیره She was a narrator of Hadith, daughter of Husayn.
Hukayman حکیمه She was the daughter of Umaymah daughter of Ruqayqah RA a companion.
Huma ھما An imaginary bird.
Humaida حمیده Praised; fem. of Humaid.
Humaira حمیراء Of red colour. Name of Ayesha, wife of the Prophet Muhammad.
Hunaydah ھنیده The wife of Ibrahim al-Nakhee was so named, as also the daughter of Shurayk. (AN). Whe was a narrator of Hadith.
Hura حره Free woman
Hurmat حرمت Respect, dignity or something declared, sacred by religion.
Hurriya حریه Freedom, liberty.
Husaina حسینه Diminutive of Husn, beauty.
Hushaima حشیمه Diminutive of Hishma, modesty.
Husn حسن Beauty, gracefulness, prettiness.
Husn Ara حسن آرا Adorned with beauty.
Husna حسنیٰ Most pious, good outcome; fem. of Ahsan.
Husni حسنی Possessing beauty.
Husniya حسنیه Beautiful, pretty.
Huzuz حظوظ Pl. of Hazz, fortune, good luck.


Iba اباء Pride, disdain.
Ibadat عبادت Worship.
Ibrisam ابریسام Silk.
Ibrisami ابریسمی Silken.
Ibriz ابریز Pure gold.
Ibtihaj ابتھاج Joy, delight.
Ibtihal ابتھال Prayer, supplication.
Ibtisam ابتسام Smile.
Ibtisama ابتسامه Smile.
Idrak ادراک Intellect, perception, achievement, attainment.
Iffah عفه Purity, modesty.
Iffat عفت Purity, chastity, modesty, virtue, abstinence.
Iffat-Ara عفت آرا Decorator of Chastity
Ifra افراء Height, sublimity.
Ifrah افراح To make happy.
Iftikhar افتخار Pride.
Iftinan افتنان enchantment, captivation
Ihtisham احتشام Chastity, modesty, decency, decorum.
Ijlal اجلال Glorification, exaltation, honour, distinction, respect.
Ijliyah عجلیه The daughter of al-Asturlabi al-Ijli.
Ikhlas اخلاص Sincerity, honesty, integrity, fidelity, faithfulness.
Iklil اکلیل Crown, garland, wreath.
Ikram اکرام Honour, glory, respect, generosity, hospitality.
Ilham الھام Intuition, inspiration, revelation.
Ilm علم A slave gifl belonging to Zubaydah, wife of Harun al-Rashid had this name.
Iltimas التماس Request, appeal, entreaty.
Ilyas الیاس Name of a Prophet of Allah. He was called Ilyaseen as well.
Imaan ایمان Faith
Iman ایمان Belief, faith in Allah.
Imrana عمرانه Population, socialism.
Imtinan امتنان Gratitude, gratefulness, thankfulness.
Imtisal امتثال Obedience, conforming to, in compliance with.
Imtiyaz امتیاز Distinction, mark of honour, intelligent.
Inam انعام Gift, present, act of kindness, benefaction, bestowal.
Inan عنان A slave girl belonging to Harun al-Rashid.
Inas ایناس Friendliness, cordiality, sociability.
Inayat عنایت Concern, solicitude.
Inshirah انشراح Joy, delight, happiness, cheerfulness.
Intisar انتصار Victory, triumph; sing.
Intisarat انتصارات Pl. of Intisar, victory, triumph.
Iqamat اقامت Calm, peace, staying.
Iqra اقراء Study, read.
Iradat ارادت Wish, desire, intention.
Iraj ارج Flower
Iram ارم The Paradise of Shadad, Eden.
Irtiza ارتضاء Contentment, approval.
Isad اسعاد Making happy of prosperous, blessing.
Ishraq اشراق Brilliance, radiance, shining.
Ishrat عشرت Pleasure, enjoyment, delight.
Islah اصلاح Making right, making good, improvement, betterment.
Ismat عصمت Purity, honour, protection, chastity, modesty.
Ismat-Ara عصمت آرا Decorator of modesty
Isood عصود A woman of delicate body.
Isra اصرا Walking in the night, Journeys by night.Name of Sura in Quran also known as Bani Israil
Istabraq استبرق Brocade.
Itidal اعتدال Moderateness, moderation, mildness, rectitude.
Itimad اعتماد Reliance, dependence.
Itrat عترت Lineage, descendants of Holy Prophet (PBUH).
Izaz اعزاز Honour, esteem, regard, affection.
Izdihar ازدھار Prosperity, flourishing, bloom, blossoming.
Izma ازمأ Higher poistion, Esteemed previledge & honour.
Izz عز The daughter of al-Haytam Muhammad bin al-Haysam was so named.
Izza عزه Honour, fame, power.
Izza an-Nisa عزالنساء She was the daughter of Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz bin Ali bin Hibbat Allah bin Khuldoon. She narrated hadith.
Izzat عزت Honor; esteem, integrity.


Jaan جان Life.
Jabalah جبله Daughter of Musafh; she was a narrator of Hadith.
Jabarah جباره A bracelet.
Jabin جبین Forehead.
Jadida جدیده New, fresh.
Jahan جھان World.
Jahan Ara جھان آرا Adorning the world. Daughter of Mughal emperor Shah Jahaan.
Jahan Khatoon جھاں خاتون She was a Persian poet.
Jahdamah جھدمه She was a female companion of the Prophet PBUH.
Jala جلاء Bringing to light, shining, clarity.
Jaleelah جلیله Dignified.
Jaleesah جلیسه Companion
Jalila جلیله Great, exalted, magnificent; fem. of Jalil.
Jalwa جلوه Sight, show.
Jamal جمال Beauty.
Jamala جماله Beautiful, pretty, moon-faced.
Jamia جامعه Gatherer, collector, author, writer; fem. of Jami.
Jamila جمیله Beautiful, elegant, pretty; fem. of Jamil. Daughter of Khalifa Umar.
Jamilah جامله Beautiful.
Janaan جاناں Pretty, sweet-heart; pl. of Jan, life.
Janan جنان Heart, soul, pretty.
Janna جنه Garden, paradise.
Jannat جنت Heaven, paradise.
Jannatul Firdaus جنه الفردوس Garden of Paradise.
Jariyah جاریه Slave girl.
Jasrah جسره Daughter of Dijajah al-Amiriyah, and a narrator of Hadith.
Jassia جاثیه One who sits, name of a Surrah of Al-Quran.
Jawahir جواھر Precious.
Jawda جوده Excellence, high, quality, fineness.
Jawedan جاوداں Immortal, lasting.
Jawhara جوھره Jewel, gem, essence.
Jaza جزا Reward.
Jazibiyya جاذبیه Attraction, charm, appeal.
Jibla جبله Nature, natural disposition.
Jina جینا Princess, lucky, patrician,
Jinan جنان Pl. of Jannat, garden, paradise.
Joindah جوﺋنده God’s gift.
Joodi جودی Kind, working.
Joya جویاء Searcher.
Judaala جداله Distinct.
Judamah جدامه She was the daughter of Wahb; she was a companion and a narrator of Hadith.
Juhaymah جھیمه There is a suggestion that her name was Hujaymah, she was Umm ad-Darda, and a narrator of Hadith.
Juhi جوھی Fragrant flower.
Jumaina جمینه Diminutive of Jumana, small pearl.
Jumana جمانه Pearl.
Jumaymah جماﺋمه Name of a female companion.
Junayna جنینه Little garden.
Juni جنی Lovable.
Junna جنه Shelter.
Juveria جویریه Diminutive of Jooriyah, damask rose. Wife of the Prophet Muhammad.


Kabeesha کبیشه This was the name of a poetess, daughter of al-Waqa (AN).
Kabira کبیره Great.
Kabira کابره Leader, heroic woman.
Kabshah کبشه She was a companion; she was the daughter of Sabit bin al-Munzir al-Ansari (AN)
Kaheela کحیله Labour, triumph, trial.
Kaif کیف A state of joy.
Kaifiya کیفیه Ecstatic, mirghful, gayhooppy.
Kaina کاﺋنه Leader woman.
Kainaat کا ٔنات Universe
Kakuli کاکلی Crest, tuft on the head of an animal like comb of a cock.
Kaleemah کلیمه Speaker.
Kalsam کلثم Name of al-Qarshiyah who transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah (AN)
Kalsoom کلثوم Name of prophet Muhammad PBUH daughter.
Kamaliyah کمالیه Perfection: name of a traditionalist, daughter of Muhammad bin Muhammad al-Hashmiyah al-Makkiyah RA.
Kamila کامله Perfect, complete, genuine; fem. of Kamil.
Kaneezah کنیزه Firm (of flish), sturdy (of body).
Kaniz کنیز Maid servant, female servant, virgin.
Kanwal کنول A flower of water, water-lilly.
Kanz کنز Treasure.
Kanzah کنزه Treasure; She was a poetess (AN)
Karam کرم Generosity, bounty, noble nature.
Karamat کرامت Miracle.
Kardawaiyah کردویه A ious woman, daughter of Amr al-Basriyah was so name (AN)
Karima کریمه Kind, generous, benevolent, open-handed, bountiful, noble; fem. of Karim.
Kariman کاریمان Generous lady.
Karma کرمه Vine, grapevine, kind, generous.
Kas کاص Glass; This was the name of a woman, daughter of Buhayr bin Jundub.
Kashfiya کشفیه Enlightenment.
Kashida کاشیده Hardworking.
Kashifah کاشفه Revealer of Secrets.
Kashira کاشره Jubiliant, jovial.
Kashmala کشماله Necklace of flowers, Garland
Kashooda کشوده Attractive.
Kashud کشود Bloom, success, benefit.
Kasirah کثیره Plenty.
Kasool کسول A girl brought up by tender care, sluggish girl.
Kasturi کستوری Musk, a song bird.
Kaureen کورین Beautiful girl, pretty girl.
Kausar کوثر Abundance, name of a fountain, in the paradise.
Kauser کوشر A Fountain in heaven
Kawkab کوکب Star, satellite.
Kaysah کیسه Daughter of Abu Bakr al-Saqafi, was a narrator of Hadith.
Kazima کاظمه One who controls or suppresses her anger; fem. of Kazim.
Kehkashan کهکشاں Galaxy.
Khabira خبیره Aware, knowing.
Khadija خدیجه The first wife of the Prophet Muhammad who was the first to embrace Islam.
Khadra خضراء Green, verdant.
Khair خیر Good, blessing, boon, wealth, fortune.
Khaira خیره The best, prime, top, flower, cream; sing. of khairat.
Khairat خیرات Pl. of Khaira, blessing, good work.
Khairiya خیریه Charity, benevolence, beneficence, good.
Khairun Nisa خیرانساء Best of women. Epithet of Khadija, the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad.
Khalida خالده Permanent, immortal, eternal; fem. of Khalid.
Khalisa خالصه Pure, true, clear, real; fem. of Khalis.
Khalwat خلوت Solitude.
Khanam خانم Princess, noble woman.
Khansa خنساء Proper name (famous Arabic poetess), pug-nosed.
Kharijah خارجه External.
Kharqa خرقاء Strong wind.
Khashar خشار Decorated, ornamented.
Khashia خاشعه Pious, devout; fem. of Khashi.
Khashifa خاشفه Disclosing, divulging.
Khasiba خصیبه Fruitful, fertile, prolific, prodigal, productive; fem. of Khasib.
Khatiba خطیبه Orator, speaker, fianc�e.
Khatiba خاطبه Speaker.
Khatira خاطره Wish, desire.
Khatoon خاتون Noblewoman, lady.
Khaula خوله A buck, deer, name of a well-known Sahabi i.e. companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
Khawara خاوره The sunlight, east.
Khazanah خزانه Treasure; She was the daughter of Khalid bin Jafar bin Qurt. She was a poetess.
Khazeena خزینه Arsenal, treasure house.
Khidrah خضره Green.
Khitfa خطفه Erroneus, forgetful.
Khudamah خدامه Service, name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Khudra خضره Greenery, greenness, verdancy.
Khulaidah خلیده Permanent, name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr and the name of a Sahabiyyah.
Khulat خلت Love, friend.
Khulaybah خلیبه This was the name of an Arab poetess.
Khuld خلد Paradise, heaven, eternal.
Khulud خلود Immortality.
Khurmi خرمی Happiness, leisure.
Khursheed خورشید Sun.
Khurshid Jahan خورشید جھاں sun of the world
Khushbakht خوش بخت Lucky.
Khushbu خوشبو Fragrance, scent.
Khushnuda خوشنوده Delighted, agreed, happy, joyous.
Khuwailah خویله A little or young female gazelle; name of a women.
Khuzama خزامیٰ Lavender, tulip.
Kinza کنزا Intelligent
kinza active,treasure
kinza active,treasure
kinza active,treasure
Kiran کرن Ray, beam.
Kishwar کشور Country.
Kohinoor کوه نور The mountain of light, name of a diamond that was a prized possession of the Mughals.
Komal کومل Beautiful, Soft
Korina کورینا Exalted, sublime, nice.
Kowaisah کویسه Handsome, pretty, name of a Sahaabiyah.
Kuaybah کعیبه A distinguished woman of her times was so named. She was the daughter of Saad al-Aslamiyah and she offered allegiance (bayah) to the Prophet PBUH.
Kubra کبریٰ Great, senior, (Al-Khubra – Epithet of Khadija).
Kuhaylah کحیله This was the name of a pious, learned woman who was a good speaker (AN)
Kulsoom کلثوم Full of flesh about the face and cheeks, rosy, healthy cheeks, chubby cheeks.


Laal لعل Pearl, ruby.
Labiba لبیبه Intelligent, judicious, sensible, understanding, sagacious, wise, prudent, wise; fem. of Labib.
Lafiza لافظه As deep as a sea.
Lahifa لاحفه Helper.
Laiba لاﺋبه Name of a Hoor in Heaven
Laiha لاﺋحه Glittering.
Lail لیل Night.
Laila لیلیٰ Of the Night.
Laiqa لاﺋقه Worthy, deserving, elegant, capable, decent.
Lakhsha لخشه Glittering.
Lala لاله Flower.
Lama لمیٰ Darkness of inner lips, it is considered to be beautiful.
Lamia لامعه Brilliant, lustrous, shining, radiant.
Lamis لمیس Tender woman.
Lamisa لمیسه Soft to touch.
Lamiya لامیه With beautiful curls.
Lamya لمیاء Dark-lipped (from inside).
Laraib لاریب Not suspicious, truth.
Laseef لصیف Glitter.
Latifa لطیفه Pretty, charming, gentle, sweet, refined, kind, pleasantry, humour, friendly; fem. of Latif.
Latimah لطیمه Scent.
Lawaiza لویزه The girl who was born to Eve with Abel.
Layaan لیان Gentleness, softness, tenderness.
Layina لینه Tender, supple, resilient.
Layla لیلیٰ Night, A well-known character in Arabic literature i.e. the beloved of Majnoon.
Layyah لیه Twist, Flexure.
Lina لینه Gentle, soft, tender, ‘a kind of palm’.
Liza لیزا Dedicated for Allah.
Lubaba لبابه Essence, core, gist.
Lubana لبانه Wish, desire.
Lubna لبنیٰ A tree which yields an aromatic resin used in perfume and medicine i.e. storax-tree.
Lulu لٶلٶ Pearls.
Lulua لٶلوه Pearl.
Luna لونأ Moon.
Lutf لطف Kindness, friendliness, courtesy, delicate, grace, favour from Allah.
Lutfana لطفانه Kind, helper.
Lutfiya لطفیه Delicate, graceful.
Lutfun Nisa لطف النساء Grace of women.


Ma as-sama ماءالسماء A noble hearted, generous lady, daughter of al-Muzaffar had this name.
Mabrooka مبروکه Blessed, prosperous, abundant; fem. of Mabrook.
Madaniya مدنیه Civilized, urbane, polished.
Madiha مدیحه Praiseworthy, commendation, commendable.
Mah ماه Moon.
Mah Jabin ماه جبین Beautiful, brow like the moon.
Mah Liqa ماه لقا Moon-like (face).
Mah Naz ماه ناز Humble moon (that would disappear on touch).
Mah Noor ماه نور Moonlight.
Mah Rukh ماه رخ Face as bright as the moon.
Maha مھا Wild cow (representing beauty).
Mahala محاله Brave.
Mahalfa محالفه Opponent.
Maham ماهم Wife of mughal emperor Zahiruddin Baber, mother of Hamayun.
Mahasin محاسن Pl. of Mahsana, beauty, charm, charming, attraction, virtue, merit.
Mahbasah محبسه A narrator of Hadith, al-Bahiliyah had this name.
Mahbooba محبوبه Dear, beloved sweetheart; fem. of Mahboob.
Mahdiya مھدیه Rightly guided; fem. of Mahdi.
Maheen ماهین Like moon.
mahek مھک Fragrance
Mahfooza محفوظه Safeguarded, well-protected; fem. of mahfooz.
Mahin مھین Fine, subtle, thin.
Mahira ماھره Skilled, skilful, proficient; fem. of Mahir.
Mahjooba محجوبه Hidden, covered, screened; fem. of Mahjoob.
Mahmooda محموده Praised, praiseworthy, elegant, lauded.
Mahmoodatun Nisa محمودهانساء Praised (one) of the women.
Mahnaz مهناز Pride of the moon.
Mahparah مه پاره Piece of moon
Mahrosh مهروش Piece of moon, pleasant.
Mahroz مهروز One who has a face like moon.
Mahtab ماھتاب Moonlight.
Mahtalat مه طلعت Moon-faced
Mahveen محوین Light of the Sun.
Mahwish مهوش Moon-faced, beautiful as moon.
Maida ماﺋده Dining table, a chapter of Quran
Mailiha ملیحه Beautiful, the one with darker shade.
Maimana میمنه Right, right-hand side, right wing (of army).
Maimoona میمونه Auspicious, prosperous, lucky, fortunate, blessed; fem. of Maimoon.
Maira ماﺋره Favourable, admirable.
Maisa ماﺋسه Walking with a proud gait.
Maisaa میساء To walk with a proud swinging gait.
Maisara میصره Prosperity, abundance, wealth, affluence; left, left-hand side, left wing (of army).
Maisoon میسون Of beautiful face and body.
Maisoora میصوره Ease; successful, fortunate, lucky, prosperous; fem. of maisoor.
Majda مجده Glory, honour, nobility.
Majdiya مجدیه Glorious.
Majeeda مجیده Glorious, noble, sublime, exalted; fem. of majeed.
Majida ماجده Glorious, noble, respected, exalted, fem. of majid.
Makarim مکارم Of good and honourable character.
Maktoomah مکتومه Name of a female singer of the past.
Maktoonah مکتونه Name of a singer and a beautiful lady of the past.
Malaha ملاحه Beauty, grace, elegance.
Malaika ملاﺋکه Angels.
Malak ملک Angel.
Maleeka ملیکه Queen; fem. of Maleek.
Maliha ملیحه Beautiful, pretty, good-looking; fem. of Malih.
Malika مالکه Reigning, ruling.
Malka ملکه Fem. of Malik; queen.
Mamoona مٔامونه Trustworthy, honest, faithful, reliable; fem of Mamoon.
Manahil مناھل Pl. of manhal, spring, of salubrious water, fountain.
Manal منال Attainment, achievement, acquisition.
Manar منار Guiding light, light-house.
Manara مناره Fem. of Manar: light-house.
Mandal مندل Fragrant wood.
Manfoosah منفوصه She was the daughter of Abu Yazid bin Abu al-FAwaris; a very pious woman, she wept often for fear of Allah.
Manhalah منھله Spring; Name of many Arab women.
Mann من Gift, present, favour, benefit, boon.
Mannana منانه Bountiful, generous; fem. of mannan.
Mansoora منصوره Assisted, victorious, supported, triumphant; fem. of Mansoor.
Manzoora منظوره Approved of, chosen, promising; fem. of Manzoor.
Maqboola مقبوله Accepted, admitted, granted, approved; fem. of Maqbool.
Maqsooda مقصوده Intended, destined.
Marab مأرب Wish, desire, purpose, use, aim; sing. of Marib.
Maram مرام Wish, desire, aspiration.
Marghuba مرغوبه Coveted, desired.
Maria ماریه A lady with fair complexion, kind of bird. Wife of Muhammad who gave birth to son named Ibrahim.
Mariam مریم Mother of the Prophet Isa (Jesus), the Biblical Mary.
Marib مآرب Pl. of Marab, wish.
Maridah مارده A slave-girl of Haroon Rashid had this name.
Mariha مرحه Joyful, cheerful, lively.
Mariya ماریه A learned woman of Andulus had this name; she was the daughter of Abu Yaqoob al-Faysali.
Marjan مرجان Small pearls, corals.
Marjanah مرجانه Precious stone; She was the mother of Prophet Isa AS and has been mentioned in the Quran frequently and a whole Surah is named after her.
Maroofa معروفه Famous, known, eminent, kindness, kind act; fem. of Maruf.
Marqooma مرقومه Writter, stated, well-defined.
Marwa مروه Flint-stone.
Maryam مریم Pious, mother of Hazrat Isa (AS) i.e. Jesus.
Marziya مرضیه Accepted, well-pleased, one who is pleasing.
Marzooqa مرزوقه blessed, fortunate, prosperous, successful; fem. of Marzooq
Mas ماس For Almas; diamond. (only almas is used as name).
Masabih مصابیح Pl. of Misbah, lamp.
Masarrat مسرت Joy, delight, pleasure, gladness, happiness.
Mashal مشعل Light, bright fire, flame.
Mashhuda مشھوده Present, manifest.
Mashia مشیٔه wish, desire, will (of Allah)
Mashmool مشمول Included, sought, after, searched for.
Masira ماثره Noble.
Masooda معصوده Fortunate, happy, lucky, prosperous, gracious, favourable, august; fem. of Masood.
Masooma معصومه Innocent, sinless, safe-guarded, protected; fem. of Masoom.
Masoon مصون Safeguarded, well-protected.
Masrurah مسروره Glad, happy, delighted.
Masrurah مسروره Glad, happy, delighted.
Mastura مستوره Latent, hidden, chaste.
Mastura مستوره Latent, hidden, chaste.
Matina متینه Strong, solid, of resolute mind.
Matina متینه Strong, solid, of resolute mind.
Mausooma موسومه Namely, viz.
Mausooma موسومه Namely, viz.
Mavisha ماویشأ Blessing of life.
Mavisha ماویشأ Blessing of life.
Mawadda موده Friendship, intimacy, affection, love.
Mawadda موده Friendship, intimacy, affection, love.
Mawhiba موھبه Gift, talent; sing. of Mawahib.
Mawhiba موھبه Gift, talent; sing. of Mawahib.
Mawhooba موھوبه Gifted, talented, favoured; fem. of Mawhoob.
Mawhooba موھوبه Gifted, talented, favoured; fem. of Mawhoob.
Mawsoofa موصوفه Worthy of description, portrayed, endowed with laudable qualities; fem. of Mawsoof.
Mawsoofa موصوفه Worthy of description, portrayed, endowed with laudable qualities; fem. of Mawsoof.
Maya مایه Nature, wealth, power, quantity.
Maya مایه Nature, wealth, power, quantity.
Mayyada میاده To walk with swinging gait.
Mayyada میاده To walk with swinging gait.
Mazida مزیده Increase, excess, high degree, maximum; fem. of Mazid.
Mazida مزیده Increase, excess, high degree, maximum; fem. of Mazid.
Maziyah مزیه Excellence, merit, virtue.
Maziyah مزیه Excellence, merit, virtue.
Mehak مهک Fragrance
Mehak مهک Fragrance
Mehr مھر Sun, affection.
Mehr مھر Sun, affection.
Mehreen مھرین Loving nature.
Mehreen مھرین Loving nature.
Mehrin مهرىن Loving, The sun, The moon.
Mehrin مهرین Loving, affectionate, sun, moon.
Mehrin مهرىن Loving, The sun, The moon.
Mehrin مهرین Loving, affectionate, sun, moon.
Mehrun Nisa مھرانساء Sun of the women.
Mehrun Nisa مھرانساء Sun of the women.
Mehtab مھتاب Moon.
Mehtab مھتاب Moon.
Mehvish مھوش Shining Star
Mehvish مھوش Shining Star
Menaal مینال Special flower of heaven.
Menaal مینال Special flower of heaven.
Merwa مروا A mountain in mekkah.
Merwa مروا A mountain in mekkah.
Midhat مدحت Praise, eulogy.
Midhat مدحت Praise, eulogy.
Mina منا Pearl, bead.
Mina منا Pearl, bead.
Minnat منت Grace, kindness, favour, gift.
Minnat منت Grace, kindness, favour, gift.
Minoo مینو Paradise.
Minoo مینو Paradise.
Miral میرال Doe
Miral میرال Doe
Misaal مثال Example, copy.
Misaal مثال Example, copy.
Misam میسم Impression, mark, beauty.
Misam میسم Impression, mark, beauty.
Misbah مصباح Lamp, Light.
Misbah مصباح Lamp, Light.
Mishal مشال Lightened, sparkling, shining.
Mishal مشال Lightened, sparkling, shining.
Mishel مشعل A Light
Mishel مشعل A Light
Miskeenah مسکینه Humble.
Miskeenah مسکینه Humble.
Mohsana محصنه Chaste, virtuous, protected, sheltered, pure, modest, married woman.
Mohsana محصنه Chaste, virtuous, protected, sheltered, pure, modest, married woman.
Mohsina محسنه Benevolent, beneficent, charitable, humanitarian; fem. of Muhsin.
Mohsina محسنه Benevolent, beneficent, charitable, humanitarian; fem. of Muhsin.
Momina مٔومنه Believer (in Islam); fem. of Mumin.
Momina مٔومنه Believer (in Islam); fem. of Mumin.
Mona منیٰ Pl. of Monya, wish, desire.
Mona منیٰ Pl. of Monya, wish, desire.
Muazah معاذه Daughter of Abdullah al-Adowiyah was a narrator of Hadith.
Muazah معاذه Daughter of Abdullah al-Adowiyah was a narrator of Hadith.
Muazza معزٰی Elevated, exalted.
Muazza معزٰی Elevated, exalted.
Muazzama معظمه Exalted, respected, glorified; fem. of Muazzam.
Mubaraka مبارکه Blessed, fortunate, lucky, auspicious; fem. of Mubarak.
Mubashirah مبشره Bringer of good news.
Mubassirah مبصره One who comments.
Mubina مبینه Clear, manifest, plain, distinct; fem. of Mubin.
Mueenah معینه Helper.
Mueerah معیره The sister of Hajjaj bin Hassan al-Jamimi had this name.
Mufazzalah مفضله A poetess of the past had this name.
Mufida مفیده Beneficial, advantageous, favourable, useful, profitable.
Mugheesah مغیثه One who helps.
Mughirah مغیره Daughter of Hassan; she was a narrator of Hadith.
Muhabbat محبت Love, affection.
Muhariba محاربه Fighter, one who entangles.
Muhayya محیا Countenance, face, look.
Muhja مھجه Heart, soul.
Muhra مھره Filly, a female pony.
Muida معیده Reviser, teacher, fem. of Muid.
Mujahida مجاھده One who struggles, strives, or fights for the cause of Islam; fem. of Mujahid.
Mujiba مجیبه One who answers or grants something.
Mukarrama مکرمه Honoured, revered, honourable; fem. of Mukarram.
Mukhlisa مخلصه Devoted, faithful, pure-hearted.
Mukhtar مختار Free.
Mulayka ملاﺋکه Diminutive of Malaka, angel.
Mulook ملوک Pl. of Malik, king.
Mumtaz ممتاز Distinguished, exalted, superior, outstanding.
Mumtaz Mahal ممتازمحل Wife of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.
Mumtaza ممتازه Fem. of Mumtaz.
Munaam مناعم Soft, delicate.
Munas Sabah منی الصباح Wishes of the dawn.
Munawwar منور Shining, Bright.
Munawwara منوره Illuminated, brilliant, full of light; fem. of Munawwar.
Munazza منزه Devoid of faults, pure.
Muneeah منیعه Name of a Slave-girl of Amr bin al-Ala.
Muniba منیبه One who turns towards Allah, one who repents.
Munifa منیفه Eminent, exalted, superior, high, lofty; fem. of Munif.
Munira منیره bright, brilliant, shedding light, radiant, luminous, shining; fem. of Munir
Munisa مٔونسه Sociable, friendly, kind, gentle; fem. of Munis.
Munjiyah منجیه A woman who saves someone.
Muntahi منتهی Last limit of height.
Munya منیه Wish, desire, object of desire; sing. of Muna, wishes.
Munyatul Muna منیه المنیٰ Wish of wishes.
Muqadas مقدس Holy
Muqaddasa مقدسه Sacred, holy.
Muqbala مقبله This was the name of a narrator of Hadith, daughter of Ali al-Bazzaz.
Murdiyyah مرضیه Chosen one.
Muriha مریحه Restful, soothing.
Murshida مرشده Leader, guide, adviser, counsellor; fem. of Murshid.
Musaddas مسدس A poem of six verses.
Musaddiqa مصدقه One who affirms the truth.
Musarrat مسرت Pleasure
Musawat مساوات Equality.
Musaykah مسیکه She was the mother of Yusuf bin Mahik and she narrated Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah RA.
Musfirah مصفرا Bright Face
Mushahida مشاهده Observance, evidence, study.
Musharrafa مشرفه Honoured, elevated.
Mushira مشیره Counsellor, adviser; fem. of Mushir.
Mushtari المشتری Jupiter.
Muskan مسکان Smiling
Muslima مسلمه Follower of the religion of Islam; fem. of Muslim.
Mussah مسه She was Mussah al-Azdiyah, mother of Bussah; she was a narrator of Hadith.
Mustaeenah مستعینه One who prays for help.
Mutahhara مطھره Purified, chaste.
Mutazah معتزه A narrator of Hadith of the later period.
Mutia مطیعه Obedient, pious, devoted, faithful; fem. of Muti.
Muwaffaqa موفقه Successful, prosperous, lucky, fortunate; fem. of Muwaffaq.
Muyassar میسر Successful, lucky, prosperous.
Muzaina مزینه Diminutive of Muzna, rain, clouds.
Muzna مزنه Rain clouds.


Naaz ناز Glory, pride, elegance, gracefulness, fresh.
Naazira ناضره One with healthy and happy looks, radiant, flourishing, resplendent, bright, beaming.
Naba نابه Famous, good, pious.
Nabaha نباھه Fame, nobility, intelligence, brightness, brilliance.
Nabawiya نبویه Prophetic.
Nabeeha نبیھه Noble, famous, eminent, distinguished, brilliant, intelligent; fem. of Nabih.
Nabiha نابھه Noble, famous, eminent, distinguished, brilliant; fem. of Nabih.
Nabila نبیله Noble, highborn, magnanimous, beautiful, intelligent, honourable; fem. of nabil.
Nadaa ندی Dew, generosity, liberality, magnanimity.
Nadi ندی Moist, damp, tender, delicate.
Nadia نادیه The caller.
Nadida ندیده Rival, equal.
Nadima ندیمه Intimate friend, companion; fem. of Nadim.
Nadira نادره Rare, extraordinary, choice, precious; fem. of Nadir.
Nadiyya ندیه Fem. of Nadi, dew, generosity, damp, tender, delicate.
Nadra نادره Radiance, bloom, glamour, brightness, opulence, wealth.
Nadwa ندوه Council, club.
Naeema نعیمه Happiness, peaceful, comfort, ease, pleasure, smooth, tender, bliss; fem. of Naim.
Nafasat نفاست Purity, refinement.
Nafay نافعه One who gets profit.
Nafia نافعه Profitable, beneficial, advantageous, useful, beneficial; fem. of Nafi.
Nafisa نفیسه Refined, pure, precious, delicate, choice, exquisite.
Nageenah نگینه Precious Stone.
Naghma نغمه Melody, song.
Nahar نھار Day i.e. daytime.
Nahid ناھید Venus.
Nahida ناھیده Fem. of Nahid.
Nahiya ناحیه One who advises, adviser.
Nahiza ناھضه Elevated, deligent.
Nahla نھله Bee.
Naifah ناﺋفه This was the name of a well-known, woman loved by the masses for her kindness and generosity, her advice was sought by the people.
Nail ناﺋل Winner, achiever, a boon, gift, acquirer.
Naila ناﺋله Fem. of nail.
Naima ناعمه Delicate, soft, smooth.
Naira ناﺋره Shining, glittering.
Najah نجاح Success.
Najat نجات Safety, rescue, salvation, deliverance.
Najdah نجده Courage, bravery, help, succour.
Najia ناجیه Saved, liberated; fem. of Naji.
Najiba نجیبه Noble, exce4llent, generous, praiseworthy, distinguished, aristocratic.
Najida نجیده Brave; a lady who accomplishes difficult tasks.
Najidah ناجده Succor, Help.
Najiha ناجحه Successful, prosperous; fem. of Najih.
Najiya نجیه Intimate friend, bosom friend; fem. of Naji.
Najla نجلاء Large-eyed, wide-eyed.
Najm نجم Star, planet.
Najma نجمه Star, a fine species of grass.
Najmus Sahar نجم السحر The morning star.
Najwa نجویٰ Confidential talk, secret conversation.
Najwan نجوان Saved, liberated.
Nakhat نکھت Fragrance.
Nama نعماء Gift, present, grace, favour, kindness.
Nameera نمیره Delicious water, pious woman.
Namia نامیه Force to move forward, force to expand
Naqa نقاء Purity, refinement, clarity.
Naqiba نقیبه Mind, intellect, leader.
Naqiya نقیه Clear, pure, clean; fem. of Naqi.
Nargis نرگس Narcissus (flower).
Narjis نرجس Narcissus (flower).
Narmin نرمین A flower, delicate, soft, slender.
Naseera نصیره Helper, protector, friend, patron; fem. of Nasir.
Nasha نشاء Scent, perfume.
Nashat نشاط Liveliness, vigour, cheerfulness, joy, sprightliness, energy, vivacity.
Nasheem نشیم Breeze, morning air.
Nashida نشیده Relaxation, joyance.
Nashika ناشکه One who forgives, forgiver.
Nashirah ناشره Publisher; diffuser, spreader.
Nashita نشیطه Energetic, dynamic, lively, fresh, vigorous.
Nashwa نشوه Fragrance, aroma.
Nashwaa نشویٰ Elated, exultant, flushed, enraptured; fem. of Nashwan.
Nasia ناصعه Clear, pure; fem. of Nasi.
Nasiba نسیبه Noble, highborn; fem. of Nasib.
Nasifa ناصفه Just, equitable.
Nasiha ناصھه Advisor, sincere.
Nasihah ناصحه Advisor.
Nasila نسیله Honey that flows from the comb.
Nasim نسیم Breeze, gentle wind, fresh air, zephyr, fragrant air.
Nasima نسیمه Fem. of Nasim, zephyr, gentle wind.
Nasiqa ناسقه One who manages, organiser.
Nasiqa ناسکه One who forgives, forgiver.
Nasira ناصره Helper, aide, assistant, protector.
Nasooh نصوح Advised, suggested.
Nasra ناصره Helper
Nasreen نسرین Jonquil, Narcissus, wild rose, Jericho rose.
Nasya ناصیه Reformer, advisor.
Natasha نتاشه Gift of Allah
Natila نتیله Relation, way, sake.
Natiqa ناطقه One endowed with speech, eloquent, spokesperson; fem. of Natiq.
Naureen نورین Bright light.
Naushabah نوشابه Elixir.
Nawal نوال Gift, present, grant, favour, grace, kindness.
Nawar نوار Flower, bud, blossom.
Nawaylah نویله
Naweed نوید Good news.
Nawfa نوفه Excess, surplus.
Nawla نوله Gift, present, grant, favour, grace.
Nawra نوره Blossom, flower.
Nayab نایاب Scarce
Nayyar نیر Sun.
Nayyara نیره Luminous, shining; fem. of Nayyir.
Nazaha نزاھه Purity, righteousness, chastity, virtue, honesty.
Nazakat نزاکت Delicacy, subtlety.
Nazan نازاں Proud, vain, haughty.
Nazanin نازنین Elegant, delicate, beloved.
Nazara نضاره Bloom, beauty.
Nazarat نضارت Freshness of splendour.
Nazeeha نزیھه Pure, virtuous, honest; fem. of Nazih.
Nazeera نذیره Warner, anything offered as a token of respect, anything given as sacrifice, a child who has been dedicated by his parents to serve Allah.
Nazeera نظیره Equal, like, alike, resembling, match, comparable; fem. of Nazir.
Naziah نازیه Companion, friend.
Naziah نازیه Sharpness, cold, a large bowl.
Nazifa نظیفه Pure, clean, neat, chaste, innocent; fem. of Nazif.
Naziha نازھه Pure, honest.
Nazila نازله Lovely, charming.
Nazima ناظمه Arranger, organizer, poetess; fem. of Nazim.
Nazindah نازنده Name of a liberal woman of Baghdad; she founded a college with religious school.
Nazira ناظره Observer, supervisor.
Nazish نازش Proud, lover.
Nazli نظلی Delicate, feminine.
Nazmin نازمین Light
Nazneen نازنین Beautiful, delicate.
Nazpari نازپری A queen of ancient persia.
Nazrat نضرت Pride, nice, great.
Nazuk نازک Delicate; The daughter of Muhammad bin Ibrahim had this name. She was a narrator of Hadith.
Neelam نیلم A precious stone of sky blue colour.
Neelma نیلما Bluish, Like blue.
Neha Love, rain.
Nehla نحله Present, gift; sing of Nihel.
Niaz نیاز Desire, urge to express love.
Nibal نبال Arrows.
Nibras نبراس Lamp.
Nida نداء Call.
Nigar نگار Picture, portrait, sweetheart.
Nighat نگهت Odour, perfume, fragrance.
Niha نهاء Bright one, naughty one.
Nihel نحل Presents, gifts.
Nihla نحله Present, gift; sing. of Nihel.
Nikhat نکهت Sweet Smell
Nilofar نیلوفر Water-lily.
Nilofer نلیوفر Wild Mountain Rose.
Nimaat نعمات Blessings, boons, bounties; pl. of Nimat.
Nimat نعمت Blessing, boon, favour, a gift from Allah, grace bounty.
Nimra نمرا Soft, Lion.
Nisa نساء Women.
Nishat نشاط Happiness, intoxication.
Niyyat نیت Intention, determination, resolution.
Nofal نوفل Blessing, donation.
Noor نور Light, illumination.
Noor Jahan نورجھاں Light of the world.
Noora نوره Light; fem. of Noor.
Nooraniyah نورانیه Luminous, brilliant.
Nooruddunya نورالدنیا Light of the world.
Noorulain نورالعین Peace of eyes, light of eyes.
Noorun Nisa نورالنساء Light of the women.
Noreen نورین Bright.
Noreenah نورینه A sweet dish.
Noshi نوشی Of pleasant taste.
Noshin نوشین Sweet, pleasant, (i.e. dream).
Nu’aymah نعیمه Name of a woman narrator of Hadith.
Nuboogh نبوع Distinction, eminence, excellence, superiority.
Nudbah ندبه Lament, Scar; Mark.
Nudoora ندوره Rareness.
Nudra ندره Rarity, rareness. .
Nudrat ندرت Singularity.
Nufaysah نفیسه Name of the daughter of Munyah who arranged the marriage of the Prophet PBUH with Sayyidah Khadijah RA.
Nuha نھیٰ Intelligence, intellect.
Numa نماء Displayer, viewer.
Nuriya نوریه Light, luminous, radiant, brilliant; fem. of Noori.
Nusaiba نسیبه Diminutive of Nasiba, noble.
Nusrat نصرت Help, aid, assistance, support.
Nuwaira نویره Petals of flowers
Nuwwar نوار Pl. of Nuwwara, blossom, flower.
Nuwwara نواره Blossom, flower.
Nuzar نضار Pure gold.
Nuzhat نزھت pleasure trip, freshness, promenade, excursion, recreation, cheerfulness


Obaidiyah عبیدیه Bondswoman of Allah
Orwiya ارویه Female mountain goat.
Ozra عذرا Virgin, Virgin Mary
Ozza عزه A baby fawn, young female deer, female fawn.


Pakiza پاکیزه Pure, chaste, polite, nice, fine.
Pardaj پرداج Splendour.
Pari پری Fairy, fairy-like beautiful.
Parsa پارسا Chaste, devout, pious.
Parvin پروین The Pleiades.


Qabalah قباله Responsibility; Name of narrator of Hadith, daughter of Yazeed.
Qabila قابله Able, wise.
Qabool قبول Accepted. An early woman, daughter of Abdullah, freed slave of al-Mustanjid Billah.
Qadira قادره Powerful, able.
Qahira قاھره Overpowering, victorious.
Qaifa قاﺋفه Estimater.
Qailah قاﺋله One who speaks.
Qaima قاﺋمه Bestower.
Qamar قمر Moon.
Qamar Jahan قمر جهاں The moon of the world
Qamarun Nisa قمرالنساء Moon of the women.
Qamayr قمیر Daughter of Amr al-Khufiyah, wife of Masrooq, she was a narrator of Hadith.
Qameer قمیر Wife of Masrooq bin al-Ajda daughter of Amr al-Kufiyah, she was a narrator of Hadith.
Qamra قمراء Moonlight, moonlit, bright; fem. of Aqmar.
Qanaat قناعت Patience.
Qaniah قانعه Contented.
Qantara قنطره Small bridge.
Qaraah قرعه Cloudlet; A kind lady of the Hijaz had this name.
Qareebah قریبه Near.
Qaribah قاربه Name of a woman scholar, Umm al-Buhlul, of Banu Asad.
Qarsafah قرصافه She was a narrator of Hadith known as Qarsafah al-Zahliyah.
Qaseema قسیمه Beautiful woman, a box in which perfumes are kept.
Qasiba قاصبه One who plays at flute, flutist.
Qasida قاصده Mesenger.
Qasima قاسمه Distributor, divider; fem. of Qasim.
Qasira قاسره Patient.
Qasoomah قسومه This was the name of a poetess daughter of Ismail al-Yahudi.
Qaylah قیله Two women companions had this name.
Qaymayriyah قمیریه This was the name of an early student of Hadith, wife of Masrooq.
Qaysar قیصر A name of women.
Qindeel قند یل Light.
Qisaf قصاف Birttle, a student of Hadith, daughter of Abdullah bin Damirah.
Qismat قسمت Fate, destiny, area.
Quddusiyah قدوسیه Sacred, Pious.
Qudsia قدسیه Holiness, sacredness, glorious, sacred, celestial, a blessed girl, a pious girl.
Quraybah قریبه Utricle.
Qurratulain قرتالعین Cooling or delight of the eye, joy, pleasure, darling, sweetheart.
Qutaylah قتیله Daughter of Sayfi al-Ansari; she was a companion.
Qutayyah قطیه A woman studne tof Hadith who quoted the female companions and daughter of Haram had this name.


Raaina راعنه Beautiful princess, pretty priness.
Raana رعناء Of elegant, statue, soft, lovely, beautiful, graceful, delicate.
Raani رانی A queen.
Rabab رباب Usually two-stringed instrument.
Rabbab رباب A musical instrument.
Rabeea ربیعه One who is well-versed.
Rabia رابعه The fourth. “Rabia Basri”, name of a saint who lived in Basrah.
Rabiha رابحه Winner, gainer; fem. Rabih.
Rabita رابطه Band, bond, link nexus.
Rabiya ربیعه Spring, springtime, garden; fem. of Rabi.
Rabwa ربوه Hill.
Radifa رادفه One who is full of shame.
Radiya رادیه Veiled, covered.
Raeesa رﺋیسه Leader, chief, princess, a noble lady, a wealthy lady.
Raeha راﺋحه Fragrance, perfume, scent.
Rafat رافت Mercy, compassion, pity.
Rafeeah رفیعه Sublime, high.
Rafia رفیعه High ranking, noble, sublime, exquisite, exalted, eminent; fem. of Rafi.
Rafiah رافعه Exalted.
Rafida رافده Support, prop.
Rafif رفیف Glittering, shining, gleaming.
Rafiqa رفیقه Intimate friend, companion, associate; fem. of Rafiq.
Rafnanah tak tahu
Rafnanah tak tahu
Rafraf رفرف Cushion, eyeshade.
Raghada رغاده Comfort opulence, affluence.
Raghd رغد Pleasant, plenty.
Raghiba راغبه Desirous, wishful, willing; fem. of Raghib.
Raghid رغید Comfort, opulence, affluence, plenty.
Rahana ریحانۃ Sweet basil
Rahat راحه Rest, comfort, ease, relief.
Raheema رحیمه Merciful, companionate, kind.
Rahifa رھیفه Sharp; fem. of Rahif.
Rahil راحیل Wife of the Prophet Yaqub (Jacob). In the Bible she is mentioned as Rachel.
Rahilah راحله One who travels.
Rahima رحیمه Kind, compassionate; fem. of Rahim.
Rahla راحله Happy, mirth, joyous.
Rahmat رحمت Mercy, compassion, kindness.
Raida راﺋده Explorer, guide, leader, pioneer, model, example; fem. of Raid.
Raiha راﺋحه Smell, fragrance.
Raihana ریحانه A handful of sweet basil. A bouquet of flowers; Wife of the Prophet Muhammad.
Raima راﺋمه Well-cultured.
Raiqa راﺋقه Pure, clear, tranquil, serene; fem. of Raiq.
Raitah راﺋطه An early woman narrator of Hadith, she was the daughter of Muslim.
Rajab رجب The seventh month of the Islamic calendar.
Rajia راجیه Hopeful, hoping, full of hope; fem. of Raji.
Rajiha راجحه Superior, predominant, fem. of Rajih.
Rajini راجنی Kingly, very exclusive.
Rajiya راجیه Hope, expectation, wish.
Rajwa رجویٰ Hope.
Rakhas رخص Soft and delicate, supple.
Rakheelah رخیله
Rakhima رخیمه soft, pleasant, melodious (voice)
Rakhshan رخشان Dazzling, bright.
Rakhshi رخشی Beautiful-faced, charming.
Rakhshinda رخشنده Resplendant, bright.
Rakina رکینه Firm, steady; fem. of Rakin.
Ramazan رمضان The ninth month of the Islamic calendar.
Rameen رامین Successful woman.
Rameesah رمیسه Hidden.
Rameesah رمیثه Wise.
Rameesah رمیثه Beautiful bunch of flowers, bouquet, Umm-e-Saleem: Aunt of Prophet (PBUH)
Ramiza رمیزه Intelligent, level headed.
Ramla رمله Sand. Wife of the Prophet Muhammad Her kunya is Umm Habiba.
Ramsha رمشاء Beautiful.
Ramza رمزه Coquette.
Rana رنا To gaze, look.
Randa رنده Scented, fragrant tree, good for decoration.
Rania رانیه Gazing.
Ranim رنیم Singing, song, music.
Raoom رٶوم Loving, tender.
Raqia راقیه Superior, high ranking, educated; fem. of Raqi.
Raqiba رقیبه Guardian, supervisor.
Raqiqa رقیقه Delicate, fine, soft, slender, slim.
Rasee رسیع Life full of happiness.
Rasha رشا Fawn, young gazelle.
Rashad رشاد Righteous.
Rashaqa رشاقه Graceful, stature, grace, elegance.
Rasheeda رشیده Righteous, of good character, one who leads onto the right path.
Rashida راشده Follower of the right path, mature, right minded, rightly guided; fem. of Rashid.
Rashiqa رشیقه Graceful, elegant; fem. of Rashiq.
Rasikha راسخه Well-established, well-founded, stable, steady; fem. of Rasikh.
Rasima راسمه Planner, designer; fem. of Rasim.
Rasina رصینا Calm, composed.
Rasmiya رسمیه Ceremonial, ceremonious, formal; fem. of Rasmi.
Ratiba راتبه Well-arranged, well-ordered.
Rauhah روحه Happy Contented
Raunaq رونق Beauty, grace, glamour, splendour.
Raunaq Jahan رونق جھاں Lustre of the world.
Raushan روشن Light, luminous, bright, splendour.
Raushan Ara روشن آرا Adorning light (female).
Raushan Jabin روشن جبین Of radiant forehead.
Raushani روشنی Light, splendour.
Rawah رواح Rest, repose.
Rawahah رواحه A noted narrator of Hadith, daughter of Abu Umar bin Abdur Rahman al-Awzaee had this name.
Rawia راویه Narrator, reciter, transmitter (of incident Arabic poetry).
Rawza روضه Garden.
Raya ریا Aroma, fragrance.
Rayia راعیه Guardian, custodian, patron, protector; fem. of Rayi.
Raytah ریطه Daughter of Hurayth, and a narrator of Hadith.
Razana رزانه Calm, composure, self-possession.
Razia راضیه Satisfied, content, well-pleased; fem. of Razi.
Razina رزینه Calm, composed, self-possessed; fem. of Razin.
Raziqa رازقه One who feeds others, feeder.
Raziya رضیه Delighted, satisfied, contended, pleased; fem. of Razi.
Razwa رضویٰ Name of a mountain in Madina.
Rehana ریحانه A handful of sweet basil.
Resham ریشم Silk, softness.
Reshma ریشماں Golden Silk, Expensive.
Rida ردا Sheet of cloth, veil, covering.
Rifa رفاء Happiness, prosperity.
Rifat رفعت Dignity, exaltation, high rank, high standing.
Riffat رفعت Altitude, Height, High, Happy, Gratefulness.
Rifqa رفقه Kindness, gentleness, company, companionship. Wife of the Prophet ishaq.
Rihab رحاب Pl. of Rahbbah, vastness, expanse.
Riham رھام Light rain, drizzle
Rim ریم White gazelle, antelope.
Rima ریمه White, gazelle, antelope.
Rimsha رمشا Bunch of flowers.
Riqbah ربقه Name of the wife of Prophet Ishaq AS.
Riyaz ریاض Pl. of Rawza, garden.
Riza رضا Pleasure.
Rizeen رزین Dignity, heavy and precious thing, souvenir.
Rizwan رضوان Satisfaction, acceptance, pleasure, contentment, name of the gate-keeper of paradise.
Rizwana رضوانه Fem. of Rizwan, .
Robeena روبینه Happy, girl.
Roha روحه Soul, life.
Roheen روهین Iron.
Rohi روحی Life, soul
Roobi روبی Ruby, pearl.
Roshan روشن Bright.
Roshni روشنی Light.
Rozinah روزینه Daily wages, pension, reward.
Rua رٶیٰ Pl. of Ruya, vision.
Ruba ربیٰ Pl. of Rubwa, Rabwa, hill.
Rubaba ربابه A two stringed musical instrument.
Ruban ربن Pl. of Rubwa, hill.
Rubay ربیع She was the daughter of Muawwiz and a companion of the Propphet PBUH from her young age.
Rubina روبینا Face reader.
Rufayah رفیعه An early student of Hadith.
Rufayda رفیده She was a female companion who performed surgery on the injured in a tent setup in the mosque.
Ruhaniya روحانیه Spirituality.
Ruhiya روحیه Spiritual.
Ruhm رھم She was the daughter of al-Aswad and a narrator of Hadith.
Ruhma رحمأ Kind, merciful.
Rukhaylah رخیله This is also a male name.
Rukhsaar رخسار Cheek, Face.
Rukhsanah رخسانه
Rukhsar رخسار Cheeks
Rukhsara رخساره Loving, charming face, beautiful.
Rukhshana رخشانه Bright, brilliant, shining.
Rumaysa رمیصاء She was Umm Sulaym and a narrator of Hadith.
Rumayta رمیته The daughter of al-Hadis bin al-Tufayl al-Azdiyah was known by this name; she was a narrator of Hadith.
Rumman رمان Pl. of Rummana, pomegranate.
Rummana رمانه Pomegranate.
Ruqa روقه Pretty, beautiful.
Ruqayqah رقیقه A name of some prominent women.
Ruqayya رقیه Charming, attractive, captivating. Daughter of Muhammad(s) married to Khalifa Usman.
Rushda رشدیٰ Most rightly guided.
Rushdiya رشدیه Rightly guided, on the right way, following the right path; fem. of Rushdi.
Ruwaa رواء Beauty, grace, prettiness, comeliness, pleasing appearance.
Ruwaida رویدا Walking gently.
Ruya رٶیه Seeing, viewing, looking.
Ruyaa رٶیا Dream, vision.
Ruzaynah رزینه Name of the freed slave-girl of Sayyidah Safiyah RA wife of the Prophet PBUH.


Saadat سعادت Blessing.
Saaida ساعده Branch, tributary.
Saaiqa صاعقه Lightning.
Saara ساره Wife of the Prophet Ibrahim and mother of the Prophet Ismail.
Saat ساعت Moment, time, occasion.
Saba سبا Queen saba, queen sheba.
Saba صبا East wind.
Sabah صباح Morning, dawn.
Sabahat صباحه Beauty, gracefulness, handsomeness.
Sabat ثبات Firmness, stability, certainty, endurance, boldness, truth.
Sabeeha صبیحه Beautiful, handsome, morning.
Sabeen سبین Both the worlds.
Sabeera صبیره Patient, tolerant; fem. of Sabeer.
Sabha صبحیٰ Pretty, beautiful, graceful, radiant; fem. of Sabah.
Sabia سابیه Captivating, enchanting, charming.
Sabih صبیح Pretty, beautiful, graceful.
Sabiha صابحه Coming or arriving in the morning; fem. of Sabih.
Sabina سبینا Small sword.
Sabiqa سابقه First, winner; fem. of Sabiq.
Sabira صابره Patient, tolerant; fem. of Sabir.
Sabita ثابته Well established, certain, sure; fem. of Sabit.
Sabooha سبوحه Pure, chaste.
Sabqat سبقت Supremacy.
Sabrina سبرینه Princess, daughter of the king.
Sabriya صبیره Patient; fem. of Sabri.
Sabuh صبوح Shining, brilliant.
Sabura صبوره Very patient, enduring.
Sadaf صدف Shell, Oyster.
Sadaqat صداقت Truth.
Sadat سعادت Happiness, bliss, felicity, success.
Sadeeqa صدیقه Friend, companion; fem. of Sadiq.
Sadi سعدی Daughter of Awf al-Muruyyah and wife of Talhah bin UbaydAllah, she was a narrator of Hadith.
Sadida سدیده Correct, right, sound, appropriate; fem. of Sadid.
Sadiqa صادقه True, truthful, honest, sincere, faithful, veracious, devoted; fem. of Sadiq.
Sadiya سعدیه Happiness, luck, blissful, fortunate; fem. of Sadi.
Sadoof صدوف Name of a poetess.
Sadooh صدوح Singer, singing.
Saduq صدوق Honest, truthful, sincere, trustworthy.
Saeeda سعیده Happy, lucky; fem. of Saeed.
Safa صفا A hill near the sacred Kaaba; stone, rock.
Safaa صفاء Purity, clarity, serenity.
safeena ship ship
Safeenah سفینه Shp; Name of a narrator of Hadith, daughter of Muhammad bin Fadl (men are also so named)
Safeerah سفیره Messenger, Ambassador.
Safia صافیه Pure, clear, crystal; fem. of Saafi.
Safira سافره Traveller.
Safiya صفیه Pure, righteous, untroubled, serene, the most valuable portions of the spoils of battle, sincere and honest friend; fem. of Safi.
Safoor سیفور Exalted.
Safura صافورا Wife of the Prophet Musa.
Safwa صفوه The best part, elite, top, prime, flower.
Saghira صغیره Small, slender, tender.
Sahab سحاب Clouds.
Sahar سحر Early dawn, early morning.
sahazaitun sahazaitun
Sahibah صاحبه Colleague.
Sahimah سهیمه Partner
Sahina ساحنه
Sahira ساھره Moon, a spring which flows constantly.
Sahla سھله Smooth, simple, fluent, soft, facile, easy, even; fem. of Sahl.
Saiba صاﺋبه Straight, pertinent.
Saida صاعده Rising, ascending; fem. of Said.
Saima صاﺋمه Fasting; fem. of Saim.
Saira ساﺋره Traveller
Sairi سیری Satisfaction, saturation.
Sajida ساجده Prostrate in worship, bowing in adoration; fem. of Sajid.
Sajila ساجله Determined.
Sajiya ساجیه Attractive.
Sakeeza سکیزه Fragrance.
Sakha سخاء Generosity, liberality.
Sakhawat سخاوت Generosity.
Sakhira ساخره One who is like a delicate flower.
Sakhiya سخیه Generous, liberal, open handed.
Sakina سکینه Calmness, comfort, ease, tranquillity, repose, serenity, peace of mind.
Sakina ساکینه Daughter of al-Jadi, she was a narrator of Hadith.
Salam سلام Peace, safety, security.
Salama سلامه Peace, safety, security; fem. of Salam.
Saleema سلیمه Unhurt, affable, healthy, without defect, sound, perfect, complete, safe, secure; fem. of Salim.
Salifah سالفه Previous
Saliha صالحه Pious, virtuous, just, a chaste woman, righteous.
Salikah سالکه Following, mystic.
Salima سالمه Safe, secure, perfect, sound, complete; fem. of Salim.
Salma سلمٰی Pacifist, peaceful.
Salma سلمی Peaceful.
Salmah سلمه Peace, fem. of Salm.
Salsabil سلسبیل A spring in paradise.
Salwa سلویٰ Quail, solace.
Salwah سلوه Comfort, ease, amusement.
Sama سماء Heaven, sky.
Samah سماح Generosity, bounty, good-heartedness, large-heartedness.
Saman ثمن Price, value.
Saman سمن Jasmine.
Samar سمر Pleasant conversation, evening or nightly conversation.
Samara سمارا Protected By God. Soft pleasant light, She was a narrator of hadith.
Samarah سمراء A narrator of Hadith, daughter of Qays al-Ansari.
Sameeah سمیعه Hearing.
Sameen ثمین Costly, precious, valuable.
Sameenah ثمینه Valuable, costly, precious, priceless excellent; fem. of Smeen.
Sameenah سمینه Overweight, fat.
Sameera سمیره Companion (in nightly conversation), entertainer (with stories, music etc.) fem. of Samir.
Samia سامیه Eminent, exalted, lofty, elevated, high minded, sublime; fem. of Sami.
Samiha سمیحه Generous, kind, true, sincere, good-hearted, large-hearted, open-handed; fem. of Samih.
Samim صمیم Sincere, genuine, pure, true, essence, heart.
Samima صمیمه True, sincere, genuine.
Samina سمینه A healthy girl, fertile land without rock and stone.
Samiqa سامقه Lofty, towering.
Samira ثامره Fruit-bearing, fruitful, productive; fem. of Samir.
Samitah سامته Mighty.
Samrah ثمره Profit, fruit.
Samrina ثمرىنه Flower or fruit.
Samshad شمشاد Long, Beautiful Tree
Sana سناء Brilliance, radiance, resplendence, splendour, majestic.
Sana ثناء Praise, commendation, thankfulness, eulogy.
Sanad سند Support, prop, document.
Sanam صنم Beautiful, friend, lover, loved one.
Sanaubur صنوبر Cone bearing tree.
Sangeet سنگیت Music, rhythm.
Saniha سنیهه Tall and high, bright.
Sanina سنینه Friend, childhood friend.
Saniya سنیه Brilliant, majestic, exalted, eminent, splendid; fem. of Sani.
Sanjeeda سنجیده Weighted, guarded.
Saqaafa ثقافه Wisdom, prudence.
Saqat ثقت Strength, courage, power.
Saqiba ثاقبه Penetrating, piercing, sharp-witted, sagacious, acute; fem. of Saqib.
Sara ثراء Wealth.
Sarab سراب Mirage.
Sarahat صراحت Explanation, detail, paraphrase.
Sareea سریعه Determined.
Sareema صریمه Determination, resolution.
Sariba ساربه Loverly.
Sarina سارینا Satisfactory, calm, cool.
Sarita سریتا Intelligent, clever, active.
Sariyah ساریه Name of a female companion of the Prophet PBUH.
Sarood سرود Rhythm and ecstasy.
Saroor سرور Happiness, calm, satisfaction.
Sarosh سروش One who gives good news, unseen voice
Sarra سراء She was a companion daughter of nabhan al-Ghanawiyah.
Sarvia ثرویه Rich woman, affluent lady.
Sarwa ثروه Fortune, wealth, riches.
Sarwana ثروانه Of generous and good nature.
Sarwar سرور Chief.
Sarwari سروری Chief ship
Sarwat ثروت Wealth.
Sarya ثریا Name of a pious woman.
Sasha ساشا Helper, assistant, supporter.
Sataish ستاﺋش Praise.
Satila ساطله Royal.
Sauda سوده Leadership, the narrator of five Ahadith: Syeda Sauda bint Zam’aa RA
Sawab ثواب Reward. Name of an early poetess.
Sawda سوداء Daughter of Aasim bin Khalid bin Dirar al-Qarshiyah, she was a narrator of Hadith.
Sawdah سوده Black.
Sawera سویرا Dawn, early morning.
Sayida سیده Chief, leader, lady, Mrs; fem. of Sayyid.
Sayidatun Nisa سیدهالنساء Chief of woman.
Sayyah صیاح Fragrance.
Seerat سیرت Character, life-story.
Sehrish سحرش Glamorous, magical.
Shaban شعبان The eighth month of the Islamic Calendar.
Shabana شبانه Nocturnal, Famous of the Night.
Shabeehah شبیھه Picture, Image, like.
Shabin شبین Of Night, music of night.
Shabnam شبنم Dew, a pendant of pearls.
Shad شاد Happy.
Shadaab شاداب Green, fresh, wet, ever-green.
Shadan شادان Happy.
Shadia شادیه Singer.
Shadin شادن Fawn, young deer.
Shadman شادمان Glad, cheerful, joyful.
Shafaat شفاعت Recommendation, exoneration.
Shafaq شفق Aurora, morning light.
Shaffan شفان Cool breeze, morning breeze.
Shafia شفیعه Mediatress; fem. of Shafi.
Shafiah شافعه One who recommends.
Shafiqa شفیقه Compassionate, kind-hearted, affectionate, tender, warm-hearted; fem. of Shafiq.
Shafqat شفقت Compassion, pity, kindness, tenderness.
Shagoofa شگوفه blossom
Shagoon شگون Omen, luck, fortunate, destiny.
Shaguftah شگفته Blooming, happy.
Shahaba شهابه Flame of fire.
Shahamat شهامت Bravery, valour.
Shahana شاھانه Royal, kingly, splendid, magnificent.
Shaheeda شھیده Martyr in the cause4 of Islam and as such held in very high esteem and honour; fem of .
Shaheen شاھین A royal white falcon, the beam of scales.
Shaheenah شاھینه Falcon.
Shaheera شھیره Famous, eminent, renowned; fem. of Shahir.
Shahida شاھده Martyr in the cause of Islam and as such held in very high esteem and honour; fem. of Shaheed.
Shahina شاهینه Princess.
Shahiqa شاھقه High, towering, lofty, tall; fem. of Shahiq.
Shahla شھلاء Having grey eyes with a shade of red, a species of the narcissus flower.
Shahnaz شھناز A musical note, name of a melody.
Shahra شهره Gift, souvenir.
Shahrbano شھربانو Lady of the city.
Shahrin شھرین Month. Shahrin, the fully inflected form of Shahr appears in verse 3 of surat al-Qadr (no. 97).
Shahrzadah شھرزاده offspring of the city
Shahzadi شاھزادی Princess.
Shaiba شیبه A variety of Artemisia.
Shaima شیماء Daughter of Halima, the wet nurse of the Prophet Muhammad.
Shaira شاعره Poetess, endowed with deep insight or intuition; fem. of Shair.
Shaista شاﺋسته Cultured, courteous, urbane, civilized
Shaistah شاﺋسته Polite, Courteous.
Shajarah شجره Tree; This was the name of a famous queen of Islam, she was Shajarah al-Durr, and known as Umm Khaleel al-Salihiyah.
Shajeea شجیعه Courageous, bold, brave; fem. of Shaji.
Shakeeba شکیبه Patience
Shakila شکیله Well formed, beautiful; fem. of Shakil.
Shakira شاکره Thankful, grateful, contented; fem. of Shakir.
Shakufa شکوفه Blossom, opening bud.
Shakura شکوره Thankful, grateful; fem. of Shakur.
Shama شمع Candle, Light, Flame.
Shamail شماﺋل Virtues; pl. of Shamila.
Shamailah شماﺋله Good traits excellent disposition.
Shamamah شمامه Fragrance.
Shameela شمیله Natural disposition, character quality, virtue, a young shoot, a bud.
Shameem شمیم Shy.
Shamikh شامخ High, lofty, towering.
Shamila شامله Complete, comprehensive.
Shamim شمیم Perfume, scent.
Shamima شمیمه Sweet smell, flavour.
Shamira شمیره Experienced, expert, hard worker.
Shamma شمه Pinch (of snuff).
Shams شمس Sun.
Shamsa شمسه Golden moon.
Shamshad شمشاد Tall and upright tree, box tree, graceful figure.
Shamsun Nahar شمس النھار Sun of the day.
Shamsun Nisa شمس النسا The son of Woman
Shamuda شموده Diamond.
Shaqiqa شقیقه Full sister.
Shaqra شقراء Blond, fair-haired, fair-complexioned; fem. of Ashqar.
Sharaf شرف Nobility, high rank, eminence, distinction, honour.
Shareekah شریکه Partner.
Sharfa شرفاء Most noble, gentle, urbane.
Sharia شاریه Princess, Daughter of the King.
Sharifa شریفه Noble, eminent, honourable, highborn; fem. of Sharif.
Shariqah شارقه Shining.
Sharleez شرلیز Beautful
Sharmin شرمن Shy, bashful, modest, coy.
Shasa شعثاء She was the daughter of Abdullah al-Asdiyah, and a narrator of Hadith.
Shasun Nahar شمس النھار Sun of the day.
Shayaan شعیان Intelligent.
Shayma شیماء Proper name. Daughter of Halima.
Shaza شزی Aroma, fragrance.
Shazana شازانه Princess.
Shazia شازیه Wonderous, strange, wonderful.
Sheeba شیبا Infatuated, demented, loony.
Sheema شیمه Face; expression, Daughter of bibi haleema sadia who milked Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in his child hood.
Sheen شین Beautiful, pretty, good, loved one.
Shermin شرمین Shy
Sheza شیزا Good (religious) girl.
Shifa شفاء cure, healing, satisfaction, gratification
Shillan شیلن A flower.
Shimaa شماع Mirth, joy, ecstasy, gladness.
Shireen شیرین Sweet; pleasant, gentle; delicate
Shirin شیرین sweet, pleasant, gracious, delicate
Shiyaaj شیاج Endeavour, strife, hardwork.
Shiza شیزا A gift or present
Shola شعله flame, blaze
Shua شعاع Rays of sun light.
Shuaila شعیله Burning candle.
Shuhrat شھرت fame, renown
Shukr شکر thanks, gratitude, gratefulness
Shumaila شماﺋله Beautiful face.
Shumaylah شماﺋیله The first woman in Islam who wore coloured garments was shumaylah; wife of al-Abbas and she was also the first to prepare perfume.
Shumaysah شمیسه She was a narrator of Hadith, daughter of Aziz al-Atakiyah.
Shuqra شقراء fair-complexioned, blonde
Shurafa شرفاء Noble.
Siddiqa صدیقه righteous, very truthful, honest; fem. of Siddiq
Sidra سدره The Lotus – tree at the farthest boundary in paradise
Silma سلمه peace; fem. of Silm
Sima سیماء Sign of prostration on the face
Sima سیما Face,forehead, Judgment
Simaab سیماب Mercury, silver.
Simin سیمین silvery, made of Silver
Simra سمره Paradise, heaven, sky.
Sireen سیرین She was the daughter of Ibn Abdullah Ibn Masood and a narrator of Hadith from the Prophet PBUH.
Sitara ستاره veil, screen, curtain
Sobiya ثوبیه Nurse of Prophet PBUH.
Sofia صوفیۃ Beautiful
Soha سوھا Star
Sonia سونیا Intelligence, Intellect, Smart.
Suad سعاد happiness, good fortune
Subaha صباحه beautiful, graceful
Subayah سبیعه Daughter of al-Harish al-Aslamiyah.
Subaytah ثبیته Brave.
Subh صبح dawn, aurora, morning
Subhana سبحانه Pure, chaste, fine, nice, good.
Sufia صوفیا Intelligence, sharpness.
Sufia صوفیه Pupil women, intellectual
Sufiya صوفیه A mystic, someone believing in Sufi.
Sughra صغریٰ Small, slender, tender.
Suha سھا Dim star in Ursa Minor.
Suhaila سھیله Canopus.
Suhaima سھیمه Small arrow.
Suhair سھیر Proper name.
Suhaira سهیره Beautiful, pretty.
Sujah سجاح Civilization.
Sukaina سکینه Diminutive of Sakina, calmness.
Sulafa سلافه Choicest, (wine).
Sulaima سلیمی Diminutive of Salma, beloved.
Sultana سلطانه Queen, woman ruler, wife of a Sultan; fem. of Sultan.
Sulwa سلوه Comfort, ease, amusement, solace.
Sumaira سمیرا Princess, successful
Sumamah ثمامه A writer and a poetess daugter of Abdullah bin Sawar al-Basari.
Sumanah سمانه She was the daughter of Hamdan bin Musa al-Anbariyah and a narrator of Hadith.
Sumaya سمیه Diminutive of Samia, high.
Sumayrah سمیره Brownish.
Sumaytah صمیته She was a companion and she was al-haysiah.
Sumbal سنبل A fragrant weed.
Suml ثمل Name of an early distinguished woman.
Sumnah سمنه A name of an Arab girl.
Sunat سنت Way, method, Prophet’s (PBUH) way of life.
Sunbula سنبله Ear of corn.
Sundus سندس Silk brocade.
Surayya ثریا The Pleiades, cluster of seven brilliant stars in Taurus, a wealthy lady, luster, chandelier.
Susan سوسن Lily of the valley, iris.
Suwaybah ثویبه Name of one of the wet-nurses of the Prophet PBUH.
Suwaydah سویده Daughter of Jabir, she was a narrator of Hadith.


Taadeel تعدیل Moderation, equality, neutrality.
Taalea طالعه Fortunate
Taaliah طالعه Lucky, fortunate, fortune, destiny.
Taaqul تعاقل Wise thought.
Taasees تاسیس Inception, foundation.
Tabalah تباله She was the daughter of Yazid (Called by some as Bunanah); she was a narrator of Hadith.
Taban تابان Glittering, splendid.
Tabassum تبسم Smile, happiness.
Tabeedah تابیده Complex, zigzag, curling.
Tabeen تابین Followers.
Tabina تابینه Enlighting, sparkling.
Tabinda تابنده Bright.
Taghrid تغرید Singing, cooing.
Tahani تھانی Pl. of Tahniat, congratulation, felicitation, well-wishing.
Tahira طاھره Chaste, pure, pious, clean; fem. of Tahir.
Tahiya تحیه Greeting, salutation, cheer, welcome.
Tahkeem تحکیم Power, rule.
Tahleem تحلیم Beauty, decoration, pomp and show.
Tahmina تھمینه Wife of the famous Persian hero Rustam and mother of Sohrab.
Tahseen تحسین Adornment, ornament, decoration, embellishment, betterment, praise, beautification.
Tahseenah تحسینه Acclaim.
Taiba تاﺋبه One who refrains from evil-doings; repentant; fem. of Taib.
Taif طیف Vision, spectre.
Taisir تیسیر Felicitation.
Taj تاج Crown.
Tajmeel تجمیل Decoration, beauty, show.
Tajweed تجوید Praise of Allah, hymn.
Takreem تکریم Respect, honour, sanctity.
Talah ?????? ??????? Small Palm
Talat طلعت Face, Sight
Talbashah طلبشه A narrator of Hadith, daughter of Kab bin Maalik.
Talhah طلحه Her Kuniyah was Umm Ghurab and she was a narrator of Hadith.
Tali طالع Rising star, rising.
Taliba طالبه Student, seeker, pursuer; fem. of Talib.
Tamanna تمنیٰ To wish, to desire, to hope.
Tamanni تمنی Wish, wishing (for), desire.
Tamazur تماضر Brilliant, whiteness.
Tameemah تمیمه Name of a poetess, Ahban al-Absiyah.
Tameemiya تمیمیها Perfection.
Tameen تامین Protection, patronage, care.
Tameez تمیز Distinction, difference, manner.
Tamkeen تمکین Honour, place, status, show.
Tamseel تمثیل Example, allegory, parable.
Tanjia تنجیه Rescue, salvation, deliverance.
Tanveer تنویر Rays Of Light(Origin Islamic)
Tanweer تنویر Illumination, lighting.
Tanzila تنزیله Revelation, sending down; fem. of Tanzil, revelation, sending down; fem. of Tanzil.
Taqadus تقدس Sactity.
Taqiya تقیه God-fearing, devout, pious; fem. of Taqi.
Tara تارا Star.
Taraab طراب Joy & sorrow.
Tarannum ترنم Singing.
Tarib طرب Lively, gleeful, merry.
Tarifa بریفه Rare, exquisite thing or object.
Tariqah طارقه This was the name of the freed slave of Labeet of the family of the princess of al-Qays bin Zayd.
Tarneem ترنیم Rhythm, voice.
Taroob طروب Lively, gleeful, merry.
Tasiyah تٔاسیه Consolation, comfort.
Taslima تسلیمه Greeting, salutation; fem. of Taslim.
Tasmeekh تسمیخ Living in fragrance.
Tasmeem تسمیم Strong, durable, long lasting.
Tasmin تسمین She who fulfills.
Tasneema تسنیمه A spring in Paradise.
Tasnim تسنیم A spring in paradise.
Tasweeb تصویب Justification, truth.
Taufeeq توفیق Instruction, courage, daring.
Taufeer توفیر Obundance, excess.
Tauqeer توقیر Respect, honour.
Tawaddud تودد Endearment, showing love or affection to, gaining the love of another.
Tawfiqa توفیقه Prosperity, good luck, good-fortune, success (granted by Allah); fem. of Tawfiq.
Tawoos طاٶس Peacock.
Taybah طیبه Pure.
Tayyiba طیبه Good, good-natured, sweet, agreeable, generous, good-tempered; fem. of Tayyib.
Tayyibatun Nisa طیبه تاالنسا Good-nature (one) of the woman.
Tazima تعظیمه Glorification, exaltation, honour, fem. of Tazim.
Tazkia تزکیه To purify, to clean, to spiritualize.
Tazmeen تظمین One who adds, combines, mixes.
Tehmina تهمینه Clever
Tehreem تحریم Respect, sanctity.
Tehzeeb تهزیب Civilization, etiquette.
Tirana ترانه Song, anthem.
Tooba طوبٰی Good news.
Trana ترانه Melody, song.
Tufaylah طفیله This was the name of the freed slave of al-Waleed bin Abdullah; she transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah RA.
Tuhfa تحفه Gift, present.
Tulayhah طلیحه Daughter of Rabiah bin al-Harish she narrated Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah RA.
Turfa طرفه Rarity, rare object, novelty.


Ubayda عبیده Female servant of lower rank; fem. of Ubayd.
Udaysah عدیسه This was the name of the narrator of Hadith, daughter of Ahban al-Ghifariyah.
Udoola عدوله Justified.
Ula علیٰ High rank, prestige, glory.
Ulfat الفت Friendship, intimacy, love, attachment.
Ulya علیا Higher, highest; fem. of Ala.
Umaira عمیره Living a long life, living long.
Umama امامه Proper name. Name of grand daughter of the Prophet Muhammad.
Umarah عماره Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.
Umayma امیمه Diminutive of Umm, mother.
Umaynah امینه Daughter of Anas bin Malik. She had this name and had narrated Hadith.
Umayrah امیره She was the daughter of Alqamah.
Umayyah امیه She was a narrator of Hadith.
Umm ام Mother. Used as an attributive, to make a compound of which the first part is Umm.
Umm Abaan ام ابان Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Fakeeh ام فکیه Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Haraam ام حرام Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Khalid ام خالد Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Rabeeah ام ربیعه Name of Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Shareek ام شریک Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Sulaim ام سلیم Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Umarah ام عماره Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Warqah ام ورقه Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Yousuf ام یوسف Name of Sahabiyah RA.
Umm-e-Ayman ام ایمن Mother of the blessed.
Umm-e-Fazl ام فضل Mother of favour, bounty.
Umm-e-Habiba ام حبیبه Wife of the Prophet Muhammad. Her name is Ramla; Umm Habiba is her Kunya (nickname) after the name of her daughter habiba.
Umm-e-Hani ام ھانی Name of the daughter of Abu Talib and sister of Ali (RA).
Umm-e-Kulsoom ام کلثوم Mother of favour, bounty.
Umm-e-Kulsum ام کلثوم Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, married to Khalifa Usman (uthman) after the death of her sister Ruqayya.
Umm-e-Rooman ام رومان Name of the sacred wife of first Khalifa Abu Bakr (RA) mother of Hazrat Ayesha (RA).
Umm-e-Rumman ام رمان Mother of Ayesha (wife of the Prophet Muhammad).
Umm-e-Salma ام سلمیٰ Name of the beloved mother of first Khalifa Abu Bakr (RA).
Umm-e-Salmah ام سلمه Wife of Muhammad, Her name was Hind.
Ummid امید Hope.
Ummul Fazal ام الفضل Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umniya امنیه Wish, desire, hope.
Umrah عمره Pilgrimage to Makkah other than regular hajj days.
Unaysah انیسه Friendly, affable.
Unquda عنقوده Bunch of grapes.
Urooba عروبه Woman who loves her husband.
Urooj عروج Height, exaltation.
Uroosa عروسه Bride, heroine.
Urwa عروه Support, handhold. Description of Ayesha by Muhammad.
Ushna اشنه Fragrant.
Uswa اسوه Sunnah, practice.
Utaybah عتیبه A narrator of Hadith and daughter of Abdul Malik had this name.
Uzma عظمیٰ Greatest, more magnificent, more glorious; fem. of Azam.


Wadad وداد Love, friendship.
Waddia ودیه Amicable, friendly.
Wadi ودیع Gentle, calm.
Wadida ودیده Attached, devoted, friendly, fond.
Wafa وفاء Faithfulness, fidelity, loyalty, faith.
Wafeeqa وفیقه Successful; fem. of Wafiq.
Wafia وافیه Faithful, loyal.
Wafiqa وافقه Successful.
Wafiya وفیه True, trustworthy, reliable, loyal, faithful, perfect, complete; fem. of Wafi.
Wahabah وھابه This was the name of a poetess.
Waheebah وھیبه One who gives.
Waheeda وحیده One, exclusive, unique, matchless, singular; fem. of Wahid.
Wahiba واھبه Giver.
Wahida واحده One of its kind.
Waiya واعیه Guardian, watchguard, protector.
Wajahat وجاھت Respect.
Wajee وجیه Happy, jolly, pleasant.
Wajeeda وجیده One who is noble.
Wajida واجده Achiever, excited, finder, lover; fem. of Wajid.
Wajiha وجیھه High, eminent, distinguished, honoured, well-esteemed, illustrious, fem. of Wajih.
Wajna وجنه Happy, jolly, pleasant.
Wakalat وکالت Advocacy.
Wakeela وکیله Agent.
Walia ولیه Friendly.
Walidah ولیده Newborn child.
Walihah والھه Name of a poetess of the past.
Waliyah ولیه Friend.
Wallada ولاده Prolific, fertile, fruitful.
Wania وانیأ Gift of Allah (swt).
Waqar وقار Dignity.;
Waqeea وقیعه Respected.
Waraqa وراقه Rich, paper-made.
Wardah ورده Rose, deep red colour, Colour of rose.
Warisa وارثه Heiress.
Warqah ورقه Petal of a flower.
Wasama وسامه Beauty, gracefulness, prettiness.
Waseefah وصیفه Female servant; Maid-in-waiting.
Waseema وسیمه Beautiful, pretty, charming.
Washida واشده Bloomed, fresh.
Washma وشمه Cultured.
Wasia واسعه Expansionist, vast, spacious.
Wasifa واصفه Praiser
Wasifi واصفی Praiseworthy.
Wasila وصیله Inseparable friend.
Wasima وسیمه Beautiful, pretty, graceful, handsome of face, goodly, elegant; fem. of Wasim.
Wasiqa واثقه Confident, sure, certain; fem. of Wasiq.
Wasma واسماء A pretty face, beautiful, graceful.
Wasna وسناء A narrator of Hadith, daughter of Abdur Rahman al-Muqaddasi was so named.
Wazeerah وزیره Female minister.
Widad وداد Love, friendship.
Wijdan وجدان Ecstasy, sentiment.
Wisal وصال Communion in love.
Wisam وسام Decoration, medal, badge of honour.


Yakta یکتا Unique, incomparable.
Ya’laa یعلا Exalted, high. Name of a Sahabi RA.
Yalqoot یلقوط An early philanthropic woman of Damascus who gave much in charity.
Yamana یمنه Pious
Yaqoot یاقوت Ruby, sapphire, topaz.
Yariqa یارقه Bright, white, fair, good-looking.
Yasharah یشعره Intelligent, precious stone.
Yasim یاسم Jasmine.
Yasira یاسره Rich woman.
Yasmeenah یاسمینه Sweet-smelling flower.
Yasmin یسمین / یاسمین The flower called jasmine.
Yumna یمنیٰ Right-hand, right, fortunate, lucky, blessed; fem. of Ayman.
Yumnah یمنه Happiness, success; fem. of Yumn.
Yusayrah یسیره Easy.
Yusra یسریٰ Left-hand side, state of ease.


Zaaminah ضامنه One who stands surety for another one who helps.
Zabiyah ظبیه She was the daughter of al-Barra bin Maroor; she reported Hadith from the Prophet PBUH.
Zabreen زبرین Dominant, exalted, upright.
Zabya ظبیه Female gazelle.
Zafeera ضفیرا One who is a source of success, a successful lady.
Zafeerah ظفیره Firm.
Zafira ظافره Victorious, triumphant, successful, winner, conqueror; fem. of Zafir.
Zaghlula زاغلوله Young pigeon; fem. of Zaghlul.
Zahabia زھبیه Golden, precious.
Zaheen ذهین Clever, fast, intelligent, sharp.
Zaheera ظھیره Helper, supporter, protector, patron; fem. of Zahir.
Zahia زاهیه Pious, noble, grand, great.
Zahida زاھده Devout, ascetic, a hermit, self-denying.
Zahira زاھره Bright, brilliant, shining, luminous, distinguished, lofty.
Zahra زھراء Bright, brilliant, radiant, shining, luminous; fem. of Azhar.
Zahrah زھره Flower, blossom, beauty.
Zaib زیب Beauty.
Zaida زاﺋده Increasing, exceeding, excessive, growing, surplus; fem. of Zaid.
Zaima زعیمه Leader.
Zain زین Beauty, grace. Zayn un Nisa was a literary lady of her times.
Zaina زینه Fem. of Zayn; embellishment, adornment, decoration, ornament.
Zainab زینب Name of a beautiful tree exuding fragrance. Names of two wives and one daughter of the Prophet Muhammad and one daughter of Khalifa Ali.
Zairah زاﺋره Visitor.
Zaitoon زیتون Olive.
Zaitun زیتون The olive tree or the olive fruit.
Zaituna زیتونه Olive; fem. of Zaytun.
Zakira ذاکره One who speaks of, speaker.
Zakiya ذکیه Intelligent, bright, brilliant, sharp-witted.
Zakiyya زکیه Pure, chaste, sinless, fem. of Zaki.
Zalfa ذلفاء This was the name of a distinguished woman of her times, she was Hajib known as Umm al-Hajib Abdul Malik.
Zameelah زمیله Companion.
Zamurd زمرد A narrator of Hadith wife of Abu Hayyan al-Kasir was so named.
Zamzam زمزم The name of a spring in Arabia.
Zaqawat ذکاوت Wisdom, sharpness, prudence.
Zara زارا Dawn, morning
Zarafat ظرافت Wit, humour, wisdom, prudence.
Zareefa ظریفه Elegant, witty, graceful; fem. of Zarif.
Zareen زرین Full of expression and smile.
Zarin زرین Golden.
Zarina زرینه Golden.
Zarma ضرمه Captivating.
Zarqa زرقاء Bluish green (eyes).
Zarrah ذره She was a narrator of Hadith who reported from the Prophet PBUH and Sayyidah Ayshah RA.
Zayb زیب Adornment.
Zaynah ضایٔنه Beautiful, Beauty
Zeb Ara زیب آرا Adorning ornament.
Zeba زیبا Pretty, beautiful.
Zeb-un-Nisa زیب النساء Adornment of women.
Zeena زینأ Ornament, Something beautiful.
Zerada زراده Gold maker.
Ziba ظباء Pl. of Zaby, gazelle.
Zinaat زینات Pl. of Zinat, ornament.
Zinat زینت Adornment, ornament, decoration, elegance, beauty.
Zinat-un-Nisa زینت النساء Ornament of women.
Zinia زینیا Name of a flower.
Zinneerah زنیره Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Ziyada زیاده Increase, addition, surplus, superabundance.
Ziyan زیان Ornament, decoration.
Zobia زوبیه God Gifted
Zoha ذوحه Light
Zohra زهرا Blossom
Zoona زونا Wise Women
Zoreed زورید One who meets, one with strong intentions, one with decisiveness, distance, gap.
Zoya زویا Life, age.
Zubaah ضباعه Name of a Sahaabiyyah, daughter of the uncle of the Holy Prophet PBUH.
Zubaida زبیده Diminutive of Zubda, butter, cream. Elite, choicest part, quintessence, essence, prime, flower.
Zubdah زبده Butter.
Zuha ضحی Brightness, early morning.
Zuhaira زھیره Floret, small flower.
Zuhra زھره Venus, brilliancy, brightness, flower.
Zuhur زھور Pl. of Zahrah, flower.
Zulaikha زلیخا Wife of the king of Egypt (Pharaonic age) who was attracted by the beauty of the Prophet Yusuf/Joseph.
Zulakha زلیخه Wife of the king of Egypt, who was attracted by the beauty of the Prophet Yusuf/Joseph.
Zulfa زلفاء Having a small and finely chiselled nose.
Zunairah زنیره Flower found in paradise.
Zurafa ظرفاء Elegant, witty, graceful; fem. of Zarif.

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