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Boys Names Muslim Boy Names with Meaning
Aaban 8th Persian month, angel of iron
Aabdar Bright, like glass.
Aabid Worshipper
Aabis Lucky.
Aadheen Obedient, submissive.
Aadil; Adil Justice; Sincere
Aafiya Good health; Bin Ayyub had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith
Aafreen Encouragement
Aaftab; Aftab The sun
Aahil Prince
Aalam; Alam The whole world
Aalee Sublime, high.
Aali High, tall.
Aalim Scholar Plural is ulama normally used for religious scholors
Aamil Doer, Work man.
Aamir Populous; Full; Prosperous
Aamirah Inhabitant
Aaqib Follower
Aaqil Intelligent.
Aarib Handsome, healthy.
Aarif Acquainted; Knowledgable
Aariz Leader, ruler, leader of nation.
Aarzam War, battle, quarrel.
Aas Hope.
Aashif Bold; Courageous
Aashiq Lover
Aashir Living; spending a life.
Aasi Medical attendant
Aasif An able minister.
Aasim Person who keeps away from sins.
Aatif Kind Affectionate
Aatiq Free; liberated; independent; name: Aatiq Ali; Muhammad Aatiq
Aatish Fire
Aazad free, independent – Persian word
Aazim Intending; determining, resolved on, applying the mnind to an undertaking.
Abaan Old Arabic name
Abadiya Ibn al Abadiyah was an author known for his eloquent literary style.
Abahh Al-Abahh was the nickname of al Hasan Ibn Ibrahim, an astrologer of Al Mamun
Aban Obvious, clear, Old Arabian Name
Abbad A great worshipper of Allah, several men have passed bearing this name among them Abu Abbad Jabir Ibn Zayd of the court of al Mamun
Abbas Description of a lion, name of the Prophet’s uncle
Abbood Devoted worshipper of Allah.
Abbud Slave, obedient
Abbudin Worshippers
Abd Servant, devotee, slave.
Abd Al-Ala Slave of the High
Abd Khayr Khayr is all kinds of goodness and happiness. This was the name of Ibn-Yazid Al-Khaywani who fought with Sayyidina Ali RA.
Abd us Salam
Abdah Nick name of Abdur – Rehman bin Sulayman the father of Muhammad Ibn Abdur Rahman, the genealogist.
Abdes Shakur Slave of The Appreciative
Abdud Daar Servant of the Depriver
Abdud Daarr Slave to The One Who Causes Loss
Abdul Knowledge; Servant (of Allah)
Abdul Aakhir Servant of the Last
Abdul Aalee Servant of the Most High.
Abdul Adal Servant of the Just
Abdul Adl Slave of the just
Abdul Afuw Slave of the One who pardons – (The pardoner)
Abdul A’fuww Slave to The Pardoner
Abdul Ahad Servant of the only One (Allah).
Abdul Aleem Servant of the All-knowing (Allah).
Abdul A’leim Slave to The All-Knowing
Abdul A’leyy Slave to The Exalted, Sublime
Abdul Ali Servant of the most High
Abdul Alim Servant of the Omniscient
Abdul Aliyy Servant of the Most High
Abdul Awwal Slave of the First One
Abdul Azeem Servant of the Mighty
Abdul Azeez The servant of the most powerful.
Abdul A’zeim Slave to The Great, Magnificent
Abdul A’zeiz Slave to The Mighty, The Strong
Abdul Azim Servant of the Mighty (Allah).
Abdul Aziz Servant of the Powerful (Dear) One
Abdul Baa’eith Slave to The Resurrector
Abdul Baa’qei Slave to The Everlasting
Abdul Baari Servant of the Creator.
Abdul Baasid
Abdul Baasit Servant of the Extender and Creator.
Abdul Baa’sit Slave to The Extender
Abdul Baa’tin Slave to The Hidden
Abdul Ba’deie Slave to The Originator
Abdul Badi Servant of the Incomparable
Abdul Bais Slave of the one who raises from death.
Abdul Baith Slave of the one who raises death
Abdul Baqi Servant of the Everlasting (Allah).
Abdul Bari Servant of the Creator
Abdul Barr Servant of the Source of All Goodness
Abdul Baseer Servant of All-sagacious (Allah).
Abdul Ba’seir Slave to The All-Seeing
Abdul Basir Servant of the All Seeing
Abdul Basit Servant of the Expander (Allah).
Abdul Batin Servant of the Inward.
Abdul Fattah Servant of the Opener (of the gates of sustenance)
Abdul Ghaffar, Abdul Ghafur Servant of the Forgiver
Abdul Ghafoor Servant of the Forgiver
Abdul Gha’neyy Slave to The Self-Sufficient
Abdul Ghani Servant of the Self Sufficient
Abdul Haa’dei Slave to The Guide
Abdul Haadi
Abdul Haafiz Servant of the Guardian (Allah).
Abdul Hadi Servant of the Guide (Allah).
Abdul Haey’y Slave to The Ever-Living
Abdul Hafeez Servant of the Guardian (Allah).
Abdul Ha’feiz Slave of The Guardian
Abdul Hafiz Servant of the Protector
Abdul Hai
Abdul Hakam Servant of the Arbitrator
Abdul Hakeem Servant of the All-wise (Allah).
Abdul Hakeen
Abdul Ha’keim Slave to The Wise
Abdul Hakim Servant of the Judge (Allah).
Abdul Haleem Servant of the Mild and Patient
Abdul Ha’leim Slave to The Forbearing, Clement
Abdul Halim Servant of the All-element (Allah).
Abdul Hameed Servant of the Praiseworthy and the Ever-Praised
Abdul Ha’meid Slave to The All-Praiseworthy
Abdul Hamid Servant of the Praised One
Abdul Hannan Slave of the Merciful Forgiving.
Abdul Haq Servant of the Truth (Allah).
Abdul Haqq Servant of the Truth
Abdul Haseeb Servant of the Respected and Esteemed
Abdul Ha’seib Slave to The Reckoner
Abdul Hasib Servant of the Respected, Esteemed
Abdul Hayy Servant of the Living (Allah).
Abdul Jaa’mie Slave to The Gatherer
Abdul Jabaar Servant of the Mighty.
Abdul Jabbar Servant of the All-compeller/the Omnipotent (Allah).
Abdul Jaleel Servant of the Great and Revered
Abdul Ja’leil Slave of The Revered
Abdul Jalil Servant of the Great, Revered One
Abdul Jame Servant of the Gatherer
Abdul Jamil Servant of the Beautiful (Allah).
Abdul Jawwad Slave of the most Bountiful.
Abdul Ka’beir Slave to The Most Great
Abdul Kabir Slave of the Gracious. Abdul Karim al-Jazari was a narrator of hadith.
Abdul Kader
Abdul Kafi Servant of the All-sufficient (Allah).
Abdul Kareem Servant of the Noble and Generous
Abdul Ka’reim Slave to The Generous
Abdul Karim Servant of the most generous (Allah).
Abdul Khaa’fid Slave of The Humbler
Abdul Khaa’liq Slave to The Creator
Abdul Kha’beir Slave to The All-Informed, Aware
Abdul Khabir Servant of the Aware
Abdul Khabir Slave of the one who is aware.
Abdul Khafiz Servant of the Descender
Abdul Khaliq Servant of the Creator (Allah).
Abdul Lateef Slave of the Gracious.
Abdul La’teif Slave to The Kind, Gracious
Abdul Latif Servant of the All-gentle (Allah).
Abdul Maajid Slave of the Excellence.
Abdul Maalik Slave of the Master, the Lord.
Abdul Maane Servant of the Withholder
Abdul Majeed Servant of the All-glorious (Allah).
Abdul Majid Servant of the All-glorious (Allah).
Abdul Malek Servant of the Sovereign
Abdul Malik Servant of the King (Allah).
Abdul Mani Slave of one who prevents.
Abdul Mannan Slave of the Benefactor.
Abdul Mateen Slave of the Firm.
Abdul Ma’tein Slave of The Firm
Abdul Matin Servant of the Strong (Allah).
Abdul Moakhir Servant of the Retarder
Abdul Mo’eizz Slave of The Honorer
Abdul Moez Servant of the Honourer
Abdul Mo’hai’min Slave to The Protector, Guardian
Abdul Mohsi Servant of the Surrounder
Abdul Momit Servant of the Death-giver
Abdul Mo’qaddim Slave of The Presenter
Abdul Moqit Servant of the Energizer
Abdul Mo’saw’wir Slave of The Fashioner
Abdul Mo’ta’kab’bir Slave of The Majestic, Superb
Abdul Mubdee Slave of the Originator.
Abdul Mubdi Servant of the Originator
Abdul Mueed Slave of the Restorer, the Reproducer.
Abdul Mughni Servant of the Enricher
Abdul Muhaimin Servant of the Supervising, the Guardian, the Protector
Abdul Muhaymin Slave of the Protector.
Abdul Muh’sei Slave to The Accountant
Abdul Muhsi Servant of the Reckoner
Abdul Muhsin Slave of the Benefactor; Among the known people was ibn-Ghalbun Al-Suri.
Abdul Muhyee Slave of the One Who gives life and sustains it.
Abdul Muh’yei Slave of The Life-Giver
Abdul Muhyi Servant of the Giver of Life
Abdul Muid Servant of the Restorer (Allah).
Abdul Muiz Servant of the Giver of Might and Glory
Abdul Muizz Servant of the Giver of Might and Glory
Abdul Mujeeb Servant of the Responder
Abdul Mujib Servant of the Answerer (Allah).
Abdul Mumin Servant of the All-faithful (Allah).
Abdul Muntaqim Slave of him who punishes wrongdoings and seizes retribution.
Abdul Muqaddim Servant of the Expediter
Abdul Muqeet Slave of the Sustainer.
Abdul Muqsit Servant of the Equitable
Abdul Muq’sit Slave to The Equitable
Abdul Muqtadir Servant of the Omnipotent (Allah).
Abdul Muq’tadir Slave to The Able
Abdul Musawwir Servant of the Fashioner (Allah).
Abdul Mutaal Servant of the Most High
Abdul Mutakabbir Servant of the Superb
Abdul Mutali Servant of the most High (Allah).
Abdul Muti Servant of the Donor (Allah).
Abdul Muttalib This was the name of the grand father of the Prophet PBUH
Abdul Muzanni He was a narrator of Hadith.
Abdul Nafi Servant of the Benefactor
Abdul Naseer Slave of the Helper.
Abdul Nasir Servant of the Helper, Protector
Abdul Nasser Servant of the Victorious One
Abdul Noor Slave of the one who is Light.
Abdul Nur Servant of the Light
Abdul or ‘Abd Literally means “slave” , i.e. “servant”. Can be used in combination with one of the Names of Allah, i.e. “Abdullah” meaning “Slave of Allah” or “Abdul-Rahman” or “Abdul-Raheem” etc.
Abdul Qaadir Servant of the Capable
Abdul Qaa’dir Slave to The Omnipotent
Abdul Qabiz Servant of the Withholder
Abdul Qadeer Servant of the Powerful (Allah).
Abdul Qadir Servant of the Powerful (Allah).
Abdul Qaey’youm Slave to The Subsisting
Abdul Qahaar Servant of the Subduer and the Almighty
Abdul Qah’haar Slave to The Subduer, The Dominant
Abdul Qahhar Servant of the Subduer, the Almighty
Abdul Qahir Servant of the Subduer (Allah).
Abdul Qayyoom
Abdul Qayyum Servant of the Eternal (Allah).
Abdul Quddoos
Abdul Qud’dous Slave to The Holy (Allah)
Abdul Quddus Servant of the All-Holy (Allah).
Abdul Qudoos Servant of the Most Holy
Abdul Raafi Servant of the One Who Raises (intellect, esteem), One who Elevates
Abdul Rabb Slave of the Lord.
Abdul Rafi Servant of the One Who Raises, Elevates (intellect, esteem)
Abdul Rahaman Servant of the Beneficent
Abdul Raheem Servant of the merciful; Servant of the Compassionate one
Abdul Rahim Servant of the Most Compassionate One
Abdul Rahman Servant of the Merciful One
Abdul Raqib Slave of the Vigilant.
Abdul Rashid Servant of the Rightly Guided One
Abdul Rauf Servant of the Compassionate
Abdul Ra’uf Servant of the Most Merciful
Abdul Razzaq Servant of the Maintainer, the Provider
Abdul Rehman
Abdul Sabur Servant of the Patient
Abdul Salam Servant of the Peace
Abdul Samad Servant of the Eternal
Abdul Sami Servant of the All Hearing
Abdul Sattar Servant of the Protector
Abdul Shahid Servant of the Witness
Abdul Shakoor Servant of the All-thankful (Allah).
Abdul Shakur Servant of the Most Thankful
Abdul Tawwab Slave of acceptor of repentance
Abdul Vajed Servant of the Finder
Abdul Vakil Servant of the Implementor
Abdul Waahid
Abdul Waali Slave of the Governor.
Abdul Waase Servant of the Vast
Abdul Wadood Servant of the All-loving (Allah).
Abdul Wadud Servant of the Loving
Abdul Wahhab Servant of the All-give (Allah).
Abdul Wahid Servant of the One (Allah).
Abdul Wajid Slave of the Finder, the Perceiver
Abdul Wakil Servant of the Trustee
Abdul Wali Servant of the Governor
Abdul Waliy Slave of the Protecting Friend
Abdul Waris Servant of the Survivor
Abdul Warith Servant of the Supreme Inheritor
Abdul Wasi Slave of the All Embracing.
Abdul Zahir Servant of the Manifest
Abdul, Abdel Servant (of Allah)
Abdul-Aalee Servant of the Most High
Abdul-Adheem Servant of the Most Great
Abdul-Adl Servant of the Just
Abdul-Ahad Servant of the One
Abdul-Aleem Servant of the All-Knowing.
Abdul-Alim Servant of the Omniscient
Abdul-Aliyy Servant of the Most High
Abdul-Azeez Servant of the Mighty, the Powerful
Abdul-Azim Servant of the Mighty
Abdul-Aziz Servant of the Powerful (Dear) One
Abdul-Baaqi Servant of the Everlasting.
Abdul-Baari Servant of the Creator
Abdul-Baasit Servant of the Extender, Creator
Abdul-Badi Servant of the Incomparable
Abdul-Baith Servant of the Resurrector
Abdul-Baqi Servant of the Everlasting
Abdul-Bari Servant of the Creator
Abdul-Barr Servant of the Source of All Goodness
Abdul-Basir Servant of the All Seeing
Abdul-Basit Servant of the Extender
Abdul-Dhahir Servant of the Manifest.
Abdul-Fataah Servant of the Opener (of the gates of sustenance)
Abdul-Fattah Servant of the Opener (of the gates of sustenance)
Abdul-Ghafaar Servant of the Forgiver
Abdul-Ghaffar Servant of the forgiver.
Abdul-Ghafoor Servant of the Forgiver
Abdul-Ghafur Servant of the All-Forgiving.
Abdul-Ghani Servant of the Self-Sufficient.
Abdul-Haady Servant of the Guide
Abdul-Haafiz Servant of the Protector
Abdul-Hadi Servant of the Guide
Abdul-Hafeedh Servant of the Preserver.
Abdul-Hafiz Servant of the Protector
Abdul-Hakam Servant of the Arbitrator
Abdul-Hakeem Servant of the Wise.
Abdul-Hakim Servant of the Wise One
Abdul-Haleem Servant of the Forbearing One.
Abdul-Halim Servant of the Mild, Patient One
Abdul-Hameed  Servant of the Praiseworthy; The Ever-Praised
Abdul-Hamid Servant of the Praised One
Abdul-Haq Servant of the Truth
Abdul-Haqq Servant of the Truth
Abdul-Haseeb Servant of the Respected, Esteemed
Abdul-Hasib Servant of the Respected, Esteemed
Abdul-Jabaar Servant of the Mighty
Abdul-Jaleel Servant of the Great, Revered
Abdul-Jalil Servant of the Great, Revered One
Abdul-Kareem Servant of the Noble, Generous
Abdul-Karim Servant of the Noble, Generous One
Abdul-Khaaliq Servant of the Creator
Abdul-Khaliq Servant of the Creator.
Abdullah Servant of Allah, slave of Allah; name of Prophet Muhammad’s Father.
Abdul-Lateef Servant of the Subtle One.
Abdul-Latif Servant of the Kind One
Abdul-Majeed Servant of the Most Glorious.
Abdul-Majid Servant of the Noble
Abdul-Malik Servant of the Sovereign Lord.
Abdul-Mateen Servant of the Firm, Strong
Abdul-Matin Servant of the Firm, Strong
Abdul-Mu’eid Servant of the Restorer.
Abdul-Mughni Servant of the Enricher.
Abdul-Muhaimin Servant of the Supervising, the Guardian, the Protector
Abdul-Muiz Servant of the Giver of Might and Glory
Abdul-Mu’izz Servant of the Giver of Might and Glory
Abdul-Mujeeb Servant of the Responder
Abdul-Mujib Servant of the Responder
Abdul-Mumin Servant of the Guardian of Faith.
Abdul-Muqtadir Servant of the Powerful.
Abdul-Mutaal Servant of the Most High
Abdul-Muta’alee Servant of the Most Exalted
Abdul-Nasir Servant of the Helper, Protector
Abdul-Nasser Servant of the Helper, Granting Victory
Abdul-Nur Servant of the Light.
Abdul-Qaadir Servant of the Capable
Abdul-Qadir Servant of the Capable, Powerful
Abdul-Qahaar Servant of the Subduer, the Almighty
Abdul-Qahhar Servant of the Subduer, the Almighty
Abdul-Qaiyoum Servant of the Self-Sustaining.
Abdul-Qawi Slave to The Almighty
Abdul-Quddus Servant of the Most Holy
Abdul-Qudoos Servant of the Most Holy
Abdul-Raafi Servant of the One Who Raises (intellect, esteem), Elevates
Abdul-Rafi Servant of the One Who Raises, Elevates (intellect, esteem)
Abdul-Raheem Servant of the Most Compassionate
Abdul-Rahim Servant of the Most Compassionate One
Abdul-Rahmaan Servant of the Mercifully Gracious
Abdul-Raouf Servant of the Most Merciful
Abdul-Raqib Slave of The Watcher
Abdul-Rasheed Servant of the Rightly Guided
Abdul-Rashid Servant of the Rightly Guided One
Abdul-Ra’uf Servant of the Most Merciful
Abdul-Razaaq Servant of the Maintainer, the Provider
Abdul-Saboor Servant of the Patient
Abdul-Sabur Servant of the Patient
Abdul-Sabur Slave to The Most Patient
Abdul-Salaam Servant of the Peace
Abdul-Salam Slave of The Peace, The Bestower of Security, The Author of Safety
Abdul-Samad Servant of the Eternal
Abdul-Samee Servant of the All-Hearing
Abdul-Sami Servant of the All-Hearing
Abdul-Samie Slave to The All-Hearing
Abdul-Shahid Slave of The Witness
Abdul-Shakoor Servant of the Most Thankful
Abdul-Shakur Servant of the Most Thankful
Abdul-Tawaab Servant of the Forgiver
Abdul-Tawab Slave to The Acceptor of Repentance
Abdul-Tawwab Servant of the Forgiver
Abdul-Waahid Servant of the One
Abdul-Waajid Servant of the Finder.
Abdul-Wadood Servant of the Loving
Abdul-Wadud Servant of the Loving
Abdul-Wahhab Servant of the Best-ower.
Abdul-Wahid Servant of the One
Abdul-Wajid Slave to The Reveler
Abdul-Wakil Slave to The Trustee
Abdul-Waley Slave to The Supporter
Abdul-Wali Slave to The All Governing
Abdul-Wareth Slave to The Inheritor
Abdul-Warith Servant of the Supreme Inheritor.
Abdul-Wasi Slave to The All-Embracing
Abdul-Zhaher Slave of The Manifest
Abdun Naafe Servant of the Giver of Gains
Abdun Naa’fie Slave of The Beneficial
Abdun Nasir Servant of the Helper (Allah).
Abdun Noor Servant of the Light.
Abdun Nou’r Slave of The Light
Abdur Rab Servant of the Lord (Allah).
Abdur Rabb Slave to The Sustainer, Lord
Abdur Rafi Servant of the Exalted (Allah).
Abdur Raheem
Abdur Ra’heim Slave of The Most Merciful, The Compassionate
Abdur Rahim Servant of the most Merciful (Allah).
Abdur Rahman Servant of the most Gracious (Allah).
Abdur Raoof Servant of the Compassionate
Abdur Raqeeb
Abdur Raqib Servant of the Observer (Allah).
Abdur Rasheed Servant of the Right-minded (Allah).
Abdur Rashid Slave of the Guide.
Abdur Rauf Servant of the most Kind (Allah).
Abdur Razzaaq
Abdur Razzad
Abdur Razzaq Slave of the provider; Ibn Hammam was one of those prominent people with this name.
Abdur Salam
Abdur-Raa’fie Slave to The Exalteer
Abdur-Raheem Servant of the Most Merciful.
Abdur-Rahman Servant of the Most Gracious.
Abdur-Raqeeb Servant of the Watchful.
Abdur-Rasheed Servant of the Guide to Right Path.
Abdur-Rauf Servant of the Compassionate.
Abdur-Razzaq Servant of the Provider.
Abdus Name of a narrator of one of hadith
Abdus Saboor Servant of the Patient (Allah).
Abdus Sabur Slave of the Forbearing.
Abdus Salaam Slave of the Giver of Peace.
Abdus Salam Servant of the All-peaceable.
Abdus Samad Slave of the Eternal, The Independent.
Abdus Sami Servant of the All-hearing (Allah).
Abdus Sattar Servant of the Veiler of sin (Allah).
Abdus Shafi Slave of the Healer
Abdus Shahid Slave of the Witness
Abdus Smad Slave of the Eternal
Abdus Subbooh Slave of the Extremely pure.
Abdus Subhan Servant of the Glory (Allah).
Abdus Subooh Slave of the Extremely pure.
Abdush Shafi Slave of the Healer.
Abdush Shaheed Servant of the Witness
Abdush Shahid Slave of the Witness.
Abdus-Sabour Servant of the Patient.
Abdus-Salaam Servant of the Source of Peace.
Abdus-Samad Servant of the Eternal.
Abdus-Sameei Servant of the All-Hearing.
Abdus-Shaheed Servant of the Witness
Abdus-Shakur Servant of the Appreciative.
Abdut Tawwab Servant of the most forgiving (Allah).
Abduz Zahir Slave of the Manifest.
Abed Worshipper
Abedin Worshippers
Abid Worshipper of God; Adorer
Abidin Pl. of Abid. i.e. worshippers, A popular name among Muslims.
Abidullah Worshipper of Allah.
Abisali Warrior in Islam.
Abrad Hail, Mail, Ibn Ashras a Narrator of Hadith had this name.
Abram Need, stong grip.
Abrar Righteous, pious
Abrash Spotted, speckled; A master of penmanship during the early Abbasid period had this name.
Abraz Show, unfolded divulged mystery.
Abreeq Glittering sword.
Absar Pl. of Basar, vision, sight.
Absat Wide, vast, spacious.
Absham A tree which has scent.
Absi Probably from Abasa to frown; this was the name of Abdullah Ibn-Musa, a scholar and reciter of the Quran, died 828/829
Abteen Father of Faridoon (a king).
Abt’hi One who lives in Abtah, a place near Makkah.
Abu al Khayr One who does good
Abu Ayyub A well-known Sahabi who had received the honour of offering hospitality to the Prophet Muhammad when he migrated to Madinah.
Abu Bakr Father of the young camel. The first Caliph of Islam.
Abu Darda Famous Sahabi of Rasoolullah PBUH.
Abu Dawud Author of one of the Sahih Hadith (d. 875).
Abu Hanifa Founder of the Hanafi school of thought/ Islamic Law.
Abu Hurairah A great Sahabi who is the narrator of many Ahadith (Traditions).
Abu Huzaifah A famous Sahabi of Rasoolullah PBUH.
Abu Isa Father of Isa.
Abu Juhafa A Sahabi of the Holy Prophet PBUH.
Abu Mahzoorah Name of one companion of the Prophet of Allah.
Abu Masood A great Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Abu Moosa A well-known Sahabi; his full name was Abu Moosa Al-Ashari
Abu Saeed Father of dignified, name of a Sahabi (RA).
Abu Talha A great Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Abu Talib Father of seeker; name of the Prophet Muhammad’s uncle.
Abu Turab An attributive of Caliph Ali, the fourth of the ‘rightly guided’ Caliphs. The Prophet Muhammad gave him this epithet.
Abu Ubaidah A great Sahabi of the Prophet PBUH; one of the ten companions whom the Holy Prophet PBUH has declared as the people of Jannah.
Abu Yousuf Name of a great jurist and pupil of Imam Abu Hanifah RA.
Abu Zar A great Sahabi of the Prohet of Allah.
Abual Khayr One who does good
Abul Alaa Father of glory.
Abul Barakat Father of blessings, blissful.
Abul Bashar Father of mankind. An epithet of Adam who was also the first Prophet.
Abul Farah Father of joy i.e. happy, glad.
Abul Faraj Possessor of comfort, father of comfort, comfortable.
Abul Fath Father of victory, victorious.
Abul Fazl Endowed with bounty, grace.
Abul Haisam A Sahabi; also a great scholar of history.
Abul Hasan Father of Hasan.
Abul Husain Father of Husain: Caliph Ali.
Abul Kalam Father of speech, eloquent.
Abul Khair Father of good work, virtuous.
Abul Khayr One who does good
Abul Mahasin Father of virtues, merits.
Abul Qasim Father of Qasim, an attributive name of the Prophet Muhammad.
Abul Yumn Father of happiness, happy.
Abul Yusr A great Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Abul-Hassan The Son of Ali
AbulKhayr One who does good
Abyad A narrator of hadith was so named.
Abyan Clearer, more distinct.
Abyaz White, bright, brilliant.
Abzari Seeds, spice, seedsman, one who sows; the Persian scribe and memoriser of tradition, Abu-Ishaq Ibrahim had this name
Adam Name of the first man and Prophet of Allah; father of mankind.
Adan (Garden of) Eden
Adawi A grandson of Sayyidina Umer RA, famous for hsi piety and knowledge.
Adbul-Qawi Servant of the Most Powerful.
Adeeb A literary Person.
Adeel Equal, like, peer
Adeem Red coloured perfumed leather, Surface of earth, soil.
Adel Honorable Judge, One who Jugdes Fairly.
Adel, Adil Just
Adham Name of a saint
Adheen Follower, devotee.
Adi A Sahabi of the Prophet of Allah PBUH. And a son of Haatim Taai, a person famous for his in generosity; his full name was Adiyy ibn Haatim.
Adib Well-mannered, courteous, polished, man of letters.
Adil Just, upright, righteous.
Adiy A companion of the Prophet PBUH; also the name of the son of Hatim Taiy known for his generosity; also the son of Thabit had this name.
Adl Another name for the Quran
Adli Pertaining to justice.
Adnan A tribal ancestor of the Quraysh, the Prophet (S.A.W) was from this tribe; there were other noted men too later in history who had this name; for instance, word bin Hakim, a scholar of Basrah.
Aduz Zahir Slave of the Manifest.
Adyan A nabee was named by this name.
Aejaz A person who does miracles
Afaaq The place where Earth & Sky meet.
Afandi Noble, master, lord.
Afaq A verse who has depth like skies.
Afdaal Better
Afdal Better
Afeef Chaste, Modest
Affan Modest; Father of Caliph Usman.
Afham Wisdom, prudence.
Afif Chaste, modest, virtuous, honest, righteous, upright, decent.
Afif, Afeef Chaste, modest
Afif-ud-Din Virtuous of the religion (Islam).
Afkar Destitue, poor.
Aflah Gaining success-but the Prophet PBUH has discouraged us from giving such names to our children.
Afraa Happiness
Afraz Standing tall like a mountain,ability to withstand all that is thrushed upon it.
Afridi A cast of Afghans.
Afroz Bright, illuminated
Afroze Lightening, enlightening.
Afsa Transparent, clear.
Afsah Eloquent.
Afsar Commander, officer
Afsar-ud-Din Adorning the religion.
Aftab; Aftaab The sun
Aftab-ud-Din Sun of the religion (Islam).
Aftar Breakfast the east.
Afuww The Pardoner; He who pardons all who repent sincerely as if they had no previous sin.
Afzaal Kindness, grace, favours, virtues.
Afzal Better, superior, prominent.
Agharr Hansome, beautiful, distinguished illustrious, noble, Magnanimous. Name of a companion of the Prophet, bin al-Muzan; he transmitted a hadith: “My heart is invaded by unmindfulness and I ask Allah’s forgiveness a hundred times a day.
Aghlab Superior, supreme.
Agrim Always ahead
Ahad One, unique, without partner; one of the names of Allah.
Ahd Pledge; Knowledge
Ahdaf Pl. of Hadaf, aim, goal, target.
Ahil Prince
Ahkam Strong, durable.
Ahlam Witty
Ahmad, Ahmed Most highly adored, or most praised; variation of the name “Muhammad”
Ahmadullah I praise Allah.
Ahmar Red Coloured.
Ahmed The most praised; one of the names of the Prophet Muhammad; I praise (First person present imperfect verb).
Ahnaf Bin Qays bin Muwiyah bin Husayn at Tamimi had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith
Ahraz Protection, piety.
Ahsab Nobler, more respected, of higher nobility.
Ahsan Nice; Beautiful; Mercy; Favour
Ahwas Having narrow, contracted or squinting eye; he reported his father quoting a hadith from Prophet; ” Do not ask me about evil, but ask me about good; the worst evil consists in learned me who are evil and the best good in learned men who are good”.
Ahyan Eras, ages, times.
Ahzab Confederate Bin Aseed had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith.
Aidh Name of a reciter of the Holy Quran.
Aijaz Favour; Blessing
Aiman Fearless.
Aishah Life, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
Aiz This was the name of a reciter of the Quran who followed the recital of Hamzah.
Aizaad Extension, excess.
Ajawid Pl. of Jawwad, open-handed, generous, noble.
Ajer Reward.
Ajib Wonderful
Ajlah Bald, hairless, Ibn Abdullah, a narrator of Hadith, had this name.
Ajmal More beautiful, extremely beautiful.
Ajtaba Favourite, selected.
Ajwad Better, more generous.
Akalmash Stainless; Pure; Untainted
Akbar Greater, bigger, greatest, most pious, honourable.
Akbar Khan
Akeem Wise
Akfash There have been several men of this name; there were three grammarians of this name in the 8th / 9th century.
Akhas Bin Khalfah was so named; he was a narrator of Hadith.
Akhdan Best Friend.
Akhfash There have been several men of this name; there were grammarians of this name in the 8th / 9th century.
Akhil World
Akhlaq Good manners, morals.
Akhmas Brave, valiant.
Akhram Clever, active.
Akhtar A Star, good man.
Akhund Honorific title of someone learned in religious matters.
Akhund Zada Son of a person learned in religious matters.
Akhzar Greenery.
Akif Devoted to, dedicated to, persevering in, busily engaged, attached, intent.
Akil The wanderer; Intelligent; Thoughtful; One who uses reason
Aklamash Spotless, pure
Akmal More complete, more perfect.
Akmal Complete, perfect
Akram; Akaram Most Generous; Excellent
Akshan Eye
Al Abbas Description of a lion; name of the Prophet’s uncle
Al Amin An epithet of the Prophet Muhammad.
Al Bara Wholesome with innocence
Al Burhan The proof.
Al Faiz Name of a Fatimid Caliph.
Al Hakam The arbitrator, the judge
Al Harith The plowman
Al Mamoon Seventh Abbasid Caliph (813-33).
Al Rafi One of the names of Allah.
Al Safi Clear, pure, fine
Al Siddiq The truthful, title of Abu Bakr the first righteous Caliph.
Al Tahir Nickname of Abdullah, son of Muhammad who died in infancy.
Al Tayyib Nickname of Abdullah, son of Muhammad who died in infancy.
Al Tijani Crowning
Al Tufail, Al Tufayl Old Arabic name
Ala Nobility; Excellence
Ala al Din Excellence of faith
Alaa Nobility, Excellence
Alaa Udeen Excellence of Religion
AlAbbas Description of a lion
Aladdin, Ala al din Nobility of faith
Alaleem He who knows all Things
Alam The world, the universe.
Alamgeer World-conquering
Alamgir The lord of the whole world
Ala-ud-Din Glory of religion, excellence of religion (Islam).
Aleef Friendly, affable
Aleem Learned, expert, scholar, omniscient; one of the names of Allah.
Aleemuddin A learned person in religion.
Aleem-ul-Huda Banner of guidance.
Alhad Joy; Happiness
Alhan Eloquence, good voice.
Alhasan The handsome; The good; Name of the Prophets grandson
Alhazar Sos, help.
Alhusain; Alhusayn Diminutive of the handsome; The good; Name of the Prophets grandson
Ali , Ali, Aliyy The highest, greatest, excellent, noble; name of the Prophets son in law and the fourth Caliph
Ali Asghar Infant son of Imam Husayn who attained martyrdom in the Karbala when he was a suckling baby.
Ali Hamza
Ali, ‘Ali, ‘Aliyy The highest, greatest, excellent, noble; name of the Prophet’s son in law and the fourth Caliph
Alibaba Great leader
Alif The first character in Hijaiyah
Alih Idol, god
Alim Wise, scholarly, omniscient
Allah Bakhsh Gift of Allah.
Allal Comforter.
Allam very knowledgeagble
Almahdi Guided to the right path
Alman Kind, willing and wiseman.
Almas Diamond.
Almir Prince.
Altaf Grace, kindness
Altaf Hussain Kindness of Husain.
Altair The flying eagle; also refers to a first magnitude star in the constellation Lyra
Altamash Front-line army.
Alwaz Light, brightness.
Aly Khan
Alyasaa Elisha – a Prophet
Amaan Peace; The most lovelable
Amaanat Treasure
Amaar One who prays 5 times and fasts
Amad Pillar, post, support.
Amal Pure; Hope; Aspiration
Amam Safety, Protection.
Aman Trust, safety, security, protection, tranquility, peace of mind, calmness.
Amanat Fidelity, loyalty
Amani Pl. of Umniya, wish, aspiration, hope.
Amanuddin Trust of religion (Islam).
Amanullah Trust, care of Allah, protection of Allah.
Ameen Faithful, Trustworthy
Ameer Chieftain, ruler, prince, commander, lord, leader, master.
Amenoolah Khan
Amer Rich
Amid Pillar, support, head.
Amiduddawlah Support of the state, (It is used both as name & title).
Amin, Ameen Trustworthy, faithful, reliable, custodian, honest.
Aminuddin Trustworthy in religion (Islam).
Amir, Ameer Ruler, prince, leader
Amjaad Pl. of majd, glory, honour.
Amjad Most glorious, most distinguished, more illustrious, most venerable, most noble.
Amlah  Pretty; Handsome; Beautiful; Pleasant
Ammaar One with strong Imaan. Also a Sahabi , one of the early muslims, son of Yasir and Sumaya Rad.
Ammar, Ammar Builder, constructor
Ammar, ‘Ammar Builder, constructor
Amr By my life A famous companion had this name, ibn al-Aas who conquered Egypt; also Ibn al-Ala called Zabban, was one of the seven readers of the Quran and an eminent Scholar.
Amro Old Arabic name
Amrullah The order of Allah swt
Amzad More Glorious
Anahid Immaculate
Anam Creatures.
Anan Clouds.
Anas A group of people (as opposed to other creatures)
Anasah The Freed slave of the Prophet PBUH had this name.
Aneeq Smart, spruce
Anees Close friend
Aniq Neat, elegant, smart.
Anis Friend, close companion, sociable, intimate friend, companion.
Aniya Concern, Loving
Anjam Stars.
Anjum Plural of Najm, stars.
Anjuman Meeting
Anna Food
Ansar Supporters, helpers.
Ansari Relation through ancestry to an Ansar; the people who helped the Prophet when he migrated to Madinah.
Antar Hero in a story of chivalry.
Antarah This was name of freed slave of Sulaym
Anwaar Light, glow, gleam.
Anwar More bright, more brilliant, more radiant, more luminous.
Anwarulkarim Lights of the Beneficent (Allah).
Anwerus Sadat The most brilliant of the Sayyids.
Anzar Having a good eye sight.
Aqdas Most holy, more or most sacred.
Aqeel Wise, Intelligent There have been several prominent men with this name; Abu Aqeel was a transcriber of the Quran; ibn abu Talib was one of Abu Talibs Family; Ibn Bilal was a granson of the poet Jarir.
Aqeil Knowledgable.
Aqib Successor, an epithet of the Prophet Muhammad.
Aqil Intelligent, wise
Aqleem Government, realm.
Aqmar Bright, brilliant, luminous, moonlit.
Aqqad Maker of trimmings, haberdasher.
Aqrab Near, close.
Arab Peaceful, tranquil
Arafat A plain twelve miles south west of Makkah where pilgrims spend a day performing special worship of Allah during the Hajj.
Araiz National leader.
Araysh Shadower, Overshadower.
Arbaaz Eagle.
Arbab Friends
Arbad Masters, Lords
Ardam Brave, boldman.
Areeb Wise, intelligent, bright, brilliant, clever.
Areef Learned, expert, authority.
Areej Fragrant, sweet-smelling.
Arees Peasant, farmer.
Aref; Arif Knowing; Knowledgeable
Arfaa Very high
Arfan Gratitude
Arham Kind, generous.
Arif Learned, expert, authority, saint, the highest position a mystic can attain.
Arikah Decorated throne.
Arjmand Bountiful.
Arjumand Honorable, dear
Arkaan Principles
Arkan Pl. of Rukn, support, prop, pillar.
Armaan Wish, Desire
Arman Army man.
Arqam Writer, the best recorder; companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
Arsal The one who was sent.
Arsalaan Lion
Arsalan Lion
Arsh Dominion , Crown
Arshad Most rightly guided, most reasonable.
Arshaq Handsome, more elegant, more graceful.
Artah Bin-Ashath was a narrator of Hadith who had this name.
Arwah More delicate, more gracious.
Arwarh more delicate, more gracious
Aryan Of utmost strength.
Arzang An ancient wrestler.
Arzu Wish, hope, love.
Asaad Help, support.
Asad Happy, fortunate, lucky, Lion
Asadel Most prosperous one
Asadullah Lion of Allah. Title of Ali (R.A.).
Asar Fourth Prayer of the day.
Asbagh Coloured animal, huge flood, dyer.
Asbat Bin Muhammad al-Qurashi a narrator of Hadith had this name.
Aseed Ibn Yazid, a narrator of Hadith had this name.
Aseel Son of elite family.
Aseer Preferred, noble, exquisite.
Asfa Tanned sun burned, Bin Asla had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith.
Asgar Devoted to Lord
Asghar Shorter, Smaller, Junior.
Asha’as Scattered, Spread about, humble.
Asha’ath Scattered, Spread about, humble.
Ashab Reddish, blond, fair.
Ash’ab Lion, Diffcult, Strict.
Ashaj Abu ad-Dunya al-Maghrabi, had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith.
Ashar One who has wisdom.
Ashaz One in a million, name of a sahabi during the time of prophet. There is a hadith praising his virtue of patience and obedience to parents
Asheem Boundless
Ashfaq Pl. of Shafaqa, kindness, compassion, sympathy, pity, mercy, favours.
Ashhal Having bluish-black eyes; Bin Hatim had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith.
Ashhar Famous, popular.
Ashim Generous.
Ashiq Adorer, lover, suitor.
Ashiq Ali Adorer of Ali.
Ashiq Muhammad Adorer of the Prophet Muhammad.
Ashja More courageous, braver.
Ashkan Healthy, hearty.
Ashmath Correct path, Straight path.
Ashnad Swimmer.
Ashraf More honourable, most distinguished, eminent more nobler.
Ashras Abu al-Hasan az-Ziyat a narrator of Hadith was so named.
Asif Name of courtier in the kingdom of Prophet Sulaiman who is noted for his intelligence.
Asil Of noble origin, highborn, pure, pristine.
Asim Protector, guardian, chaste, safe.
Asir Captivating, fascinating.
Askar Troop
Askari Soldier
Asla This name was the name of Asfa the narrator of Hadith.
Aslam Very safe, safeguarded, better, more perfect, more complete.
Asma He was Ibn Harithah Al-Aslami.
Asooda Prosperous, jolly, happy.
Asra Travel by night.
Asrar Secrets, mysteries, pl. of Sirr, secret.
Asrar Secrets
Astan Threshold, gateway.
Aswad Black
Ata Gift, present, favour, bounty, generosity.
Ata al Rahman Gift of the Beneficent
Ata Allah Gift of God
Ata, Ataa Gift
Atabuk Protector, guard.
Atallah The gift of Allah
Ataubaq Handsome, beautiful, helpful, generous and got a lot of love to share.
Ataullah Gift of Allah.
Ataur Rahman Gift of the merciful (Allah).
Ateeb Very pious.
Ateeq Ancient, longstanding
Athar Purer, more virtuous, most pious, meticulously neat and clean.
Athazaz Unknown, Mystery, Maze.
Atheer High, honorable
Athil Firmly rooted
Athir Favored, preferred
Atif Compassionate, affectionate, sympathetic, kind-hearted, loving.
Atiq Ancient, noble, antiquated.
Atir Fragrant, aromatic.
Attar Perfumer, perfume vendor.
Attiq Old.
Atuf Affectionate, kind-hearted, compassionate, loving.
Atyab Scrupulously clean, refined, most noble, excellent.
Aula Another name for Prophet Muhammad
Aurang Royal throne
Aurangzeb Ornament of the throne, a person befitting the throne.
Aus Myrtle; ace (in cards); Name of a number of Sahaba, e.g. Aus ibn Sabit, Aus ibn Saamit, Aus ibn Kholy.
Ausaf Virtues, merits.
Awad Reward, Compensation
Awais Naim of a saint
Awaiz Decorated, decked.
Awan Friend, supporter.
Awanah Middle-aged, fierce. Abu Awanah Al-Waddah was a scholar of Hadith and a reciter of Quran.
Awf Guest, fragrance, lion;
Awn To help, assist.
Aws Name of a tribe in Madinah
Awwab Sincere repentant, supplicant.
Awwal First. Al-Awwal, the first: one of the names of Allah.
Ayaat Pl. of Ayat, sign, verse of the Quran.
Ayaaz respected and enduring
Ayat Sign, revelation, verse of the Quran.
Ayatullah Sign of Allah.
Ayaz A trusted slave of Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi
Aybak Ibn-Aybak was a leading historian.
Aydin Brilliant, Enlightened, Intelligent, Light of the moon.
Ayesh Living, well off
Ayham Exalted and brave
Ayman Lucky blessed, right-hand, right, on the right, fortunate.
Ayn Source
Aynul Hasan Hasan like. Hasan was the name of the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson from his daughter Fatima.
Aynul Hayat Fountain of Life.
Aynun Naim Fountain of blessing.
Ayoob A Prophet’s name
Ayser Easy in dealing, wealthy
Ayub Messenger of God; A biblical prophet’s name
Ayub Khan
Ayub Companion of Prophet Muhammad
Ayyash Bread seller.
Ayyub Ayyub was a Prophet of Allah known for his patience in the face of severity and hardship. There have been other noted men by this name, for instance Ibn Tamim was a reciter of the Quran, Al-Sakhtiyani was a learned ascetic; both had this name.
Ayyub,Ayoob A Prophet’s name
Aza Comfort
Azaam Submission, prostration.
Azaan Call for the prayer.
Azab Touring, travelling, wandering
Azad Free, liberated.
Azain Decoration.
Azam Greater, greatest, more important, most important, most pious, most exalted.
Azb Sweet
Azbak Independent, autonomous.
Azeem, Azim Defender, referring to one of Gods ninety nine qualities
Azeez Honorable, mighty
Azeez; Aziz Friend; Dear one
Azfar Most victorious, winner.
Azfer Leader.
Azghan Faithful.
Azhaar Flowers; Blossoms
Azhaf Courageous, elite.
Azhar More glittering, blooming, shining, bright, brilliant, luminous, radiant.
Azharan The sun and moon alike, to adopt, buds.
Azhmeer Clever; Wise
Azim Might, magnificent, glorious, great, dignified, exalted, determined; one of the names of Allah.
Aziz Might, strong, illustrious, highly esteemed, dearly loved, one of the names of Allah.
Azizullah Dear to Allah.
Azlan Lion.
Azli From the beginning.
Azmat Majesty, pride, grandeur, greatness.
Azmeer Clever, pious.
Azmi One who fulfils his promise.
Azraf More elegant, more graceful; more humorous.
Azraq Blue; name of a companion of the Prophet PBUH, bin Qays.
Azraqi He was an authority on the history and geography of Makkah.
Azud Upper arm, strength, power, support.
Azududdin Support of religion (Islam).
Azzaam Determined, Resolved
Azzam Very determined, resolved, resolute.
Baadi Distinct, evident, plain, clear.
Baahi Glorious, magnificent.
Baahir Dazzling; Brilliant
Baaligh Major
Baar Just, Pious
Baare Brilliant, superior, outstanding.
Baari One of the names of God
Baariq Shining, lightning, bright, illuminating.
Baasim Smiling
Baasir Seeing, wise.
Baasit One who spreads or grants prosperity
Babar Origin: Hindi. Literal Meaning: Lion. Contextual meaning: King of Jungle; Lion hearted, brave, courageous and exemplary leadership qualities. Highly, powerful and influential, very charsimatic
Baber Courageous, Lion
Badeeh Wonderous.
Badi Wonderful, marvelous, unique, amazing.
Badiul Alam Unique in the world.
Badiuz Zaman Genius of the time.
Badiy Novel, primal
Badr Full moon
Badr al Din Full moon of the faith
Badr Udeen Full moon of the Faith
Badran The most beautiful.
Badr-e-Alam Full moon of the world.
Badrud Duja Full moon of the dark.
Badruddin Full moon of religion (Islam).
Baghawi Resident of Bagh or Baghshur in Khurasan.
Baha Beauty, glow, splendor magnificence.
Baha al Din, Bahiyy Magnificence of the faith
Baha Udeen The magnificent of the Faith
Baha Beautiful,Magnificent
Bahauddin Glow of the religion (Islam).
Baheej Happy delightful
Baheen Exalted, great, noble.
Baheer Dazzling
Bahhas Examinar; Scholar of research; a companion of the Prophet PBUH had this name.
Bahi Splendid, brilliant, shining.
Bahij Always happy, pleasant
Bahili Name of famous people, including; Abu Al-Husayn Muhammad, a student of Al-Ashari and Abu Umer Muhammad.
Bahir Dazzling, brilliant.
Bahiy Udeen The magnificent of the Faith
Bahiyud Din Radiant, brilliant of the religion (Islam).
Bahjat Splendours, pl. of Bahjah, delight, joy.
Bahlawan Acrobat.
Bahlul Name of a saint
Bahram Mars, a king.
Bahu Rod, a saint’s name.
Bahz Name of bin Hakeem; he has related many ahadith from his father, including the saying of the Prophet PBUH “Anger spoils faith as aloes spoil honey.”
Baid Another name for God,away,distant
Bais One of the ninety-nine names of God
Bajala Honoured, venerated.
Bajeel Honored, venerated
Bakeet Lover, paramour.
Bakhit Lucky, fortunate.
Bakhsh Gift, fortunate, give, forgive.
Bakht Luck, fortune.
Bakhtari Ibn Al-Mukhtar, a narrator of Hadith, had this name.
Bakhtawar Lucky, fortunate.
Bakhtiyar Fortunate, lucky.
Bakhtiyar Prosperous, lucky
Bakir baakir-early
Bakkar He was Ibn Ahmad, Abu Isa a reciter of the Quran and Author
Bakr Camel, First born, the eldest child
Bakri One who starts work early
Bakur Precocious, early coming.
Balagh Another name for the Quran
Baleegh Eloquent, learned, one who is qualified in the art of speech.
Baleel Moisture; One of the Prophet PBUH compaions had this name.
Baligh Eloquent, well versed
Balj Delighted; Al-Mahriyy had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith.
Bandar Seaport, district capital
Baqa Survival, immortality, eternity.
Baqai Immortal.
Baqar Inevitable, lion, powerful
Baqee Eternal, everlasting
Baqi Permanent, everlasting, eternal.
Baqir Fierce lion, abounding in knowledge, erudite, learned.
Bar Pious
Bara Free. Name of a Sahabi RA.
Barakah Blessing
Barakat Blessings, good fortunes prosperities; pl. of Barakah.
Barakatullah Blessing of Allah.
Baraq Electricity.
Bareed Messenger, partner.
Bareeq Glitter, flash, luster, brightness, brilliance, radiance.
Baresham Silk.
Barhi Thanks
Bari The Evolver. A Name For Allah
Barii Innocent
Barir Faithful
Barkat Bounty, blessing.
Barni Young, grown up.
Barqash A bird whose voice is very charming.
Barr Pious, upright, just; sing. of Abraar.
Barraq Flashing, bright, brilliant, glittering.
Basaam Smiling
Basair Another name for the Quran
Basan One who uproots fully.
Basaud Exalted, blessed.
Baseem Always smiling
Baseer Perspicacious
Baseerat Insight, wisdom.
Baseet Vast, spacious.
Basel Brave
Basem Smiling
Bashaar Bringer of glad tidings
Bashar Man, mankind
Basharat Good news, glad tidings
Basheer Bringer of good news
Bashir Harbinger, bringer of good news.
Bashshar Herald, bringer of glad tidings.
Basil Brave, bold, valiant.
Basim, Bassam Smiling, Happy
Basiq High, lofty
Basir One of the ninety-nine names of God
Basit One who stretches, enlarges.
Basman Smiling a lot
Basool Courageous (lion)
Basr Eye-sight, wisdom, sight
Basrah Name of a Sahabiyah; dry land
Bassam, Basim Smiling a lot
Batal Brave, champion, hero.
Batin Inward, within, secret, esoteric; one of the names of Allah.
Bayan Another name for the Quran
Bayazid Name of a saint
Bayhas Name of the lion
Baz Falcon
Bazam It was the name of the Tabiee, Abu Salih
Bazan A companion of Prophet (PBUH).
Bazikh High, exalted
Bazil Merciful.
Bazir Educated, a great person.
Bazish Aggressive, hardliner.
Bazl Prize, reward.
Bazlur Rahman Generosity of the All-merciful.
Bedar Wakeful, attentive, enlightened.
Bedaruddin Attentive to the religion (Islam).
Beg Honorific title i.e. Lord.
Behlol Leader, a famous saint.
Behr Wave.
Behroz Sacred, noble.
Behzad Honest and caring
Beram Fun, eid, enjoyment.
Bihar Sea
Bilal Water, moisture, freshness, river, sea. A Sahabi i.e. the companion of Prophet Muhammad.
Bina Wise, far-sighted.
Binyamin, Benyamin Name of the brother of Prophet Yusuf.
Bishr Joy, happiness, cheerfulness.
Bostan Garden
Boulos Arabic form of “Paul”
Budail, Budayl Name of a companion of the Prophet
Budayr Little full moon
Bujair Name of Sahabi RA who known as Bujair ibn Bujair was present in the battle of Badr.
Bukhari Muhammad ibn Ismail Al-Bukhari (810-870). author of one of the Sahih Hadith i.e. collection of the Prophet Muhammad’s traditions.
Buland Hight, upward.
Bulbul Nightingale.
Bulhut Bin Abbat a narrator of Hadith had this name.
Buqrat An ancient physician.
Burak Horse like animal that carried the Prophet (PBUH) during mehraj and will carry those that are selected on resurrection day
Buraq Horse of the Prophet (PBUH).
Burayd Cold, Mild; A companion of the Prophet PBUH had this name.
Buraydah It is the name of a place in Saudi-Arabia; name of a companion of the Prophet PBUH bin al-Haseedb RA who has narrated many Ahadiths.
Burhaan Proof
Burhan Proof, evidence.
Burhan-ud-Din Proof of the religion (Islam).
Bushr Joy, happiness
Busr Unripe dates; It was the name of a companion ibn-Sufyan who was sent to scout Makkah from Zu-al-Hulayfah when they had intended to perform Umrah
Butrus Arabic form of “Peter”
Daafi One who expels prevents
Daai Another name for Prophet Muhammad
Daamin Guarantor, Surety
Daanish Wisdom, Learning, Science
Dabbah Latch, door lock
Dabir Root, origin, ultimate, bygone.
Daboor Morning breeze
Dafiq Jubilant, buoyant, active.
Daghfal Ibn-Hanzalah had this name and he was the first genealogist of Islam.
Dahbal This ws the name of Wahb Ibn Zamai; who was a very noble, generous man.
Dahhak One who laughs much.
Dahi Lion, rapid.
Daib Happy fellow.
Daim Eternal
Daiyan A mighty ruler, judge, guard, protector.
Dakheel Stranger, alien
Dakhil Foreigner, stranger.
Dalaj A mufti of Baghdad, Ibn Ahmad al-Sajazi, had this name, he was a very generous person.
Daleel Guide
Daler Brave, valiant.
Dalil Another name for God, evidence, a guide
Dameer Heart, Conscience
Damian Tamer
Damurah Sparkle of light, fire
Dana Wise, learned.
Dani Near, close
Daniel Intelligent
Danish Wisdom, insight
Daniyal A Prophet of Allah
Danyal Prophet
Dara possessor, sovereign
Darakhshan Bright, shining, pearl-like.
Darim This was the name of a narrator of Hadith.
Daris Scholar, studying
Darman Cure, treatment.
Darraj Historical name
Darrak Prudent, wise.
Darvesh Holy man
Darwish Dervish
Dastagir Suporter, patron
Dastgir Protector, saint
Da’ud, Dawud Arabic form of “David”, beloved; a Prophet’s name
Daudi A flower
Dawar Ruler, judge.
Dawid Prince
Dawlah Riches, happiness
Dawoud A Prophet’s name
Dawud A Prophet and father of Prophet Sulaiman. In Bible, he is known as David.
Dayim Everlasting, perpetual, for ever.
Daylam Name of a companion of the Prophet PBUH
Dayyan Ruler, rewarder, judge
Dean Religion
Deenar Gold coin
Dhakir One who remembers God frequently
Dhakiy Intelligent, bright
Dhakwan Intelligent
Dhiya Light, splendour
Dhul Fiqar Name of the Prophet’s sword
Dhul Fiqaar The name of the Prophet’s Sword
Dhul Fiqar Name of the Prophets sword
Didar Vision, sight
Dihyah Commander of troops.
Dihyat A companion of Prophet Muhammad
Dil Heart, mind
Dil Nawaz Soothing heart, mind.
Dilafroz Captivating, attractive.
Dilawar Brave, valiant, intrepid
Dilbar Lover
Dildar Charming, beloved
Dilnawaz  Attractive; Beloved; Mistress
Dilshad Happy
Din Religion, faith, belief.
Dina It was the name of the grandfater of Abu Bin Thabit.
Dinar Name of the grandfather of Abu Bin Thabit.
Dirar Old Arabic name
Diwan Royal court, tribunal of justice.
Diwan Muhammad Court of the Prophet Muhammad.
Diya Brightness, light
Diya al Din Brightness of the faith
Diyaa Udeen Brightness of the Faith
Diyanat Honesty, piety
Diyari A gift, or a present
Dizhwar Mean, strong
Dost Friend
Dost Muhammad Friend of the Prophet Muhammad.
Duha Forenoon, (This name is generally pronounced as Zohya in non-Arabic speaking countries like Pakistan/India).
Dulamah Tall and black
Durrah Companion of Prophet Muhammad
Dyab The one who perseveres
Ehan Full moon
Ehsaan Favour, good
Ehsaas Feel
Ehsan Powerful
Ehtisham Modesty, decency
Eijaz Blessings, Miracle
Ejaz To do something which others cannot do; a miracle; inimitability
Ekbal Dignity
Ekhlaq Character
El-Amin Trustworthy
Elias Name of one Prophet
Emir To command
Emran Progress, Achievement
Esam, Essam Safeguard
Eshaan Desiring and wishing
Eshan In God Grace, Worthy
Faaiz Victorious, triumphant, successful.
Faakhir Proud, Excellent
Faaris Horseman, Knight
Faarooq He who distinguishes truth from falsehood
Faateh Conqueror
Faatih Another name for Prophet Muhammad
Faaz Victorius, successful
Fadil Generous, honorable, superior
Fadl Outstanding, Honorable
Fadl Ullah The excellence of God
Fadwa Name derived from self-sacrifice
Faeq Surpassing, excellent
Fahd Lynx, wild cat.
Fahd, Fahad Leopard, lynx
Faheem Intelligent, judicious, learned, erudite.
Fahim Undrestanding, clever, wise
Fahmi Intelligent, discerning
Fahyim Understanding
Faid Very Clever
Faik Benefit, advantage, gain, worth, welfare.
Faiq Excellent, outstanding, distinguished, superior.
Faird faa-eq- outstanding, awake
Faisal, Faysal Umpire, arbitrator, decisive, sword, a judge.
Faiyaz Decisive
Faiz Super abundance, effluence, plenty, generosity, grace, favour, bounty.
Faizaan Winner
Faizan Beneficence; Generosity; Abundance; Benefit
Faizeen Ruler
Faiz-e-Rabbani  Honest
Faizi Possessing divine surplus.
Faizul Anwar Endowed with superabundance.
Faizullah Abundance of light or graces.
Fajahat Abundance from Allah.
Fajaruddin The First
Fajer The First
Fajr Morning
Fakaruddin Dawn, rise, beginning, start.
Fakeeh Pride of religion; Glory of the faith
Fakheem Cheerful
Fakhir Excellent, superior, magnificent, honourable, precious, proud.
Fakhiri, Fakhry Excellent quality
Fakhr Pride, Something to feel proud about.
Fakhr al Din Pride of the faith
Fakhri, Fakhry Honorary, glorious, proud
Fakhr-ud-Dawlah Honorary
Fakhruddin Glory of kingdom/state.
Fakhr-ud-Din Glory of the faith; Pride of religion
Fakhrul Pride of the religion (Islam).
Fakhry Proud
Fakih Legal expert; one who recites the Qu’ran
Falah Success, prosperity.
Faleh Success
Falih Fortunate, lucky, successful, prosperous.
Faliq One that divides into two; creator
Faqeed One that divides into two,creator
Faqeeh Rare, special.
Faqih Jurist, scholar in fight (Islamic jurisprudence).
Faqir Poor, needy, one renounces the world i.e. Sufi mendicant.
Farafisa Name of a companion, bin Umayr al-Hanafi
Farah Name of a companion
Farahat Happiness, delight.
Faraj, Farraj Comfort, relief, ease, repose.
Farajallah Relief, freedom from grief
Faraqlit who distinguishes truth from false
Farasat One who can identify between truth and falsehood
Faraz On the top; Above; Equitable
Farazdaq Ascent, height
Fard Another name for God; unequalled
Fardeen Another name for God,unequalled,unique
Fardeen; Fardin Radiant
Fare One who has triple strength; First month of the Parsi year when the sun is in Aries
Fareed Unique, incomparable.
Fareez Braverer
Farhaan Matchless, paramount
Farhad Wise
Farhal Happiness; An Iranian musician and singer
Farhan Glad, happy, joyful, cheerful, delighted.
Farhat Calm, satisfaction, happiness.
Fari Happiness
Farid, Fareed Another name for God,pearl
Fariduddin Unique
Farih Unique of the religion (Islam).
Fariq, Fareeq Another name for God,separating,eminent
Faris Horseman, knight, cavalier
Fariz Perspicacity
Farjad Promising, determined.
Farman Intelligent, wise
Farmanullah Order, decree.
Farook Order of Allah.
Farookh Sprout, shoot, young (bird).
Farooq One who distinguishes truth from falsehood and right from wrong. Title of the Caliph Umar.
Farooque; Farokh Comely
Farouk Power of discrimination; Fortunate; Variant of ‘Farukh’
Farqad Two bright stars of Ursa Minor.
Farras Reliever
Farrukh Beautiful-faced, happy, auspicious, fortunate.
Farukh Happy, Auspicious
Faruq, Farooq One who distinguishes truth from falsehood.
Farwah Some companions had this name, for instance Ibn-Musayk and Ibn-Nawfal, and ibn-Amr.
Fasahat Name of a few of the companions
Faseeh Fluent, eloquent
Fasih Eloquent
Fasih Ur Rahman Eloquent, fluent, well-spoken.
Fasikh Eloquent (by grace of Rahman i.e. Allah).
Fastiq Successful, bounty, bliss, blessing.
Fatan Another name for God; One who rips apart
Fateen Intelligent, sagacious, smart, clever.
Fateenah Clever,Smart
Fateh The victorious one; Victory
Fath Victory, conquest, triumph, success.
Fathi One who wins victory after victory.
Fathullah Victorious one
Fatih Victory granted by Allah, victory of Allah.
Fatik Deadly, Lethal; Ibn-Fadalah a narrator of Hadith was so named.
Fatin Clever, fascinating.
Fatin, Fateen Smart, witty
Fattah Conqueror, victor, one who opens, one who eases difficulties; an attribute of Allah.
Fattooh Charming, bright.
Fawad The little conqueror, diminutive of Fattah.
Fawaz Success, Salvation
Fawwaaz Successful
Fawwaz Winner of victory after victory, successful.
Fawz Victory, triumph, success.
Fawzan Victorious
Fawzi To do with success
Fawzy Successful
Fayaaz Triumphant, victorious, successful.
Fayaz Kind & Generous; Gracious
Fayd Abundance
Fayek Surpassing, excellent, superior, outstanding
Fayruz Surpassing, excellent, superior, outstanding
Faysal Judge (decisive)
Fayyaad Decisive
Fayyad Overflowing, generous
Fayyadh Overflowing, generous
Fayyah Generous
Fayyaz Very generous
Fayz Generous, munificent, most bountiful, most generous.
Fayzan Overflowing grace
Fayzee Beneficence
Fayzul Haq Generous, liberal
Fazal Grace of the truth i.e. Allah.
Fazalah Grace
Fazan Name of the father of Anas and Munis whom the Prophet PBUH sent as scouts to watch Quraysh movements at Badr.
Fazeelat Ruler
Fazil An accomplished person, knowledgeable virtuous, superior, outstanding, eminent.
Faziuddin Talented,expert,intelligent,wise
Fazl Favour, grace, kindness, gift, present, bounty, excellence, virtue, extra.
Fazle Ilahi grace, bounty
Fazle Mawla Bounty of Allah.
Fazle Rab Bounty of the Lord (Allah).
Fazle Rabbi Bounty of lord.
Fazli Bounty of my Lord.
Fazlullah Kind, bountiful, graceful, virtuous.
Fazulul Haq Bounty of Allah.
Ferdows; Firdows Bounty of the Truth i.e. Allah.
Feroz Name of a king; Winner; Successful
Ferran Shinning
Fiam Baker
Fida Redemption, sacrifice
Fidaa Sacrifice
Fiddah Silver
Fidyan Silver
Fikhar Person who makes sacrifice
Fikri Honour, pride, glory.
Firaas Knight
Firas Perspicacity
Firasah Perspicacious
Firasat Perspicacity, acumen.
Firdaus Farsightedness
Firdos Heaven
Firoze; Firoz Gift
Firyal Gift; Winner; Victorious; Name of a king
Fizan Adornment
Fizza Breeze
Fouad, Fuad Silver; Ibn Abu Mawdood, a narrator of Hadith had this name.
Fravash Heart
Fuaad Guardian Angel
Fuad Heart
Fudail Excellent in character
Fudayl Excellent in character
Fujai Name of a companion of the Prophet PBUH Al-Fujai, Al-Amiri.
Furays Name of Prophets (SAW) companion
Furoogh little horse
Furozh Splendour, light, brightness.
Furqaan Light
Furqan Criterion (between right and wrong), proof, evidence, another name for he Quran.
Furqau Distinction between truth & falsehood
Futteh Khan Which separates truth and falsehood
Fuwad Victories, conquests; pl. of fatah.
Fuzail Eminent, learned
Gamal, Gamali Camel
Gauhar Gem, jewel, noble.
Ghaalib Victor
Ghaazi Conqueror
Ghaffar Most forgiving, one of the names of Allah.
Ghafir Another name for God; generous,kindhearted
Ghafur Most forgiving
Ghais Rain
Ghaith, Ghayth Rain
Ghaiyyas Helper, reliever, winner.
Ghali Valuable, dear, beloved, expensive
Ghalib Excellent; A great classical Urdu and Persian poet
Ghallab Ever victorious, triumphant.
Ghamir Giving a lot of charity
Ghanem Successful
Ghani Rich, wealthy, prosperous, all-sufficient, one of the names of Allah.
Ghanim Successful
Ghannam Shepherd; Name of a companion who took part in the battle of Badr.
Ghannan Two friends of Prophet Muhammad,shepherd
Ghaous assistance, help
Gharib Poor, need, humble; stranger.
Ghasaan Old Arabic name
Ghashiah 88th Surah of the Quran,covering,attendant
Ghassan Ardor, vigor (of youth)
Ghaus Help, aid, rescue, succor.
Ghauth Helper, Defender.
Ghawth Succor, to help
Ghaylan Great, Fat; One of the companions of the Prophet PBUH bin Salamah As-Saqafi had this name.
Ghayoor Self-respecting
Ghayth Rain
Ghayur Another name for God,haughty,enthusiastic
Ghayyath The one rushing to help
Ghazalan Spinner
Ghazanfar Lion, title of Caliph Ali.
Ghazawan Warrior, a companion of the prophet PBUH had this name.
Ghazi Attacker, campaigner for Allah’s cause swt
Ghazir Plentiful, ample
Ghazwan One on expedition, to conquer
Ghazzal Name of a reciter of Quran, Ibn Khalid.
Ghazzali historical name
Ghiyaath Succorer
Ghiyas Deliverance from hardships, succorer, aid given in time of need, rain.
Ghiyas-ud-Din Helper of the religion (Islam).
Ghiyath Succorer
Ghiyath Aid, Succourer
Ghofran Pardon, forgiveness.
Ghufran Another name for God, pardon, benevolence
Ghulam, Gulam Servant, boy, youth.
Ghunaim A person who takes booty. Name of a Sahabi RA.
Ghunayn One who collects booty
Ghusharib Brave
Ghusun Branches of tree
Ghutaif A well of a person; well to do.
Ghutayf Affluent
Gohar Diamond, precious stone
Gul Flower
Gulab Rose
Gulam Slave; Servant
Gulbar Shedder of flowers, generous.
Gul-e-Rana A beautiful flower
Gulfam Flower color
Gulsan A flower Garden
Gulshan A flower Garden.
Gulzar A garden with flowers; Rose Garden; An inhabited town
Haadee The guide
Haady Guiding to the right
Haafiz Title of a man who has memorized the whole Quran; guardian, protector, attribute of Allah.
Haamid Praising (God); Loving (God)
Haani Happy; Delighted; Content
Haaris Friend
Haarith Plowman, Old Arabic name
Haaroon A Prophet’s name
Haashim Name of the Prophet’s grandfather, Old Arabic name
Haashir Gatherer
Haatim Judge
Haaziq Intelligent, Skillfull
Habab Aim, goal, end.
Habash Guinea hen, Guinea fowl;, turkey; A tabaee (successor of the companions) was so named.
Habbab Affable, lovable
Habeeb Friend
Habeebullah Beloved of Allah
Habeel Name of one of the sons of Sayyidina Aadam AS; his sacrifice wias accepted by Allah but that of Qabeel, his brother rejected.
Habib Another name for Prophet Muhammad
Habibullah Friend of Allah, dear to Allah.
Habis Ibn Sad al-Taiy had this name; he ws a narrator of Hadith; a companion, Al-Tamimi RA also had this name.
Hadad Syrian god of fertility
Hadaya Gifts, presents, pl. of Hadiyaa.
Haddad Blacksmith, Iron Smith; An Egyption jurist and judge who was a disciple of Al-Tabari, Muhammad Ibn-Ahmad was named ibn Al-Haddad
Hadee Director, guide
Hadi One who leads to the right path, guide, one of the names of Allah.
Hadid The 57th Surah of the Quran,iron,eloquent
Hadir The sound of thunder
Hadis Narration or sayings of Prophet Muhammad
Hadrami There have been notable men with this name, for isntance, (i) Abdullah ibn-Abi Ishaq, a Quran reciter of Basrah.
Hafeez Guardian, protector.
Hafi Generous
Hafid The wise one
Hafiz Protector, one who has memorized the Quran
Hafizullah Remembrance of Allah
Hafs Lion, Young of Lion.
Haidar Lion, Title of Caliph Ali.
Haider Bux
Haikal Tale
Haitham Eagle
Haiyy alive
Haji Title of someone who has performed Hajj.
Hajib Doorman, janitor, bailiff, eyebrow, edge, covering; Ibn Hajib was the name of the director of the Bureau of the Sawad under Muizz Al-Dawlah
Hajjaj Orbit, eye socket; Orgument, debate; Ibn-Yusuf the well-known ruler of Iraq had this name.
Hajveri Of Hajver, a saint’s name.
Hakam One of the ninety-nine excellent names of God
Hakeem Wise, sage, judicious, prudent.
Hakeem, Hakim Wise, one of God’s ninety-nine qualities
Hakem Ruler, governor, nine qualities
Hakim One of the ninety-nine excellent names of God
Hakim, Hakeem Wise, one of Gods ninety nine qualities
Haleef Ally, confederate
Haleem Clement, Patient
Halif Ally
Halim Generous,compassionate,composed, tranquil
Hallaj Cotton ginner; Al-Husayn ibn Mansur had this name, he was a famous martyr brought up at al-Wasit and grew up as an ascetic and extreme mystic.
Halwani Confectioner. This was the name of Ahmad Ibn-Zayd a reciter of the Quran and student of Hadith.
Hamad praised (praiseworthy)
Hamadullah The Thanks of Allah swt
Hamal Lamb
Hamas Enthusiasm, fervour.
Hamd Praise, laudation of Allah.
Hamdan The praised one; variation of the name “Muhammad”
Hamdast Friend, one who remains close.
Hamdhy Sympathy, blessing
Hamdi Of praise, commendable
Hameed praiseworthy (praised)
Hameedullah Servant of the All-laudable.
Hameem Friend
Hamham brave and noble
Hami Protector, Patron, Supporter, defender
Hamid The praised one; variation of the name “Muhammad”
Hamidullah The appreciation of Allah swt
Hamim Another name for Prophet Muhammad
Hamiz Brave, strong
Hammad One who praises God
Hammam A great man, a chief, a hero.
Hammouda laudable
Hammud Much praise to Allah.
Hamood One who praises Allah
Hamoud praiseworthy (praised)
Hamraz Confidant.
Hamshad Always victorious
Hamud Praised, commended, praiseworthy, commendable.
Hamza Lion. Name of the Prophet Muhammad’s uncle.
Hamzad Comrade, companion.
Hamzah Lion; name of the Prophets uncle
Hana Arabic form of “John”
Hanai Of happiness
Hananan Another name for God,generous, charitable
Hanash A Hadith is anrrated by him to the effect that Sayyidina Ali RA Sacrificed two rams on the day of Sacrifice.
Hanbal Purity
Haneef Upright, true
Hani Happy, delighted, content
Hanif True believer, true faith, upright.
Hanifah Upright. Name of Al-Numan Ibn Thabit, the great jurist of Al-Kufah, the Hanafi School takes its name from him.
Hanifud Din True of religion (Islam).
Hanin Yearning, desire.
Hannad Old Arabic name
Hannan Compassionate, merciful, affectionate, tender-hearted.
Hanoon Compassionate, merciful, affectionate, tender-hearted, soft hearted.
Hanzalah This was the name of Ibn Abu “Aamir Al-Ansari; he is known as al-ghasil because when he had joined the battle at Uhud
Haq True, truth, real, right, just.
Haqq One of the ninety-nine excellent names of God
Haqqani Correct, right, proper.
Haqqi A person who upholds the truth, just.
Haraam Sacred; A companion of the Prophet PBUH had this name
Hareef Pungent, Acrid.
Hareem Respectable.
Harim Sanctuary, Sacred Place;
Harir Silk, Silken Cloth. Ibn Al-Sarih was so named.
Haris Ploughman, cultivator, agnomen of lion.
Haris, Hares Guard
Harisah Farmer, Ibn-Wahb was a companion who had this name.
Harith Ploughman, cultivator
Hariz Strong, secure, guarded.
Harmalah A Plant (African rue); An Egyption disciple of Shafaee had this name. He was Ibn Yahya.
Haroon Chief, protector, guard, the wealth of the entire universe, a Prophet known as Aaron in the Bible and brother of Prophet Moses.
Haroun, Harun Arabic form of “Aaron”; lofty or exalted; A Prophet’s name
Harun Al Rashid Celebrated Abbasid Caliph (786-809).
Hasan Handsome, beautiful, good-looking.
Hasanat Good deeds, kind acts, favours.
Haseeb Respected, esteemed
Haseef judicious, wise
Haseen Strong, secure, immune.
Haseen Beautiful, Smart
Hasham Servant
Hashash Mirthful, happy, tidy, pleased.
Hasher Collector.
Hashid One who rallies people, crowded, gathered
Hashim One who smashes or breaks anything to pieces. Grandfather of the Prophet Muhammad.
Hashimi Hashemite, a nisba (relation) through ancestry to the Banu Haashim.
Hashir Another name for Prophet Muhammad,collector
Hashmat Prompt, magnificence.
Hasib Another name for Prophet Muhammad
Hasif Judicious, wise, prudent, sagacious.
Hasim Decisive, definite.
Hasin Handsome.
Hasnain The two Hasans, Hasan and Husain, the two sons of Caliph Ali and it is used as name of one person.
Hassaan Beautiful
Hassam Sword
Hassan Really beautiful or one who beautifies
Hassib The Reckoner A Name for Allah
Hatam Helper, generous.
Hatem Judge, justice, decider.
Hatib A wood collector
Hatif Praiser; a voice from heaven, or from an invisible speaker; guardian angel.
Hatim Judge
Hatim decisive, absolute
Hawshab A son of Iama Muslim had this name
Hayaat Life
Hayat Life
Hayder Means “lion” in Arabic. This was another name of Ali, the husband of Fatima – daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
Haysam Lion
Haytham Young hawk
Hayy Alive, living
Hayyam Loving
Hayyan Lively, energetic.
Hazim Firm, resolute, energetic, judicious, discreet, prudent.
Hazim Discreet, prudent
Hazim, Hazem Strict
Haziq Intelligent, skillful
Hazir Another name for God,present,ready
Hazrat An honorific title, used at the beginning of a name.
Hesam A sharp sword
Hiba gift, boon
Hibah Grant, donation
Hibatullah Gift of Allah.
Hibbaan Fleshy
Hibban Having too much flesh, angry, outburst. Name of a scholar of Hadith.
Hidayat Instruction
Hidayat-ul-Haq Guidance of the Truth (Allah).
Hifzur Rahman Remembrance of the Beneficent
Hikmat Wisdom.
Hilaal Crescent; A companion of the Prophet PBUH
Hilal Crescent, new moon.
Hilal, Hilel The new moon
Hilali Crescent-like.
Hilmi Patient, tolerant, lenient, clement, wise.
Himayat Protection, safeguarding, sheltering.
Himmat Ambition, endeavour, resolution, determination.
Hirz Another name for God,place of refuge
Hisham Beneficence, generosity, Name of a Sahabi.
Hissan Generous
Hooman Good soul, good natured
Hosaam Sword
Houd A Prophet’s name
Houda Guided
Hozaifah A companion of the Prophet
Hub Love.
Hubaab Bubble of Water
Hubaish Well known bird. Name of a Tabi.
Hud, Houd A Prophet’s name, Islamic Arabic King
Huda Right, guidance, right path.
Hudad Name of a pre Islamic Arabic king
Hudhafah Old Arabic name
Hudhaifah, Hudhayfah Old Arabic name
Hujayyah The father of Ajlah bin Abdullah was so called.
Hujjat Argument, reasoning, proof
Hulayl Old Arabic name.
Humaid Praised
Humair Red
Humam Brave and noble, magnanimous, courageous, generous.
Humamuddin Brave (person) of the religion (Islam), generous.
Humayd Diminutive of Ahmad, praised.
Humayl A companion of the Prophet PBUH had this name.
Humayu; Humayun Fortunate; the second Mughal Emperor
Humayun Auspicious, fortunate, Mohammad Humayun (d. 1556): name of a Mughal Emperor.
Humd Praise of Allah
Humza The name Humza is one of the arabic alphabets
Hunayn This was the name of the most important man in the Baytal Hikmah (House of Wisdom)
Hunayn historical name
Hurairah Narrator of Hadith, a close companion to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).
Hurayra Kitten. This name is usually used in combination with the word “Abu”, as Abu-Hurayra.
Hurays A small cultivator;
Hurayth A small cultivator
Hurmat Chastity, sacred
Hurrah Liberal, free
Husaam Sword
Husaam Udeen The sword of the Faith
Husaam Sword
Husain, Hussein Little beauty; Hussein was a descendent of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
Husam Sword
Husam al Din Sword of the faith
Husamuddawlah Sword of the state.
Husamuddin Sword of religion (Islam).
Husayn Diminutive of Hasan, beautiful, Imam Husayn: second son of Caliph Ali.
Husayn, Husein Handsome (Diminutive of Hassan)
Husayni Of Husayn; nisba (relation) through ancestry to Husayn.
Husni Possessing beauty.
Hussain Islamic thinker; Islamic Saint
Hussein Handsome, Beautiful.
Huthaya Old Arabic name
Huthayfa Old Arabic name
Huzaifa An old Arabic name, short-statured.
Huzaifah Curtailed, shortened
Huzayfa historical name
Huzayfah Curtailing, shortening, curtailed, short.
Huzayl Bin Shurah bil had this name
Ibaad A worshipper
Ibn Son
Ibn Sina Sina was the father of Abu Ali Ib-e-Sina, the celebrated physician Avicenna.
Ibraheem A Prophet’s name
Ibrahim, Ibraham Kind father, (combination of Abu, father and Rahim, kind) a Prophet’s name.
Ibtisam Smiling, smile.
Id Feast, festival
Idrak Intellect, perception, achievement, attainment.
Idrees A Prophet’s name
Idris A Prophet, the biblical Enoch/ Henoch.
Iesa A Prophet’s name
Ifran Identity
Iftekhar Pride, honor
Iftikhar Honour, grace, glory, pride, repute.
Iftikhar-ud-Din Pride of the religion (Islam).
Iftikharus Sadat Pride of the chiefs.
Ihab Leather
Ihsaan Beneficence
Ihsan Kindness, beneficence; highest level of Iman
Ihsanul Haq Kindness of the Truth (Allah).
Ihtesham Respectable, honourable, present personality
Ihtiraam Honour, hold in honour.
Ihtiram Honour, hold in honour
Ihtisham Modesty, decency
Ihtsham Strength
Ijaz Miracle, inimitability, astonishment, wondrous nature.
Ijazul Haq Inimitability of the Truth (Allah).
Ijlal Glorification, exaltation, honesty, integrity, fidelity, faithfulness.
Ijli This was the name of the makes of astrolabes
Ikhlas Sincerity, purity.
Ikhtiyar Choice, preference, selection.
Ikleel Crown
Iklil Crown, garland.
Ikram Honouring, glory, esteem, respect, veneration.
Ikram-ul-Haq Glory of the Truth (Allah).
Ikramullah Glory of Allah.
Ikrima A female pigeon. Name of an illustrious Sahabi.
Ikrimah Female of a pigeon
Iksir Elixir
Ilaahi A term used for the era instituted by the Akbar
Ilahi My lord (for Allah), divine.
Ilahi Bakhsh Gift of Allah.
Ilan Good person
Ilash Another name for God
Ilham Inspiration, revelation.
Ilias A Prophets name (Elijah)
Ilifat Friendship, kindness, obligation
Iltifat Friendship, kindness, obligation.
Ilyas A Prophet, the biblical Elias.
Imaad Pillar of strength, confident
Imaad Udeen The pillar of the Faith
Imaad Support, Pillar
Imaan Faith
Imad Support, pillar, confidence
Imad al Din Pillar of the faith
Imaduddin Pillar of the faith (Islam).
Imam One who leads communal prayer, leader, chief.
Imdad Help aid, support.
Imraan A Prophet’s name
Imran Population, civilization, careful observance of rules of etiquette. Father of Maryam (Mother of Prophet Isa) i.e. Mary, mother of Jesus.
Imtiaz Distinction, privilege, mark of honour.
Imtiyaz Mark of distinction or excellence
Inaam Reward, favour, Prize
Inam Gift, present, prize, grant, reward.
Inamul Haq Gift of Truth (Allah).
Inas Capable; Sociability
Inayat Care, concern, favour, bounty, kindness.
Inayatuddin Care of religion (Islam).
Inayatullah Care of Allah.
Inayatur Rahman Care of the most Gracious (Allah).
Iniat Blessing
Insaf Justice, impartiality, fairness, equity.
Insar Helper, supporter.
Inshaf Equity; Justice
Inshirah The 94th Surah of the Quran advancing,happiness
Intaj King, magnificent
Intakhab Election
Intikhab Selection, choice
Intisar Victory, triumph
Intizar Wait
Iqbal Prosperity, good fortune, good-luck, responsiveness, welfare.
Iqmal It means White Soul
Iqraam To be of assistance, respect
Iqrit A man of early Islam about whom amusing tales are told
Iqtidar Power, Office, Authority
Iravat Son of Arjuna; Riding Elephant of Indra; Rain Clouds
Irfaan Thankfulness
Irfan Knowledge, learning, perception, erudition, discernment, science, wisdom, knowledge
Irshad Guidance, guiding hand, instruction.
Irtiza Contentment, approval.
Irtiza Husain Approval of Husayn.
Isa, Eisa A Prophet, the biblical Jesus.
Isaam Safeguard
Isaar Selflessness.
Isad Making happy or prosperous, blessing, favoring.
Isam Self-made.
Isam, Isam, Issam Safeguard
Isbahani From Isbahan; quite a few people were kown by this name; Abu Bakr ibn Ashtah, among them; he wrote on the syntax and rhetoric of the Quran
Is-haaq A Prophet’s name
Ishaq One who laughs. A Prophet, the biblical Isaac and son of Prophet Ibrahim.
Ishat Superior
Ishayu Full of strength
Ishfaq Compassion, sympathy, pity.
Ishir Another name for agni
Ishrat Society, Familiar and pleasant talk, happiness.
Ishtiyaq Fondness, wish, desire, yearning, eagerness.
Iskafi Iskaf is a shoe-maker.
Iskandar Name of a Greek king, Alexander. Iskander Mirza: President of Pakistan (1956-58).
Islah Reform, improvement, betterment.
Islam To bow ones head in submission, surrender (to the will of Allah) name of the religion of the Muslims.
Ismaael A Prophet’s name
Ismah Preservation; infallibility; A 9th century scholar, ibn Hammad had this name.
Ismail A Prophet, the biblical Ishmael and son of Prophet Ibrahim.
Ismat Purity, chastity, modesty.
Isra Travel by night.
Israail The chosen one
Israfil Angel who will blow the Trumpet
Israil Another name of Prophet Yaqub.
Israr Insist, never gives up
Issar Sacrifice
Istakhri A Shafaee jurist, Abu Saeed Al-Hasan had this name.
Istifa To choose, to prefer, to give prefer to one over the other.
Itakh The name of Abu Mansur, the Turk;
Itban Censured, blamed;
Ithaar Selflessness
Itidal Moderation, moderateness, clemency.
Itimad Reliance, dependence, confidence.
Iyaad Generous
Iyaas Compensation
Iyaaz Generous, Ibn Himar Mujashit had this name and he was a companion of the Prophet PBUH.
Iyad A big mountain
Iyali Name of Abu Jafar, a jurist and disciple of Abu Tawr.
Iyas Consoling
Izaan Obedience
Izaz Honour, esteem, regard, affection, to respect an honour, or raise to an exalted position.
Izazuddawlah Honour of the state.
Izhar Expression
Izyan Intelligent, wise
Izz Glory, honour, Prestige, High Standing.
Izz al Din Might of the faith
Izz Udeen Might of the Faith
Izzat Honour, fame, power.
Izzuddin Honour of the religion (Islam).
Jaabir Consoler, Comforter
Jaafar Rivulet
Jaan Life, Soul
Jabal Mountain; ibn Yazid, who lived and held hight office during the reigns of Al-Mansur and Al-Mahdi, had this name.
Jabalah Name of Ibn Harisah a companion of the Prophet PBUH. And one who had participated in the Badr Battle.
Jabbar Almighty, powerful
Jabbar, Jabr Mighty, brave
Jabez God will increase your boundary
Jabir Consoler, Comforter, restorer
Jabr Compulsion name of a companion, Ibn Ateeq; also bin Habib and bin Nawf.
Jad Curly, Frizzled; ibn Dirhim had this name, he ws the tutor of Marwan.
Jad Allah Gift of God
Jadallah The Generosity of Allah swt
Jadil-Haqq Truth follower
Jadwal Brook, rivulet.
Jafar, Jafar Rivulet, little creek
Jaffer Flowing water
Jah Rank.
Jahan World.
Jahanafirin Another name for God,creator,of the world
Jahangir A moghul emperor had this name
Jahanzeb Beautiful
Jahdami Abu Amr Nasr, an authority for Hadith had this name.
Jahdari Abu al Mujashshar had this name; he was an authority for the Quran.
Jaheer Handsome man, high sound
Jahid Diligent, hardworking, striving.
Jahiz Ogle-eyed
Jahm Sullen, Ibn Huzafah Al-Adawi had this name; he helped conduct the funeral of Sayyidina Usman RA.
Jahsh Companion of Prophet Muhammad
Jal Resolution, firm will
Jalaal Glory of the Faith
Jalal Majesty, grandeur, glory.
Jalal al Din Glory of the faith
Jalal-ud-Din The majesty of religion (Islam).
Jaleb Attainer
Jaleel Great, glorious
Jalees Companion, friend, person with whom one sits
Jalib Attractive
Jalil Great, exalted, magnificent.
Jalil, Jaleel Great, revered
Jalis Companion
Jam, Aan
Jamaal Beauty
Jamaal Udeen Beauty of the Faith
Jamal Handsome; Being fair
Jamal al Din Beauty of the faith
Jamal-ud-Din Beauty of the religion (Islam).
Jameel Beautiful
Jamesha Beautiful leader
Jami Gatherer, collector, author, writer.
Jamil Another name for God, well-bred, good manners
Jamil, Jameel Beautiful
Jammaz Name of Muhammad Ibn Amr who related anecdotes and recited poetry at the court of al-Mutawwakil.
Jamshed Shining river; An ancient king of Persia
Jamuh Defiant.
Jan Life, heart
Jan Muhammad Life of Muhammad.
Janasheen Successor, vicegerent.
Janayd Historical name
Jandarah Name of a Sahabi RA.
Jan-e-Alam Life of the world.
Jaraah Surgeon; name of a tabaree.
Jareed Hawk, messenger, herald.
Jareer Corpulent; A distinguished companion,
Jari Bold, courageous, brave.
Jarir One who can pull; name of a famous Arab poet
Jariya This was the name of Ibn Jamil; he was on eof the Ashab-As-Suffa
Jariyah Name of a Ashb-as-Suffa
Jarood Name of a companion of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Jarrar Attractive; Huge; Tremendous army
Jarullah Neighbour of Allah.
Jasar Courageous
Jasim Healthy, Strong, Powerful
Jasim-ud-Din Great (man) of the religion (Islam).
Jasir Brave, bold, courageous, valiant.
Jasiyah The 45th Surah of the Qiirayi,the One who kneels
Jasmir Strong
Jassur very brave
Jasur Brave, bold, courageous, valiant.
Jauhar Gem, jewel
Jaul Choice
Jaun Kind of plant, handed, generous
Javed Immortal; Eternal
Javeed Forever
Javier Month of January
Jawad Generous, liberal, open-handed.
Jawahir Jewels; pl. of jawhar, jewel.
Jawan A young man.
Jawdah Heavy rain, benevolent deed
Jawdat Excellence, goodness
Jaweed Eternal
Jawhar Jewel, gem, essence.
Jawwad Most bountiful
Jazam Encourager, instigator.
Jazib Beautiful, Handsome.
Jazlaan Happiness
Jeelan It is a city in Iran
Jibrail Arch Angel
Jibran Result, value, ransom; Famous philosopher-writer of Lebanon: Kahlil Jibran.
Jibril Archangel of Allah (Gabriel)
Jihad Struggle, Islamically sanctioned war
Jiyad Very good; there is also a mountain in Makkah by this name.
Jnab An honorific title, Your Excellency.
Jnhih Sun
Juail One black and ill-shaped, a black beetle, quarrelsome. Name of a Sahabi.
Juayl Quarrdsome
Jubair Counsels or brings together
Jubair, Jubayr Old Arabic name
Jubayr Compelled, Assisted a companion of the Prophet PBUH ibn Mutim RA, also ibn Nufayr RA.
Juday This was the name of a skilled Kufic (Script) writer who wrote copies of the Quran during the reign of Mutasim.
Jugnu a fire- fly
Juhaym Sullen; A companion of the Prophet PBUH was so named.
Jul Resolution, firm will
Julaybib Brave Martyr
Juma’ Friday
Jumah, Jumuah Born on Friday
Jumanah Pearl; name of a companion
Jummal A thick rope, a rope with which a boat is anchored.
Junaid Fighter, worrier whose strength is equal to a small army
Junaid, Junayd Young fighter
Junayd Diminutive of Jund, army, soldiers.
Jundub Grasshopper, A companion ibn-Abdullah had this name.
Jurayj This was the name of a teacher of Tabari, he was also an authority for Hadith.
Jurhad He was ibn Khuwaylid Al-Aslami.
Jusamah Nightmare; Name of a companion.
Juthamah Nightmare (name of companion)
Juwain, Juwayn Sibling
Juyal Quarrdsome; A companion of the Prophet PBUH, Ibn Suraqah al-Dumari had this name and was one of the Ahl as Suffah.
Juzar, Joozher, Joozhar, Zuzer Competent
Kaamil Perfect, accomplished
Kaashif Uncoverer, pioneer, discoverer
Kab Fame, honour, high rank
Kabaark Noble, dignatories
Kabeer; Kabir Name of a famous poet-saint; A mystic poet or poet sants of India
Kabir Great, grand, magnificent, senior, Allah’s epithet.
Kadar, Kedar Powerful
Kadeem Slave to god
Kadeen, Kadin Friend, companion, confidant
Kadeer, Kadir Green or green crop (connoting freshness and innocence)
Kadir Ray of light; Shoot of grass; Green
Kafee Enough, sufficient
Kafeel Responsible, Surety, Sponsor
Kafi Sufficient, Al-Kafi, one of he names of Allah
Kafil Guarantor, surety, sponsor, responsible.
Kahil Friend, lover
Kahill Best friend
Kaif State, condition, mood.
Kaisan Wise; A companion of the Prophet PBUH. was known by this name. He was Ibn-Jareer Al-Awami RA.
Kaiser Emperor, King
Kajji Name of Ibrahim Abdullah of Basrah, an authority for the Hadith at Baghdad.
Kalam Another name for the Quran, speech, conversation
Kalan Greator, bigger, senior.
Kalbi Name of Muhammad Ibn Saib an authority on genealogy and the Quran.
Kaleem Orator, spokesman
Kaleema Public speaker, singer
Kalim Another name for Prophet Muhammad, a speaker
Kalim-ud-Din Spokesman of religion
Kalimullah One who conversed with Allah. An epithet of Prophet Moses.
Kaliq Creative, refers to a quality of God
Kamal Perfection, completion, integrity.
Kamaluddin Perfection of religion (Islam).
Kamil Perfect, consumate, thotough; Abu Bakr Ahmad was Ibn Kamil; he studied with Tabari and was a judge at Kufah and a scholar of Hadith.
Kamil, Kameel Perfect; one of the ninety nine qualities of God
Kamran Lucky, happy, success.
Kanaz Historical name
Karam Generosity, bounty.
Karamah Nobility, miracle
Karamat Karimah is dignity, honour, respect. Name of a companion of the Prophet PBUH.
Karamullah Bounty of Allah.
Kardal Mustard seed
Kardar Prime minister.
Kareem Generous, Noble
Karif, Kareef Born in Autumn
Karim, Kareem Kind, generous, benevolent, noble, bountiful, magnificent, gracious, merciful, an epithet of Allah.
Karmani Benefactor
Karoobi Angel.
Karrar Impetuous, passionate
Karukar Another name for God, workers
Kasam The king
Kaseem, Kasim Divided
Kaseer Plentiful
Kashan Place of rulers
Kashef Uncoverer
Kashif Explorer; Discoverer; Revealer
Kasib, Kaseeb Winner, provider, Fertile
Kasim Lovely
Kasir Another name for God,One who breaks
Kateb, Katib Writer, scribe, tempered, cool, patient
Kaukab Planet.
Kausar 108th Surah of the Quran,a stream in Paradise
Kawkab Star
Kawthar Much, Abundant, Copious. (Name of a river in paradise)
Kayani Of good nature.
Kayid Cunning
Kaykaus Just, noble. King of Iran (d. 1058).
Kaysan Wise
Kazi Judge
Kazim One who controls or suppresses his anger.
Keyaan Crown, King
Khabbab One who paces, trots or walks fast;
Khabeer Expert, skillful
Khabir One of the ninety-nine names of God, wisdom
Khadim Servant, attendant.
Khafid Easy, comfortable, smooth
Khafiz Easy, comfortable, smooth; also a name of Allah Al-Khafid meaning one who humbles, The Abaser, hence Abdul Khafid.
Khair Good, blessing, boon, wealth, benevolent, fortune.
Khair al Din Goodness of the faith
Khair Udeen The good of the Faith
Khairat Blessings, good work, good deeds.
Khairi, Khairy, Khayri Charitable, beneficent
Khairuddin Boon of religion (Islam).
Khairul Bashar Best of mankind, an epithet of the Prophet Muhammad.
Khairy Charitable, Beneficent
Khairy, Khayri Charitable, beneficent
Khalaf Successor, Descendants
Khalaf Hasan Successor of Hasan.
Khalam Servent to Allah
Khaldoon Old Arabic name
Khaldun Name of a famous Muslim philosopher, historian & social scientist.
Khaldun, Khaldoon Old Arabic name
Khaleed Abiding
Khaleel Friend
Khaleeq Suitable (for), Worthm Deserving, Polite, Affable, Well-disposed.
Khalfan Successor
Khalid Eternal, everlasting
Khalid Bin Walid General to whom the Prophet Muhammad awarded the title of honour, Sword of Allah (d. 642).
Khalid, Khaled Eternal
Khalifa Successor, viceroy, caliph, vice-regent.
Khalifah Successor, Caliph
Khalil Good friend.
Khalil al Allah Friend of God; title given to Prophet Ibrahim
Khalil, Khaleel, Kal Beautiful, good friend
Khalilullah Friend of Allah, an epithet of Prophet Ibrahim.
Khaliq One of the ninety-nine names of God,who creates
Khaliqus Subhan Worthy of the Glory (Allah).
Khaliquz Zaman The qualified (person) of the era.
Khalis Pure, true, clear, real.
Khallad Old, Aged; A companion of the Prophet PBUH had this name, he was Ibn As-Saib.
Khallaq Another name for God, One who creates
Kharijah Outside, external; Ibn Huzafah a companion, had this name.
Khashi Pious, devout.
Khasib Fertile, Productive, Profuse.
Khateeb Orator, title of someone who delivers speech.
Khatib Suitor, matchmaker.
Khatir Heart, idea.
Khawar From east to west
Khawli Deer. Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Khawwas To be filled with food. Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Khawwat Name of a companion, bin Jubayr RA who was one of those whom them Prophet PBUH sent to verify reports of treachery of Banu Quraysh.
Khayaam Iranian Poet, Tent.
Khayr Goodness, health, Safe.
Khayri Benevolent, charitable, beneficent.
Khayrullah The Prosperity of Allah swt
Khayyam Tent-maker.
Khayyat Tailor; Name of Abu Muhammad al-=Qasim, a reciter of The Quran.
Khayyir Generous.
Khazin Treasurer.
Khidash A companion of the Prophet PBUH had this name, he was ibn Satamah RA.
Khidr Green
Khirash Scratching, Scraping, Name of a companion, ibn Abdullah.
Khizar Name of a Prophet.
Khizr Green
Khoury Priest
Khubaib Shinning
Khubayb A fast walker; Ibn “Adi al-Ansari RA” a companion of the Prophet PBUH who participated in the battle of Badr had this name.
Khuda Bakhsh Gift of Khuda (Allah).
Khulaidah A form of Khalidah, meaning: permanent. Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Khulaifah A form of Khalifah, meaning: Successor, heir. Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Khulayd Abidingt; A companion of the Prophet PBUH.
Khulud Immortality, eternity.
Khulus Clearness, purity
Khunays Hidden; Name of a companion of the Prophet PBUH.
Khuram Tiger
Khuraym Ibn Fatik had this name.
Khuraymah Name of ibn Jazi RA, A companion of the Prophet PBUH also bin Sabit a noted companion who was martyred at Badr.
Khurram Cheerful, glad, fresh.
Khursheed The sun
Khurshid Sun
Khush Bakht Fortunate, of good fortune
Khusham Loin
Khushtar Sarrounded by happiness
Khusraw Beautiful
Khuzaimah, Khuzaymah Old Arabic name
Khuzayma Historical name
Khuzaymah Old Arabic name
Kibria Divine majesty, divine grandeur.
Kifah Struggle, fight.
Kifat Lion, cheetah, tiger.
Kifayat Enough, sufficient.
Kinza Hidden Treasure
Kishwar A country, region
Kohinoor The mountain of light, name of a precious stone.
Kulsoom Ibn Al-Husayn al-Ghifari a well-known companion had this name; and quite a few others.
Kulthum (name of companion)
Kunmayl Historical name
Kurayb Ibn Abi Muslim al-Hashami had this name
Kursheed Sun
Labeeb Understanding, Sensible, Intelligent
Labib, Labeeb Sensible, Intelligent, reasonable, rational, wise.
Labid A companion
Lablab Ivy
Laeeq Qualified, able
Laham Intuition, conjecture, wisdom.
Lahi’ah Bin Uqabah al-Misri a narrator of Hadith had this name.
Laiq Worthy, deserving, capable, decent.
Lais A famous jurist had this name. bin Saad bin Abdur Rahman
Laith Lion
Lajlaj A companion of the Prophet PBUH al-Aamiree RA had this name.
Laman Luminescence, twinkle
Lame Brilliant
Lamee Bright, shining
Lam’I, Lamee Shining, Bright
Laqeet Bin Sabirah RA was a well-known companion of the Prophet PBUH.
Laraib Faultless, pure, intact.
Laskhar Soldier, army.
Latafat Elegence
Lateef Gracious
Latif Kind, gracious, courteous, gentle, friendly.
Layeeq Worthy, capable, clever, sensible.
Layth A famous jurist had this name , Lion
Layyin Tender, resilient.
Layzal Another name for God,immortal,undying
Lazim Fitting, compulsory, needed.
Liaquat Decorum, decency, competence, worth, capability, merit.
Liban Succesfull, charmed
Limazah Ibn Zabbar had this name; he was a narrator of hadith.
Lisan Tongue, language.
Lisanuddin Language of religion (Islam).
Liyaqah Fitness
Liyaqat Worth, deserving, merit.
Lodhi A famous Afghan tribe.
Lu’ay Shield
Lubaid, Lubayd Old Arabic name
Luqmaan A Prophet’s name
Luqman The sage Luqman.. is the type of perfect wisdom, Lokman.
Lut Name of a great Prophet of Allah.
Lutf Kindness, friendliness, gentleness, grace, courtesy, favour (from Allah).
Lutfi Kind, friendly, courteous.
Lutf-ul-Baari Kindness of the Creator.
Lutfullah Kindness of Allah, favour of Allah.
Lutf-ur-Rahman Favour of the All-merciful (Allah).
Maad An old Arabian Tribe’s name.
Maahi Another name for Prophet Muhammad
Maahir Skilled
Maali Noble, sublime, Excellency.
Maalik Owner, proprietor, master, lord. Allah’s epithet.
Maarij The 70th Surah of the Quran
Ma’awiya A young dog or fox (First Umayyad Khalifah)
Maaz A friend of Prophet Muhammad
Maazin Proper name
Mabad A place of worship; Many of the prominent people had this name including the companions ibn Khalid al-Juhanni and ibn-Hawzah RA.
Mabruk Blessed, prosperous.
Mad An old Arabian tribe’s name
Ma’dan Name of the tutor of the family of Ziyad ibn Abih at Basrah and then at Kufah; he was called al-fil because of the elephant his master had given.
Madani Urban, civilized, modern
Madhat Praise, lauding.
Madi Past, sharp
Madih Praised, commendable.
Madyan Name of a holy place in Saudi Arabia where the Prophet (PBUH) used to visit
Mahad Great, nice
Mahasin Pl. of Mahsana, beauty, attraction, virtue, merit.
Mahaz The place of war
Mahbeer Brave
Mahboob Dear, beloved.
Mahbub Dear, Darling, Sweetheart
Mahbubullah Beloved of Allah.
Mahd The guided one
Mahdi Another name for Prophet Muhammad
Mahdy Guided to the right path
Maheen Fine or thin texture, feeble voice (also; despised, contemptuous).
Maher Skilled
Mahfuj The Protected One, The Protector
Mahfuz Safeguarded, well-protected, preserved, secure.
Mahfuzur Rahman Protected of the Beneficent
Mahib Another name for God; lion; terrible;held in awe
Mahir Skilled, skilful, proficient.
Mahja Place to sleep, quarters, lodgings
Mahjub Hidden, covered, screened.
Mahmood; Mahmoud; Mahmud Praised one; Praiseworthy; The Prophet of Islam
Mahrus Guarded, protected, secured.
Mahud Another name for God; One who is worshipped
Mahzuz Fortunate.
Maimun, Maymun Auspicious, prosperous, lucky, good fortunate, blessed.
Maisara Ease, comfort.
Maisur Easy, successful, fortunate, lucky, prosperous.
Majd Glory, honour, nobility.
Majd al Din Glory of the Faith
Majd Udeen The glory of the Faith
Majdi Glorious, praiseworthy
Majduddin The glory of the religion (Islam).
Majdy Glorious
Majeed Glorious, noble, exalted, an epithet of Allah.
Majid Glorious, noble, honourable, generous, Allah’s attribute.
Majid al Din Glory of the Faith
Makeen Strong, Firm
Makhdoom One who is held in reverence and served by others, lord, master.
Makin Strong, firm, well founded
Makki Pertaining to Makkah
Makram Noble trait, excellent quality.
Maleek Reigning, ruling.
Malih A reciter of Quran was so called.
Maluf Familiar, popular.
Ma’mar One who lives long, an edifice or a building.
Mamdooh Praised, celebrated, famous, commended, laudable.
Mamdouh, Mamduh One who is commended, praised, glorified
Mamnoon Trustworthy
Mamoon Trustworthy honest, faithful, reliable, something about which one feels secure.
Mamoor Inhabited, civilized.
Mamun Trustworthy, trusted
Ma’n Examine closely; accept the truth.
Manaf Abd Manaaf: an ancestor of the Prophet Muhammad.
Manal Attainment, acquisition, reachable.
Mandhur Vowed, consecrated to God
Manhal Fountains, spring of salubrious water.
Mani Strong, secure, well-fortified, unconquerable.
Mannan Benevolent, bountiful, generous.
Mansha Resolution, accord, wish.
Manshoor Prism, manifesto, law, principal.
Mansoor Assisted, aided (by God), victorious, triumphant.
Mansooruddin Victorious in religion (Islam).
Mansour Aided (by God), Victorious
Mansur Divinely aided, victorious
Manus Friendly, sociable, polite.
Manzar View, Sight
Manzoor Visible, perspective.
Maqadar Fate, destiny.
Maqbool Accepted, admitted, granted, approved.
Maqbul Accepted, popular
Maqeem Resident, residing, staying.
Maqil Intelligent; Quite a few people had this name, among them companions of the Prophet PBUH ibn Sinah RA.
Maqsood Intended, aimed at, object.
Maqsud Proposed, intended
Maram Wish, desire, aspiration.
Maraqab Ranks, praises.
Marghoob Desirable, coveted, agreeable
Marghub Desirable, coveted
Marid Rebellious Known, good
Markooz Centered.
Maroof Favour, kindness, kind act, famous, noted.
Marsad Ibn Abu Marsad al-Ghanavi was the companion of the Prophet PBUH who took part in the Badr Battle and had this name.
Maru’deen. Srtong believer of the religion
Maruf Well known, good
Marufirah Another name for the Quran; lofty, respected
Marwan An ancient Arab name.
Marzooq Blessed (by God), fortunate, prosperous, successful.
Marzouq Blessed (by God); Fortunate
Marzuq Blessed by God, fortunate
Masarrat Happiness, delight, joy, (Mussarrat is not correct).
Maseeh One who is blessed with piety from the cradle to the grave. The Messiah (Jesus), a Prophet.
Maseehuzzaman Masih (Messiah) of the age.
Mashal Torch
Masheer Advisor
Mashhood Witnessed, present, manifest, the day of judgment, the day of Arafah.
Mashhud Clear, Manifest, Witnessed
Mashhur Famous
Mashkoor One who is worthy of thanks, deserving, commendable
Mashkur Thankful, praiseworthy
Masir Destiny, goal.
Masood Prosperous, happy, dutiful, fortunate, lucky.
Masoud Happy, Lucky
Masroor Happy person, joyfull.
Masrur Happy, joyful
Masud Fortunate, happy, lucky, protected, sheltered
Masum Innocent, infallible.
Masun Well protected, sheltered
Mateen Solid, constant, tough, substantive
Matin Strong, powerful, solid, of resolute mind, durable. Al-Matin: the Strong; one of the names of Allah.
Matloob Desired, required, sought after.
Mausoof Worthy of description, endowed with laudable qualities.
Mawahib Pl. of Mauhiba, gift, talent.
Mawdood Beloved, attached.
Mawdud Loving, attached
Mawhoob Gifted, talented, endowed, favoured.
Mawla Helper, protector.
Mawsil Name of a Hanafi Jurist of Iraq (Ibn Mawsil).
Maymun Fortunate, blessed
Maysarah Ease, Comfort
Mazhar Manifestation, expression, outlook.
Mazhar-ud-Din Manifestation, of the religion (Islam).
Mazharul Haq Manifestation of the Truth i.e. Allah.
Mazid Increase, excess, more.
Mazin Cloud that carries rain
Mazkoor Related, said of.
Mehboob Lover
Meherdad Given by the sun
Mehtab The Moon.
Mehul Rain
Mekka Name of Holy city
Mensur Winner
Mibsam, Mebsam Smiling a lot
Midlaj Ibn Amr as-Sulami RA had this name.
Miftah Key
Mifzal Great and blessed person.
Mihran Name of a companion of the Prophet
Mihyar Name of a famous poet
Mika Cool, sweet, intelligent
Mikaeel Name of Allah’s Angel.
Mikail Name of an Angel (Michael)
Mikayeel One of the main Angels of Allah (SWT).
Mikhail One of the main Angels of Allah (SWT).
Mimar Mason, architect
Mimrah Cheerful, lively, gay-tempered.
Minhaj Method, system, order, way, road.
Minhajuddin Way of religion
Minnat Grace, kindness, favour, gift.
Minnatullah Gratitude owed to Allah.
Miqdad Ibn Amir Ibn Thalabah RA, a well-known companion who participated in the battle of Badr.
Miqdam In the forefront of battle, very bold, undaunted.
Mir Prince, governor, leader.
Mir Jahaan King of the world.
Miraj Ascension (to heaven).
Miran Princes; pl. of Mir.
Mirsab Prudent, wise, a sword of the Prophet Muhammad.
Mirza Son of a prince. Honorific title.
Misal Example
Misam Smiling, happy.
Misaq Agreement, covenant, contract, pact.
Misbaah Lamp
Misbah Lamp, lantern.
Misbahuddin Lamp of the religion (Islam).
Mishaal, Mishal Torch, light
Miskeen Poor
Mistah (Musattah is plain level) hence, an instrument to level something.
Miyaz Distinguished, preferred
Mizan Balance, scales.
Mizanur Rahman Balance of the most merciful (Allah).
Moazzam Respectable
Mobeen Sensitive
Moeen ud din Helper in the religion
Moeez Respectful
Moemen Believer and faithful to Allah
Mohammad Name of the Prophet (p.b.u.h.)
Mohammed Praised; from “Muhammad”, name of the Prophet pbuh)
Mohd. Khaleel Variant of ‘Khalil’
Mohd.Ibraham Variant of ‘Ibrahim’
Mohid The one who believes in oneness of Allah Almighty
Mohsin Helper, attractive
Moin Fountain, spring.
Mokbul Accept
Momin One who believes in God
Moosa A Prophet’s name
Mostafa Chosen one
Motabir Trusted, accomplished.
Mo’tasim Handsome
Motaz Proud
Mounir Light, sunlight
Mourad Desire
Muaath Protected
Muad A noted companion of the Prophet PBUH had this name, ibn-Jabal RA.
Muadh Protected; name of a companion
Mu’afa Ibn Imran, an ascetic, who travelled extensively to find Hadith, had this name.
Mu’alla A judge and follower of Abu Yusuf, ibn Mansur had this name.
Mu’allim Teacher
Muammar Antiquated, long-lived, one given log life, title of Luqman i.e. Lokman.
Muammer Senior
Mu’attib It was the name of a companion bin Ubayd RA.
Muawin Assistant, helper, supporter.
Muawiyah Young fox, Sehabie Rasool (sawas)
Muawwaz Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Muawwiz Ibn Afra RA, the companion who participated in the battle of Badr.
Muayid Supported
Muayyad Supported, championed, approved, victorious.
Muaz protected
Muazzam Exalted, glorified, honoured, revered.
Mubajjal Glorified, exalted, honourable, greatly respected.
Muballigh Preacher, one who preaches and propagates Islam.
Mubarak Blessed, fortunate, lucky, auspicious, august.
Mubaraq Blessing
Mubashir Bringer of good news, a Prophet.
Mubassir Observer
Mubayyin Another name for God; One who makes clear
Mubeen Clear
Mubid Intellectual
Mubin Clear, evident, grandfather of the Prophet
Mubtasim Smiling.
Mudabbir Planner, designer, disposer.
Mudar An Arabian tribe; name of a great grandfather of the Prophet
Mudasir Handsome
Mudasser A word in the Qur’an
Muddassir Wrapped in, enveloped, attribute of the Prophet Muhammad.
Muddaththir Covered; a title of the Prophet
Mudhakkir Reminder
Mudrik Perceptive, intelligent, reasonable, endowed with reason.
Mueen One who helps
Mueez A person who gives shelter.
Mufaad Profit, interest.
Mufaddal One who is preferred
Mufakhar Glorious, exalted.
Mufakkir Thinker, one who meditates
Mufallah One who prospers
Mufarrij One who helps in removing difficulties and worries
Mufazzal Preferred, chosen, favoured.
Mufid, Mufeed Beneficial, useful, advantageous, favoured, profitable.
Mufiz Giver.
Muflih One who succeeds, prospers.
Mufti Interpreter or expounder of Sharia (Islamic Law).
Mughis Helper, assistant.
Mughith Helper, succourer
Mughni One who releases another from straitened circumstances, an epithet of Allah.
Muhab Dignified
Muhaddas Compiler of hadith.
Muhafiz Preserver, custodian, guardian.
Muhafiz-ud-Din Preserver of the religion (Islam).
Muhaimin Ruler, overlord, one who provides sanctuary from any hazard or danger. Al-Muhaimin, the All-preserver: one of the names of Allah.
Muhair, Muhayr Skilled
Muhajir Immigrant
Muhammad, Mohammed Praised, lauded, commended, praiseworthy. Muhammad ibn Abdullah (570-632); Messenger of Allah who preached the faith of Islam.
Muhammed Bachal
Muhammed Bux
Muhanna Happy, delighted
Muhannad, Muhanned Sword, Indian sword.
Muharrem 1st month of Islamic year
Muharrim Another name for Prophet Muhammad
Muhazzab Polite, courteous, well-mannered.
Muhdee One who presents
Muheet That which embraces all round
Muhib Loving, affectionate, friend.
Muhibb Loving
Muhibuddin Friend of the religion (Islam).
Muhibullah Friend of Allah.
Muhit Encompassing, ocean.
Muhiyuddin Reviver of the religion (Islam).
Muhriz Obtainer, winner, earner, Ibn Awn al-Hilali RA had this name.
Muhsin Beneficent, Charitable
Muhsin Good-doer, i.e. performs good deeds totally for Allah’s sake only without any show off or to gain praise or fame etc., and in accordance with the Sunna of Allah’s Messenger Muhammed SAAWS. Also the name of one of the sons of Fatimah (Muhammad’s daughter).
Muhtadi Rightly guided, following the right path, on the right way.
Muhtady Rightly guided
Muhtashim Decent, modest, chaste, shy.
Muhyi One who gives life, reviver.
Muhyi al Din Reviver of the faith
Muid Reviser, restore.
Muin Helper, patron, supporter, aide.
Mu’in/Mu’een Helper
Muinuddawlah Defender of the state.
Mu’inuddeen The Helper of the religion
Muinuddin Helper of the religion (Islam).
Muinul Islam Supporter of Islam.
Muiz The giver of might and glory
Muizz One who honours, strengthens.
Muizzuddawlah He who renders the state mighty.
Muizzuddin One who strengthens the religion (Islam).
Mujaahid Fighter (in the way of Allah)
Mujab One whose prayers were answered
Mujaddid One who renews or renovates or refreshes.
Mujahid One who struggles, strives, or fights for the cause of Islam, soldier of Jihad.
Mujammil Adorner, beautifier.
Mujazzir A person who cuts off, uproots, or consolidates. Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Mujazziz One who cuts off, name of a companion, al-Mudliji.
Mujeeb Responder
Mujib Replier, answerer. Allah’s epithet.
Mujibur Responsive
Mujir Protector, defender, helper, supporter.
Mujtaba Chosen, selected, elected. Title of the Prophet Muhammad.
Mujtahid Diligent, industrious, hardworking.
Mukafih Freedom fighter.
Mukammil Perfecting, completing.
Mukarram Honoured, revered, honourable, noble.
Mukhallad Immortal.
Mukhlis Sincere, honest, true, faithful.
Mukhtaar Chosen
Mukhtar Selected, chosen, preferred, favorite, the most exquisite..
Mukhtarul Haq Chosen by the Truth (Allah).
Muktafi Satisfied, contended.
Mukthadir Strong, health
Mulayl A companion was so named
Mulham Inspired
Mulhim Inspiring
Mulk Kingdom, sovereignty, supreme power or authority.
Mulla A Persian construction probably from the Arabic Mawla (master, leader, lord).
Mumin, Moomin Believer (in Islam), pious, one who advocates peace and harmony. Allah’s attribute.
Mummar Given or granted long life
Mumtaz Distinguished, superior, outstanding.
Munadi A scholar of Baghdad who wrote books on the Quran and related subjects, Abu al-Hasan, had this name.
Munadil Fighter, defender.
Munaf Exalted, inconsistent with contradictory to.
Munahid Strong
Munaim Benevolent kind. Al-Munaim, the Benevolent: one of the names of Allah.
Munasir Helper, protector, friend.
Munawwar Enlightened, lighted
Mundhir Warner, cautioner
Muneeb One who turns in repentance
Munib One who turns to Allah seeking His pardon.
Munif Eminent, exalted, superior, high, lofty.
Munim Benefactor, donor, grantor.
Munir, Muneer Splendid, shining, something that reflects light, bright, brilliant, radiant, luminous..
Muniruzzaman Brilliant of the age.
Munis Name of a previous chief army guard
Munjid Helper, supporter, rescuer.
Munkadir This was the name of Abu Bakr Muhammad, an ascetic and authority for Hadith.
Munna Strength, power, vigour.
Munqad One who is led, conducted, obedient
Munqiz Saviour, rescuer, deliverer.
Munsif Just, fair, righteous.
Muntaqim The Avenger; He who punishes wrongdoers; One who takes revenge. Name: Abdul Muntaqim.
Muntasir One of the Abbasid Khalifah was known as such
Muntazar Expected, prospective, anticipated, awaited.
Muntazir The awaitting
Munthir Warner, Cautioner
Munzir Warner, cautioner, forerunner, Messenger sent by Allah to warn mankind.
Muqaddas Sacred
Muqaffa Name of Abdullah (Ibn al-Muqaffi) who had converted to Islam from Zoroastrian religion and worked with the uncles of al-Mansur.
Muqarrab Intimate companion, friend, one who is brought near the throne of Allah, one who is nearest to Allah.
Muqatadir Name of an Abbasid Khalifah
Muqbil Following, next
Muqeet Provider. Al-Muqeet, the Nourisher; one of the names of Allah.
Muqla Eye, eyeball, the middle of anything, Ib Muqlah; Abbasid vizier and “founder of Arabic calligraphy”.
Muqsit Just, impartial, Allah’s attribute.
Muqtadi Follower, one who follows an imam during ritual prayer.
Muqtadir Able, powerful, mighty, Allah’s epithet. Al-Muqtadir, the omnipotent: one of the names of Allah.
Muqtafi One who follows (another). Al-Muqtafi (1136-60): Abbasid Khalifa.
Muqtasid One who is economical, thrifty.
Murabbi Patron, Superior, guardian
Murad Will, intention, desire, intended.
Murarah Bitterness, innermost, heart; al-Rabi al-Ansari RA was a companion who participated in the Battle of Badr.
Mursal Messenger, Prophet, Ambassador
Murshid Leader, guide, adviser, counselor.
Murtaad Ascetical
Murtada, Murtadi, Murtadhy Satisfied, contented, pleased
Murtadaa Chosen one
Murtadi, Murtadhy Satisfied, content
Murtaza Chosen, approved, agreeable, acceptable, an epithet of the Prophet Muhammad.
Musa, Moosa A Prophets name (Moses)
Mus’ab Ibn-Umair RA was so named he was a companion whom the Prophet PBUH name as one of the fourteen eminent guardians.
Musad Unfettered camel; favored by fortune, lucky
Musaddiq One who confirms. One who accepts another’s word as truth.
Musaid Helper, assistant, supporter.
Musawwir The FashionerA Name for Allah
Museeb Apple in persian. Also means great warrior
Musharraf One who is honoured, exalted.
Musharrif One who exalts.
Musheer Advisor
Mushfiq Kind, tender, fearful.
Mushir The one of highest rank was used mostly in military in the past, now used to describe many things in arabic.
Mushir-ul-Haq Counselor of the Truth i.e. Allah.
Mushtaq Longing, desiring, eager.
Musir Prosperous, affluent, rich.
Musleh Reformer
Muslih Peacemaker, conciliator, reformer, one who sets things right.
Muslihuddin Reformer of the religion (Islam).
Muslim Follower of the religion of Islam.
Mussarrat Joyful, always happy
Mustaeen One who asks the help or aid or assistance.
Mustafa Kamal Founder of modern Turkey (1881-1938).
Mustafa, Mustaffa The choosen one, also one of the Prophets names
Mustafavi Attributed to the family of Mustafa, i.e. Muhammad.
Mustafeed Profiting, gainful
Mustafiz Profiting, one who is desirous of gaining.
Mustahfiz Guardian, protector, custodian.
Mustahsan Commendable
Mustajab One who is heard, one whose supplication is answered.
Mustakfi One who desires another to do something effectively.
Mustakim Straight road
Mustali High, elevated, superior.
Mustamsik Composed, calm of mind, one who restrains himself.
Mustaneer Brilliant
Mustanjid One who implores for help.
Mustansir One who asks for help.
Mustaqeem Straight
Mustaqim Straight, upright.
Mustarshid One who seeks direction.
Mustasim He who holds fast.
Mustatab Good, Delectable.
Mustazhir Memorizer, one who knows by heart.
Mustazi One who seeks light or advice or guidance.
Muta Obeyed
Muta Ali The Most Exalted A Name for Allah
Mutaa Obeyed
Mutad Prepared, ready.
Mutahhar Pure, clean, purified, very beautiful.
Mutahhir What Purifies
Mutakabbir The Majestic A Name for Allah
Mutali Exalted, supreme.
Mutamad Trustworthy, reliable, dependable.
Mutamakan Accomplished, perfect, complete.
Mutamid One who relies upon Allah.
Mutamin One who entrusts his affairs to the management of another.
Mutammim Perfecting, completing.
Mutaqid Confident, believer, faithful friend.
Mutashim Decent, honest and modest
Mutasim Abstaining from sin (by the grace of Allah), preserved, defended.
Mutawakkil One who puts his trust (in Allah).
Mutawalli Entrusted
Mutawassit Moderate, average.
Mutaygab Son of Prophet Muhammad; aromatic; clear
Mutayyib Fragrant.
Mutazid One who takes assistance (of Allah), petitioner of justice.
Mutazz Mighty, proud, powerful.
Mutee Obedient, pious, devoted, faithful, submissive.
Muthanna Old Arabic name
Muti Giver, granter, donor, Al-Muti: the Granter: one of the names of Allah.
Mutiul Islam Obedient (follower) of Islam.
Mutiur Rahman Obedient (servant) of the most gracious i.e. Allah.
Mutlaq Free, unlimited, unrestricted.
Muttalib Seeker. Abdul Muttalib: grand father of the Prophet Muhammad.
Muttaqi God-fearing, pious, religious, devout.
Muttee Obedient
Muwafaq Successful
Muwaffiq Successful, prosperous, lucky, fortunate.
Muyassar Fortunate, facilitated
Muzaffar Victorious, triumphant, conqueror.
Muzaffaruddin Victorious of the religion (Islam).
Muzahir Protector, defender, supporter.
Muzahiruddin Defender of the religion (Islam).
Muzakkir Reminder, warner.
Muzammil One who is enwrapped in garments. Al-Muzzammil: title of the 73rd Sura of the Quran. In this sura, Allah addresses the Prophet Muhammad.
Muzammil The wrapped one
Muzhir Witnessed, name of companion
Muzzammi guided one
Muzzammil One who is wrapped up; a title of the Prophet
Naabih Noble, famous, eminent, distinguished, brilliant.
Naadir Dear, Rare, Precious
Naa’il Acquirer, Earner
Naajy Safe
Naase Clear, pure, white.
Naasih Advisor
Naathim Arranger, Adjuster
Nabeeh Noble, Outstanding
Nabeel Noble, gentleman
Nabhan, Nabih Intelligent, witty
Nabi Bakhsh Gift of the Prophet.
Nabi Bux
Nabi Another name for Prophet Muhammad, messenger
Nabigh Distinguished; talented; man of genius, brilliant person.
Nabigha Genious, talent
Nabighah Intelligent
Nabih Famous, noble, outstanding, eminent, distinguished, brilliant.
Nabil, Nabeel Noble, high born, honourable, intelligent, dexterous, one skilled in archery.
Nabiullah An epithet of the Prophet Nuh.
Nadeem Intimate friend, boon companion, courtier.
Nadhir Warner
Nadim Friend, companion
Nadim, Nadeem Friendly, entertaining
Nadir Extraordinary, rare, dear, exceptional.
Nadira Rare, Inaccessible
Nadqid A critic; a reviewer; a fault-finder.
Nadr Flourishing
Naeb Deputy
Naeem Happiness, comfort, ease, tranquil, felicity, peaceful, bliss, pleasure, bounty, anything given as gift.
Naeemullah Grace of Allah, bliss of Allah.
Naef Excess, surplus.
Nafasat Refinement
Nafe Benefactor
Nafee Beneficial, Profitable
Nafees Pureness, Pure
Nafi Beneficial, advantageous, profitable.
Nafis Refined, pure, choice, exquisite, precious, invaluable, costly.
Nahi Another name for Prophet Muhammad
Nahid Stainless
Naib Deputy, Second in Command
Naif Exalted, lofty, eminent, superior.
Naif Na’il Aquirer, earner
Naim Comfort, ease, tranquility
Najah Success.
Najair Little Star
Najam Star
Najat Rescue, salvation, deliverance.
Naje Wholesome, beneficial
Najeeb Noble, gentle, Beneficial
Najeed Highland
Najeeh Sound, good (opinion).
Najeh Successful
Naji Saved, liberated, safe.
Najib, Najeeb Excellent, noble, distinguished, praiseworthy, generous, aristocratic.
Najib-ud-Din Distinguished (person) of religion.
Najibullah Distinguished (servant) of Allah.
Najid One who helps, supports.
Najih Successful, prosperous.
Najillah Saved by Allah. An epithet of Prophet Nuh.
Najiullah Intimate friend of Allah.
Najiyy Intimate friend
Najjar Carpenter
Najji Intimate friend, bosom friend.
Najm Star, celestial body
Najm al Din Star of the faith
Najm Udeen The star of the Faith
Najmuddawlah Star of the state.
Najmuddin Star of the religion (Islam).
Nakir Hateful
Naman Old Arabic name
Namdar Renowed, famous.
Nameer Pure, clear, healthy, good.
Namik Writter/Author
Namir Leopard, tiger, panther.
Namood Sample, model, paragon.
Naqeeb Chieftain
Naqi Pure, clean.
Naqib President, head, chief.
Naqid Fault-finder
Naqit Salih bin Aasim had this name.
Naqiy clear, pure
Naqqaash Painter, artist
Naseef The just one
Naseem Fresh air
Naseer Helper, protector, patron.
Naseeruddin Defender of the religion (Islam).
Naseh Adviser, preacher
Nashah, Nashat Growing up, youth
Nashat Joy, Cheer
Nasheet Energetic, dynamic, lively, fresh, vigorous.
Nashi Growing, fresh, nascent
Nashir One who scatters; Exposer; Announcer
Nashit Energetic, dynamic, lively, fresh, vigorous.
Nashwan Elated, exalted, exuberant.
Nasib Noble, highborn.
Nasif Most just, equitable.
Nasih Advisor, well-wisher
Nasihuddin Counselor of the religion (Islam).
Nasim Gentle wind, fresh air, fragrant air, zephyr, a cool breeze.
Nasimuddin Breeze of the religion (Islam).
Nasim-ul-Haq Breeze of the Truth i.e. Allah.
Nasir Protector, helper, supporter
Nasir al Din Protector of the faith
Nasir; Naseer Defender; Supporter; Success
Nasirah A companion of Prophet Muhammed,helper,friend
Nasiruddin Defender of the faith (Islam).
Nasmi Breeze
Nasr Help, aid, support.
Nasr, Nasser Victory
Nasrallah The Victory of Allah swt
Nasri Winner of victory after victory.
Nasruddin Victory of the religion (Islam).
Nasrullah Help of Allah.
Nasser Victorious
Nasser Udeen Protector of the Faith
Nasuh Sincere, faithful
Natheer Warner
Natiq Endowed with speech, eloquent, rational (being), spokesperson.
Nauman Flower Beds, Blood; name of the kind of Hirah in Arabia, especially of the last, Numan bin Munzir, also name of a Sahabi (AS).
Naushad Happy
Naveed Happy tidings, good news.
Navid; Naved Messenger of happiness; Good News; Glad tiding
Nawab The powerful influencer; A governor in India during the Mughal empire
Nawaf, Nawwaf High, lofty
Nawal Gift
Nawaz Prince, kind, loving and generous.
Naweed Glad tidings
Nawfal Generous, Old Arabic name for the sea
Nawshad Very happy
Nawwaf Superior, high
Nayab Rare, Precious
Nayif, Naif High, excellent; surplus, abundance
Nayyar Bright star, sun.
Nazakat Delicacy
Nazan Proud
Nazar A vow, promise made to God; a gift, charity, votive offering.
Nazeef Clean, neat
Nazeeh Pure, Chaste
Nazeer Warner, Prophet sent by Allah to warn mankind, a courtier.
Nazif Pure, clean, innocent, neat and clean, chaste.
Nazih Pure, virtuous, just, honest.
Nazih, Nazeeh Pure, chaste
Nazim, Nazeem Organizer, governor, arranger, adjuster, administrator, director, a composer of verses.
Nazimuddin Organizer of the religion (Islam).
Nazir Another name for the Quran, One who preaches
Nazmi Arranger, organizer
Nazzeer Precedent, alike, equal to.
Nehan Beautiful
Niaz Dependence
Niazi Petitioner, an afghan tribe.
Nibras Lamp, light
Nidal Fight, defence
Nihal Happy, Prosperous
Nijad Tall, dominant
Nilabh Moon
Nimat Blessing, boon, favour, grace, bounty, comforts of life.
Nimatullah Blessing of Allah.
Nimr Tiger
Nisar To strew, to sacrifice.
Nishaaj Explorer
Nishat Mirth, ecstacy.
Nithar Sacrifice
Niyaz Dedication, Offering
Nizal Striving, contest, competition, battle.
Nizam Order, arrangement, discipline, ruler, system.
Nizamat Organization, arrangement.
Nizami Of or relating to Nizam.
Nizamuddin Discipline of the religion (Islam).
Nizam-ul-Mulk The organization of the kingdom.
Nizar Old Arabic name
Nizzar Keen-eyed
Nokhez Newly bloomed, arising.
Noman Men with all blessings of Allah
Nooh A Prophet’s name
Noor Light, illumination. Allah’s epithet.
Noor Muhammad Light of the Prophet Muhammad.
Noor Udeen Brightness of the Faith
Noorali Light of Ali
Noori Light, luminous.
Nooruddin Light of the religion (Islam).
Noorul Absar Light of vision.
Noorul Ayn Light of the eye
Noorul Haq Light of the Truth i.e. Allah.
Noorul Huda Light of the right guidance (of Allah).
Noorullah Light of Allah.
Nooruz Zaman Light of the era.
Nooruzzaman Light of the era.
Noraiz The first ray of sunlight which came to earth
Nour Light
Noureddine Light of faith
Nuaim, Nuaym Name of several of the Prophets companions
Nuaym One of the narrators of Hadith was Abu Nuaym al-Nakhee; ibn Masood was a well-known companion by this name.
Nuayum Historical name
Nubaid Bringing Happiness
Nuh, Nooh A Prophets name (Noah)
Nuhaid, Nuhayd Big
Nujaym Starlet
Numair Panther
Numan Blood, red
Nur Light.
Nur al Din Brightness of the faith
Nur Firdaus Light of the Highest Paradise
Nurani Luminous
Nuraz The Treasure Of Noor
Nurdeen Light of the religion
Nuri, Noori Shining, brightness
Nur-ul-Qiblatayn Light of the two Qibla
Nusayb Name of Ibn Rabah al-Thaqati a black slave who fought in the early wars of Islam.
Nusayr Ibn al-Farj al-Asaliyy a narrator of Hadith had this name.
Nusrah, Nusrat Help, support
Nusrat Help, aid, assistance, support.
Nusratuddin Help of the religion (Islam).
Nuzayh Pure, chaste.
Obaid Small Slave
Omair Intelligent
Omar First son; Disciple; Gifted Speaker; Famous; An era; Name of the second Caliph-(Khalifah)
Omeir Long living
Omran Solid structure
Osama Lion
Ossama One of the names of the lion
Owais A companion of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Pamir Helper, constant perfect.
Parsa Devout or abstemious person, pious
Parvez Success, Name of a Persian King
Parwez Victorious peace
Pasha Lord, honorific title.
Pervaiz Breeze
Pir Saint, spiritual guide, wise.
Pirzada A son of pir (Sufi), a souvenir of leader.
Purdil Brave, fearless.
Qaadir Capable
Qabeel Son of Sayyidina Aadam
Qabid The ConstrictorA Name for Allah
Qabil, Qabeel, Qaabeel Another name for God, efficient, skilful
Qabiz One of the ninety-nine names of God
Qabool Accepted, accreditec, appreciated.
Qadar Divine destiny
Qaddur/Qaddoor Capable
Qadeer Able, powerful, mighty, one of the names of Allah.
Qadi Judge
Qadim Old, primitive, without any beginning or end
Qadir Able, capable, powerful, might. One of the names of Allah.
Qahhar The Subduer A Name For Allah
Qahir Courageous, brave, conqueror, destructor
Qahtan Name of a tribe
Qaid Leader, commander
Qaim Rising, Standing, Existing, well-grounded.
Qais Measure, measurement, firm, example.
Qaiser Caesar
Qalandar One who lives in solitude.
Qamar The moon. Al-Qamar: title of 54th sura of Quran.
Qamaruddin Moon of the religion (Islam).
Qanbar Historical name
Qane Satisfied
Qani/Qanee Satisfied with one’s life
Qanit Obedient, Submissive, Humble, God-fearing.
Qareeb Near
Qarib Another name for God,proximity,poetic meter
Qaseem Share, Portion
Qasid Messenger, courier.
Qasidul Haq Courier of the Truth i.e. Allah.
Qasif Discover
Qasim Divider, distributor
Qasit/Qaasit Just, Fair
Qaswarah Lion
Qatada Historical name
Qatadah Name of a companion of the Prophet
Qatawah A companion
Qati’i Muhammad Ibn Yahya, a student of Hadith ahd this name.
Qawee Strong, powerful
Qawi Strong, powerful, firm, mighty. One of the names of Allah.
Qays, Qais Firm
Qayyam Another name for God, immortal
Qayyim Another name for the Quran, just, strong
Qayyum Eternal, everlasting. An epithet applied to Allah.
Qazafi One who lives in vast forest.
Qazi Magistrate, Judge
Qismat Fate, destiny.
Qiwam Support, prop.
Qiwamuddin Support of the religion (Islam).
Quadir Strong
Quasim Judge
Qudamah A companion of the Prophet PBUH Ibn Mazoon RA.
Quddoos Holy, most, pure, free from any defects. Al-Quddus, the All-holy: one of the names of Allah.
Quddus Very holy
Qudoos Most holy
Qudrat Power, strength; potency; nature
Qudratullah Power of Allah.
Quds Holiness, sanctity.
Qudsi Holy, sacred.
Qudus Holiness, sanctity.
Qudwa Model, example.
Qurban Sacrifice, sacrifice on the occasion of Eid-al-adha.
Qureshi Attributed to Quraish, the tribe of the Prophet Muhammad.
Qurratulayn Darling, dearest
Qusay Old Arabic name
Qusta He was ibn Luqa. He translated works of philosophy, astronomy and geometry into Arabic for the Baytal Hikmah of Al-Mamun.
Qutaiba Irritable, impatient.
Qutaybah, Qutaibah Bin Saad bin Jamil a narrator of Hadith had this name.
Qutb Leader, chief, pivot, axis, pole.
Qutbah Name of Ibn Maalik RA a comanion of the Prophet PBUH.
Qutbuddin Leader of the religion (Islam).
Qutub Chieftain, leader
Raafe A companion
Raahil Path guider
Raakin Respectful
Raamis The good looking one
Raamiz Symbol
Raashid Major, Adult, Orthodox, Guided, Intelligent
Raatib Arranger
Raazi Satisfied, contended, well-pleased.
Rab Lord, master. One of the names of Allah.
Rabah Gainer, winner
Rabar A loving and caring person to all
Rabb Lord, master
Rabbani Divine, from Allah.
Rabee Spring
Rabees Powerful, fearless, dauntless.
Rabi Spring, breeze
Rabia Fem. of Rabi.
Rabiah Greenery
Rabih Winner, gainer.
Rabit Binding, Fastening
Radi/Radhi Happy, Satisfied
Ra’ed Leader
Raeef Very sympathetic
Raees Rich, Wealthy, Chief
Raem One who has a desire and searches.
Rafan Beautiful, graceful
Rafaqat Friendship, closeness.
Rafay The Exaulter, To Elevate Rank
Rafe The exalter
Rafee High, High-ranking, cultured, refined
Rafeed Helper, supporter
Rafeek Friend
Rafeeq Kind friend
Rafi High ranking, noble, eminent, exalted, sublime.
Rafid Tributary stream, affluent, helper, supporter, aide.
Rafif Glittering, shining, gleaming.
Rafik Kind, friend
Rafiq Associate, intimate friend, companion.
Rafiqul Islam Friend of Islam.
Rafi-ud-Din Noble (person) of the religion (Islam).
Ragheb Desirous
Ragheed Comfort, opulence, affluence.
Raghib, Ragheb Willing, desirous, wishful, inclined towards anything.
Raghid Pleasant
Raham Merciful.
Rahat Rest, Repose, Peace.
Rahbar Leader, guide, coach.
Raheel One who shows the way, Fearless or Brave.
Raheem; Rahim Compassionate; Merciful
Raheesh Leader, Chief, Rich
Rahil Path guider
Rahim Merciful, compassionate, kind. Al-Rahim, the most Merciful: one of the names of Allah.
Rahman Compassionate, merciful; referring to qualities of God listed in the Quran
Rahmat Sympathy, mercy, compassion, kindness.
Rahmatullah Mercy of Allah.
Rai Guardian, custodian, patron, protector, sponsor.
Ra’id, Raed, Raa’id Pioneer, explorer, leader, model.
Raif Merciful, gentle
Raihan Heavens’ Flower
Raiq Pure, clear, tranquil, serene.
Rais Leader, chief, president, superior, nobleman.
Raisuddin Leader of the religion (Islam).
Raiyan Satisfaction, contented
Raja Hope, anticipation
Raja Al-Karim Hope of the Kind.
Rajaa Hope
Rajab The seventh month of the Muslim year
Rajeel One who walks too much, steadfast.
Rajeh Preferable
Raji, Raajee Hopeful, hoping, full of hope.
Rajih Having the upper hand, more acceptable
Rajwan Full of hopes
Rakeem Writer
Rakhshan Dazzling, Shining, Bright.
Rakin Respectful, firm, confident
Ramadan/Ramadhaan Ninth month of the Muslim lunar calendar; month of fasting
Rameez Intelligent, dignified
Rami Marksman
Ramih Arcturus (brightest star in constellation Bootes)
Ramin Who rescues the people from hungry and pain. Brings Joy into peoples life
Ramiz One who indicates by signs.
Ramiz-ud-Din One who indicates by signs to the religion (Islam).
Ramzi The man who keeps secrets.
Rana A flower, happy and gay, clever.
Rani To gaze, gazing
Raonar Lustre
Raoushan Bright
Raqib Observer, guard. the watcher: one of the names of Allah.
Raqim Writer
Raquib Most watchful
Raseem One who designs
Rasesh Lord Krishna
Rashad To lead a righteous life, right guidance, integrity of conduct.
Rashdan Guidance. Name of a Sahabi RA.
Rasheed, Rashid Wise, prudent, judicious, rightly guided. Al-Rasheed, the Right-minded: one of the names of Allah.
Rasheed-ud-Din Wise (person) of the faith (Islam).
Rasheeq Graceful, elegant
Rashid One of good council; rightly guided, wise, having true faith
Rashiduddin Rightly-guided (person) of the religion (Islam).
Rashiq Graceful, elegant.
Rasikh Well-established, well-founded, stable, steady.
Rasil Messenger
Rasim Planner, designer.
Rasin Calm, composed.
Raslan Lion
Rasmi Formal, official
Rasool Name of the nabi
Rasool Bux
Rasul Messenger, messenger of Allah.
Rasul aidil
Rasul aidil
Rasul Another name for Prophet Muhammad
Ratib Regular, arranger
Ratiq Another name for God,One who brings together
Rauf Merciful, kind, compassionate. Al-Rauf, the most Kind: one of the names of Allah.
Raunak Fame
Ravoof Slavery of Love
Rawaha Rest, ease
Rawahah Departure, Fragrance, ease
Rawdah Garden Meadow, Paradise
Rawh Refreshment, Rest
Rawza Garden, Meadow, Paradise
Rayan The gate of heaven which allows fasting people in Ramadan to enter
Rayees Rich
Rayhaan Sweet basil
Rayhan Ease, fragrant herb, sweet basil, comfort.
Rayn It is the name of a gate of the heaven.
Rayyan Luxuriant; one of the gates of paradise
Raza Wish, assent, good will, desire.
Razak Protector
Razam Lion
Razeen Sedate, Slemn, Grave, Sober-Minded.
Razi Thankful of anybody, contented, satisfied.
Razin Calm, composed, self-possessed.
Raziq Another name for God,cherisher
Razi-Ur-Rahman Pleasure of the Beneficent
Razzaq Provider. Al-Razzaq, the All-provider: one of the names of Allah.
Reda, Rida, Ridha (In Gods) favor; contentment, satisfaction
Reem White gazelle
Reemaz Intelligent, wise
Rehaman; Rehman; Rahaman; Rahman Merciful
Rehan King
Rehma The loving
Rehman Kind hearted
Rehmat Kind
Rehmat-ullah Blessings of Allah Almighty
Reza Contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, approval, consent.
Rezaul Karim Satisfaction of the most Generous (Allah).
Riaz Garden, devotion
Rib’i Ibn Ibrahim bin Muqasim al-Asadi, Ibn Jarash and Ibn Abdullah all had this name; they were narrators of Hadith.
Ridha Contentment
Ridhwan Acceptance, Good will, Name of the keeper of the Gates of Heaven
Ridwan Acceptance, satisfaction; name of the keeper of the gates of Heaven
Rifaah Dignity
Rifah Name of twenty three companions of Muhammad.
Rifat High rank, high standing, dignity, exaltation, eminence.
Rihab Vastness
Risay The Risk, Black Rose, Lovest One, The One
Rishan Good human being
Riyad, Riyadh Gardens
Riyasat Rule, Dominion
Riyaz Practice
Riyazul Islam Gardens of Islam.
Riza Pleasure, assent al-Sharif Abu al-Hasan Ibn-Tahir had this name.
Rizawan Angel who is the guard of Paradise
Rizq Livelihood, subsistence, blessing of Allah.
Rizq Allah Livelihood from Allah.
Rizvi Descendant of Imam Ali Raza.
Rizwaan Satisfaction contentment, happiness, pleasure, name of the Keeper of the gates of Jannah (Paradise).
Rizwan Messenger of Good news
Robeel Flight
Rohail Noble
Ronaq Lustre.
Rooh Spirit, soul.
Roohul Amin Spirit of the faithful, spirit of the reliable; an epithet of Jibreel.
Roohullah Spirit of Allah. An epithet of Prophet Isa.
Roshan Bright, Shining
Rowel Flower
Ruhab Our who keeps one’s promise.
Ruhani Spiritual
Ruhi Spiritual
Ruhul Haq Spirit of the truth. An epithet of the Prophet Muhammad.
Ruhul Qudus Spirit of the holy. Epithet of Jibreel i.e. Gabriel.
Rukanah Firm, solid; Ibn Abd Yazid was RA a companion of the Prophet PBUH and he had this name.
Rukhailah Female sheep. Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.
Rukham White stone, marble.
Rukn Pillar, prop, support.
Ruknud Din Pillar of the religion (Islam).
Rushan Illuminated
Rushd Maturity, wisdom, sensible conduct
Rushdi Mature, wise
Rushil Attractive
Rustam The most renowned hero among the Persians, hero of the Persian epic Shahnama.
Ruwaid, Ruwayd Walking gently
Ruwayfe High, superior, exalted
Ruwayfi Exalted
Ruwwad Pioneers, explorers, guides, leaders, models; pl. of Raid.
Sabih, Sabeeh Beautiful, pleasant, fond
Saabir Patient
Saad Good luck, good fortune, success, happiness, prosperity, lucky.
Saadah Happiness
Saadat Prosperity, happiness, good fortune, auspiciousness.
Saadi Happy, lucky, blissful fortunate, name of a great Persian poet.
Saaduddin Success of the religion (Islam).
Saadullah Joy of Allah.
Saafi Pure, clear, crystal.
Saafir Ambassador, handsome
Saahir Wakeful
Saaiq He who drives on the right path
Saajid One who worships God
Saal The year consisting of twelve months
Saalih Good; Righteous
Saami Eminent, exalted, high-minded, sublime.
Saamir Fruit-bearing, fruitful, productive.
Saaqib Star
Saariyah Clouds at night
Sab Lion
Sabah Morning, Dawn
Sabahat Beauty, Grace, Handsomeness.
Sabaque One who surpasses or excels.
Sabat Firmness, stability, certainty, endurance, boldness, truth.
Sabbir Patient
Sabeeh Beautiful, handsome, one with a fair complexion.
Sabeer Patient, tolerant.
Sabih, Sabeeh Coming or arrival in the morning.
Sabil Path, way
Sabiq Another name for God,primary,first,former
Sabir, Sabeer Patient, persevering
Sabit Strong, well-established, certain, sure.
Saboor Patient, tolerant, forbearing.
Sabri Of patience, perseverence
Sabuh Shining, brilliant.
Sabur Patient, perservent
Saburah Ibn Abdul Aziz a narrator of Hadith had this name.
Sad Good luck
Sad al Din Good of the Faith
Sadaat Princes, lords, chiefs title of the Prophet Muhammad’s director descendents.
Sadad Right thing to do, lucky hand
Sadan Happy, Fortunate
Sadaqat Truth
Sadeed Relevant, Pertinent
Sadeem Haze, Mist
Sadeeq Trustworthy
Sadi Historical name
Sadid Correct, right, sound, appropriate, unerring, hitting the target.
Sadik Truthful, veracious
Sadiq True, truthful, honest, sincere, devoted, faithful, veracious.
Sadir Ordered, pasted, appointed.
Sadit Hard working and strong.
Sadooq Honest, truthful, sincere, trustworthy.
Sadr Chest, breast, forefront, start, dawn, bosom, the highest part, prime.
Sadruddin Person at forefront of the faith (Islam).
Saduh Singer, singing.
Saeeb Right, appropriate.
Saeed, Said Fortune, auspicious, venerable, dignified, happy, lucky.
Saeeduz Zaman Luckiest of the age.
Saeel Attacker.
Safa Friendship, purity, love, company.
Safdar One who breaks the enemy’s rank
Safeenah Name of an Ahl As-Suffah.
Safeer Emissary
Saffah Killer, blood shedder.
Saffar Abu Ali Ism ail, an authority for Hadith had this name; died 952.
Safi Pure, just, righteous, pious.
Safir Ambassador, mediator, intercessor.
Safiuddin The pure (one) of the faith (Islam).
Safiullah The pure (one) of Allah.
Safiy Best friend
Safiy al Din Best friend of the faith
Safiy-Allah Allah’s chosen one
Safiyy Chosen One.
Safiyyullah The Choice of Allah swt
Safuh Forgiving
Saful Islam Sword of Islam.
Safulmulk Sword of the kingdom.
Safwah, Safwat The best, the chosen
Safwan Pure, clear, smooth stone, cloudless day.
Safwat Supreme,good friend,purity,choicest part
Sagar Ocean, sea.
Sagheer Small, short
Saghir Small, young, slender, tender.
Saghir Ali Little Ali.
Sahab Clouds.
Sahar Time before day break; bewtich.
Saheim Warrior
Sahel One who shows way/path
Sahib Companion, freind.
Sahil River bank; Shore; Kinara
Sahir Magician
Sahl Soft, soil, smooth, smile. facile, easy, even.
Sahm Arrow, dart
Sahmir Entertaining companion
Saib The wind coming with rain.
Said, Sayyid Ibn Al-Hasan Ar. Raba’ee a narrator of Hadith.
Saidah Lion.
Saif Sword
Saif al Din Sword of the faith
Saif, Sayf, Seif Sword (of religion)
Saifan Sword of Allah
Saifuddin Sword of the religion (Islam).
Saiful Azman Sword of dream
Saiful Baari Sword of the Creator.
Saiful Islam Sword of Islam.
Saifullah Sword of Allah. Title of honour awarded to Khalid Bin Walid by the Prophet Muhammad.
Saim Fasting.
Sair Walking, going on foot.
Sa’irah Walking
Saja A pleasant face, eloquent.
Sajal Promise, vow, pledge, commitment.
Saji Abu Yahya had this name, a scholar and jurist who studied with the disciples of al-Shafaee.
Sajid Prostrate in worship, bowing in adoration to Allah.
Sajidur Rahman One who prostrates to the Merciful (Allah).
Sajjad One who constantly prostrates, worshiper of Allah, worshipper engaged in sujud (prostration) before Allah.
Sakha Generosity, liberality.
Sakhan Obedient.
Sakhawat Generosity, liberality, open-handness.
Sakher Conqueror.
Sakhi Generous.
Sakhir He who wins heart.
Sakhr Rock; Bin Wadaah RA was a companion of the Prophet PBUH.
Sakhrah Rock(s).
Sakoot Silence, peace, calm, satisfaction.
Salaahddinn The righteousness of the faith.
Salaam Peace
Salabah B. Abdullah was a narrator of Hadith.
Salabat Strong, majesty, dignity, awe.
Salah Piety, righteousness, honesty, goodness, peace, concord, treaty, rectitude.
Salah al Din Righteousness of the Faith; name of the Muslim leader who liberated Jerusalem from the Crusaders
Salah Udeen The righteousness of the Faith
Salah Righteousness
Salah-ud-Din Rectitude of the faith (Islam).
Salam Peace, safety, security. Al-Salam, the All-peaceable: one of the names of Allah.
Salama Peace; fem. of Salam.
Salamah Soundness, integrity
Salamat Safety, security, soundness, integrity.
Salamatullah Security of Allah.
Salar Leader, officer of army, commander.
Salarjung Army leader in war
Saleel Warrior of understanding, Noble hearted, container of inner strength
Saleem Sound, affable, healthy, guarded, perfect, complete, safe, secure.
Saleemullah Soundest (servant) of Allah.
Saleemuz Zaman Soundest (servant) of the time.
Saleet Shar-tongued.
Saleh, Salih Good, right; a Prophets name
Salem Safe
Salif Previous, Former.
Salih Pious, righteous, upright, just, virtuous, devoted, chaste.
Salik Passable, unobstructed.
Salil Drawn (sword), scion, son.
Salim, Saleem Another name for God, perfect, healthy
Salit Strong, solid, firm, sharp.
Salman Safe, mild, affable, perfect, name of a sahabi i.e. companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
Salsaal Pure Water
Salsal Pure Water
Salt Ibn Bahram, a narrator of Hadith had this name.
Sama One who listens a lot.
Samad Eternal, high, Al-Samad, the Everlasting: one of the names of Allah.
Samah Generosity, bounty, good-heartedness.
Samama A companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
Saman Price, Worth.
Samar Fruit, Outcome.
Samee Listener
Sameed Brave, simple
Sameeh Forgiving, kind
Sameer, Samir Early morning fragrance; Breeze; Wind; Entertainer
Sameh Forgiver
Sami Hearing, listening. Al-Sami, the All-Hearing: one of the names of Allah.
Samih Magnanimous, generous, king, forgiving, good-hearted.
Samil Peacemaker
Samim Sincere, genuine, pure, true, essence, heart.
Samin Valuable, precious, priceless.
Samiq Another name for God,exalted,tall
Samir, Sameer Entertaining companion
Samit Quiet.
Samiy Exalted, honorable
Sammak Abu al-Abbas Muhammad Ibn Sabih had this name.
Samman Grocer
Samsaam Sword; name: Samsaamuddin.
Samsam Finely tempered sword
Samurah Name of a distinguished Sahabi RA.
Sana Praise, commendation, eulogy.
Sanad Another name for God,evidence,proof
Sanaubar A cone-bearing tree, fir, Pne.
Sanaullah Worshiper of Allah.
Sanawbar A cone-bearing tree, fir, Pine.
Sanie Brilliant, majestic, exalted, eminent, splendid.
Saniyy High, supreme
Sa’ood Fortunate, Happy
Saqaf To surpass in skill.
Saqeel Strong, tough, robust, foreceful.
Saqer Falcon
Saqib Penetrating, piercing, sharp-witted, sagacious, astute, acute.
Saqif Proficient, skilful.
Saqlain Two worlds, world and Hereafter.
Saqr Falcon
Saquib Bright, luminous
Sarab Mirage.
Sarae Swift.
Sarafat Nobility, honest
Saramat Chief, ruler, traveller.
Sardar Chief, noble man, officer of rank.
Sarfaraz King
Sarfraz Person sitting at a high place.
Sarim Lion, brave, big hearted
Sariyah Clouds at night; name of a companion of the Prophet
Sarkar Chief, overseer.
Sarmad Eternal, everlasting
Sarosh Name of an angel who speaks but does not appear.
Sarwar Chief, leader, Joy, Delight.
Sarwat Wealth, Fortune, riches.
Sati Shining, bright
Satih Another name for God,preacher
Sattar Veiler (of sin). Al-Sattar, the veiler of sin: one of the names of Allah.
Sauban Two garments.
Saud Fortunate, pious, auspicious, prosperous.
Saulat Pomp, dignity, majesty.
Sawa Equal, same.
Sawad Blackness, Skill.
Sawlat Influence, commanding, personality, awe.
Sawwaf Wool Stapler, Wool Dealer.
Sayeed Leader, Auspicious
Sayf Sword
Sayf Udeen Sword of the Faith
Sayfiyy Concerning sword.
Sayfullah The sword of Allah swt
Sayhan Flowing.
Sayid Lord, Master
Sayuj United companion comrade
Sayyar Mobile, Constantly on the move.
Sayyid Chieftain, master, lord,munificent
Seema Mien, Expression, Countenance.
Seif Sword
Seif al Din Sword of the faith
Seif, Sayf Sword (of religion)
Shaady Singer
Shaaf One who gives health.
Shaafi Intercessor, mediator.
Shaar Habit, custom, an under garment.
Shaariq Radiance
Shabaan Islamic Month.
Shabab Youth
Shaban Eighth lunar month. It is a month of religious significance for Muslims.
Shabar Nector
Shabaz Beautiful, handsome, intelligent, protected by Allah,self confidence, respectful
Shabb Young
Shabbar Son of the Prophet Harun, by which name Muhammad is said to have called his grandson Hasan.
Shabbeer Appellation of Imam Husayn (R.A).
Shabbir Son of Prophet Harun, by which name Muhammad is said to have called his grandson Husain.
Shabeeh Resembling.
Shabi A leading scholar of his time, especially for the Hadith.
Shabib A scholar who wrote about spelling in the Quran, Ibn Shabib.
Shad Happy
Shadab Fresh, evergreen
Shadah Pleasant, happy, jovial, jubilant.
Shadan Happy
Shadeed Lover
Shadhin Independant
Shadi Singer, enchanter
Shadin Fawn, young deer
Shafaat Intercession, mediation, recommendation.
Shafay Intercessor, mediator.
Shafee Intercessor, mediator.
Shafeeq Compassionate, Tender
Shafi The healer, attributive name of Allah.
Shafin He who cures
Shafiq, Shafeeq Affectionate, compassionate, tender, kind-hearted friend, warm-hearted.
Shafiulla Compassionate of Allah or Purity of Allah.
Shafqat Compassion, pity, kindness, tenderness.
Shagufta Blooming, Happy
Shaguftah Blooming, Happy.
Shah King, emperor. Title assumed by fakirs i.e. mystics.
Shah Alam King of the world.
Shah Jahan King of the world.
Shah Nawaz Friend of king.
Shah Nawaz; Shahnawaz Brave
Shahab Bright red colour.
Shahadat Testimony, evidence, fundamental belief in Islam.
Shahalad Joy
Shahan King
Shahan Shah King of kings.
Shaharyar King
Shahbaz Royal falcon, royal, generous, noble.
Shaheed Present, witness, martyr in the cause of Islam and as such held in very high esteem and honour.
Shaheem Intelligent
Shaheen Royal, white falcon; the needle of the beam of scales.
Shaheer Well-known, famous
Shahid A martyr (religious or political)
Shahin Hawk
Shahiq High, towering, lofty, tall.
Shahir Famous, eminent, renowned.
Shahnaaz Pride of a King
Shahnawaz Brave
Shahrukh Concerning, monarchy.
Shahrul Moon
Shahwar Very precious, title of a king.
Shahzad Prince, son of king.
Shahzada Prince.
Shahzaib Crown of a king, like a king.
Shahzor Extreme Power.
Shahzore Powerful, kingly, forceful, strong.
Shaibaan Grayness, senility, old age. Name of a Sahabi RA.
Shaida Greatly Attached
Shaikh Chief, an experienced man, an old man.
Shaikhul Islam Leader of Islam.
Shaiq Full of desire
Shairyaar Friendship.
Shaista Gentle, obedient
Shajan Long, lengthy.
Shajee Brave, courageous
Shaji Courageous, bold, brave, fearless.
Shakeel Handsome, Comely.
Shakeyb Historical name
Shakib Present, gift, reward
Shakil Well formed, handsome, comely, well-shaped.
Shakir Thankful, grateful, contented.
Shakoor Very thankful
Shakorun A Name for Allah
Shakur Thankful, most grateful, one who gives due appreciation. Al-Shakur, the All-thankful; one of the names of Allah.
Shalabh Parwana
Shalik A sage
Shalin Good manners
Shalina Courteous
Shaline Praiseworthy
Shallal Waterfalls.
Shamal Wind that comes from the north
Shamas Sun
Shameel Complete
Shameem Fragrance
Shamel Comprehensive, complete.
Shamikh Another name for God,lofty,arrogant,exalted
Shamil All comprehensive
Shamim Fragrant, scent, a sweet-smelling breeze.
Shamiq Exalted, high
Shammakh High, lofty
Shammas A companion of the Prophet PBUH, bin Usman al-Makhzumi RA, who was martyred at Badr.
Shammyn Sun light
Shamoil He name of a Prophet.
Shams The sun.
Shams al Din Sun of the faith
Shamshad Box-tree
Shamsheer The sword of honors.
Shamsideen Sun of religion.
Shams-ud-Din Son of the religion (Islam).
Shamsudduha Son of forenoon.
Shams-Ul-Haq Appellation given to Indian and Pakistani Scholars.
Shamsuzzaman Sun of the age.
Shamuel Banu Israil Prophet
Shan Dignity, Splendour.
Shanawar Informed, knowing, aware of.
Shaoor Wisdom, decorum.
Shaqeeq Real; brother; name of a Sahabi RA; part, half, piece, brother.
Shaquita Blessed
Sharaf Nobility, high rank, eminence, honour distinction, honour, glory, dignity.
Sharafat Honour, nobleness.
Sharafuddin Honour of the religion (Islam).
Sharafyab Dignified
Sharaheel Ibn Abdul Hameed had this name, he was a narrator of Hadith.
Shardul The best
Shareef Distinguished, Noble
Shareeh A companion
Shareek Associate.
Shariat Divine law, Islamic Law.
Shariatullah Divine law of Allah.
Sharif, Shareef Honest, honorable, noble, distinguished
Sharifuddin Noble (person) of the religion (Islam).
Sharifudin The noble religion
Sharim Fast, quick, brisk.
Shariq Radiant, Bright.
Sharique Sunrise.
Sharjeel Fine
Shatir Clever, smart
Shaukat Power, might, valour, dignity, magnificence, grandeur, pomp, power.
Shawaiz Speak melodious
Shawkat Glory, dignity
Shawqi Affectionate
Shayaan Intelligent
Shayal Hardworking, diligent, determined.
Shayan Suitalbe, desirable, suited, worthy, eligible, fit.
Shaybah Grey-haired, aged.
Shayda Frenzied (with love)
Shaz Rare
Shazad Prince
Shazeb Decorated king
Shaziya Aromatic
Shees The name of a Prophet
Shehran The ancient king of Persia
Shehroze King of Roses
Shehryaar Sovereign.
Shehryar Friend of the city.
Shehyar Lucky one
Shehzaad Prince
Sher Lion, An epithet of Kahlifa Ali.
Sherafgan Powerful, one who defeats a lion.
Sheraz Name of a prince who founded a Persian city Sheraz.
Sheryar King
Shibil Young one in Arabic
Shibl Lion cub
Shibli Mawlana Shibli Numani was a great Scholar and writer.
Shifa Cure
Shifwat Good friend
Shihab Flame, meteor, shooting star, star.
Shihab al Din Star of the Faith
Shihab Flame,Blaze
Shihabuddin Meteor of the religion (Islam).
Shihad Honey
Shiham Sagacious, clever
Shimah Cream; Character
Shiqdar Land tax collector during the Muslim rule in India, now a family title.
Shiraz Sweet
Shoaib A Prophet’s name.
Shriranjan Lord Vishnu
Shua Ray of the sun, sunshine, light, luster, splendour.
Shu’aa Beams, Rays.
Shuaib, Shuayb A Prophet (see surat al-Araaf 7:88).
Shubool Lion cubs; pl. of Shibl.
Shufwat Best,immaculate
Shuhrat Fame, renown.
Shuja Brave, bold, Valour.
Shujaat Courage, bravery, valour.
Shujauddin Brave (person) of the religion (Islam).
Shukr Thanks, gratitude, gratefulness.
Shukrallah The Thanks of Allah swt
Shukri Thankfulness
Shumayl Complete
Shuneal Traveller
Shuqran Blondness, fair.
Shurahbeel Ibn Shurayk, a narrator of Hadith was known by this name.
Shurayh Bin Artah al-Nakhee, a narrator of Hadith had this name.
Shuraym Split, Cleavage
Siddiq Righteous, very truthful, hones, sincere.
Siddique Friend, companion.
Siddiqui Attributed to the first Khalifa Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq (d.634) through ancestry.
Siddiqullah The truthful (one) to Allah. An epithet of Prophet Yusuf.
Sifet Quality
Siham Arrows; pl. of Sahm.
Sikandar Name of a famous Sovereign
Silah Arms, armour, weapons.
Silahuddin Armour of the religion (Islam).
Silan A diamond, part of sword which is sheathed.
Silm Peace.
Simak Arcturus (Star).
Sinan Spear. Umm Sinan: a sahaabia i.e. a woman who lived in Prophet Muhammad’s time.
Sinanuddin Spear of the religion (Islam).
Siraaj Lamp; Light
Siraj Lamp, light, the sun, candle.
Siraj al Din Light of the faith
Sirajud Dawlah Lamp of the state.
Sirajuddin Lamp of the religion (Islam).
Siwar Bracelet, Arm-ring.
Slaeet Sharp-tongued.
Sofian Devoted
Sohaib Reddish or Sandy (Hair).
Sohail Gentle, ease; name of star.
Soham I am
Sohel; Sohail Moon Light
Sohil Handsome
Somood Steadfastness, firmness, endurance.
Souban A companion, Returning
Souffian Sand
Su`ud Good luck
Sual Invitation
Subah Beautiful, graceful.
Subahuddin Beautiful (person) of the religion (Islam).
Subaih Beautiful. Name of Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.
Subayah Handsome, Comely.
Subbooh Extremely pure; Allah’s attribute. Name: Abdus-Subbooh.
Subhan Praise, glory. Al-Subhaan, the Glory: one of the names of Allah.
Subhi Pertaining to morning.
Subhy Early morning
Suboor Patience, one who takes pity on sinners.
Sufi A mystic, someone believing in Sufi mysticism.
Sufian Ship builder. Abu Sufian: name of a companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
Sufyan Old Arabic name
Suhaan Very good
Suhaem Arrow
Suhaib, Suhayb Of reddish hair or complexion; name of the first Roman to embrace Islam
Suhail, Suhayl Gentle, easy; the name of a star
Suhaili A companion
Suhaim, Suhaym Arrow
Suhayb Of reddish hair or complexion
Suhayl Canopus (Star).
Suhayr Late night companion
Suheb Love.
Suhrab Son of the Iranian epic hero Rustam.
Sulaiman, Sulayman A Prophet, the biblical Solomon, son of Prophet Dawood.
Sulayk Traveller, Walker.
Sulayman A Prophet’s name
Sulayt Dominant, Strong.
Sultaan Authority.
Sultan King, emperor, ruler, authority, power. Title of a Muslim king.
Sumamah Millet (Plant).
Sumayya Matyr of Islam
Sumrah Brownness
Suoud Good luck
Suraqah Name of a companion of the Prophet
Surayj Ibn Yunus al-Marwazi, a jurist and authority on the Hadith had this name.
Suroor Happiness, joy
Surraq Thieves, name of a distinguished Sahabi RA.
Surur Joy, happiness.
Suud, Suoud Good luck
Suwaybit Roof over path, alley between houses.
Suwayd Black.
Swab True, right.
Sydeek King
Syed Always in control.
Taafeef Praise, hymn of God, definition, recognition.
Taahid To console, to guard.
Taahir Chaste; Modest
Taai Obedient, willing.
Taalim Sky.
Taamir One who knows dates
Taanish Good
Taban Resplendent, Glittering
Tabarik To be magnified greatly.
Tabassum Smiling
Tabbar Family, caste, race.
Tabeed Glitter, curve, shine, brightness.
Tabish Heat, Brilliancy.
Tabnak Hot, bright.
Tabrez  Challenging; Showing openly
Tafazzul Courteousness, favour kindness, beneficence.
Tafazzul Husain Favour of Husain.
Tafheem Undersanding, knowledge, know-how.
Taha Mystic letters at the beginning of Surat Taha, from which the sura derives its title.
Tahawwur Rashness
Tahfeez To praise, to describe.
Tahib Watchful.
Tahir Virtuous, pure, pious, modest, clean, chest.
Tahleem Ornament, beauty.
Tahmeed Praise, appreciation, recitation of good will.
Tahmid Thanks to the graceful and merciful Allah
Tahoor Purifying, cleansing
Tahseen Acclaim, appreciation
Tahsin Adornment, ornament, decoration, embellishment, betterment.
Taib Repentant, penitent.
Taif Vision, specter.
Taifur Rahman Vision of the Merciful i.e. Allah.
Taim Allah, Taym Allah Servant of God
Taimullah Servant of Allah.
Taimur A famous king, iron.
Taisir Making easy, facilitating, simplification.
Taj Crown; Jewel
Taj al Din Crown of the faith
Taj Bakhsh King maker.
Tajammal Beautiful
Tajammul Dignity, Magnificence, Pomp
Tajammul Husain Adornment of Hussain.
Tajdar Ruler, king, emperor, royal member.
Tajim Respect
Tajuddin Crown of the religion (Islam).
Tajul Islam Crown of Islam.
Tajwar King, ruler, emperor, royal person.
Talab Demand.
Talal Being pleasant, nice, admirable, agreeable, joy, a beautiful.. form or appearance.
Talat Appearance, countenance.
Talha Name of a Sahabi (R.A.) i.e. a companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
Talhah Kind of tree
Tali Rising, Ascending, Going up
Talib Sender (of truth), student
Talim Education, instruction.
Talish Glittering, bright.
Taloob Desirous.
Taloot Commander of Banu-Israil’s Army
Talum Be sympathetic.
Talût Saul
Tamam Generous
Tamanna Wish, desire.
Tameem Perfect, complete
Tameez Discretion, sense, manners
Tamim Strong, complete
Tamir Rich or abounding in dates, date seller.
Tamiz Distinction, distinguishing, judgment discrimination.
Tamiz-ud-Din Distinction of the religion (Islam).
Tamjid Praise, glorification, extolment.
Tamkanat Dignity, honor
Tamkeen Dignity, Gravity
Tammam Generous
Tanim Wave of the Sea, Rythem
Tanveer Enlightened
Tanvir Illumination, blossoming.
Tanweel Bestow upon, give.
Tanweer Lighting
Tanwir Enlightening
Tanzeem Organization, arrangement, method.
Tanzil Revelation, sending down.
Tanzilur Rahman Revelation of the merciful (Allah).
Taqaddam Reverance, sanctity, superiority.
Taqdees A Name for Allah, The Almighty
Taqi God-fearing, pious
Taqiuddin God-fearing (person) of the religion (Islam).
Taqiy Devout, God fearing
Taqiyy Pious, Righteous
Tarannum Singing
Taraz Ornamentation, decoration.
Tareef Rare; Uncommon
Tareeq Method, way, mode, manner, operation, process.
Tarfah Kind of tree
Tarif, Tareef Rare, uncommon, strange, curious.
Tariq Name of a star
Tariq A late visitor
Tarique Morning star
Tarub Lively, gleeful, merry.
Tasadduq Giving Alms, Charity, Sacrifice
Tasadduq Husain Benevolence of Husain.
Tasawwar Idea, conception
Taseel Strong, power.
Taseen A name of the Prophet (S.A.W)
Taseer An effect, impression.
Tashbeed Adolesence, youth.
Taskeen Pacification
Taslim Greeting, salutation.
Tasmeem Strong.
Tasneem A heavenly fountain.
Tatheer Purity, cleanliness.
Taufiq Guidance
Tauqeer Respect
Tawbah Repentance; Ibn Mudarras had this name.
Tawfeeq Divine help or guidance, enabling, inner motivation
Tawfiq Prosperity, good luck, good-fortune, success (granted by Allah).
Tawhid Belief in the unity of Allah.
Tawoos Peacock
Tawqir goodluck, success (granted by Allah)
Tawseef Praise
Tawwab Merciful, forgiving. Al-Tawwab, the All-compassionate: one of the names of Allah.
Taym Enslaved
Taymullah Servant of God
Taymur Brave strong
Tayseer Facilitation
Taysir Facilitation (granted by God)
Tayyeb Good and delicate
Tayyib Good, good-natured, generous, sweet, pure, chaste, good-tempered.
Tazam Be superior or elder.
Tazeem Honor, Respect
Tazim Glorification, exaltation, honour.
Tazimuddin Glorification of the religion (Islam).
Tazneem A garden in paradise
Tehseen Compliments, happiness
Thaabit Firm
Thabit Firm, established
Tha’labah A narrator of hadith
Thaman Price, Worth
Thamar Fruit, Outcome
Thamer, Thamir Fruitful, productive
Thaqaf To surpass in skill
Thaqib Shooting Star
Tharwan Wealthy, very rich
Tharwat Wealth, Fortune, riches
Thauban Two garments
Thawab Reward
Thawban Name of a companion of the Prophet
Thayer Rebel
Thumamah Millet (Plant)
Tihami A title of the Prophet (S.A.W)
Tiraq Strength, force, occupation.
Tirmizi Abu Isa Muhammad al-Tirmidhi (824-92): compiler of the one collection of Prophet Muhammad.
Tobias Born with a Star
Tooba Good news.
Toqeer Respect
Tufail Intercession, mediation, diminutive of Tifl, baby.
Tufayl Mediation
Tuhin Snow
Tuhinsurra Snow white
Tulayb Concerning a) seeker, or one eho covets
Tunveer Rays of light
Turab Soil, dust.
Turhan Of mercy.
Ubaadah Old Arabic name
Ubada Obedient to Allah
Ubadah, Ubaida, Ubay Name of a prominent Sahabi i.e. companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
Ubaid Diminutive of Abd, small servant, servant of lower rank.
Ubaidah, Ubaydah Servant of God
Ubaidullah Lowly servant of the Allah.
Ubay Old Arabic name
Ubayd Little servant (slave)
Ubaydullah Servant of Allah.
Ubayy One with high self esteem
Udail, Udayl Old Arabic name
Uday One who runs fast
Uhban Ibn Aws al-Aslani RA, a companion of the prophet PBUH, had this name.
Ukkasha Historical name
Ukkashah Web, Cobweb, Spider web.
Ula High rank, prestige, glory.
Ulfat Love, Affection, Familiarity, Intimacy.
Ulwan Title
Umaarah Old Arabic name
Umar, Omar Name of the second Caliph
Umarah Habitation
Umayr, Umair Residents, Populace.
Umayyah Bin Bistam al-Eeshi, a narrator of Hadith was known by this name.
Umdah Support.
Umdatuddawlah Support of the state.
Umer Life Name of the second Caliph
Umran Prosperity
Unais Love, Affection
Unal Fighter, strong spirit
Unays Smaller form of Anas.
Unsar Root, element, resolution.
Uqaab Eagle.
Uqba Name of an illustrious Sahabi i.e. companion of the prophet Muhammad.
Uqbah The end of everything
Urfee Name of popular Poet.
Urmia A Biblical Prophet
Urooj Ascension, mounting, rising.
Urwa Handle, bond
Urwah Name of A Prominent Sahabi i.e. companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
Usaamah Description of a lion
Usaid Small lion, diminutive form of Asad.
Usaim, Usaym lion cub
Usama, Usamah Lion. Name of well-known Sahabi i.e. companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
Usayd Little lion.
Usman The young of a lark, a beautiful pen, name of the third Caliph of Islam.
Utbah Threshhold. Bin Ghazwan was a narrator of Hadith who had this name.
Uthal Name of a mountain
Uthman A baby bustard bird; Name of the third Khalifah (Caliph) of Muslims; Muhammad’s son-in-law
Uwais Uways Qarni was the one of whom the Prophet PBUH foretold his people that he would be the one cured of leprosy.
Uwayam A float, buoyant.
Uwaym A float, buoyant;
Uways Historical name
Uzair A Prophet, the biblical Ezra..
Uzayr Precious
Waahid Single; Exclusively; Unequaled
Waail Coming back (for shelter)
Waali The Governor; He who directs; manages; conducts; governs; measure.
Wabisah Bin Ma’bad RA had this name.
Wada Brilliant
Waddah Bright, brilliant
Wadee Gentle, mild, calm
Wadeed Affectionate, friendly
Wadi Calm, peaceful
Wadid Favorable, devoted, fond
Wadood Lover, warm-hearted, affectionate, friend, beloved. Al-Wadood, the All-loving: one of the names of Allah.
Wadud One of the ninety-nine names of God
Wafa Faithfulness, fidelity
Wafadar Faithful.
Wafai Associated with faithfulness, fidelity, loyalty, faith.
Wafaqat Friendship, closeness.
Wafeeq Successful
Wafi True, trustworthy, reliable, perfect, complete.
Wafiq, Wafeeq Companion, friend, successful.
Wahab Gift, grant, donation.
Wahb Donation, grant, gift, inherent.
Wahban related to Wahb.
Wahdat Unity, oneness, state of being one.
Waheed Unique, matchless, singular, unparalleled.
Wahhab Donor, grantor. Al-Wahhab, the All-giver: one of the names of Allah.
Wahhaj Glowing, incandescent
Wahi Another name for the Quran, messengers
Wahib Another name for the God, munificent, bestowed
Wahid One, unique, matchless. Al-Wahid, the one: one of he names of Allah.
Wahiduddin Unique (manifestation) of the religion (Islam).
Wahiduzzaman Unique (person) of the age.
Wail Coming back (for Shelter); one of the companions of the Prophet
Wais King
Waiz Preacher, Sermoniser
Wajahat Comely, dignity, elevated position.
Wajd State of being single, ecstasy.
Wajdaan Thought, imagination
Wajdan Ecstacy, mirth, devotion.
Wajdi Of strong emotion, passion and love
Wajeeh Commanding Personality
Wajid Finder, possessing
Wajih, Wajeeh Noble, honoured, well-esteemed, illustrious.
Wakalat Advocacy, Agency
Wakee Bin al-Jarrah had this name.
Wakeel Agent, Representative
Wakil Advocate, representative, counselor, attorney, agent.
Waleed, Walid Newborn child
Wali Prince, guardian, protector, friend, saint. Al-Waliy, the Protector: one of the names of Allah.
Walid, Waleed Newborn, newborn child, nascent, new, boy, son. Name of a Sahabi i.e. companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
Walif Befriending
Wali-ud-din Guardian of religion
Waliullah Friend of Allah.
Waliy al Din Supporter of the faith
Waliy Allah Supporter of God
Waliyudeen Supporter of the Faith
Waliyullah Supporter of God
Wallad Abu Al-Abbas al-Tamimi had this name. He was a grammarian of Basrah and egypt.
Walliyullah Supporter of God
Wamaq Lover, paramour.
Waqaar Self-respect
Waqar Majesty, veneration, dignity, gracefulness.
Waqar Dignity, sobriety
Waqas A companion, Warlike
Waqf Given in a trust, spared for welfare.
Waqid Bin Abdullah al Tamimi RA was a companion of the Prophet PBUH.
Waqif Acquainted, aware.
Waqiyy Guardian, protector
Waqqad Sharp-minded, wise.
Waqqas Old Arabic name
Waraqah Leaf.
Ward Blossoms, flowers
Warid Arriving, Descending, Incoming.
Warif Extending, blooming
Waris Heir, inheritor, successor. Al-Waris, the Inheritor: one of the names of Allah.
Warith Heir, inheritor
Warqa to do with paper, leaf.
Wasay Unlimited, All Encompassing, Boundless.
Waseef Page, Valet (domestic) servant.
Waseem Graceful, Good looking
Waseeq Solid, strong, secure.
Wasi Broad-minded, liberal, learned, capacious, ample. scholarly. Al-Wasi, the All-embracing: one of the names of Allah.
Wasidali Engrossed
Wasif Eulogiser, Praiser
Wasil Incoming, Arriving, Connected.
Wasilah Bin al-Asqa RA had this name.
Wasim, Waseem Handsome, beautiful, graceful.
Wasimuddin Handsome (person) of the religion (Islam).
Wasiq Confident, sure, certain.
Watheq Firm, reliable, confident
Wathiq Confident
Wazir Minister, vizier, an adviser or counsel to the king.
Wilan Friendship, affection.
Wilayat Custody, guardianship.
Wildan Boy in heaven.
Wisam Badge, Logo, like coat of Arms.
Wuhayb Something bestowed.
Xander Means Splendid in Arabic
Yaamin Blessed, auspicious.
Yaaseen One of the Prophet Muhammad’s names
Yaasoob Ali’s Title
Yaeesh Bin al-Jahm was a narrator of Hadith.
Yafi Bin Aamir had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith.
Yaghnam bin Salim Bin Qamber (Qanber) a narrator of Hadith had this name.
Yahya To love, will live. A Prophet, the biblical John, son of Prophet Zakaria.
Yahyaa A Prophet’s name
Yakta Unique.
Ya’la Hight.
Yamak A king.
Yaman Blessed
Yameen Oath, right hand, right wing (of the army)
Yamin Right, right side, right hand.
Yaqana Unique, unprecedented.
Yaqeen Belief
Yaqoob A Prophet, the biblical Jacob, son of Prophet Ishaq.
Yaqoot Ruby, sapphire, topaz.
Yaqub A Prophet’s Name
Yaqzan Vigilant, awake, on the alert.
Yar Friend
Yar Muhammad Friend of the Prophet Muhammad.
Yasaar Ease; Wealth
Yasar, Yasser Prosperity, wealth, affluence, ease.
Yaseen Yasin, Alif Laam Meem, Ha Meem Ain Seen Kaaf are all Huroof-e-Muqataat. Only Allah or His Prophet know the meaning of these haroof, but all these huroof are the most precious words for a muslim.
Yasha Long line, prosper.
Yasin, Yaseen The two opening letters of Surah 36 in the Quran; one of the Prophets names
Yasir Easy, wealthy, affluent.
Yasra Affluent, rich, prosperous.
Yasrib Former name of the city of Madinah.
Yathrib Former name of the city of Madinnah.
Yawar Helping
Yazan Determined, resolved.
Yazeed To increase; Grow; Enhance
Yazid, Yazeed God will increase, enhance
Yoonus A Prophet’s name
Yoosuf A Prophet’s name
Youssef, Yusef, Yusu Arabic form of “Joseph”; to increase (in power and influence); a Prophet’s name
Yuhannis The name of the Freed slave of Zubayr.
Yumn Happiness.
Yunus, Yoonus A Prophet, the biblical Jonah.
Yushua God saves
Yusr Ease, Convenience; Ibn Abdullah had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith.
Yusri Well to do, Wealthy
Yusuf A Prophet, the biblical Joseph, son of Prophet Yaqub i.e. Jacob.
Zaabit Clever man, one who remembers.
Zaad Victory, success.
Zaafir Victorious
Zaahid Abstemious; Ascetic
Zaahir A blooming flower, a bright and shining colour, lofty.
Zaakir Rememberer of Allah
Zaarib One who beats, stricker.
Zabba Latch, door lock; Name of some people for instance, of ibn-Mihsin, a memeber of the exedition of Abu Musa.
Zabrij Beauty, decoration.
Zackariya Name of a prophet
Zaeem Chief, leader
Zafar Victory, triumph.
Zafeer Of firm and resolute intention.
Zafir Victorious, winner.
Zafrul Honest, Reliable and very ambitous
Zagheem Lion
Zaheer Helper, supporter, protector, patron.
Zaheeruddawlah Helper of the religion (Islam).
Zaheeruddin Helper of the religion (Islam).
Zahhaak A person who laughs most. Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Zahi Beautiful, brilliant, glowing.
Zahid Devout, ascetic. One who renounces the world and is fully devoted to Allah.
Zahil Calm.
Zahin Sagacious, intelligent.
Zahir Apparent, evident, one of the attributes of Allah.
Zahoor Arrival, emergence
Zaid, Zayd Abundance, increase, increment, superabundance, addition, excess, surplus.
Zaigham Lion; King of the jungle
Zaim Leader or General, someone who is demanded
Zaimuddin Leader of the religion (Islam).
Zain, Zayn Beautiful, pretty, beauty, grace, ornament, honour.
Zainuddin Grace of the religion (Islam).
Zainul Abidin Ornament of the worshippers (of Allah).
Zair Pilgrim
Zajil Loud.
Zaka Intelligent
Zakar Handsome, Kind hearted.
Zakariya A Prophet’s name
Zakariyya Intelligent
Zakawan Abu Salih as Saman az-Ziyat had this name; he was a narrator of Hadith.
Zakawat Sharpness.
Zakee Intelligent, witty
Zakhif Proud.
Zaki, Zaky Intelligent, pure, chaste
Zakir Someone who believes in Allah, faith
Zakiuddin Pure (person) of the religion (Islam).
Zakiy Pure
Zakoor Narrator, speaker.
Zakwan Very intelligent
Zalool Obedient, submissive.
Zamaam Honour, right, share, place.
Zamaar Bravery, valour.
Zaman Time, destiny
Zaman Shah King of the sage.
Zameel Companion, associate
Zameer Conscience, innervoice
Zami Helper, supporter.
Zamil Friend, collegue
Zamin One who stands surety for another one who helps.
Zamir Heart, mind, conscience.
Zamiruddin Heart of the religion (Islam).
Zamurad A green precious stone.
Zamurah Sparkle of light, fire; Name of companion.
Zamzam Abu-Zamzam was the name of Al-Madini, a man of an early Islam, about him amusing enecdotes were told.
Zany al-Abidn Historical name
Zarar Brave, Courageous.
Zaray Obedient, submissive.
Zareef Humorous, witty
Zarf Pot, calibre, wisdom, rank.
Zarif Nice, graceful, humorous
Zaroon Visitor
Zarrar A great muslim warrior
Zauq Taste, flavour, knack.
Zawaad Man of self-respect, noble.
Zawar Pilgrim, visitor of a shrine.
Zayaam Honour, right, share, place.
Zayan Beauty, prettiness.
Zayb Adornment
Zayd In abundance, plentiful
Zaydan Growth and increase.
Zayer Tourist, who visits holy places
Zaygham Lion
Zayid Generous
Zayn Beauty, ornament
Zaytoon Olive (Tree/fruit).
Zayyan Wild jasmine; Honey
Zeb Beauty, decoration, decorum.
Zebadiyah Allah’s gift
Zeebaq Mercury, silver.
Zeeshan Person who stay with style
Zeeya Light
Zeyad Prince, the honest and kind. Peace and truth
Zhobin Kind of spear.
Zia Light, glow, illumination, splendour.
Ziad, Ziyad ziyaad – popular Arab name
Ziaud Splendor, light.
Ziauddin Light of the religion i.e. Islam.
Ziaul-Haq Zia-ul-Haq – “Light of Truth”
Ziaur Rahman Light of the most Gracious i.e. Allah.
Zihni Intellectual, cerebral.
Zikr Another name for the Quran, reminder, mention
Zill Shadow, shade.
Zillullah Shadow of Allah.
Zillur Rahman Shadow of the Merciful i.e. Allah.
Zimar Reputation, honor
Zirgham Lion
Zirwah Peak, zenith
Ziryab Gold
Zishan Peaceful
Ziyad Increase, addition, surplus.
Ziyada Increase, addition, surplus, plenty.
Ziyadatullah Surplus bestowed by Allah.
Zohaib Leader, king
Zohair Best friend of the last prophet (S.A.W)
Zoheb little gold – the dimunitive form of zahab [correct Arabic is: dhahab]
Zohoor Appearance, ostentation.
Zohoorul Bari ostentation of the Creator i.e. Allah
Zoraiz Luminous Object in Arabic
Zoran Dawn
Zosar King
Zubaid The diminutive of zubd, meaning cream, butter etc..
Zubair, Zubayr It’s a proper name, a Sahabas’ name and the youngest fighter in Al Islam
Zuehb Clever Minded
Zufar Name of Imam Abu Hanifah’s disciple
Zuha Forenoon.
Zuhaib Star
Zuhair, Zuhayr Bright; Shining
Zuhoor Appearance, Manifestation
Zuka The sun, dawn, morning.
Zukauddin Sun of the religion (Islam).
Zukaullah Sun of Allah.
Zukaur Rahman Sun of Rahman i.e. Allah.
Zukhruf Ornament
Zukr Another name for God; pile; treasury
Zul Kifl A Prophet of Allah.
Zul Qarnayn Owner of the two horns i.e. world conqueror, epithet of a just king mentioned in the Quran.
Zulaym Ibn-Hutayt was a narrator of Hadith with this name.
Zulfaqar The cleaver of vertebrae. Name of a sword presented to Ali (R.A.) by Muhammad.
Zulfat Friendship, nearness, status.
Zulfi Handle of a sword.
Zulfiqar Sword name of Hazart Ali
Zulkifl Name of a Prophet
Zulqarnain Someone with two beautiful eyes
Zunnoon ‘Lord of the fish’, an epithet of Prophet Yunus i.e. Jonah who was swallowed by a big fish and later rescued by the grace of Allah.
Zushimalain Name of a Sahabi RA.
Zuti Name of the grandfather of Imam Abu Hanifah