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Girls Names Muslim Girl Names with Meaning
Aabidah Worshipper
Aabirah Fleeting, transitory, ephemeral
Aabish Daughter of Sa’d who was a queen of Iran (AN)
Aadab Hope and need
Aadila Honest, upright, just, righteous; fem. of Adil.
Aaeedah Visiting, Returning, Reward.
Aaeesha Life, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
Aafia Good health
Aafreeda Created, Produced.
Aafreen Brave, Acclaim
Aaida Visiting, returning.
Aa’idah Name of a narrator of hadith
Aaila Beautiful, like moon.
Aairah Noble, respectful
Aakifah Devoted, Dedicated
Aala Benefit, favour, blessing.
Aaleyah Exalted, Highest social standing.
Aalia Exalted; Highest social standing
Aalimah Scholar, Authority.
Aaliya High; Tall; Towering; Excellent
Aaliyah Tall, Towering
Aamaal Hopes, Aspirations, Wishes
Aamal Pl. of Amal, hope, expectation, aspiration.
Aamanee Good wish
Aamilah Doer of (good) deeds, Righteous
Aaminah Secured, Safe
Aamira Prosperous, full of life, large, substantial; fem. of Aamir.
Aamirah Inhabitant
Aani Fatimah a literary poetess in Qastaniniyah
Aani Fatimah Khatoon She was a literary woman and a poetess in Qastantiniyah (AN)
Aania Towards, direction, concern.
Aanisah Young lady, Maiden.
Aaqilah Intelligent
Aara Adoring
Aarifah Knowing, Women who recognises Islam.
Aasia Hope.
Aasimah Protector, defendant, central.
Aasira Bond.
Aasmaa Excellent; Precious
Aatifa Affection, Sympathy.
Aatikah Generous.
Aatiqah Shoulder (support) old
Aatirah Fragrant
Aazeen Beauty
Abal Wild rose
Abasah Daughter of al-Mahdi, a woman who was distinguished among her contemporaries.
Abbasa Historical name
Abda Worshipper
Abdah Worshiper (of Allah).
Abdia Slave of Allah
Abdul Basit Slave of the enlarger
Abeedah Worshipper. The daughter of Nabil had this name; she was a narrator of Hadith.
Abeela To be beautiful
Abeer Fragrance, aroma, scent, perfume composed of musk, sandal-wood, and rose-water.
Abeera The mixture of the smell of the petals of Rose and Sundal
Abeerah Rose, Sandal Saffron mixed together in fragrance
Abia Great
Abidah, Abida Worshiper, devotee, adorer, devout; fem of Abid.
Abir, Abeer Fragrance, perfume
Ablaa; Ablah, Abla Well-rounded, perfectly formed, a woman possessing a beautiful figure.
Abqurah Genius.
Abra Example, lesson
Abrar Devoted to God
Abreshmina Made of silk.
Ada Grace, Expression
Adab, Aadab Hope and need
Adala Justice.
Adara Virgin
Adawiyah Summer plant
Adeeba Literate, cultured
Adeela  Equal
Adeelah Just
Adeena Pious, good luck
Adeeva Pleasant, Gentle
Adiba Polite, well-mannered, well-bred, courteous, polished, writer; fem. of Adib.
Ad’ifaah Smart, talented
Adilah, Adila, Adeela Equal, just, honest
Adiva Pleasant, gentle
Adla Just, fair woman
Adn Paradise
Afaf Chastity, purity, honesty, righteousness, modesty, decency.
Afeefa Chaste
Afeerah Covered with soil or dust.
Afia good health, vigour, vitality
Afifa pure, chaste, modest, virtuous, honest, righteous, upright, decent; fem. Of Afif
Afifah Another name for Hazrat Fatimah Zahra
Afiyah ‘Health’, free from illness and grief.
Afizah A person who knows the recital of the qur’an
Afkar Pl. of Fikr, intellect thought.
Afnan Tree branches or twigs
Afra, Afraa Dust coloured, earth-coloured, a variety buck.
Afrah Celebrations, festivals
Afreen Encouragement
Afrin Praise, lucky.
Afroz Illuminated.
Afroza Quintessence of fire
Afroze Enlightening.
Afsa Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) wife.
Afsana Fable, fiction, romance.
Afsar Crown.
Afsar Ara Adorning the crown.
Afshan To sprinkle, to scatter
Afsheen Shine like a star
Afya Shadows
Afza Increase, augmentation.
Agharid Pl. of Ughrudah, twittering, song.
Aghsan Pl. of Ghusn, branch, twig.
Ahd Pledge, commitment, delegation
Ahdaf Pl. of hadaf, aim, goal, target.
Ahdia Unique, The One.
Ahlam Witty; one who has pleasant dreams; imaginative
Aidah, Aida Visiting, returning; reward
Aighar She was a religious, righteous woman (AN)
Aila Noble
Aimal Hope
Aimen Most Congratulated
Ain Eye, thus “precious”
Ain alsaba Treasure of the eye.
Aini Spring, Flower, Source, Choice
Aisha Life, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
A’ishah Wife of the Prophet (SAW)
Aishah, Aisha, Ayishah Living, prosperous; youngest wife of the Prophet
Aiya Miracle, verses in the Qur’an
Aiyla Moonlight
Aiza Noble
Aizah The daughter of Hazrat Ali (A.S)
Ajeebah She was the daughter of Muhammad al-Baqadari, and was a narrator of Hadith.
Ajlal Beautiful, stubborn, young princess
Ajrada Al-Ameeh, was a great worshipper who worshipped long in the night somnetimes right upto daun (AN).
Ajradah Al-Ameeh, was a great worshipper who worshipped long in the night sometimes right up to dawn (A.N).
Ajwa Name of a date in Saudia Arabia. Tree planted by Holy Prohpet (PBUH)
Akhtar Star, good luck.
Akia Sister
Akida Certain, firm.
Akifa Worshiper in solitude
Akifah Intent, busy.
Akilah Intelligent, logical, one who reasons
Akleema Beautiful. One of the daughters of Adam (A.S)
Aklima The first step
Akshiti Victorious peace
Al Batra’a A historical area in jordan
Al Zahra The illuminated; nickname of the Prophet’s daughter, Fatimah
Ala’, Aalaa Signs of Allah
Al-Adur al-Karimah A pious, righteous and intelligent woman of Egypt. She respected the Ulama and built religious schools (Madrasah) and mosques, She died in 762
Al-Adur al-Karimah
Alaia Virtuous
Alam World; sing. of Alameen.
Alam Ara Adorning the world.
Alayna Princess (Iranian)
Aleefa Friendly
Aleema Exalted, highest social standing.
Aleemah Knowing, Knowledgeable
Aleena Silk of heaven.
Aleeza Joy.
Alesha Protected by god.
Alhan Melody.
Alhena A ring; (A star in the constellation Gemini)
Alia Exalted; Highest social standing
Aliah Exalted, noble, highest social standing
Alifa Friendly, sociable, amicable; fem. of Alif.
Alihat idol,goddess
Alika Love
Alima Woman of learning, scholar.
Alimah Skilled in music or dance
Alina Beautiful.
Alisha Honest, truthful, Protected by Allah.
Alishaba Beautiful sunshine
Alishba Pretty
Aliya High, tall, towering, lofty, exalted, high-ranking, sublime, superior, excellent; fem. of Aali.
Aliyah, Aliyyah, Alia, Alia Exaulted, elevated, highest social standing
Aliza The Daughter of Ali (RA)
Alleyah Leader
Alma Apple
Almas Diamond
Alraaz Mystery
Altaf Kindness, politeness
Altthea Sincere
Aludra Virgin
Alvina Highest, Height
Alya Loftiness
Alyaa Heaven(s), sky, sublimity, lofty.
Alyan Tall and healthy.
Alzubra (A star in the constellation Leo)
Ama Female slave, servant.
Amaal Wishes
Amah Slave (Female); Daughter of Khalid bin Saeed, a female companion, daughter of companion, had this name. She was born in Habshah, and was married to Az-Zubayr bin Al-Awwam.
Amal, Amal, Aamal, Amala Hope, aspiration
Amala Hopes, Aspirations
Amalia Aspirations
Aman Trust, safety, protection, tranquillity, peace of mind, calmness.
Amana Faithful, to believe.
Amanat Pl. of Amanah, trust, deposit.
Amanee Good wishes
Amani Wishes, aspirations, hopes; pl. of Umniyah.
Amany A Wish
Amara Eternal beauty, urgent news
Amatul Karim (female) servant of the most generous i.e. Allah.
Amatullah Female servant of Allah
Amaya Night Rain.
Ambara Perfume, ambergris; fem. of Ambar.
Ambareen Good smell
Ambarin Perfumed.
Amber Jewel
Ambereen Fragarance, amber, sky
Ambreen Sky
Ambrim Of ambergris
Ameena Trustworthy, faithful. hones; fem. of Amin.
Ameenah Trustworthy.
Ameera Noble lady, princess
Ameerah Princess
Amel Hope
Amelia Trustworthy, beautiful
Amena Trustworthy, faithful, peaceful, honest
Amila Hopeful.
Amilah Hopeful.
Amima Close to heart, Someone who gives guidance, Prophet (saw)’s grand daughter
Amina Safe, secure, protected, a lady of peace and harmony. Name of the beloved mother of the Prophet Muhammad.
Aminah, Amineh, Ameena Trustworthy, faithful, secure; name of the mother of the Prophet
Amira An occupant of an abode, one who makes umrah or ziyaarah, abundant treasure.
Amirah, Ameera Princess, leader
Amjad Magnificence, splendor
Ammara A lady with strong Imaan; tolerant.
Ammarah An inhabitant
Amna Peace
Amra Any covering for the head, as a crown.
Amrah Headgear; This was the name of the female companion Amrah RA daughter of Abdur Rahman bin Sa’ad bin Zurarah Ansari.
Amreen Sky
Amsah Friendly; of good company
Amtullah Female servant of Allah
Ana Prestige, self respect.
Anadil Pl. of Andalib, nightingale.
Anah Patience, perseverence
Anal Five
Anam Present.
Anan, Anaan Clouds
Anat Perseverance, patience.
Anaum The blessing of Allah
Anbar Perfume; Ambergris
Anbarin of ambergris
And Paradise
Andalah Song of the nightingale.
Andaleeb Nightingale
Andalib Nightingale; sing. of Anadil.
Andlib A bird, one who is always happy
Aneeqa Beautiful, spruce
Anees Friendly; Of good company
Aneesa Companion, affectionate, friendly, sociable, intimate friend; fem. of Anis.
Aneesah Generous, loyal
Angbin Honey
Anida Obstinate
Anika Very unique
Anila Inexperienced, raw.
Aniqa Neat, elegant, smart.
Anisah, Aneesa A pious-hearted lady, good-natured, compatible.
Anisha Deep thinker, sensitive, high
Aniya Concern, Loving
Anja Beauty
Anjum Stars
Anjuman Assembly.
Anjuman Ara Adorning the assembly.
Anmar Leopard
Anna Food
Annam God’s Blessing
Anniyah Concern, loving
Anousha Sweet, joy, fortunate
Anqa A woman with a long neck, an imaginary bird.
Ansam Pl. of Nasam, breath, breath of life.
Anum Blessing of god, gods gift
Anwar, Anwaar Rays of light, blossoms
Anwara Ray of Light
Anwarah Greatly lighted
Anya A woman with large eyes.
Aoj Peak, height, apex, climax.
Aqdas Pure, sacred.
Aqeela Intelligent
Aqeelah Wise, Sensible
Aqiba Result, consequence.
Aqila Wise, sensible, intelligent, sensible, discerning.
Aqilah Wife, spouse; the best, the pick
Aqsa Name of a mosque
Ara Adorning.
Aram Signs, flags
Areeba Sharp, brilliant
Areebah Witty, smart
Areefa Learned, expert, authority; fem. of Areef.
Areej The fragrance of a flower from an orange tree
Aresha Under an umbrella
Arfa Exalted, sublime, great, high.
Ariana Full of life
Aribah Wise
Arifa Learned, expert, authority; fem. of Arif.
Arifah Knowledgeable
Arij, Areej Fragrance, sweet smell
Arisha Highness
Arissa Bright
Arjumand Excellent, beloved, noble.
Arjumnd Bano Excellent woman, noble woman.
Armin Dweller of the garden of eden
Aroob (Woman) Loving to her husband
Aroosa Bride
Aroush Angel of paradise
Arsala Lioness
Arshia She who lives in skies.
Arshiya Divine
Arub, Aroob Loving to her husband
Arus Brides.
Arva Fertile, bountiful
Arwa She was the daughter of Abdul Muttalib, and so an aunt of the Prophet PBUH his father’s sister.
Aryisha Under tree/umberalla.
Arzo Hope.
Arzoo Hope
Arzu Wish, hope, love.
Asah Plant known for its greeness
Asalah Nobility of descent
Asar Pl. of Asar, sign, mark, trace.
Asbah Pure (as water).
Aseela Of noble origin, highborn, pure; fem. of Asil.
Aseelah One belonging to a great heritage and family
Asfa Protector, guardian
Asfaq Favours; Kindness; Compassion
Asfia Great
Asfiya Pure
Asgari Devotee
Asghia Pious people, modest people.
A’shadieeyah Princess, cute, perfect.
Ashalina Sweet, always living, shy, loving.
Ashbah Pearl
Asheeyana House, nest.
Ashika Love.
Ashraf Nobler, more honourable; comp. adj. of Sharif.
Ashraf Jahan Noblest of the world.
Ashwaq Love, affections
Asifa Virtuous, pure, spotless, upright.
Asil Smooth
Asila Honeyful (honeycomb)
Asilah Noble origin, pure
Asili Original
Asimah, Asima Safe, chaste, protector, guardian; fem. of Asim.
Asiya, Asiyah One who tends to the weak, one who heals, comforts, consoles
Asjad Gold, jewel
Asli Pure, original
Asma, Asma, Asmaa Excellent, lofty, eminent, precious; daughter of Abu Bakr
Asmahan Exalted, high
Asmara Beautiful butterfly.
Asmat Pure, Clean.
Asna The one to be acknowledged or praised.
Asra To travel by night, to make someone travel by night.
Asrar Secrets
Asriyah Modernist
Ateefa Affectionate, compassionate.
Ateeqa Old precious gift (beautiful)
Ateeqah Old Ancient
Ateeyah A gift
Athilah Deep-rooted, firmly established
Athir Favored, preferred
Athmah A narrator of Hadith
Atia Gift.
Atif Generous
Atifah, Atifa Affectionate, compassionate, sympathetic
Atifat Kindness, sympathy.
Atikah, Atika Virgin, pure, clear
Atiqa Emancipated, a beautiful lady.
Atiqah Beautiful, charitable, loving
Atira Fragrant, connoisseur of good fragrance, aromatic, perfumed.
Atiyah, Atiya Gift, present
Atiyya Gift
Atuf Affectionate, kind hearted, compassionate, loving.
Atyaf Fantasies
Aushah Wife of Prophet Muhammad
Awa Beautiful angel, night.
Awatif Emotions
Aya Phrase from the holy Quran.
Ayaana Lucky, good day, day of judgement
Ayaat Many signs & proofs, verses in the Quran.
Ayah, Ayeh Quranic verse, clear evidence, sign of God
Ayan Luck
Ayana Lucky, good day, day of judgement
Ayat Verses (pl. of Aya), signs, lessons, proofs
Ayeh Sign; distinct
Ayesha Living, well-off, well-to-do, prosperous. Aisha (d.678): wife of the Prophet Muhammad and daughter of Kahlifa Abu Bakr.
Aymen Sacred, Brave, Old name of Arabia
Ayn Source, spring.
Aynul Hayat Fountain of life.
Aynun Nahr Source of the spring.
Ayra Respectable
Aysha The name of wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Ayshah Wife of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W)
Azaa A must have, right, courage, power, legal, allowable.
Azadeh Princess
Azah Loved one, good, successful.
Azam The powerful one
Azeema Determination, firm will.
Azeemah Great
Azeeza Esteemed; Precious; Cherished
Azhar, Azhaar Flowers, blossoms
Azima Great, powerful, dignified, magnificent, glorious; fem. of Azim.
Aziman Sky, heaven.
Aziz Friendship.
Azizah, Aziza, Azeeza Noble, precious, cherished, honourable, illustrious, highly esteemed, dearly loved, beloved; fem. of Aziz.
Azka Pious.
Azma Blessing of Allah
Azmina Beautiful, shining
Azra Virgin, maiden, a young unmarried lady.
Azraa Unpierced pearl.
Azwa Pl. of Zau, light, splendour, limelight.
Azzah, Azza Young, female gazelle
Az-zahra Excellent and smart.
Basimah, Baseema
Baasima Smiling
Badai Pl. of Badia, wonder, marvel.
Badeea Marvelous, admirable
Badiah, Badia Unprecedented, amazing, admirable, unique
Badiyah Desert; Bint Ghaylan al-Saqafi was so named; she was of Taif.
Badr Full moon of the fourteenth night.
Badra Full moon
Badriyah, Badriyyah, Badriya Resembling the full moon
Badriyya Full moon
Badrun Nisa Full moon of the women.
Badyah Clear, knowledgeable person.
Baha Beauty, glory, splendour, magnificence, glow.
Bahaa Beauty, shining
Bahar Spring, Prime (of life), Bloom (of youth).
Bahar Bano Blooming princess.
Baheeja Happy, delighted
Baheera Dazzling; Brilliant
Bahia bahiya – nice
Bahij Splendid
Bahija Glad, happy, joyful, delighted, delightful, cheerful; fem. of Bahij.
Bahijah Magnificent, splendid
Bahirah, Bahira, Baheera Dazzling, brilliant, noble lady
Bahiyah, Bahiya, Bahiyaa Beautiful, brilliant, elegant, radiant, pretty, charming; fem. of Bahi.
Bahiyyah Radiant, beautiful.
Bahja happiness
Bahra’ Beautiful, shining
Bahriyah al-Aabidah She was a devoted worshipper and ascetic of Basrah. She used to say, “If the heart gives up the passions (evil desires), it will then demosticate knowledge.” (A.N).
Baiza White, bright, brilliant, innocent, pure; fem. of Abyad.
Bajeela Dignified, venerated
Bakarah Virginity.
Bakht Lot, Fate, Portion.
Bakhtawar Fortunate, Lucky.
Bakura Coming early.
Baleegha Eloquent, fluent
Baligha baleegha – eloquent
Balqees She was the daughter of Ahmad bin Mishqar, and a distinguished woman of her times; she was the wife of Sayfud-din al- Hanafi. (A.N).
Balqis Name of the Queen of Sheba
Balsam Balsam, balm
Ban a kind of tree
Banafsaj Violent flower.
Banafsha Daughter of Abdullah al-Rumiyah; was a very pious and generous woman who gave much in charity (A.N).
Banan Delicate, finger tips
Bano Lady, princess
Banu Princess, lady, Miss.
Banujah The daughter of al-Mahdi, the Khalifah (775-785), had this name.
Baraa’a Excelling
Baraah Innocence
Barakah, Baraka Blessing; white one
Barat Innocence, guiltlessness.
Bareea Innocent, blameless, guiltless, sound; fem. of Bari.
Bareerah Pious; The female freed slave of Sayyidina Ayshah (R.A) a well-known female companion, she lived upto the times of Khalifah Yazid bin Muawiyah (R.A).
Baria Excelling, originator; fem. of Bari.
Bariah Excelling
Bari’ah, Baraa’a Excelling
Barika Bloom, be successful
Barirah Faithful and devoted
Barja’ Of beautiful eyes
Barkat Blessing; sing. of Barakat.
Barkha Rain
Barrah She was the wunt of the Prophet (S.A.W), daughter of Abdul Muttalib and mother of Abi Salamah (R.A) also the name of the daughter of Abi Tijarah al-Abdariyah who narrated from the Prophet (S.A.W) (A.N).
Barraqa Bright, brilliant, shining, sparkling, glittering; fem. of Barraq.
Barzah She was a narrator of hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah RA
Basaaria Beautiful, Prior
Basbas She was a slave girl of Ibn Nafees; she was beautiful and had a melodeons voice.
Baseema Smiling
Bashair Good news, good omens
Basharat Good news, glad tidings.
Bashasha bashaasha-cheerfulness
Basheera; Bashirah Bringer of good tidings
Bashirah, Basheera Bringer of good tidings, joy
Basila Courageous, bold
Basilah Brave, fearless
Basima Smiling; fem. of Basim.
Basimah, Baseema Smiling
Basinah Kitty, kitten
Basira Sagacious, endowed with insight; fem. of Basir..
Basma; Basmah A smile
Basoos She was the daughter of Munziq at-Tamimah (A.N).
Bassama Smiling; fem. of Bassam.
Batina Hidden, Inner.
Batla Petal
Batool; Batul A true devotee woman of Allah.
Batrisyia Intelligent
Batul, Batool Virgin, pure and chaste. A lady who is purely devoted to Allah, an epithet of Maryam, mother of Prophet Isa, and of Fatima, daughter of Muhammad.
Bayan Clearness, eloquence
Baysan to walk with pride
Bazala Generous woman.
Bazigha Rising, emerging
Bazla Reward, generous.
Bazm-Ara Beauty of company.
Bazriqa Exalted, great.
Beena Seeing, clear sighted.
Beenish Vision, sight; the faculty of seeing
Begum Honorific title, queen, lady of rank.
Benazir Incomparable; Matchless; Peerless
Bhajat Splendour, magnificence, pomp, joy, happiness.
Bibi Lady of rank, and honorific title used at the end of a woman’s name in the Indian sub-continent.
Bilqis, Bilqees Queen of Saba known as Bilqis in the Arabian tradition.
Binesh Clever
Binish Clever, Intelligent
Birrah Good Deed
Bisar Adolescent
Bisharah A narrator of Hadith (AN)
Bisma Smile
Bismal Fragrance.
Budur Full moons
Buhaysah, Buhaisah This was the name of a female narrator of Hadith; She was al-fazariyah; Abu Dawood and Nasai transmitted from her.
Buhayyah The name of a freed female slave of Sayyidah Ayshah RA
Buhjah Joy, delight
Buhthah Happy, delighted when seeing others
Bujaybah A narrator who transmitted from Shaybah bin Usman and Sabit Al-Shimale narrated from her. (AN)
Bulbul Nightingale.
Bunan Historical name
Bunanah This was the name of the daughter of Yazid al-Abshamiyah.
Buqayrah She was a narrator of Hadith, she died in 119 AH (AN)
Burayka Blessing
Burdah She was al-Suraymiyah, and a very dutiful worshipper. She wept often so she finally lost her eye sight. When every thing was quiet and motionless, she used to call out in a melancholy voice, O! Habib (O loved one!) A.N.
Burum Bud, blossom; sing. of Baraim.
Busaina Diminutive of Basna, beautiful woman.
Busayrah She was a female companion (R.A) and also a muhajirah, who migrated to Madinah; she also narrated a Hadith quoting the Prophet; “Apply yourself to glorifying Allah, saying there is not God but He and
Bushra Glad, tidings, good news
Bushrah Glad tidings, good news
Busr Unripened dates; star, height
Busrah This was the name of the daughter of Safwan bin Nawfal; She was a companion and she lived until the era of Muawiyah.
Bustan Garden, orchard.
Buthaynah, Buthainah, Buthayna Beautiful woman
Cala Castle
Cantara Small bridge
Chaman Garden, from Urdu Language
Chanda Moon light
Chandni; Chandini; Chandani Moon light; A river
Daajiyah Living well off
Daanah Big pearl
Daania Beautiful
Daanya Gift of god, beautiful
Daariyah Aware, knowledgeable
Dad Old Arabic name
Dafiya Narrator of Hadith, daughter of Muhammad bin Bisharah.
Dafiyah Narrator of Hadith
Dahab Gold
Dahma She was a scholar of religion and had learnt from her brother al-Imam al-Mahdi; she excelled in grammer and literature and possessed knowledge of other sciences and arts. (A.N.).
Daiba Assiduous, persistent, devoted.
Dalaal, Dalal Treated or touched in a kind and loving way
Daleela Guide, Proof.
Dalia Dahlia, flower.
Daliya Dahlia
Daliyah Grape vine
Daneen Princess
Danish Wisdom, learning.
Danish Ara Endowed with wisdom, learning.
Daniya Near, close
Daniyah Closer, nearer
Dara Halo (of the moon).
Darakhshaan Shinning.
Darakhshan Luminous, bright
Daria Learned, knowing.
Dariya Knowledgeable
Darkhshanda Splendid, glittering.
Darra pearl, brilliant, teat, udder; name of a Sahabiyah RA, daughter of Abu Lahab.
Daulah Wealth, empire, state, power.
Dawha Lofty tree with many branches, family tree.
Dawlah Wealth, authority of state
Dawlat Khatoon She was from a ruling family.
Dayfah Guest
Deeba Obedience.
Deema Rainy Cloud
Deena Godly, pious
Deenah Obedience.
Delisha Happy & make others happy
Dema The Rainy Cloud.
Dhakirah One who remembers God frequently
Dhakiyah Bright, intelligent
Dhuha Forenoon
Dhuka Name of the sun
Dil Heart, mind.
Dilara Beloved, one who decorates heart.
Dildar Having a big heart. Wife of Mughal emperor Babur.
Dilkash Attractive, captivating.
Dilruba Heart-ravishing, a beloved object.
Dilshad Happy, glad, cheerful.
Dilshad Khatoon She lived between 730-750.
Dima An incessant gentle rain unaccompanied by wind, thunder, or lightning.
Dimah Cloud which carries rainwater
Dina Love
Diqrah A narrator of hadith.
Diyanah Religion.
Doaa Pray, a voice of heart, request to All-mighty Allah, a source of connection with God and Human.
Doha Forenoon.
Dua Supplication, prayer
Duaa Prayer
Duba’ah Daughter of az-Zubayr and a female companion (R.A) she said to the Prophet (S.A.W) that she intended to perform the pilgrimage but was suffering from pain. The Prophet (S.A.W) instructed her to assume
Duha, Dhuha Forenoon
Dujanah A great rain, name of a woman.
Dunia The world
Dunya World, earth.
Dunyana Our world
Durafshan Eloquent
Durar Pearls
Durdana Pearl
Durdanah Pearl-grain
Dur-e-Shahwar Kings worthy pearl
Durr Pearls.
Durra Pearl
Durrah Pearl. A sahabia i.e. a Muslim woman who lived in time of Prophet Muhammad.
Durriya Glittering, sparkling, twinkling, brilliant.
Durriyah Shining, bright
Durriyya Glittering, sparkling
Durriyyah Glittering stars
Eiliyah The beautiful one to grow in peace and love with God.
Eimaan; Eiman Faith
Eliza The Chosen; Unique; Precious
Elma Apple
Eman Faith
Emma Entire; All
Enisa Good friend
Eraj Morning light
Ereshva Righteous
Erina Beautiful lady
Ermina Friendly
Erum Heaven
Esha’al Protected by god
Eshal The name of flower in the heaven.
Eshani Goddess Parvathi
Eshmaal Bunch of red roses
Esita Desired
Ezzah A person who gives the honour, respect.
Faariha Happy, glad, delighted, cheerful, joyful; fem. of Farih.
Faatin; Faatina Captivating
Fadeelah Superiority.
Fadheela Virtue
Fadia Redeemer, ransomer; fem. of Fadi.
Fadila Good looking; Attractive
Fadilah, Fadheela Virtuous, outstanding, superior, cultured and refined
Fadiyah Redeemer, self sacrificing
Fadwa Name derived from self sacrifice
Fadwah Name derived from self-sacrifice
Fadyaa Sacrificing
Faeezah Leader
Faekah Wise
Fahdah, Fahada Leopardess
Faheemah Intelligent
Fahhama Very intelligent, learned, very understanding.
Fahima; Faheemah Intelligent
Fahimah Intelligent
Fahm Intellect, intelligence, insight.
Fahm Ara Adorned with intellect, intelligent.
Fahmeeda Intelligent, judicious
Fahmida Intelligent and Wise
Faida Benefit, advantage, gain, worth, welfare.
Faidah Benefit, advantage
Faiqa Excellent, outstanding, distinguished, superior, ascendant.
Faiqah Surpassing, excellent
Fairuzah A precious gem
Faiza, Faizah Victorious, triumphant, winner, successful, prosperous; fem. of Faiz.
Faizah Victorious, winner
Faizia Successful
Fajr Dawn, morning prayer
Fakeehah Cheerful
Fakhar Honour, pride, glory.
Fakhira Excellent, glorious, magnificent, precious, honourable.
Fakhirah Splendid; Elegant
Fakhr Glory, pride, honour.
Fakhra Good, new.
Fakhriya Proud, honorary, glory, pride (for noble cause); fem. of Fakhri.
Fakhriyah Honorary
Fakhrun Nisa Glory of the women.
Fakhtah A dove. This was the name of Umm Hani; Alo the name of the mother of Khalid bin Yazeede.
Fakihah Fruit.
Fakira Thinker
Falahat Welfare, benefit.
Falak Orbit, sky, celestial sphere.
Falaknaz Sky
Falaq Break of dawn
Faleha Righteous, successful
Faliha Fortunate, lucky, successful, prosperous; fem. of Falih.
Falihah Successful
Falisha Happiness
Famya Good fame
Fanan Tree branch or twig
Fanila Able, worthy.
Faqiha Jurist, expert, scholar in fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence); fem. of Faqih.
Faqirah Name of a beautiful woman (wife of Murrah al-Asadi)
Fara Sunset
Faraal Name of lion, height.
Farah Joy, happiness, cheerfulness, delight.
Faraza Success, height.
Fareeda; Fareedah; Farida Unique; Matchless; Precious Gem
Fareeha Happy; Joyful
Fareess Life
Farha Gladness, pleasure, happiness, delight.
Farhah Lively
Farhal Happy.
Farhana Glad, joyful, happy, cheerful, delighted; fem. of Farhan.
Farhanah Happy: Joyful
Farhat Cheer, Pleasure.
Farheen Happy, glad.
Farhi Glad, happy.
Farhina Happiness
Farhiya Happy
Faria Tall, towering, lofty, pretty, slim, slender, fem. of Fari.
Fari’ah Fariah or Furayah was the name of a female companion, daughter of Maalik bin sanan al-Ansari and sister of Abu Saeed al-Khudri. She was called by either name.
Farida Unique, matchless, singular, precious; fem. of Farid.
Faridah, Fareeda Unique, matchless, precious pearl or gem
Farihah, Fareeha Happy, joyful, cheerful, glad
Farisha Light
Fariza Matchless, unique
Farizah Arch
Farkhandah Happy, Lucky.
Farkhunda Lucky, prosperous
Farqad Name of a star.
Farrukh Happy, Fortunate.
Farwa Fur; (daughter of Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq).
Farwah Name of a few of the companions
Faryal Angel
Faryat Delightful sun-shine.
Farzana Intelligent, wise, learned
Farzeen Learned
Faseeha Eloquent
Faseehah Eloquent.
Faseelah Some distance.
Fasiha Eloquent, fluent, well-spoken; fem. of Fasih.
Fasiya A gentle woman.
Fateen Intelligent, smart
Fateenah Intelligent
Fatema faatima – one sucking her mother’s milk
Fatheha Name of the first surah in the Quran
Fathi Something that is open
Fathiya Joy, Happiness, new begining.
Fathiyah Beginning
Fatiha Opening, introduction, dawn, first.
Fatim A woman worthy of the ut-most praise
Fatima; Fathima Literally: weaner, daughter of Muhammad and wife of Khalifa Ali known as Sayyidat-al-Nisa (the chief of women).
Fatin or Fatinah Fascinating, captivating, alluring, enchanting
Fatina Charming, cute
Fatinah Charming, fascinating, alluring, captivating.
Fatma My giving
Fattana Extremely beautiful, charming, captivating.
Fauqiyah High Grade
Fauzia Succesful, Victorious.
Fawha Breath of fragrance.
Fawiza Successful
Fawz Victory or success
Fawza Victory, triumph, success, winning, achievement.
Fawzah, Fawza Success
Fawzia Victorious
Fawziyah Successful
Fawziyyah, Fawziya, Successful, victorious
Fayha Fragrant
Fayrooz Turquoise.
Fayroz Turquoise
Fayruz Turquoise
Fayyaza A lady who confers great favours, most generous and bountiful.
Fazeela High degree of excellence, merit, perfection, outstanding, virtue, excellence, knowledge.
Fazeelat Virtue, merit
Fazeen Increasing.
Fazila Virtuous, honest, excellent, superior, kind, outstanding, eminent, learned; fem. of Fazil (fadil).
Fazilatun Nisa Excellence of the women.
Fazluna A flower in the desert
Fazzilet Blessings of Allah.
Feekah Wise
Feerozah A precious stone; Daughter of al-Mazfar; She was a scholar; narrator of Hadith and a very righteous woman; she wrote a book of Hadith “Al-Arbaeen Riwayat as-salihat an As-salhiheen
Feeza Nature
Feheema Intelligent, judicious, learned, erudite; fem. of Faheem.
Feiyaz Successful
Fellah Arabian jasmine
Femida Wise
Fida Redemption
Fidda Silver
Fiddah Silver
Fikriya Wise
Fikriyah Intellectual
Fikriyyah Having many ideas
Fir A sharp weapon
Firdaus Jannat, Highest garden in paradise.
Firdausi Heavenly.
Firdaws, Firdoos Highest garden in Paradise
Firdous Garden
Firdowsa Highest garden of paradise.
Firoza Turquoise, a bright greenish-blue coloured precious stone.
Firyal Old Arabic name
Fiza Enlarger, improver, who expands, magnifier.
Fizza Nature
Fizzah Silver; Pure
Foram Fragrance
Forhana Happy, Ecstatic
Fozia Successful and victorious.
Foziah Successful
Fuada Heart; fem. of fuad.
Fudayl Learned, Scholar.
Fukayna Learned, knowledgeable
Funoon Variety, art.
Furat Sweet water
Furaya Historical name
Furayah Handsome, Well-built.
Furaysa Female hoarse
Furoozan Luminous, radiant.
Fusaylah Some distance
Fuseelah Name of a narrator of Hadith who transmitted from her father, Wasilah bin al-Asqa RA who from the Prophet PBUH.
Futun Fascinations
Fuzail A form of Faazil, meaning: An accomplished person; name of a saint known as Fuzail bin Iyaaz.
Gazala Intelligent, charming
Ghaada Beautiful
Ghaaliya Fragrant
Ghada Delicate young girl, beautiful young woman, youthful and beautiful woman.
Ghadah, Ghaada Beautiful
Ghadeer Brook, rivulet, small stream.
Ghadia Morning, cloud.
Ghadir She was the slave of Musa al-Hadi and then Haroon Rashid (AN)
Ghafira One who hides other’s sins.
Ghaida Young and delicate, soft.
Ghalia Precious, priceless, valuable, dear, beloved.
Ghaliba Conqueror, victor, winner; fem. of Ghalib.
Ghalibah Dominant
Ghaliya precious,dear
Ghaliyah, Ghaaliya Dear, beloved, fragrant, expensive
Ghamza Gestures.
Ghaneemah Spoils, booty.
Ghania Beauty, beautiful girl, pretty girl, danseuse.
Ghaniya Rich, wealthy, prosperous; fem. of Ghani.
Ghaniyah A daughter of “Afeef bin Amr Abdul Qays had this name; she was a very generous, philanthorpic woman
Ghaniyya rich, well-off
Gharam Love
Ghareebah Strange, foreign; the daughter of Salim bin Ahmad at-Tajir had this name (AN)
Gharra Noble lady
Ghashia Guidance.
Ghasna Bud, blossom.
Ghassana youthful, beautiful
Ghatiya Dynamic, moving.
Ghaya goal, aim
Ghayda, Ghaydaa Young and delicate
Ghazal A poem, ode, talk with woman.
Ghazala Gazelle, a young deer, the sun.
Ghazalah Female gazelle
Ghaziya Female Warrior.
Ghaziyah Female Warrior.
Ghibtah She was the daughter of Amer al-Mujashaiyah; she was a narrator of Hadith.
Ghina Singing, song.
Ghitbah She was a narrator of hadith.
Ghizlan From gazzalle.
Ghufayrah This was the name of a very pious woman who kept vigil in the night.
Ghufran Forgiveness, pardon
Ghumaysa Her kuniyah was Umm Sulaym; she was a front-rank companion (R.A) and narrated ahadith; she died in the times of Sayyidina Uthman (R.A).
Ghumra saffron
Ghunwa rich, well-off
Ghunwah song
Ghunwah or Ghunyah Indispensible
Ghusn Branch, twig; sing. of Ghusoon.
Ghusoon Branches of a tree
Ghusun, Ghusoon Branches of a tree
Ghuzayyah She was also known as Ghuzaylah; she was a narrator of Hadith.
Golnar; Gulnar Flower of the Pomegranate tree
Guhika Voice of a bird
Gul Flower, rose.
Gul Badan Beautiful body resembling rose.
Gul Bahar Rose spring.
Gul Barg Rose petal.
Gul Izar Rosy-cheeked.
Gul Rang Rose-coloured.
Gul Ru Rosy-faced.
Gul Rukh Rose-face.
Gulab Rose, rosewater.
Gulbano Rose
Gul-e-Rana Beautiful delicate scented rose.
Gulika Ball; a pearl
Gulistan Rose garden, garden.
Gulnar A plant whose flowers resemble pomegranates
Gulrez Rose-Sprinkler
Gulshan Rose-garden.
Gulzaar Rose-garden.
Haadiya Guide to righteousness
Haajar Hard as a rock
Haala Aureole
Hababah A daughter of Ajlan; She was a narrator of Hadith.
Habeeba a comrade, a friend
Habiba Beloved, Sweetheart, Darling
Habibah, Habeeba Beloved, sweetheart, darling; a wife of the Prophet
Hablah A woman who earns a lot.
Haboos Name of a kind and benevolent noble lady who lived in Lebanon.
Hadaya Pl. of Hadiya, gift, present.
Hadbaa With long eye lashes
Hadeel Cooing of a pigeon.
Hadeeqa Gorgeus
Hadhiqah Intelligent
Hadhirah Sweet smelling, smart, leader
Hadia Guide to righteousness; fem. of Hadi leader.
Hadil Is the voice of a dove
Hadiyah, Haadiya Guide to righteousness, calm
Hadiyyah Gift
Hadyah Guide to Righteousness
Haeda A woman who repents a lot.
Haemah Crazy in love.
Hafa Gentle rain
Hafeeza Guardian, protector; fem. of Hafeez.
Hafeezah Keeper of the sacred book
Haffafa Glittering, shining, thin, peaceful, gentle wind.
Hafiza Honorific title of a woman who has memorised the Quran, guardian, protector; fem. Hafiz.
Hafizah Heedful, mindful
Hafsa, Ucha The name of wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Hafsah, Hafsa Wife of the Prophet
Hafthah Preserved, protected
Haifa, Hayfa Slender, of beautiful body
Haimi Golden
Haiza Royalty
Hajar Name of the wife of the prophet Ibrahim
Hajara historical name
Hajira Wife of Prophet Ibrahim and mother of Prophet Ismail.
Hajjah She was a narrator of Hadith, daughter of Murrah; another narrator by the same name was the daughter of Murayt (AN).
Hajna The daughter of Nusayb, she was a poetess. (AN)
Hajrah The wife of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S).
Hajun Prophet Ibraheem’s 4th and final wife
Hakeema Wise, sage, judicious, prudent; fem. of Hakeem. A Sahabia i.e. a Muslim woman who lived in time of the Prophet Muhammad.
Hakima Ruler, queen.
Hakimah Wise, judicious.
Hala Halo, ring around the eye, aureole, name of the sister of Khadija, the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad.
Halah, Haala Aureole, tempered; name of the Prophet’s nursing mother
Haleema Clement, patient, tolerant, gentle; fem. of Halim. Halima Al-Sadiyah: foster mother of the Prophet Muhammad.
Halia Aware, knowing.
Halima Foster mother of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
Halimah, Haleema Gentle, patient, mild tempered; name of the Prophet’s nursing mother
Hamama Dove, pigeon.
Hamamah This was the name of a female slave who suffered much punishment for the sake of Allah but Sayyidina Abu Bakr (R.A) bought her and emancipated her.
Hamas Low and soft sound, heartbeat.
Hamda Praised, laudation of Allah; fem. of Hamd.
Hamdan Much praise. A tribe in Arabia.
Hamdiyah One who praises a lot
Hamdoona Historical name
Hameeda; Hamidah Praised, commended, praiseworthy, commendable; fem. of Hamid.
Hamida Praiser (of Allah); fem. of Hamid.
Hamidah, Hameeda Praiseworthy
Hamima Close friend.
Hammada Praising (God).
Hamnah The daughter of Jahsh al-Asdiyah was so named; she narrated Hadith.
Hamra Red
Hana Happiness, bliss
Hanan Compassion, affection, love, mercy, tenderness, warm-heartedness.
Haneef True believer
Haneefa True believer
Haneefah True Believer
Hanfa Name of the wife of Sayyidina Ismail (A.S).
Hani Pleasant
Hania Happy, delighted.
Haniah of happiness, bliss
Haniah Pleasant, agreeable
Hanifa, Hanifah, Haneefa True, one of true faith, upright; fem. of Hanif.
Hanin Desire, longing, yearning.
Haniyah Pleasant
Haniyyah, Haniya Pleased, happy
Hanna Compassion, sympathy, pity.
Hannah Affection
Hannan Mercy
Hannuf upright, honest
Hanoon Compassionate, merciful, affectionate, tender-hearted, soft-hearted.
Hanoona Compassionate; fem. of Hanun.
Hanyah Happy
Hareem Walls of House of Kabba
Hareer Silk
Harir Silk
Harisa Cultivator, lioness; fem. of Haris (Harith).
Haroona Protector, messenger.
Hasana Good deed, kind act, favour; sing. of Hasanat.
Hasant good deeds
Haseeba of noble descent
Haseefa sagacious, judicious
Haseena Pretty, beautiful
Hashmat Modesty, bashfulness, decency, decorum.
Hasiba Highborn, respected, noble; fem. of Hasib.
Hasibah Respected, noble
Hasifa Judicious, wise, prudent, sagacious, endowed with sound judgement; fem. of Hasif.
Hasifah Wise
Hasina Beautiful; attractive lady
Hasinah Pretty, beautiful.
Hasnah, Hasna, Hasna Beautiful & nice
Hasnat Virtues.
Hassana Most beautiful woman, most sweetheart.
Hatima Generous.
Hawa, Hawwa Eve
Hawadah Pleasant
Hawazin Name of an Arabic tribe
Hawiya Dominant.
Hawla Intelligent.
Hawra Having eyes with a marked contrast of black and white
Hawwa A beautiful girl with a ruddy complexion, Eve; wife of Adam, mother of mankind.
Haya, Hayaa Shyness, bashfulness, coyness, modesty.
Hayaam Deliriously in love
Hayah, Hayat Life
Hayam, Hayaam Deliriously in love
Hayat Life
Haydara Chaste
Hayed Movement, motion
Hayfa Slender, slim, of beautiful body.
Hayrah She was a well-=known narrator of Hadith from the generation after the companions (AN)
Hayud a mountain
Hazar Kind of nightingale.
Hazeerah Wise.
Hazima Firm, energetic, judicious, discreet, prudent; fem. of Hazim.
Hazimah A female companion of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Haziqa Clever, shrewd.
Haziqah Clever, intelligent, beautiful.
Hazirah Clean
Hazzafa The name of Hazrat Haleema Saadia’s daughter.
Heba Gift
Heela Hope
Heena A flowering plan; Generally used for temporary skin decoration for special occasions; A shrub
Heer Generous and understanding
Hejmana pearl
Hela Moonlight
Helena Spiritual light
Hena Someone who is polite.
Henna Mehndi, Blessed
Hessa Destiny
Heyam One of the many levels or degrees of love.
Hiba Gift, present.
Hibah Gift
Hibat Allah Gift of God
Hibatullah Gift of Allah.
Hibba Gift from Allah.
Hibbah Gift of God
Hidayah Guidance
Hidiyah As One
Hifza Protective angel.
Hijab Daughter of a Scholar from Baghdad.
Hijrah The journey the Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) made from Mecca to Madinah
Hikmah, Hikmat Wisdom
Hilal Crescent, new moon.
Hilala Crescent
Hilmiyya Clement, forgiving
Hilwana Lovely, beautiful
Himaja Goddess Parvati
Hina A flowering plan; generally used for temporary skin decoration for special occasions; A shrub
Hinaa The Indian privet; a shrub, the leaves of which are used for dyeing the hands, feet and hair.
Hind Old Arabic name
Hindah She was the wife of Abu Sufyan (some versions call her Hind).
Hira Darkness
Hirah Mount Hirah, named after the mountain where the Holy Qur’an was delivered to Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).
Hiral Wealthy
Hitaishi Well wisher
Hiyam Love
Hiza Hooriya
Hoda Wealth
Hodan Guidance
Hoor A virgin maiden of Paradise for its dwellers.
Hooria Angel of Heaven.
Hooriya Angel
Hooriyah Name comes from hoor of heaven
Hoorulain The most beautiful HUR with beautiful eyes.
Horia Angel
Hoyam Passionate love.
Hubab Aim, goal
Hubayshah She was the daughter of Hubaysh al-Aamiriyah; she was a poetess.
Hubba She was a beautiful woman, daughter of Maalik bin Amr al-Adwaniyah (AN)
Huboor Happiness.
Huda, Hooda Right guidance
Hudun To become quiet
Hujaymah Attack; This was the name of Huyama al-Awsabiyah al-Danishqiyah; she was a jurist of great rank and a very pious woman; however, another greater woman, wife of Abu Darda, was known as Umm Darda, she had this name and she was a narrator of Hadith.
Hujayrah She was a narrator of Hadith, daughter of Husayn.
Hukaymah She was the daughter of Umaymah daughter of Ruqayqah (R.A) a companion; another woman by this name, daughter of Mahmood bin Muhammad was a reciter of the Quran.
Hulyah Jewelry, ornament, finery
Huma An Imaginary bird
Humaida Praised; fem. of Humaid.
Humaila Golden Necklace
Humaira From the arabic name meaning reddish! Title name of Aisha (R.A) one who strives to achieve her utmost best!
Humairah, Humayrah Of reddish complexion; nickname the Prophet gave to his wife ‘A’ishah
Humaydah She was a narrator of hadith.
Humayra Red (white)
Humayya Passion, zeal
Humera The imaginary bird who soars the highest
Humra Beautiful, Rose
Hunaidah, Hunaydah The wife of Ibrahim al-Nakhee was so named, as also the daughter of Shurayk. (AN). Whe was a narrator of Hadith.
Hur Virgins of paradise
Huriya hooriya-houri, nymph
Huriyah, Huriyyah, Hooriya Angel; a Houri, virgin of paradise
Huriyyah, Hooriya Angel
Hurmat Respect, dignity or something declared, sacred by religion.
Hurriya Freedom, liberty.
Hurya Angel
Husaina Diminutive of Husn, beauty.
Hushaima Diminutive of Hishma, modesty.
Husn, Husna Beauty, gracefulness, prettiness.
Husn Ara Adorned with beauty.
Husni Possessing beauty.
Husniya Beautiful, pretty.
Husniyah Beautiful
Husniyya Beautiful
Hussana Historical name
Hutaf Cheering
Hutun Clouds with rain
Huwaidah, Huwaydah Gentle
Huzuz Pl. of Hazz, fortune, good luck.
Iba Pride, disdain.
Ibadah Worship
Ibadat Worship.
Ibrah Wisdom, advice
Ibrisam Silk.
Ibrisami Silken.
Ibriz Pure gold.
Ibthaj, Ibtihaj, Ibtihaaj Joy, delight
Ibtihal Supplication, prayer
Ibtisam, Ibtisaam Smiling
Ibtisama Smile.
Idhar Fluff
Idrak Intellect, perception, achievement, attainment.
Iffah, Iffat Purity, chastity, modesty, virtue, abstinence.
Iffat-Ara Decorator of Chastity
Ifra Giving happiness
Ifrah To make happy.
Iftikar Thought, contemplation
Iftikhar Pride, glory
Iftin Light
Iftinan enchantment, captivation
Ifza Protective angel
Ighra Alluring, instigate
Ihaa Inspiration
Ihab Giving, granting
Ihtisham Chastity, modesty, decency, decorum.
Iiham Inspiration, intuition
Ijabo Hope
Ijaz Inimitability of the Quran
Ijlal Glorification, exaltation, honour, distinction, respect.
Ijliyah The daughter of al-Asturlabi al-Ijli.
Ikhlas Sincerity, honesty, integrity, fidelity, faithfulness.
Iklil Crown, garland, wreath.
Ikraam Honor; Hospitality; Generosity
Ikram, Ikraam Honour, glory, respect, generosity, hospitality.
Ikramiya Honorable, Dignified
Ilaaf Protection
Ilham, Ilhaam Intuition, inspiration, revelation.
Ilhan Respectfull, nice, precious.
Ilm A slave gifl belonging to Zubaydah, wife of Harun al-Rashid had this name.
Ilmeeyat Knowledge
Iltimas Request, appeal, entreaty.
Ilyas Name of a Prophet of Allah. He was called Ilyaseen as well.
Iman, Imaan Belief, faith in Allah.
Imani Faith, Belief.
Imsaal Unique, one of a kind
Imthithal Polite obedience
Imtihal Polite, obedience
Imtinan Gratitude, gratefulness, thankfulness.
Imtisal Obedience, conforming to, in compliance with.
Imtithal Polite obedience
Imtiyaz, Imtiyaaz Distinction, mark of honour, intelligent.
Inaam Act of kindness,Benefaction,Bestowal
Inaaya Gift of Allah
Inam, Inaam Gift, present, act of kindness, benefaction, bestowal.
Inan A slave girl belonging to Haroon al-Rashid (Fih)
Inas Friendliness, cordiality, sociability.
Inaya Concern; solicitude
Inayah, Inayat Care, concern
Inayat Concern, solicitude.
Inga Powerful
Insaf Justice, equity
Insha Creation, origination
Inshirah Joy, delight, happiness, cheerfulness.
Intessar Victory
Intisar, Intisaar Victory, triumph; sing.
Intisarat Pl. of Intisar, victory, triumph.
Iqamat Calm, peace, staying.
Iqra Study, read.
Iradat Wish, desire, intention.
Iraj Flower
Iram The Paradise of Shadad, Eden.
Irem A Garden in Heaven
Irsa Rainbow
Irtiza Contentment, approval.
Irum A garden in heaven
Isa Spacious, generous
Isad Making happy of prosperous, blessing.
Isaf Relief, help
Isar Fascinating
Isbah Light
Isha Night Prayer
Ishaal Heaven’s flower
Ishana Goddess Durga
Ishani Goddess Durga
Ishanvi Parvathi
Ishfaq Compassion, affection
Ishraq Brilliance, radiance, shining.
Ishrat Pleasure, enjoyment, delight.
Ishta Another name for Lord Vishnu
Ishya Spring
Isir Inspiritional, strong.
Islah Making right, making good, improvement, betterment.
Islam Submission to Allah’s Will
Isma Safeguarding.
Ismah, Ismat Purity, modesty, infallibility
Ismat Purity, honour, protection, chastity, modesty.
Ismat-Ara Decorator of modesty
Isood A woman of delicate body.
Isra Nocturnal journey; night journey of the Prophet from Makkah to Jerusalem
Istabraq Brocade
Istilah Agreement
Itab Censure
Itaf Clock
Ithar Preference
Itidal Moderateness, moderation, mildness, rectitude.
Itimad Reliance, dependence.
Itrat Lineage, descendants of Holy Prophet (PBUH).
Izaz Honour, esteem, regard, affection.
Izdihar, Izdihaar Prosperity, flourishing, bloom, blossoming.
Izma Higher poistion, Esteemed previledge & honour.
Izz The daughter of al-Haytam Muhammad bin al-Haysam was so named.
Izz an-Nisa She was a narrator of Hadith.
Izza Honour, fame, power.
Izza an-Nisa She was the daughter of Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz bin Ali bin Hibbat Allah bin Khuldoon. She narrated hadith.
Izzah Slave girl. The daughter of Umar bin Mumal was named Jariyah. Before he had become a Muslim, she was the slave of Umar (R.A) and he used to trash her very harshly that she might revoke Islam but she did not and finally he himself became a Muslim.
Izzat Honor; esteem, integrity.
Jaan Life
Jabalah Daughter of Musafh; she was a narrator of Hadith.
Jabarah A bracelet.
Jabeen Forehead
Jabin Forehead
Jabirah Comforter, consoler
Jabrayah Love, respect.
Jada Gift, present
Jadida New, fresh.
Jadwa Gift, present
Jahaan Land
Jahan The World
Jahan Aara Adornment of the world.
Jahan Ara Adorning the world. Daughter of Mughal emperor Shah Jahaan.
Jahan Khatoon She was a Persian poet.
Jahanara Queen of universe
Jahdamah She was a female companion of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Jahida Helps the vulnarable.
Jahmyyllah Beautiful one
Jahnavi River Ganga
Jaiyana Strength
Jala Bringing to light, shining, clarity.
Jalaja Goddess of wealth; Laxmi; Lotus
Jaleela Majestic, dignified
Jaleelah Dignified.
Jaleesah Companion
Jalila Great, exalted, magnificent; fem. of Jalil.
Jalilah Splendid, lofty
Jalpa Discussion
Jalwa Sight, show.
Jamal Beauty
Jamala Beautiful, pretty, moon-faced.
Jameela Beautiful
Jameelah Beautiful
Jameena Progressive, productive
Jameerah Beautiful one
Jamia Gatherer, collector, author, writer; fem. of Jami.
Jamila Beautiful, elegant, pretty; fem. of Jamil. Daughter of Khalifa Umar.
Jamilah, Jameela Beautiful, graceful, lovely
Jammana Pearl
Jana Products (Fruits) of Paradise – In Surah Al-Rahman
Janan, Janaan Heart, soul, pretty.
Janna Garden, paradise.
Jannah Heaven, paradise
Jannat Heaven, paradise.
Jannatul Firdaus Garden of Paradise.
Jareea Courageous
Jariyah Slave girl.
Jaseena Nice Heart
Jasira Brave, bold
Jasmin Flower
Jasmina Flower.
Jasrah Daughter of Dijajah al-Amiriyah, and a narrator of Hadith.
Jassia One who sits, name of a Surrah of Al-Quran.
Javairea Mysterious
Javeria Name of Prophet Muhammad’s wife
Jawa Passion, love
Jawahir Precious stones, jewels
Jawda Excellence, high, quality, fineness.
Jawedan Immortal, lasting.
Jawhara Jewel, gem, essence.
Jawharah Jewel, gem
Jawl to move freely
Jawna The sun
Jaza Reward, compensation.
Jazeera Island
Jazibiyya Attraction, charm, appeal.
Jazira Island
Jaziya Granting
Jehaan Creative mind.
Jehan Beautiful Flower
Jemimah Beautiful
Jenna Heaven, Paradise.
Jennah Paradise
Jessenia Flower
Jian Life
Jibla Nature, natural disposition.
Jihan A river in Iran
Jilan Courtier
Jinan Gardens, paradise
Johara Jewel
Joindah God’s gift.
Joodi Kind, working.
Jud Generosity
Judaala Distinct.
Judamah She was the daughter of Wahb; she was a companion and a narrator of Hadith.
Judi Name of a mountain mentioned in the Qur’an
Juhainah, Juhaynah Name of an Arab tribe
Juhanah Young girl
Juhaymah There is a suggestion that her name was Hujaymah, she was Umm ad-Darda, and a narrator of Hadith.
Juhi Fragrant flower.
Jumaana Silver pearl
Jumaina Diminutive of Jumana, small pearl.
Juman Pearl
Jumana Large, pearl
Jumanah, Jumaana Silver pearl
Jumaymah Name of a female companion.
Jumaynah Gem, name of a female companion.
Jun Inlet, bay, gulf
Junah The sun
Junainah Garden of paradise
Junayna Little garden.
Juni Lovable.
Junna Shelter.
Junnut Heaven
Juveria Diminutive of Jooriyah, damask rose. Wife of the Prophet Muhammad.
Juwairiyah, Juwayriyah Wife of the Prophet
Juwan Perfume
Juwariyah She was the wife of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Kaamla Perfect
Kabeesha This was the name of a poetess, daughter of al-Waqa (AN).
Kabira Leader, heroic woman.
Kabirah Elder, Big.
Kabshah She was a companion; she was the daughter of Sabit bin al-Munzir al-Ansari (AN)
Kafiya Self-sufficient
Kaheela Labour, triumph, trial.
Kaheesha This was the name of a poetess, daughter of al-Waqa.
Kahkushan Galaxy
Kaia Stability
Kaif A state of joy.
Kaifiya Ecstatic, mirghful, gayhooppy.
Kaina Leader woman.
Kainat Universe
Kakuli Crest, tuft on the head of an animal like comb of a cock.
Kaleemah Speaker
Kali Bud (of flower)
Kalila Sweetheart, beloved
Kalima Witness
Kalsam Name of al-Qarshiyah who transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah (AN)
Kalsoom Name of prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) daughter
Kaltham Name of al-Qarshiyah who transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah.
Kamal Lotus
Kamaliyah Perfection: name of a traditionalist, daughter of Muhammad bin Muhammad al-Hashmiyah al-Makkiyah RA.
Kameela Most perfect
Kamila Perfect, complete, genuine; fem. of Kamil.
Kamilah Perfect, complete
Kaneez Slave
Kaneezah Firm (of flish), sturdy (of body).
Kaniz Maid servant, female servant, virgin.
Kanizah Young Girl
Kanval Flower
Kanwal A flower of water, water-lilly.
Kanz Treasure
Kanza Hidden Treasure
Kanzah Treasure; She was a poetess (AN)
Karam Generosity, bounty, noble nature.
Karamat Miracle.
karawan Variety of plover birds
Kardawaiyah A pious woman, daughter of Amr al-Basriyah was so name (AN)
Kardawiyah A pious woman, daughter of Amr al-Basriyah was so named.
Karida Untouched
Karima Kind, generous, benevolent, open-handed, bountiful, noble; fem. of Karim.
Karimah, Kareema Generous, noble
Kariman Generous lady.
Karma Vine, grapevine, kind, generous.
Kas Glass; This was the name of a woman, daughter of Buhayr bin Jundub.
Kashfiya Enlightenment.
Kashida Hardworking.
Kashifah Revealer of Secrets
Kashira Jubiliant, jovial.
Kashish Attraction
Kashmira Beauty of Kashmir; Grape; From Kashmir
Kashooda Attractive.
Kashud Bloom, success, benefit.
Kasirah Plenty.
Kasool A girl brought up by tender care, sluggish girl.
Kasturi Musk, a song bird.
Kathirah Plenty
Kaukab Star
Kaureen Beautiful girl, pretty girl.
Kausar Abundance, name of a fountain, in the paradise.
Kawakib Satellites
Kawkab Star, satellite.
Kawthar River in Paradise
Kayan Morning light of the sun
Kaysah Daughter of Abu Bakr al-Saqafi, was a narrator of Hadith.
Kazima One who controls or suppresses her anger; fem. of Kazim.
Kehara Precious
Kehkashan Galaxy
Khabira Aware, knowing.
Khadija The first wife of the Prophet Muhammad who was the first to embrace Islam.
Khadijah, Khadeeja Name of Prophet’s Peace be upon him First wife
Khadra Green, Green of the Jennah
Khair Good, blessing, boon, wealth, fortune.
Khaira The best, prime, top, flower, cream; sing. of khairat.
Khairah Best, good, virtuous
Khairat Pl. of Khaira, blessing, good work.
Khairiya Charity, benevolence, beneficence, good.
Khairun Nisa Best of women. Epithet of Khadija, the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad.
Khaleela Friend, companion
Khalida, Khalidah Permanent, immortal, eternal; fem. of Khalid.
Khalilah Good friend
Khalisa Pure, true, clear, real; fem. of Khalis.
Khalisah Pure, clear
Khalwat Solitude.
Khanam Princess, noble woman.
Khansa Proper name (famous Arabic poetess), pug-nosed.
Kharijah External
Kharqa Strong, wind
Khashar Decorated, ornamented.
Khashia Pious, devout; fem. of Khashi.
Khashifa Disclosing, divulging.
Khasiba Fruitful, fertile, prolific, prodigal, productive; fem. of Khasib.
Khatera Memory
Khatiba Orator, speaker, fianc�e.
Khatira Wish, desire.
Khatoon Noblewoman, lady.
Khaula A buck, deer, name of a well-known Sahabi i.e. companion of the Prophet Muhammad.
Khawara The sunlight, east.
Khawla Deer
Khawlah One who has beautiful features
Khayrah Good
Khayriyah, Khayriyyah, Khairiya Charitable, beneficent, good
Khazanah Treasure; She was the daughter of Khalid bin Jafar bin Qurt. She was a poetess.
Khazeena Arsenal, treasure house.
Khidrah Green
Khitam Conclusion
Khitfa Erroneus, forgetful.
Khudamah Service, name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Khudra Greenery, greenness, verdancy.
Khudrah Greenery
Khulaidah Permanent, name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr and the name of a Sahabiyyah.
Khulat Love, friend.
Khulaybah This was the name of an Arab poetess.
Khuld Paradise, heaven, eternal.
Khulud, Khulood Immortality, eternity, infinity
Khunatha Historical name
Khurmi Happiness, leisure.
Khursheed Sun
Khurshid Jahan Sun of the world
Khusbakht Lucky
Khushbakht Lucky.
Khushbu Fragrance, scent.
Khuwailah A little or young female gazelle; name of a women.
Khuwaylah Gazelle
Khuzama Lavender, tulip.
Khuzamah Lavender.
Kiah  A new beginning
Kifah Struggle
Kiran Ray, beam.
Kishwar Country.
Kiswar Territory
Kohinoor The mountain of light, name of a diamond that was a prized possession of the Mughals.
Koila Charcoal
Komal Beautiful
Komila Complete
Korina Exalted, sublime, nice.
Kouther River in Jennah (paradise)
Kowaisah Handsome, pretty, name of a Sahaabiyah.
Kuaybah A distinguished woman of her times was so named; she was the daughter of Sad al-Aslamiyah and she offered allegiance (bayah) to the Prophet (S.A.W) after hijrah; she treated the ill and performed surg
Kubra Great, senior, (Al-Khubra – Epithet of Khadija).
Kuhaylah This was the name of a pious, learned woman who was a good speaker (AN)
Kulsoom Full of flesh about the face and cheeks, rosy, healthy cheeks, chubby cheeks.
Kulthum, Kulthoom Daughter of the Prophet (pbuh)
Kulus Clearness, purity
Kunza Hidden treasure
Kurat-ul-Ain Coolness of eyes
Kuwaysah Pretty
Kwairah The prettiest
Kyda Preserved, Strong.
Kyna Intelligence
Laila Sweet heart; Nocturnal
Laaibah Laaibah is the prettiest women in all the jannats (heavens). She will be in jannat al firdous.
Laaiqah Worthy, deserving, capable
Laal Pearl, ruby.
Labeeba Intelligent, wise
Labeebah Intelligent, wise, brillant
Labiba Intelligent, judicious, sensible, understanding, sagacious, wise, prudent, wise; fem. of Labib.
Labibah Understanding, intelligent
Lafiza As deep as a sea.
Lahifa Helper.
Laiba Angel of heaven.
Laiha Glittering.
Laila Dark beauty; Night
Laiqa Worthy, deserving, elegant, capable, decent.
Laiqah Deserving, suitable, elegant
Lakhsha Glittering.
Lala Flower.
Lama Darkness of inner lips, it is considered to be beautiful.
Lamah Brilliancy
Laman Shine, luminescence
Lamees Soft to the touch
Lamia Brilliant, lustrous, shining, radiant.
Lamiah Bright, luminous
Lamis, Lamees Soft to the touch
Lamisa Soft to the touch
Lamisah Soft to the touch
Lamya, Lamya Of dark lips
Lana to be gentle, soft, tender
Lanika The Best.
Laraib Not suspicious, truth.
Laseef Glitter.
Lashirah Very intelligent.
Latafat Variety
Lateefa Gentle; Kind
Latifa Pretty, charming, gentle, sweet, refined, kind, pleasantry, humour, friendly; fem. of Latif.
Latifah, Lateefa Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly
Latimah Scent.
Lawaiza The girl who was born to Eve with Abel.
Layaan Gentleness, softness, tenderness.
Layali Nights
Layan Gentle and soft
Layina Tender, supple, resilient.
Layla, Leila A well-known character in Arabic literature i.e. the beloved of Majnoon.
Layyah Twist, Flexure.
Lazim Essential, imperative
Leem Peace
Leen Tender
Leena Plant of dates, soft, mild, clemency
Leila Night
Leilah Night
Leyla Night
Liba Most Beautiful (Hoor in jannah).
Linah, Lina, Leena Gentle, soft, tender, ‘a kind of palm’.
Liyana Softness, tenderness.
Liza Dedicated for Allah.
Lu Luah She was a narrator of Hadith.
Lubaaba The innermost essence
Lubab The best part
Lubaba Essence, core, gist.
Lubabah, Lubaaba The innermost essence
Luban Pine tree; denotes long neck
Lubana Wish, desire.
Lubanah Wish, desire
Lubena Purity
Lublubah Affectionate, tender
Lubna A tree which yields an aromatic resin used in perfume and medicine i.e. storax-tree.
Luja of great depth
Lujain, Lujayn Silver
Lujaina Silver
Luloah A pearl
Lulu Pearls
Lulua Pearl.
Luluah, Lulwa Pearl
Luma Sunset
Luna Moon
Lunah Date palm
Lutf Kindness, friendliness, courtesy, delicate, grace, favour from Allah.
Lutfana Kind, helper.
Lutfiya Delicate, graceful.
Lutfiyya Gentle, tender
Lutfun Nisa Grace of women.
Ma as-sama A noble hearted, generous lady, daughter of al-Muzaffar, had this name; she built a religious school
Maab Place to which one returns
Maahnoor Glow of Moon
Maali Noble things
Mabrooka Blessed, prosperous, abundant; fem. of Mabrook.
Mada Utmost point, degree
Madaniya Civilized, urbane, polished.
Madeeha Praiseworthy
Madhat Praise
Madhia Praiseworthy
Madia Praiseworthy
Madiha Praiseworthy, commendation, commendable.
Madihah, Madeeha Praiseworthy, commendable
Maesa Walking proudly
Mah Moon.
Mah Jabin Beautiful, brow like the moon.
Mah Liqa Moon-like (face).
Mah Naz Humble moon (that would disappear on touch).
Mah Noor Moonlight.
Mah Rukh Face as bright as the moon.
Maha Wild cow, cow-eyes
Mahabbah Love, affection
Mahala Brave.
Mahalfa Opponent.
Mahasin Beauties, good qualities
Mahbasah A narrator of Hadith, al-Bahiliyah had this name.
Mahbooba Dear, beloved sweetheart; fem. of Mahboob.
Mahdiya Rightly Guided By Allah
Mahdiyah Rightly guided
Maheen Fine or thin texture, feeble voice, Like the moon
Maheera Highly skilled, Expert
Mahek Fragrance
Mahfooza Safeguarded, well-protected; fem. of mahfooz.
Mahfuzah The protected one
Mahibah Noble, respected
Mahin Fine, subtle, thin. Name of a woman.
Mahira Skilled, skilful, proficient; fem. of Mahir.
Mahirah Adept, Expert
Mahjabeen Moon like
Mahjooba Hidden, covered, screened; fem. of Mahjoob.
Mahmooda Praised, praiseworthy, elegant, lauded.
Mahmoodatun Nisa Praised (one) of the women.
Mahmudah Praised, commendable
Mahnaz Pride of the moon.
Mahneerah First born of a pair.
Mahnoor Light of the moon
Mahparah Piece of moon
Mahreen Bright and Beautiful as the sun
Mahrosh Piece of moon, pleasant
Mahroz One who has a face like moon.
Mahrukh Face like a moon, beautiful
Mahtab Moonlight.
Mahtalat Moon-faced
Mahtob Moonlight
Mahum Moon’s Light
Mahveen Light of the Sun
Mahwish Moon-faced, beautiful as moon.
Maida Beautiful
Maimana Right, right-hand side, right wing (of army).
Maimoona, Maymunah Auspicious, blessed; a wife of the Prophet
Maimuna lucky, blessed
Maimunah wife of Prophet Muhammad
Maira Favourable, admirable.
Mais proud gait
Maisaa To walk with a proud swinging gait.
Ma’isah, Maisa Walking with a proud, swinging gait
Maisara Prosperity, abundance, wealth, affluence; left, left-hand side, left wing (of army).
Maisarah Wealth, Richness
Maisha Pretty
Maisoon Of beautiful face and body.
Maisoora Ease; successful, fortunate, lucky, prosperous; fem. of maisoor.
Maisun maysoon / meaning
Maiyy Servant, slave
Maizah Discerning
Majda Glory, honour, nobility.
Majdiya Glorious.
Majeeda Glorious, noble, sublime, exalted; fem. of majeed.
Majida Glorious, noble, respected, exalted, fem. of majid.
Majidah, Majeeda Glorious, noble, respected
Makarim, Makaarim Of good and honorable character
Makhtooma Name of a female singer of the past
Makhtoonah Name of a singer and a beautiful lady of the past.
Makkiyah From Makkah
Maktoonah Name of a singer and a beautiful lady of the past.
Maladh Protection, shelter
Malaha Beauty, grace, elegance.
Malaika Angel
Malaikah the 35th Surah of the Quran,angels
Malak, Malaeka Angel
Malakah Talent
Malayeka Angel
Maleeha Charming, pretty
Maleehah Salty, Graceful, Brownish colour.
Maleeka Queen; fem. of Maleek.
Maliha Beautiful, pretty, good-looking; fem. of Malih.
Malika Reigning, ruling.
Malikah Queen
Malka Fem. of Malik; queen.
Malmal Soft
Mamoona Trustworthy, honest, faithful, reliable; fem of Mamoon.
Manaal Attainment,Achievement
Manaar Guiding light (lighthouse)
Manab Deputyship, share
Manahel Special flower
Manahil Spring of fresh water.
Manal, Manaal Attainment, achievement
Manar, Manaar Guiding light
Manara Fem. of Manar: light-house.
Mandal Fragrant wood.
Manfoosah She was the daughter of Abu Yazid bin Abu al-FAwaris; a very pious woman, she wept often for fear of Allah.
Manha Gift of Allah
Manhalah Spring; Name of many Arab women.
Mann Gift, present, favour, benefit, boon.
Mannana Bountiful, generous; fem. of mannan.
Mansoora Assisted, victorious, supported, triumphant; fem. of Mansoor.
Mansurah Supporter, victorious.
Manzoora Approved of, chosen, promising; fem. of Manzoor.
Maqboola Accepted, admitted, granted, approved; fem. of Maqbool.
Maqboolah A noted woman of the past had this name; Maqboolah Hanim
Maqsooda Intended, destined.
Marab Wish, desire, purpose, use, aim; sing. of Marib.
Marah Happiness, joy.
Maram, Maraam Wish, desire, aspiration.
Mardhiah One who is loved and respected by all.
Marghuba Coveted, desired.
Marhabah Welcome
Maria A lady with fair complexion, kind of bird. Wife of Muhammad who gave birth to son named Ibrahim.
Mariam, Maryam Mother of the Prophet Isa (Jesus), the Biblical Mary.
Marib Pl. of Marab, wish.
Maridah A slave girl of Haroon Rashid had this name.
Mariha Joyful, cheerful, lively.
Mariya A learned woman of Andulus had this name; she was the daughter of Abu Yaqoob al-Faysali.
Mariyah Fair complexion; name of the wife of the Prophet
Mariyya White woman
Marjan Small pearls, corals.
Marjanah Precious stone; She was the mother of Prophet Isa AS and has been mentioned in the Quran frequently and a whole Surah is named after her.
Marnia Wealthy in every aspect
Maroofa Famous, known, eminent, kindness, kind act; fem. of Maruf.
Marqooma Writter, stated, well-defined.
Maruff Famous; Known; Noted; Celebrated
Marwa A mountain in mekkah
Marwah a mountain in Makkah (Al Safa wa al Marwah)
Maryam Name of Mother of Jesus
Maryum Mother of Isa (A.S)
Marziya Accepted, well-pleased, one who is pleasing.
Marziyah another name for Hazrat Fatimah Zahra
Marzooqa blessed, fortunate, prosperous, successful; fem. of Marzooq
Marzuqah Blessed by God, fortunate
Mas For Almas; diamond. (only almas is used as name).
Masabeeh Lamps, Lights.
Masabih Pl. of Misbah, lamp.
Masahir Ancient Arabic lute
Masarrah Delight, joy
Masarrat Joy, delight, pleasure, gladness, happiness.
Maseera Happy
Mashaal Light, bright
Mashal Light, bright fire, flame.
Mashhuda Present, manifest.
Mashia wish, desire, will (of Allah)
Mashkoora Thankful
Mashmool Included, sought, after, searched for.
Mashoodah Evidenced.
Masira Noble.
Masooda Fortunate, happy, lucky, prosperous, gracious, favourable, august; fem. of Masood.
Masooma Innocent, sinless, safe-guarded, protected; fem. of Masoom.
Masoon Safeguarded, well-protected.
Mas’ouda Happy, lucky, fortunate
Masrurah Glad, happy, delighted.
Mastura Latent, hidden, chaste.
Masudah, Masouda Happy, lucky, fortunate
Masumah Innocent
Mateena Strong woman
Mateenah Firm, Solid, determined
Matina Strong, solid, of resolute mind.
Mausooma Namely, viz.
Mawadda Friendship, intimacy, affection, love.
Mawaddah Affection, love, friendliness
Mawahib Talents
Mawara Superior
Mawhiba Gift, talent; sing. of Mawahib.
Mawhooba Gifted, talented, favoured; fem. of Mawhoob.
Mawiya Old Arabic name
Mawiyah, Mawiya The essence of life; clear mirror
Mawsoofa Worthy of description, portrayed, endowed with laudable qualities; fem. of Mawsoof.
May Old Arabic name
Maya Princess.
Mayameen The blessed, the brave.
Mayeda The fruits of heaven, the cloth on which you eat in Heaven, The suraah Mayeda in the Quran.
Mayesa same as “Maisa” above
Maymanat Blessing, victory
Maymoona Blessed
Maymunah Fortunate, blessed; name of the wife of the Prophet
Mays, Mais Proud gait
Maysa, Maysaa Walking with pride
Maysam The pollen in the flower, honey, sweet
Maysarah Left hand side
Maysoon Of beautiful face and body
Maysoora Successful (prosperous)
Maysun, Maysoon Of beautiful face and body
Mayyadah, Mayyada To walk with a proud, swinging gait
Mayyasah To walk with a proud gait
Mazida Increase, excess, high degree, maximum; fem. of Mazid.
Mazina Of white glittering face
Maziyah Excellence, merit, virtue.
Maznah Glorius
Mazneen Shining of gold
Medina Holy city of Saudi Arabia
Meem The Arabic letter ‘M’ or ‘Mim’
Meena Light
Meeza Quarter moon
Mehak Fragrance
Mehar Kindness, grace
Meharunnisa Kind
Mehbooba A friend
Mehek Smell, fragrance
Meher Benevolence.
Meheroon Charming
Meherunissa Benevolent
Mehjabeen Beautiful as the moon, beloved person.
Mehmuda Beautiful garden in medinah
Mehnaz Prouded like a moon.
Mehndi Beautiful colour.
Mehnoor Light of the moon
Mehr Full Moon.
Mehreen Loving nature
Mehriban Kind, Gentle.
Mehrish Wonderfull smell(mehak).
Mehrnaz Kindness and sweetness.
Mehrun Nisa Sun of the women.
Mehrunisa Pretty woman.
Mehtab Moon
Mehvesh Light of the moon.
Mehvish Bright Star.
Mehwish Moon, beautiful.
Memoona Gladful
Menaal Special flower of heaven
Mersiha The most beautiful.
Mevish Strong
Meymona Good Fortune.
Mibhaj Beautiful
Midhaa Appreciate
Midhah Praise
Midhat Praise, eulogy.
Mihr Sun, affection.
Mina a place near Makkah
Minaal To reach your destination
Minal Gift, achievement.
Minna Grace, bounty
Minnah Mercy, gift from Allah
Minoo Paradise.
Mirah Provisions, supply
Misaal Example, copy.
Misam Impression, mark, beauty.
Misba Innocent
Misbah Lamp, Light.
Misha Beautiful, Pretty.
Mishael Torch, light
Mishall A light, beautiful, pretty.
Mishel A Light.
Miska Piece of musk
Miskeenah Humble.
Mobena Cool
Mohaddisa Story teller.
Mohga The light of happiness.
Mohsana Chaste, virtuous, protected, sheltered, pure, modest, married woman.
Mohsina Benevolent, beneficent, charitable, humanitarian; fem. of Muhsin.
Momina Faithful, Truly Believing
Mona Wish, desire
Monera Shinning light, or guiding light.
Mouna Water.
Mounia A wish or dream come true
Mounira It’s shining.
Muaza Historical name
Muazah Daughter of Abdullah al-Adowiyah was a narrator of Hadith.
Muazzama Exalted, respected, glorified; fem. of Muazzam.
Muazzaz Powerful, strong
Mubaraka Blessed, fortunate, lucky, auspicious; fem. of Mubarak.
Mubashirah Bringer of good news
Mubashshara Giver of good news
Mubassirah One who comments
Mubeena Evident, clear
Mubeenah One who makes something clear.
Mubin Clear, obvious
Mubina Clear, manifest, plain, distinct; fem. of Mubin.
Mubinah Manifest; Clear; One who clarifies
Mueena Helper, assistant
Mueerah The sister of Hajjaj bin Hassan al-Jamimi had this name.
Mufazzalah A poetess of the past had this name.
Mufeeda  Useful
Mufiah Obedient, compliant
Mufidah, Mufeeda Useful, helpful, beneficial
Mugheesah One who helps.
Mughirah Daughter of Hassan; she was a narrator of Hadith.
Muhabbat Love, affection.
Muhariba Fighter, one who entangles.
Muhayra Skilled
Muhayya Countenance, face, look.
Muhibbah Loving
Muhjah, Muhja Heart’s blood, soul
Muhra Filly, a female pony.
Muhsina Charitable
Muhsinah Charitable and kind
Muida Reviser, teacher, fem. of Muid.
Muizza The empowerer, the honourer, the strengthener
Mujahida One who struggles, strives, or fights for the cause of Islam; fem. of Mujahid.
Mukarram Honored
Mukarrama Honoured, revered, honourable; fem. of Mukarram.
Mukhlisa Devoted, faithful, pure-hearted.
Mukhlisah Devoted, faithful
Mukhtar Free.
Mulayka Diminutive of Malaka, angel.
Mulook Pl. of Malik, king.
Mumayyaz Distinguished
Mumina Lovely, sweet girl
Muminah Pious believer
Mumtaz The distinguished; The best; The queen of emperor Shah Jahan
Mumtaz Mahal Wife of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.
Mumtaza Distinguished
Muna, Mona Wish, desire
Munaam Soft, delicate.
Munas Sabah Wishes of the dawn.
Munawar Bright.
Munawwar Radiant, illuminated
Munawwara Illuminated, brilliant, full of light; fem. of Munawwar.
Munazza Devoid of faults, pure.
Munazzah Sacred, clean, honest.
Muneeah Name of a Slave-girl of Amr bin al-Ala.
Muneeba Penitent, repentant
Muneefa Tall and beautiful
Muneera Illuminating; Shedding light
Muneerah Splendid, bright shine of light, illuminous.
Munerah Illuminating, Shining.
Muniba To consult with Allah, diverted toward Allah.
Munifa Eminent, exalted, superior, high, lofty; fem. of Munif.
Munira bright, brilliant, shedding light, radiant, luminous, shining; fem. of Munir
Munirah, Muneera Illuminating, shedding light
Munisa Sociable, friendly, kind, gentle; fem. of Munis.
Munisah Friendly
Munize One who brings good luck
Munjiyah A woman who saves someone.
Muntaha The utmost, highest degree
Munya Wish, desire, object of desire; sing. of Muna, wishes.
Munyatul Muna Wish of wishes.
Muqadaas Holy, Pure.
Muqaddasa Sacred, holy.
Muqbala This was the name of a narrator of Hadith, daughter of Ali al-Bazzaz.
Muqbalah Name of a narrator of Hadith.
Murdiyyah Chosen one
Muriha Restful, soothing.
Murjanah Small pearl
Murshida Leader, guide, adviser, counsellor; fem. of Murshid.
Murshidah Guide
Muruj Meadows
Musaddas A poem of six verses.
Musaddiqa One who affirms the truth.
Musaddiqah One who affirms the Truth.
Musarrat Pleasure
Musawat Equality.
Musaykah She was the mother of Yusuf bin Mahik and she narrated Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah RA.
Mushahida Observance, evidence, study.
Musharrafa Honoured, elevated.
Mushira Counsellor, adviser; fem. of Mushir.
Mushirah, Musheera Giving counsel, advising
Mushtaqa Desirous, covetous
Mushtari Jupiter.
Muskaan Smile
Muskan Smile, Happy
Muslima Follower of the religion of Islam; fem. of Muslim.
Muslimah Devout believer; submitting oneself to God
Musn Rain, clouds
Musnah Rain, clouds
Mussah She was Mussah al-Azdiyah, mother of Bussah; she was a narrator of Hadith.
Mussaret Happiness
Mustaeenah One who prays for help.
Mutahhara Purified, chaste.
Mutahharah Purified, chaste.
Mutazah A narrator of Hadith of the later period.
Muteea Obedient, submissive
Mutia Obedient, pious, devoted, faithful; fem. of Muti.
Muwaffaqa Successful, prosperous, lucky, fortunate; fem. of Muwaffaq.
Muyassar Successful, lucky, prosperous.
Muzaina Diminutive of Muzna, rain, clouds.
Muzaynah Adornment
Muzeea Luminous, bright
Muzna Rain clouds.
Muznah The cloud that carries the rain
Myiesha Lifes blessing
Myreen Same as Mahreen
Mysha Happy for entire life.
Nimah, Naeema Blessing, loan
Nimat, Nimaat Blessing, boon, favour, a gift from Allah, grace bounty.
Nimerah Tigeress, beauty, strength, modesty, power
Nimra Soft, Lion.
Nimrah Pure, clean
Nina Gracious One.
Nisa Women.
Nisar Sacrifice
Nisha Whole World
Nishat Happiness, intoxication.
Nisreen Flower
Nisrin corrupted in the Subcontinent as Nasreen (nisreen -musk rose
Nissa Ladylike
Niyaf Tall and pretty
Niyyat Intention, determination, resolution.
Nofal Blessing, donation.
Noor, Nur Light; The Divine Light
Noor al-Sabah Morning light
Noor Jahan Light of the world.
Noora Light; fem. of Noor.
Noor-Al-Haya Light of my life.
Nooraniyah Luminous, brilliant.
Noorie Light
Noorien Light
Nooriya Light
Nooriyya Light
Noorjahan Light of the world
Nooruddunya Light of the world.
Noorulain Peace of eyes, light of eyes.
Noor-ul-ann Light
Noorun Nisa Light of the women.
Nora Light
Noreen Lovable, bright.
Noreenah A sweet dish.
Norhan Light
Noriza Light of contentment
Noshaba Elixir, water of life.
Nosheen Sweet Thing.
Noshi Of pleasant taste.
Noshin Sweet, pleasant, (i.e. dream).
Nouf Highest point on a mountain
Noureen Light
Nu’aymah Name of a woman narrator of Hadith.
Nuboogh Distinction, eminence, excellence, superiority.
Nudar, Nudhar Gold
Nudbah Lament, Scar; Mark.
Nudhar Gold
Nudoora Rareness.
Nudra Rarity, rareness. .
Nudrat Singularity
Nufaysah Name of the daughter of Munyah who arranged the marriage of the Prophet PBUH with Sayyidah Khadijah RA.
Nuha Intrelligence; Mind
Nuhaa Intelligent.
Nujud, Nojood Noble, wise
Numa Beautiful and pleasant; happiness
Nunah Dimple in the chin
Nur al Huda Light of the faith
Nura The light, e.g. nurul islam, the light of islam.
Nurah, Noorah Corolla, blossom
Nurayda Intelligence
Nuriya Light, luminous, radiant, brilliant; fem. of Noori.
Nuriyah Another name for Hazrat Fatimah Zahra
Nurjahan Light of the world
Nurjenna Light of Paradise
Nuryn Light
Nusaiba Diminutive of Nasiba, noble.
Nusaibah Old Arabic name
Nusaybah One with good lineage.
Nusayma Gentle breeze
Nusrah Helpful
Nusrat Help, aid, assistance, support.
Nuwairah, Nuwayrah Small fire
Nuwayla Archiver
Nuwaylah Winner
Nuwwar Blossoms, flowers
Nuwwara Blossom, flower.
Nuwwarrah Blossom, flower
Nuzar Pure gold.
Nuzha Pleasure trip, Excursion spot
Nuzhah Excursion spot
Nuzhat pleasure trip, freshness, promenade, excursion, recreation, cheerfulness
Nyasia Most beautiful one
Nyla Winner, Achiever
Obaidiyah Bondswoman of Allah
Ojala Light, sunshine
Omera One who posses an inspiring and great personality, enjoys having a positive attitude.
Orwiya Female mountain goat.
Ozra Virgin, Virgin Mary
Ozza A baby fawn, young female deer, female fawn.
Pakeezah Pure
Pakiza Pure, chaste, polite, nice, fine.
Pardaj Splendour.
Pari Fairy, fairy-like beautiful.
Parinda Bird
Pariza Fairy, flower
Parsa Chaste, devout, pious.
Parveen Very Noble
Parvin The Pleiades.
Parvina Shining star
Qabalah Responsibility; Name of narrator of Hadith, daughter of Yazeed.
Qabila Able, wise.
Qabilah Consenting
Qabool Accepted. An early woman, daughter of Abdullah, freed slave of al-Mustanjid Billah.
Qadira Powerful, able.
Qadr Fate, destiny
Qadriyah to believe in God’s will
Qadriyyah Strong
Qahira Overpowering, victorious.
Qaifa Estimater.
Qailah One who speaks
Qaima Bestower.
Qamar Full moon
Qamar Jahan The moon of the world
Qamarun Nisa Moon of the women.
Qamayr Daughter of Amr al-Khufiyah, wife of Masrooq, she was a narrator of Hadith.
Qameer Wife of Masrooq bin al-Ajda daughter of Amr al-Kufiyah, she was a narrator of Hadith who quoted Sayyidina Ayshah (R.A)
Qamra Moonlight, moonlit, bright; fem. of Aqmar.
Qanaat Patience.
Qania Contented, satisfied
Qaniah Contended
Qantara Small bridge.
Qanturah 3rd wife of Prophet Ibraheem (Abraham)
Qaraah Cloudlet; A kind lady of the Hijaz had this name.
Qarasafahl She was a narrator of Hadith
Qareebah Near
Qarsafah She was a narrator of Hadith known as Qarsafah al-Zahliyah.
Qaseema Beautiful woman, a box in which perfumes are kept.
Qasiba One who plays at flute, flutist.
Qasima Distributor, divider; fem. of Qasim.
Qasira Patient.
Qasoomah This was the name of a poetess daughter of Ismail al-Yahudi.
Qaylah Two women companions had this name.
Qaymayriyah This was the name of an early student of Hadith, wife of Masrooq.
Qaysar A name of women
Qayyima Precious, valuable
Qindeel Light
Qirat Beautiful Recitation
Qisaf Birttle, a student of Hadith, daughter of Abdullah bin Damirah.
Qismah Destiny, fate, ordained by God
Qismat Fate, destiny, area.
Qiyyama Stand for Allah
Quadriyyah Strong
Qubilah Concord
Quddusiyyah Sacred, Pious
Qudsia Holiness, sacredness, glorious, sacred, celestial, a blessed girl, a pious girl.
Qudsiyah Glorious, sacred
Qudsiyya Celestial, blessed girl
Quraybah Utricle
Qurratul Ayn Delights of the eye, darling
Qurratulain Cooling or delight of the eye, joy, pleasure, darling, sweetheart.
Qurrat-ul-ain Delights of an eye
Qutaylah Daughter of Sayfi al-Ansari; she was a companion.
Qutayyah A woman studne tof Hadith who quoted the female companions and daughter of Haram had this name.
Raaida Leader
Raameen Obedient
Raana Of elegant, statue, soft, lovely, beautiful, graceful, delicate.
Raani A queen.
Raawiya Transmitter (of ancient Arabic poetry)
Rabab White cloud
Rabail A veil of flowers
Rabbab A musical instrument.
Rabbiya Cool breeze of spring season
Rabeea Springtime, garden
Rabeeha Gainful
Rabia The fourth. “Rabia Basri”, name of a saint who lived in Basrah.
Rabiah, Rabeea Garden, springtime
Rabiha Winner, gainer; fem. Rabih.
Rabita Band, bond, link nexus.
Rabitah Bond, tie.
Rabiya Spring, springtime, garden; fem. of Rabi.
Rabiyah Hill
Rabwa Hill
Radeyah, Radhiya Content, satisfied
Radhia Pleasant, satisfied
Radhiyaa Content; Satisfied
Radhwa Name of mountain in Medina
Radifa One who is full of shame.
Radiya Veiled, covered.
Radiyah, Radhiya Content, satisfied
Radwa, Radhwa, Radhwaa A mountain in Medina
Raeesa Leader, chief, princess, a noble lady, a wealthy lady.
Raeesah Princess; Noble lady.
Raeha Fragrance, perfume, scent.
Raeleah Rays of sunshine
Rafa Happiness; Prosperity
Rafah, Rafat Pleasant, luxurious life
Rafal to trail a garment
Rafat Mercy, compassion, pity.
Rafeea Sublime, high
Rafeeah Sublime, high.
Rafeeda Assistance, gift
Rafeef Name of a flower
Rafeeha Living in luxury
Rafeeqa Companion, friend
Rafeeqah Friend; Soft-hearted
Rafia High ranking, noble, sublime, exquisite, exalted, eminent; fem. of Rafi.
Rafiah High, sublime, exquisite
Rafida Generous, liberal
Rafidah Support
Rafif Glittering, shining, gleaming.
Rafiqa Intimate friend, companion, associate; fem. of Rafiq.
Rafiqah Friend, companion
Rafraf Cushion, eyeshade.
Raghad or Raghda Pleasant
Raghada Comfort opulence, affluence.
Raghd Pleasant, plenty.
Raghda Prosperous, affluent
Ragheeda Prosperous, happy
Raghiba Desirous, wishful, willing; fem. of Raghib.
Raghibah Desiring, desirous
Raghid Comfort, opulence, affluence, plenty.
Raghidah Pleasant
Raha Peaceful
Rahaf Delicate, fine
Rahat Rest, comfort, ease, relief.
Raheel Historical name
Raheema Beneficent
Raheemah Merciful
Raheeq Exquisite wine (nectar)
Rahifa Sharp; fem. of Rahif.
Rahil Wife of the Prophet Yaqub (Jacob). In the Bible she is mentioned as Rachel.
Rahila One who travels
Rahilah One who travels
Rahima Kind, compassionate; fem. of Rahim.
Rahimah Merciful, compassionate
Rahiq Nectar
Rahla Happy, mirth, joyous.
Rahma Mercy
Rahmaa To have mercy upon
Rahmah Compassion, mercy
Rahmat Mercy, compassion, kindness.
Raida Explorer, guide, leader, pioneer, model, example; fem. of Raid.
Raidah, Raaida Leader
Raifa Very compassionate
Raifah Merciful
Raihana A handful of sweet basil. A bouquet of flowers; Wife of the Prophet Muhammad.
Raima Happiness
Raina Peaceful Queen
Raiqa Pure, clear, tranquil, serene; fem. of Raiq.
Raiqah Clear, Pure, Undisturbed.
Raisa Chief
Raisah Leader, matron
Raitah An early woman narrator of Hadith, she was the daughter of Muslim.
Raja, Raja Hope, anticipation
Rajab The seventh month of the Islamic calendar.
Rajia Hopeful, hoping, full of hope; fem. of Raji.
Rajiha Superior, predominant, fem. of Rajih.
Rajini Kingly, very exclusive.
Rajiya Hope, expectation, wish.
Rajiyah Hoping, full of hope.
Rajwa Expectation, wish
Rakhas Soft and delicate, supple.
Rakhima soft, pleasant, melodious (voice)
Rakhshan Illuminated, shining
Rakhshi Beautiful-faced, charming.
Rakina Firm, steady; fem. of Rakin.
Ramazan The ninth month of the Islamic calendar.
Rameen Successful woman.
Rameesah Hidden.
Rameesha A bunch of roses
Ramia Sender
Ramidha White rose
Ramisa White rose
Ramla Sand. Wife of the Prophet Muhammad Her kunya is Umm Habiba.
Ramlah Old Arabic name
Ramsha Face like moon
Ramzia Gift
Ramziyah Symbolic
Rana Attractive, eye catching
Rand Tree of good scent
Randa Scented, fragrant tree, good for decoration.
Raneem Chant, musical tone
Rani From the arabic name meaning queen. she is an energtic self-starter capable of sustaing a fast pace with strong leadership and qualities. a real motavater
Rania Queen
Ranim, Raneem To recite in a sing song voice
Raniyah, Raniya Gazing
Ranya Conquerer
Raoom Loving, tender.
Raqia Superior, high ranking, educated; fem. of Raqi.
Raqiba Guardian, supervisor.
Raqiqa Delicate, fine, soft, slender, slim.
Raqiyah Ascending, progressing
Rasan Sober, thoughtful, wise
Rasee Life full of happiness.
Rasha A young deer
Rashad Straight
Rashaqa Graceful, stature, grace, elegance.
Rasheeda Righteous, of good character, one who leads onto the right path.
Rasheedah Intelligent one, Sober
Rashida, Rasheeda, Rashidah Follower of the right path, mature, right minded, rightly guided; fem. of Rashid.
Rashiqa Graceful, elegant; fem. of Rashiq.
Rasikha Well-established, well-founded, stable, steady; fem. of Rasikh.
Rasima Designer, planner
Rasina Calm, composed.
Rasmiya Ceremonial, ceremonious, formal; fem. of Rasmi.
Rasmiyah Official, formal
Ratiba Well-arranged, well-ordered.
Raudzah Garden in paradise
Rauhah Happy Contented
Raunaq Beauty, grace, glamour, splendour.
Raunaq Jahan Lustre of the world.
Raushan Light, luminous, bright, splendour.
Raushan Ara Adorning light (female).
Raushan Jabin Of radiant forehead.
Raushani Light, splendour.
Rawah Charm, beauty, splendor
Rawahah A noted narrator of Hadith, daughter of Abu Umar bin Abdur Rahman al-Awzaee had this name.
Rawdah, Rawdha Garden
Rawhah Nice
Rawhiyah Spirituality
Rawia Narrator, reciter, transmitter (of incident Arabic poetry).
Rawiah, Raawiya Transmitter of ancient Arabic poetry
Rawiyah Transmitter of ancient Arabic poetry
Rawza Garden
Raya Aroma, fragrance.
Rayann Its the door of heaven that opens in the month of ramadhan
Rayhanah Aromatic sweet basil
Rayia Guardian, custodian, patron, protector; fem. of Rayi.
Rayna Pure, Clean
Raytah Daughter of Hurays, and a narrator of Hadith.
Rayya, Rayyaa Sated with drink
Razaana One who is calm
Razan, Razaan Sensibility and respect
Razana Calm, composure, self-possession.
Razeena Serious, sober, polite
Razia Satisfied, content, well-pleased; fem. of Razi.
Razina Calm, composed, self-possessed; fem. of Razin.
Raziqa One who feeds others, feeder.
Raziya Delighted, satisfied, contended, pleased; fem. of Razi.
Raziyah another name for Hazrat Fatimah Zahra
Raziyya Satisfied, pleased
Razwa Name of a mountain in Madina.
Reeha Air
Reeham Little, light rain
Reem Beautiful Gazelle.
Reema White antelope
Reena Beautiful
Reham Rain drops
Rehana A handfull of sweet basil
Rehemat Gift
Reja Good News
Resha Line
Resham Silk, softness.
Reshma Golden Silk, Expensive
Reshma Silky
Reyah Comfort
Reyhana Sweet smelling flower of paradise
Rida Favored by God
Rifa Happiness, prosperity.
Rifaat Altitude, Height, High.
Rifat Dignity, exaltation, high rank, high standing.
Rifaya Brilliance
Riffat High.
Rifqa Kindness, gentleness, company, companionship. Wife of the Prophet ishaq.
Rihab Wideness, spaciousness
Riham Lasting, fine rain
Rihana Sweet basil
Rija Desire, Hope
Rijja Heavens beauty
Rim, Reem Gazelle
Rima, Reema White, gazelle, antelope.
Rimsha Bunch of flowers
Rinaaz Great
Riqbah Name of the wife of Prophet Ishaq AS.
Riyaz Pl. of Rawza, garden.
Riza Contentment, satisfaction
Rizeen Dignity, heavy and precious thing, souvenir.
Rizqin Good fortune
Rizwan Satisfaction, acceptance, pleasure, contentment, name of the gate-keeper of paradise.
Rizwana Beautiful, Guardian of heaven
Robeena Happy, girl.
Robina Blessing with love, waterfall
Roha Beautiful
Rohaan A river in paradise.
Rohin Rising
Roma Truthful, honest, beautiful, flower, princess
Romana Pomegranate; The fruit of Paradise
Romeesa Heavens beauty
Rona Shining light
Roobi Ruby, pearl.
Roshan Bright.
Roshini Light, noor.
Roshna Light
Roshni Light
Roushana Light, Brightness
Rozinah Daily wages, pension, reward.
Rua Dreams, visions
Ruaa Invisable
Ruba Pl. of Rubwa, Rabwa, hill.
Rubaa Hills, height
Rubaba A two stringed musical instrument.
Rubadah Ash colored
Ruban Pl. of Rubwa, hill.
Rubay She was the daughter of Muawwiz and a companion of the Propphet PBUH from her young age.
Rubeina Bright
Rubi Red gem
Rubina Blessed with love, waterfall
Rubiya Spring season
Rudainah, Rudaynah Old Arabic name
Rufayah An early student of Hadith.
Rufayda She was a female companion who performed surgery on the injured in a tent setup in the mosque.
Ruhab The one who brings happiness
Ruhani Spiritual; Sacred; Divine
Ruhaniya Spirituality.
Ruhee Soul, a flower, who touches the heart.
Ruhi Soul
Ruhina Sweet fragrence
Ruhiya Spiritual.
Ruhm She was the daughter of al-Aswad and a narrator of Hadith.
Rukan Steady, confident
Rukayat It is the name of one of the daughters of the Prophet, it means one who Allah loves
Rukhayam Soft and sweet sounding
Rukhaylah This is also a male name.
Rukhsaar Cheek, Face
Rukhsana Beautiful
Rukhsar Cheek
Rukhsara Loving, charming face, beautiful.
Rukhshana Bright, brilliant, shining.
Ruksana Beautiful, persian princess
Rumailah, Rumaylah Old Arabic name
Rumaisa Bunch of flowers
Rumaithah, Rumaythah Old Arabic name
Rumana Romantic, loving
Rumayla Sand particle
Rumaysa She was Umm Sulaym and a narrator of Hadith.
Rumayta The daughter of al-Hadis bin al-Tufayl al-Azdiyah was known by this name; she was a narrator of Hadith.
Rumeha Beautiful Stone.
Rumman Pl. of Rummana, pomegranate.
Rummana Pomegranate.
Runa Sixth month
Ruqa Pretty, beautiful.
Ruqayqa Delicate
Ruqayqah A name of some prominent women.
Ruqayya Charming, attractive, captivating. Daughter of Muhammad(s) married to Khalifa Usman.
Ruqayyah, Ruqaya, Rugayya The daughter of the prophet Muhammed (S.A.W)
Ruquaiya Daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W)
Ruqya Charm, spell.
Rusayla Having comfortable life
Rushd Sensible conduct
Rushda Knowledge, true path, guidance
Rushdiya Rightly guided, on the right way, following the right path; fem. of Rushdi.
Ruwaa Beauty, grace, prettiness, comeliness, pleasing appearance.
Ruwaida Walking gently.
Ruwaidah, Ruwaydah Walking gently
Ruwayda Walking with grace
Ruya Seeing, viewing, looking.
Ruyaa Dream, vision.
Ruyah Dream, vision
Ruzaynah Name of the freed slave-girl of Sayyidah Safiyah RA wife of the Prophet PBUH.
Saabira Patient
Saadat Blessing
Saadia Lucky
Saadiya Flower
Saaedah The quiet one
Saaida Branch, tributary.
Saaiqa Lightning.
Saaleha Flower
Saaliha Pure pios and devoted
Saalima Safe; Healthy
Saamiya Elevated; Lofty
Saara Princess
Saara Wife of the Prophet Ibrahim and mother of the Prophet Ismail.
Saarah Happy, pure
Saat Moment, time, occasion.
Saba Early morning breeze
Sabaa a nice wind
Sabah Morning, dawn
Sabahat Beauty, gracefulness, handsomeness.
Sabat Firmness, stability, certainty, endurance, boldness, truth.
Sabburah Very patient, enduring
Sabeegah Beautiful, graceful
Sabeeha Beautiful, handsome, morning.
Sabeen Cool breeze of the morning
Sabeena  From the name sabine an Italian culture
Sabeera Patient, tolerant; fem. of Sabeer.
Sabeeyah Baby girl.
Sabha Pretty, beautiful, graceful, radiant; fem. of Sabah.
Sabih Pretty, beautiful, graceful.
Sabiha Coming or arriving in the morning; fem. of Sabih.
Sabihah Beautiful, graceful
Sabina Flower
Sabiqa First, winner; fem. of Sabiq.
Sabiqah Past
Sabira Patient, tolerant; fem. of Sabir.
Sabirah, Saabira Patient, perseverant.
Sabita Well established, certain, sure; fem. of Sabit.
Sabiya brilliant, splendid
Sabooha Pure, chaste.
Saboora Very patient
Sabqat Supremacy.
Sabr Patience, self control
Sabreen Patience, endurance
Sabrin Patience
Sabrina White rose.
Sabriya Patient; fem. of Sabri.
Sabriyah Patient, preservant
Sabuh Shining, brilliant.
Sabuhi Morning Star
Sabura Very patient, enduring.
Sadad Right thing to do, lucky hand
Sadaf Shell, Oyster, Pearl
Sadah Happiness
Sadaqa Deeds of charity done in Allah’s (swt) cause
Sadaqat Truth.
Sadat Happiness, bliss, felicity, success.
Sadeeqa Friend, companion; fem. of Sadiq.
Sadi Daughter of Awf al-Muruyyah and wife of Talhah bin UbaydAllah, she was a narrator of Hadith.
Sadia Lucky
Sadiah Good luck
Sadida Correct, right, sound, appropriate; fem. of Sadid.
Sadiqa True, truthful, honest, sincere, faithful, veracious, devoted; fem. of Sadiq.
Sadiqah Truthful, sincere
Sadiya Happiness, luck, blissful, fortunate; fem. of Sadi.
Sadiyah Blessed
Sadoof Name of a poetess
Sadooh Singer, singing.
Saduq Honest, truthful, sincere, trustworthy.
Saeeda Happy, lucky; fem. of Saeed.
Saeedah Fortunate, Auspicious
Safa Clarity, purity of mind, serenity
Safaa Clarity, purity, serenity; name of a hill in Makkah
Safeenah Shp; Name of a narrator of Hadith, daughter of Muhammad bin Fadl (men are also so named)
Safeerah Messenger; Ambassador.
Saffanah Pearl
Saffiya Best freind
Safia Pure, clear, crystal; fem. of Saafi.
Safiya Untroubled; Serene; Pure; Best friend
Safiyya Best friend
Safiyyah, Safiya Untroubled, serene, pure, best friend; wife of the Prophet
Safoora Historical name
Safoorah Wife of Prophet Musa (A.S)
Safun Breezing
Safura Wife of the Prophet Musa.
Safwa The best part, elite, top, prime, flower.
Safwah An Arab feminine name
Safwana A Shining Star, Rock
Sagheerah Short
Saghira Small, slender, tender.
Sahab Clouds.
Sahana Other name for Goddess Lakshmi; Patience
Sahar Early dawn, early morning.
Saharish Cool and fresh breeze of morning
Sahibah Colleague
Sahimah Partner
Sahira Moon, a spring which flows constantly.
Sahirah Wakeful
Sahlah, Sahla Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing
Sahna Form; Figure; Complexion
Sahrish Sunrise
Saiba Straight, pertinent.
Saibah She was a narrator of hadith.
Saida Most Beautiful, unmatched, friendly
Saidah Happy, fortunate
Saihah Good, useful
Saila Sunshine
Saima Fasting; fem. of Saim.
Saimah Fasting
Saiqa Lightning
Saira; Sairah Happy; Beautiful; Traveller
Sairi Satisfaction, saturation.
Sairish Magic, flower.
Saja Quiet, calm, serene
Sajida Prostrate in worship, bowing in adoration; fem. of Sajid.
Sajidah Prostrating to God inspired peace of mind, tranquility
Sajila Determined.
Sajiya Attractive.
Sakeena God-inspired peace of mind; Tranquility
Sakeenah Calm, quiet and tranquil
Sakeeza Fragrance.
Sakha Generosity, liberality.
Sakhawat Generosity.
Sakhira One who is like a delicate flower.
Sakhiya Generous, liberal, open handed.
Sakina Daughter of al-Jadi, she was a narrator of Hadith.
Sakinah, Sakeena God inspired peace of mind, tranquility
Salam Peace, safety, security.
Salama Peace, safety, security; fem. of Salam.
Saleema Unhurt, affable, healthy, without defect, sound, perfect, complete, safe, secure; fem. of Salim.
Saleemah Healthy, Sound.
Saleena Moon
Salifah Previous
Saliha Pious, virtuous, just, a chaste woman, righteous.
Salihah Good, useful, righteous, devout
Salikah Following, mystic.
Salima Safe, secure, perfect, sound, complete; fem. of Salim.
Salimah, Saleema Peaceful, flawless, faultless, safe, healthy
Salma Peaceful, safe, healthy; a wife of the Prophet
Salmah Peace, fem. of Salm.
Salsabil, Salsabeel Spring in Jannah
Salwa Solace, quail, comfort
Salwah Comfort, ease, amusement.
Sama Heaven, sky.
Samaa Sky
Samaah Generosity
Samah, Samaah Generosity, bounty, good-heartedness, large-heartedness.
Samaira Enchanting.
Saman Price, value.
Samar Pleasant conversation, evening or nightly conversation.
Samara Soft pleasant light, She was a narrator of hadith
Samarah A narrator of Hadith, daughter of Qays al-Ansari.
Samawah Summit, height
Samawiyah another name for Hazrat Fatimah
Sameea One who listens.
Sameeah Hearing.
Sameeha Generous blessing of Allah
Sameen Costly, precious, valuable.
Sameena A big forest in paradise
Sameenah Valuable, costly, precious, priceless excellent; fem. of Smeen.
Sameera Entertaining companion (woman)
Sameh Forgiver
Samera Enchanting
Sameya Pure
Samia Eminent, exalted, lofty, elevated, high minded, sublime; fem. of Sami.
Samiah Forgivness or forgiver.
Samiha Generous, kind, true, sincere, good-hearted, large-hearted, open-handed; fem. of Samih.
Samihah, Sameeha Generous
Samim Sincere, genuine, pure, true, essence, heart.
Samima True, sincere, genuine.
Samina A healthy girl, fertile land without rock and stone.
Samiqa Lofty, towering.
Samira, Sameera Entertaining female companion
Samirah, Sameera Entertaining female companion
Samitah Mighty.
Samiun The Hearing
Samiya To hear
Samiyah, Saamiya Elevated, exhalted, lofty
Sammar Fruit
Samra Soft, light tanned color
Samrah Name of a fruit, written in the Quran 24 times
Samreen A lovely quite girl
Samrina Flower or fruit
Sana, Sanaa Eminence, sublimity, Brilliance, splendor
Sanad Support, prop, document.
Sanah Skilful; Radiance; Elegance
Sanam Beloved
Sanari Sweet and Beautiful.
Sanaubar Cone bearing tree
Sangeet Music, rhythm.
Sanika Strong minded, warm hearted
Saniya Brilliant, majestic, exalted, eminent, splendid; fem. of Sani.
Saniyah She was a narrator of Hadith
Saniyya Sublime and brilliant
Sanjeeda Weighted, guarded.
Sanjeedah Serious
Saqaafa Wisdom, prudence.
Saqat Strength, courage, power.
Saqiba Penetrating, piercing, sharp-witted, sagacious, acute; fem. of Saqib.
Sara Princess.
Sarab Mirage.
Sarah Pure, Happy, Princess
Sarahat Explanation, detail, paraphrase.
Sarahna Praise; Appreciation
Sareea Determined.
Sareema Determination, resolution.
Sariba Loverly.
Sarika A thing of beauty; Nature
Sarina Satisfactory, calm, cool.
Sarish Morning.
Sariyah Name of a female companion of the Prophet PBUH.
Saroj Lotus Flower
Sarood Rhythm and ecstasy.
Saroor Happiness, calm, satisfaction.
Sarra She was a companion daughter of nabhan al-Ghanawiyah.
Sarrinah Beautiful, companion of prophet (S.A.W).
Sartaj Leader
Sarvia Rich woman, affluent lady.
Sarwa Fortune, wealth, riches.
Sarwana Of generous and good nature.
Sarwar Chief
Sarwari Chief ship
Sarwat Wealth, Power, Influence
Sarwath Wealth, riches.
Sarya Name of a pious woman.
Sataish Praise.
Satila Royal.
Sauda, Sawdah Wife of the Prophet
Savaira Morning
Sawab Reward. Name of an early poetess.
Sawda Daughter of Aasim bin Khalid bin Dirar al-Qarshiyah, she was a narrator of Hadith.
Sawdah A wife of the Prophet (S.A.W)
Sawsan Lily of the valley
Sayeeda Happy, lucky
Sayida Chief, leader, lady, Mrs; fem. of Sayyid.
Sayidatun Nisa Chief of woman.
Sayyah Fragrance.
Sayyidah Chief
Seem Name of a flower
Seema Mark, sign
Seemeen Name of some women
Seemin Silver like
Seerat Inner beauty, fame
Seham Arrows
Seher Beautiful sunshine of the sun and day
Sehr Sunrise
Sehrish Glamorous, magical.
Selina Moon, Salty.
Senada Graceful, heavenly.
Senait Good Luck.
Sfiyah Righteous
Shaadiya Singer
Shabab Youth
Shaban The eighth month of the Islamic Calendar.
Shabana Famous
Shabeehah Picture, Image, Like
Shabina The eye of the storm.
Shabnam Dew, a pendant of pearls.
Shad Happy.
Shadaab Green, fresh, wet, ever-green.
Shadha, Shadhaa Cheerful; Prosperous; Happy
Shadhiyah Aromatic
Shadia Singer.
Shadin Fawn, young deer.
Shadiya shaadiya – singing
Shadiyah Singer
Shadman Glad, cheerful, joyful.
Shadmani Joy, happiness.
Shaesta Polite, cultured
Shafaat Recommendation, exoneration.
Shafana Integrity and Virtuous
Shafaq Dawn. Redness in the sky at sunset
Shafath Curing or healing people.
Shafeea Forgiver, lenient
Shafeeqa Compassionate
Shafeeqah A compassionate kind hearted friend
Shaffan Cool breeze, morning breeze.
Shafia Mediatress; fem. of Shafi.
Shafiah One who recommends.
Shafiqa Compassionate, kind-hearted, affectionate, tender, warm-hearted; fem. of Shafiq.
Shafiqah Compassionate, sympathetic
Shafqat Compassion, pity, kindness, tenderness.
Shagoofa blossom
Shagoon Omen, luck, fortunate, destiny.
Shagufta Blooming, Happy
Shaguftah Blooming, happy.
Shahaba Flame of fire.
Shahada Bearing witness.
Shahamat Grandeur, bravery, joy.
Shahana Royal, kingly, splendid, magnificent.
Shaharun Honest, trustworthy
Shahd Honey, honeycomb
Shahed Honey
Shaheeda Martyr in the cause4 of Islam and as such held in very high esteem and honour; fem of .
Shaheema Smart, clever
Shaheen A royal white falcon, the beam of scales.
Shaheenah Falcon
Shaheera Famous, eminent, renowned; fem. of Shahir.
Shaheerah Well-known
Shahida Martyr in the cause of Islam and as such held in very high esteem and honour; fem. of Shaheed.
Shahidah Witness, known, famous
Shahina Princess.
Shahiqa High, towering, lofty, tall; fem. of Shahiq.
Shahirah Well known, famous
Shahla Having grey eyes with a shade of red, a species of the narcissus flower.
Shahlah Blush
Shahmeen Princess
Shahnaaz Pride of the king.
Shahnaz A musical note, name of a melody.
Shahnoor Royal Glow
Shahra Gift, souvenir.
Shahrazad Teller of “Tales of 1,001 Nights”
Shahrbano Lady of the city.
Shahreen Sweet
Shahrin Month. Shahrin, the fully inflected form of Shahr appears in verse 3 of surat al-Qadr (no. 97).
Shahrzadah offspring of the city
Shahzaadee Princess.
Shahzadi Princess.
Shahzana Princess married to a king
Shaiba A variety of Artemisia.
Shaila Small mountain.
Shaima Daughter of Halima, the wet nurse of the Prophet Muhammad.
Shaira Poetess, endowed with deep insight or intuition; fem. of Shair.
Shairah Poetess
Shaista Polite. She desires support and encouragement in all her goals. Extremely dedicated and very intelligent.
Shaistah Polite, Courteous.
Shajarah Tree; This was the name of a famous queen of Islam, she was Shajarah al-Durr, and known as Umm Khaleel al-Salihiyah.
Shajaratuddurr The tree of pearls, name of an Egyptian Shajratuddur queen.
Shajeea Courageous, bold, brave; fem. of Shaji.
Shajee’ah Brave
Shakeela Pretty, beautiful
Shakeelah Comely, beautiful
Shakila Well formed, beautiful; fem. of Shakil.
Shakini Goddess Parvati
Shakira Thankful, grateful, contented; fem. of Shakir.
Shakirah Thankful, grateful
Shakura Thankful, grateful; fem. of Shakur.
Shakurah Grateful, very thankful.
Shalbiyyah Beautiful, pretty
Shalimar Beautiful & Strong
Shama Lamp
Shamail Virtues; pl. of Shamila.
Shamailah Good traits excellent disposition
Shamama Fragrance
Shamamah Fragrance
Shameela Natural disposition, character quality, virtue, a young shoot, a bud.
Shameem Sweet breeze (fragrance)
Shameemah A fragrant breeze
Shameena Beautiful
Shamikh High, lofty, towering.
Shamikha High
Shamila One of friendly and likable nature
Shamila One of friendly and likable nature.
Shamilah Complete, comprehensive
Shamim Sweet, light fragrance
Shamima Sweet smell, flavour.
Shamis The sun
Shamma Proud, supercilious
Shamoodah Diamond
Shams Sun.
Shamsa Sunshine
Shamshad Tall and upright tree, box tree, graceful figure.
Shamsia Beautiful, Shining Star, One and only
Shamsun Nahar Sun of the day.
Shamsun Nisa The sun of Women
Shamuda Diamond.
Shanaz Pride of King
Shanika Good
Shanum Allahs blessing, dignity
Shanza Woman of diginity
Shanza Woman of diginity.
Shanzay Princess
Shanze Rose
Shaqeeqah Real sister
Shaqiqa Full sister.
Shaqra Blond, fair-haired, fair-complexioned; fem. of Ashqar.
Sha’Quarria Gifted and talented*
Sharaf Nobility, high rank, eminence, distinction, honour.
Sharayah Poetress
Shareefa Noble, honest
Shareekah Partner
Shareen Sweet
Sharfa Most noble, gentle, urbane.
Sharifa Noble, eminent, honourable, highborn; fem. of Sharif.
Sharifah, Shareefa Noble, honoured, distinguished
Shariqah Shining
Sharleez Beautiful
Sharmeela Shy
Sharmeen Shy, cultured
Sharmin Shy, bashful, modest, coy.
Shasa She was the daughter of Abdullah al-Asdiyah, and a narrator of Hadith.
Shasmeen Very beautiful, a heart of gold , trustworthy, an angel , perfect.
Shasun Nahar Sun of the day.
Shatha She was a narrator of Hadith
Shawq Longing
Shayla Little mountain
Shayma, Shaymaa Having a beauty spot
Shaza fragrance
Shazana Princess.
Shazfa Success
Shazia Wonderous, strange, wonderful.
Shaziya Sweet smelling (fragrant)
Shaziyy Fragrant, aromatic
Shazmah Rare moon
Shazmin White stone
Shazneen The most beautiful flower
Sheeba Promise; Oath
Sheema Daughter of bibi haleema sadia who milked Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in his child hood
Sheen Snow
Sheenaz Beauty
Sheerin Sweet, pleasant
Shehla Kind of a flower
Shehr bano Princess
Shehzadi Princess
Sheila Little mountain
Shellah Truely, Kind person , Beautiful
Shephali a type of  flower
Sherana Sweet
Shereen Sweet, kind hearted and beautiful
Sheyla Pine tree
Sheza Good (religious) girl
Shezan Beautiful
Shifa cure, healing, satisfaction, gratification
Shihaam Intelligent
Shiham Sagacious, perspicacious
Shillan A flower
Shimaa Mirth, joy, ecstasy, gladness.
Shimah Nature, habit
Shimaz Beloved
Shinat Beautiful lady
Shireen Sweet
Shireen; Shirin Sweet; Pleasant; Gente; Delicate
Shiya Exceptional.
Shiyaaj Endeavour, strife, hardwork.
Shiyam Nature, character
Shiza A gift or present
Shola flame, blaze
Shua Rays of sun light.
Shuaila Burning candle.
Shuba Beautiful
Shudun Powerful, straight
Shuhaymah Boldness, sagacity
Shuhda Honey, honeycomb
Shuhrah Fame, reputation
Shuhrat fame, renown
Shujana Brave, strong
Shukr thanks, gratitude, gratefulness
Shukrah Thankfulness
Shukriyah Of thanks
Shumaila Beautiful face
Shumaisiya Town in Makkah where the pilgrims used to dorn their ehrams
Shumaylah The first woman in Islam who wore coloured garments was shumaylah; wife of al-Abbas and she was also the first to prepare perfume; again the daughter of Ali bin Ibrahim was a narrator of Hadith, known
Shumaysa Little sun
Shumaysah She was a narrator of Hadith, daughter of Aziz al-Atakiyah.
Shuqra fair-complexioned, blonde
Shurafa Noble
Shurafa Noble
Shurooq Dawn, Sunrise
Shuruq Rising, shining
Shyreen Referring to saafa and marwa
Sibal, Sibaal Eyes with long lashes
Siddiqa righteous, very truthful, honest; fem. of Siddiq
Siddiqah Strictly veracious, honest
Siddra Like a Star
Sidra The Lotus – tree at the farthest boundary in paradise
Sidrah Name of a tree
Sifoor Exalted.
Siham, Sihaam Arrows
Silma peace; fem. of Silm
Silmi peaceful
Sima Sign of prostration on the face
Simaab Mercury, silver.
Simah Sign, characteristic, expression
Simin silvery, made of Silver
Simra Heaven, princess.
Simrah Jannat (heaven).
Sirah See “Sarah”
Sireen She was the daughter of Ibn Abdullah Ibn Masood and a narrator of Hadith from the Prophet (S.A.W), another narrator of Hadith by the same name was the sister of Mariah al-Qabtiyah; al-Maqooqus of Egyp
Sirin, Sireen Wife of Prophets companion Hassan ibn Thabit
Sitara veil, screen, curtain
Sitarah Star
Sitwat Someone with fame and respect
Siyana Protection
Smera Smily
Sobaika Gold
Sobia Good and Noble Girl.
Sobiya Nurse of Prophet PBUH.
Sofia Beautiful.
Soha Star
Sohana Dews on the grass
Somaya Beautiful garden surrounded with roses and flowers.
Somila Tranquil
Somna Moonlight
Sonia Pretty, very beautiful.
Sophia Wisdom
Soraiya Princess.
Soraya Beautiful.
Sorfina Clean, neat, free from dirt.
Souad or Su’ad
Souhayla Star
Souhayla Star.
Suad, Souad Good fortune
Subaha beautiful, graceful
Subayah Daughter of al-Harith al-Aslamiyah, she was a narrator of Hadith; She was the wife of Sad bin Khawlah
Subaytah Brave.
Subbiha Clean, tidy.
Subh dawn, aurora, morning
Subhaan Praising Allah.
Subhah in the morning
Subhana Pure, chaste, fine, nice, good.
Subhiyah of the morning
Subuhi The cold breeze of morning
Suda Happy, lucky
Sudi She was a narrator of Hadith
Sufia A person who follows Sufism – Clean heart
Sufiya A mystic, someone believing in Sufi.
Sughra Minor, lesser
Suha Name of a dim star
Suhaila Moon light
Suhailah, Suhaylah Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing
Suhaima Small arrow.
Suhaimah, Suhaymah Small arrow
Suhair, Suhayr Proper name
Suhana Beautiful
Suhayla Smooth; Soft (ground); Fluent; Flowing (style)
Suhaylah Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing
Suhayma Small arrow
Suhaymah Small arrow
Suhayr, Suhair Proper name
Suheera Beautiful
Suja Calmness, quitness
Sujah Civilization.
Sukaina A young daughter of Imam Hussain who was martyred
Sukainah, Sukaynah Charming, likable
Sukayna Historical name
Sukaynah Calm, Quietude
Sulabha Simple; Easily available
Sulafa Choicest, (wine).
Sulafah Choicest
Sulaima Diminutive of Salma, beloved.
Sulayma Dim. Form of salma
Sultana Queen, woman ruler, wife of a Sultan; fem. of Sultan.
Sulthana Queen
Sulwa Comfort, ease, amusement, solace.
Sumaira, Sumayra Diminutive of Samra
Sumaiya Pure
Sumaiyah, Sumayyah Name of a lady companion of the Prophet — the first martyr in Islam
Sumamah A writer and a poetess daugter of Abdullah bin Sawar al-Basari.
Sumanah She was the daughter of Hamdan bin Musa al-Anbariyah and a narrator of Hadith.
Sumara Entertainer
Sumaya Diminutive of Samia, high.
Sumayrah Brownish
Sumaytah She was a companion and she was al-haysiah.
Sumayyah, Sumaiya Proper name
Sumbal A fragrant weed.
Sumbul Spike of grain
Sumera Princess
Sumia The one who listens
Sumiya Beautiful
Suml Name of an early distinguished woman.
Sumlina Morning Star
Summar Fruit, Gifts
Summaya The first lady who obtained shahadat in Islam
Summayyah First martyr of Islam
Sumnah Name of an Arab girl (FH)
Sumra Fruit, summer fruit
Sumrah Reward, gift, fruit of good deed
Sunat Way, method, Prophet’s (PBUH) way of life.
Sunbul Spikes of grain
Sunbula Ear of corn.
Sundas Dress of heaven
Sundus A fine silk which is used for clotheing in heaven
Sunya Sunshine, brightness
Sura, Suraa to travel by night
Suraiya Polite
Suraya Star
Surayya The Pleiades, cluster of seven brilliant stars in Taurus, a wealthy lady, lustre, chandelier.
Surosh Inspiration, glad tiding
Surraya Brightest star, sun
Susan Lily of the valley, iris.
Suwaybah Name of one of the wet-nurses of the Prophet PBUH.
Suwera Morning
Swiyyah Little one
Taabeer Way
Taadeel Moderation, equality, neutrality.
Taahira Pure; Chaste
Taalea Fortunate
Taalia Rising Star
Taaliah Lucky, fortunate, fortune, destiny.
Taaqul Wise thought.
Taasees Inception, foundation.
Tabalah She was the daughter of Yazid (Called by some as Bunanah); she was a narrator of Hadith.
Taban Glittering, splendid
Tabassum Smile, happiness.
Tabasumm Sweet smile
Tabeedah Complex, zigzag, curling.
Tabeen Followers.
Tabinda Bright, shining.
Tafida Paradise (egyptian name)
Taghreed Singing of birds
Taghrid Singing, cooing.
Tahajeeb Culture
Tahani Congratulations
Tahera Pure, chaste
Tahfeem Beautiful
Tahira Chaste, pure, pious, clean; fem. of Tahir.
Tahirah, Taahira Pure, chaste
Tahiya Greeting, salutation, cheer, welcome.
Tahiyah Greeting, cheer
Tahiyat Greetings
Tahkeem Power, rule.
Tahleem Beauty, decoration, pomp and show.
Tahlibah Loyal, honest
Tahmina Wife of the famous Persian hero Rustam and mother of Sohrab.
Tahoora Pious, pure
Tahseen Adornment, ornament, decoration, embellishment, betterment, praise, beautification.
Tahseenah Acclaim
Taiah Submissive, pious
Taiba One who refrains from evil-doings; repentant; fem. of Taib.
Taibah Repentant
Taif Vision, spectre.
Taima, Tayma Oasis in Northwest Arabia
Taisir Felicitation.
Taj Crown; Jewel
Tajmeel Decoration, beauty, show.
Tajweed Praise of Allah, hymn.
Takiyah Pious, righteous
Takreem Respect, honour, sanctity.
Tala Little palm tree, star
Talah, Taalah Young palm tree
Talat Face, Sight
Talbashah A narrator of Hadith, daughter of Kab bin Maalik.
Talhah Her Kuniyah was Umm Ghurab and she was a narrator of Hadith.
Tali Rising star, rising.
Taliba Student, seeker, pursuer; fem. of Talib.
Talibah Seeker after knowledge
Tamadhur Proper name
Tamadur Brilliant
Tamanna To wish, to desire, to hope.
Tamanni Wish, wishing (for), desire.
Tamara Date tree
Tamazur Brilliant, whiteness.
Tameema Complete
Tameemah Name of a poetess, Ahban al-Absiyah.
Tameemiya Perfection.
Tameen Protection, patronage, care.
Tameez Distinction, difference, manner.
Tamkeen Honour, place, status, show.
Tammanna Desire
Tamseel Example, allegory, parable.
Tanaz Delicate body
Tanisha Happiness
Tanjia Rescue, salvation, deliverance.
Tansin Praise, beautification
Tanweer Illumination, lighting.
Tanzeela Revelation, Receiving hospitably.
Tanzila It is used as verb in Quaran as “tanzeel” which means to send by God or to come from the havens. It was used for the revelations and it can also be spelled as Tanzeela
Taqadus Revelation, sending down; fem. of Tanzil, revelation, sending down; fem. of Tanzil.
Taqiya Sactity.
Taqiyah God-fearing, devout, pious; fem. of Taqi.
Taqiyya God-fearing, pious
Taqwa, Taqwaa Piety, devoutness, heedfulness of God
Tara Star
Taraab Star
Tarannum Joy & sorrow.
Tareefa Singing
Tarifa Lively, gleeful, merry.
Tarik Rare, exquisite thing or object.
Tariqah This was the name of the freed slave of Labeet of the family of the princes of al-Qays bin Zayd (AN)
Tarique Smile, laughter
Tarneem Morning star
Tarub, Taroob Lively, gleeful, merry.
Tarz Music rythem*
Tasavur Music rythem
Taseefa Imaginary picture
Tasheen Clever, smart
Tasiyah Ever Ambitious.
Taskeen Consolation, comfort.
Tasleem Pacification, alleviation
Taslima Salute, congratulations
Tasliymah Greeting, salutation; fem. of Taslim.
Tasmeekh Peace
Tasmeem Living in fragrance.
Tasmin Strong, durable, long lasting.
Tasneam She who fulfills.
Tasnim A spring in Paradise.
Tasweeb Fountain in paradise
Tatheer Justification, truth.
Taufeeq Purifier, one who purifies
Taufeer Instruction, courage, daring.
Tauqeer Obundance, excess.
Tawaddud Respect, honour.
Tawbah Endearment, showing love or affection to, gaining the love of another.
Tawfeeqa Repentence
Tawfiqa Prosperous
Tawoos Prosperity, good luck, good-fortune, success (granted by Allah); fem. of Tawfiq.
Tayaba Peacock.
Taybah Pure
Tayebba Pure.
Tayyiba Good, pleasant
Tayyibah Good, good-natured, sweet, agreeable, generous, good-tempered; fem. of Tayyib.
Tayyibatun Nisa Good, pleasant, agreeable
Tazeen another name for Hazrat Fatimah Zahra
Tazim Good-natured (one) of the women.
Tazima Respect
Tazkia Glorification, exaltation, honour, fem. of Tazim.
Tazmeen To purify, to clean, to spiritualize.
Tehmeed One having good qualities, nature & habits
Tehreem Praise of Allah (swt)
Tehzeeb Forbidden state, respect, sanctity.
Thaabita Civilization, etiquette.
Thaamira Respect.
Thabitah Firm
Thahera Firm.
Thalat Firm
Thaman Clean
Thaminah Precious, valuable
Thamra Precious, generous.
Thana, Thanaa Thankfulness, commendation, praise
Tharwa Wealth
Tharwah Wealth
Tharwat Wealth
Tharya Name of a pious woman
Thashin Name of a pious woman.
Thawab Acclaim
Thazeen Reward
Thoraya Reward
Thubaytah Star
Thufailah She was among the early Muhajirs to Madina and a distinguished woman comapnion, daughter of Yaar bin Zayd al-Ansariyah
Thumamah She was among the early Muhajirs to Madina and a distinguished woman comapnion, daughter of Yaar bin Zayd al-Ansariyah.
Thuml Elegant with good respect for her elders.
Thuraiya, Thurayya Name of an early distinguished woman
Thuraya Star, constellation Pleiades
Thuwaibah, Thuwaybah Star.
Thuwaybah Little mother
Tiba Deserving of God’s reward; name of a female companion of the Prophet
Tibah Name of one of the wet-nurses of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Tibna Goodness, good nature.
Tibyan Goodness, kindness
Tirana Goodness, kindness
Tooba One who is active, lively.
Toufika Good news
Trana Blessedness
Tuba, Tubaa Divine help or guidance, enabling, inner motivation
Tubassum The name of a tree in heaven
Tufaylah The name of a tree in heaven.
Tuhfa This was the name of the freed slave of al-Waleed bin Abdullah; she transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah (R.A)
Tulaiha Gift, present.
Tulayhah Snow
Tumadur Daughter of Rabiah bin al-Harish she narrated Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah RA.
Tumazir She was a narrator of Hadith
Tuqa, Tuqaa Old Arabic name.
Turfa Historical name
Ubab, Ubaab Heedfulness of God
Ubah Rarity, rare object, novelty.
Ubayda Everlasting happiness; Illumination
Udaysah Waves, heavy rain
Udoola Flower.
Ugbaad Female servant of lower rank; fem. of Ubayd.
Uhud This was the name of the narrator of Hadith, daughter of Ahban al-Ghifariyah.
Ujala She was a narrator of Hadith.
Ula Commitment, pledge, delegation
Ulfah High rank, prestige, glory.
Ulfat glory, high rank
Ulya Friendship, harmony, love
Ulyaa Affection, intimacy
Uma Harmony, intimacy
Umah Friendship, harmony, love
Umaima Harmony, intimacy
Umaira Friendship, intimacy, love, attachment.
Umama Living a long life, living long.
Umamah Bright, beautiful and soft hearted.
Umarah Proper name
Umayma Young mother; name of the Prophets granddaughter
Umaymah Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.
Umaynah Young mother
Umayrah Daughter of Anas bin Malik. She had this name and had narrated Hadith.
Umayyah She was the daughter of Alqamah
Umm She was the daughter of Alqamah.
Umm Abaan She was the daughter of Alqamah.
Umm Fakeeh Daughter of Alqamah
Umm Hani She was a narrator of Hadith.
Umm Haraam Mother. Used as an attributive, to make a compound of which the first part is Umm.
Umm Kalthum Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Khalid Historical name
Umm Kulthum Name of the Prophets daughter
Umm Rabeeah Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Ruman One with round face
Umm Shareek One with round face.
Umm Sulaim One with round face
Umm Umarah Name of Sahabiyah RA.
Umm Warqah Historical name
Umm Yousuf Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Ummayyah Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umm-e-abeeha She was a narrator of Hadith
Umm-e-Ayman She was a narrator of Hadith.
Umm-e-Fazl A narrator of Hadith
Umm-e-Kulsoom Mother of the blessed.
Umm-e-Kulsum Wife of the Prophet Muhammad. Her name is Ramla; Umm Habiba is her Kunya (nickname) after the name of her daughter habiba.
Umm-e-Rooman Mother of favour, bounty.
Umm-e-Rumman The mother of kulsum
Umm-e-Salma Daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, married to Khalifa Usman (uthman) after the death of her sister Ruqayya.
Umm-e-Salmah The mother of kulsum.
Ummid Name of the sacred wife of first Khalifa Abu Bakr (RA) mother of Hazrat Ayesha (RA).
Ummu Kulthoom Mother of Ayesha (wife of the Prophet Muhammad).
Ummul Fazal Name of the beloved mother of first Khalifa Abu Bakr (RA).
Umm-ul-banin Wife of Muhammad, Her name was Hind.
Umnia Name of a Sahabiyah RA.
Umniya  Mother of sons
Umniyah Mother of sons
Umrah Gift.
Umrana Wish, desire, hope.
Unaysah Pilgrimage to Makkah other than regular hajj days.
Unaza Friendly; Affable
Uncu Friendly, affable.
Unquda Friendly; Affable.
Unsa Friendly; Affable
Urooba The one and only
Urooj Bunch of grapes.
Uroosa Woman who loves her husband.
Urshia Height, exaltation.
Urshia Height, Exalation
Urwa Bride, happiness
Usaimah, Usaymah One who belongs in the skies.
Ushna Support, handhold. Description of Ayesha by Muhammad.
Ushta Old Arabic name
Uswa Old Arabic name
Utaybah  Everlasting happiness; Illumination
Uwaisah, Uwaysah A narrator of Hadith and daughter of Abdul Malik had this name.
Uzma Greatest, more magnificent, more glorious; fem. of Azam.
Valika Trustworthy
Valiqa Trustworthy
Vardah Rose
Varisha Lightning
Waajidah One who acheives her goals in life, loved, beloved.
Wabisa Something Bright.
Wad Promise
Wadad Love, friendship.
Waddia Amicable, friendly.
Wadeea Gentle, peaceful (humble)
Wadeeda Affectionate
Wadha, Wadhaa Bright
Wadi Gentle, calm.
Wadiah Calm, peaceable
Wadida Attached, devoted, friendly, fond.
Wafa, Wafaa Faithfulness, fidelity, loyalty, faith.
Wafeeqa Successful; fem. of Wafiq.
Wafia Faithful, loyal.
Wafiqa Successful.
Wafiqah, Wafeeqa Successful
Wafiya True, trustworthy, reliable, loyal, faithful, perfect, complete; fem. of Wafi.
Wafiyyah, Wafiya Loyal, faithful
Wafiza Fresh air
Wagma Morning breeze, dew.
Wahabah This was the name of a poetess.
Wahbiyah Giving
Waheebah One who gives.
Waheeda; Wahida Beautiful; Peerless; Unique
Wahiba Giver.
Wahibah Giver, donor
Wahida Unique
Wahidah Exclusive, unique
Wahuj First light of day, Dawn, New Beginning.
Waiya Guardian, watchguard, protector.
Wajahat Commanding, Personality, Dignity
Wajd Passion, strong emotion
Wajee Happy, jolly, pleasant.
Wajeeda One who is noble.
Wajeeha Eminent, Distinguished
Wajida Passionately loving
Wajiha High, eminent, distinguished, honoured, well-esteemed, illustrious, fem. of Wajih.
Wajihah, Wajeeha Eminent, distinguished, notable
Wajna Happy, jolly, pleasant.
Wakalat Advocacy.
Wakeela Agent.
Wakeelah Agent.
Wala, Walaa Loyalty
Walia Friendly.
Walidah Newborn child.
Walihah This was the name of a poetess.
Wallada Prolific, fertile, fruitful.
Walladah Frequently producing, prolific
Wania Gift of Allah (swt)
Waniya Pearl
Waniyya Pearl
Waqar Dignity
Waqeea Respected.
Waraqa Rich, paper-made.
Warda, Wardah, Worda Rose
Wardah, Wordah Rose
Wareesha Happiness
Warifa Luxuriant, blooming
Warisa Heiress.
Warithah Heiress
Warizah Happiness, bubbly
Warqa, Warqaa Pigeon
Warqah Petal of a flower.
Warsan True news, wonderful news
Wasama Beauty, gracefulness, prettiness.
Waseefah Female Servant; Mid-in-waiting
Waseema Beautiful, pretty, charming.
Waseemah Comely
Wasfiyah Depictive
Washida Bloomed, fresh.
Washma Pretty. greatful, goodwish
Wasia Expansionist, vast, spacious.
Wasifa Praiser
Wasifah One who describes
Wasifi Praiseworthy.
Wasila Inseparable friend.
Wasilah Inseparable friend
Wasima Beautiful, pretty, graceful, handsome of face, goodly, elegant; fem. of Wasim.
Wasimah Graceful, pretty
Wasiqa Confident, sure, certain; fem. of Wasiq.
Wasma A pretty face, beautiful, graceful.
Wasna A narrator of Hadith, daughter of Abdur Rahman al-Muqaddasi was so named.
Wateeb Heart
Watheema Historical name
Wathiqa Confident, positive
Watiaa Beautiful
Wazeera Female Minister; The daughter of Yahya bin Muhammad al-Hayuwi al-Tughli was so named; she was a narrator of Hadith.
Wazeerah Female minister.
Wiam Harmony, agreement
Wid Loving, affectionate
Widad, Widaad Love, friendship
Wifaq Harmony, consent
Wijdan Ecstasy, sentiment.
Wisal, Wisaal Reunion, being together, communion in love
Wisam, Wisaam Medal, badge of honor
Wiyyam Truthful, loving
Wurud Roses
Yafia High, lofty
Yafiah High
Yakootah Emerald
Yakta Unique, incomparable.
Ya’laa Exalted, high. Name of a Sahabi RA.
Yalina Soft, gentle
Yalqoot An early philanthropic woman of Damascus who gave much in charity.
Yamama Pigeon, dove
Yamamah Valley in Arabia
Yameena Right and proper
Yamha Dove
Yamiha Pigeon
Yamina Right, Proper
Yaminah Right and proper; blessed
Yaqoot Ruby, sapphire, topaz.
Yara Little Butterfly
Yarah Warm
Yariqa Bright, white, fair, good-looking.
Yashal Freshness, greenry
Yasim Jasmine.
Yasirah Lenient
Yasmeenah Sweet-smelling flower. Among er work is a commentry on Surah al-Baqarah, she is mentioned by Salahuddin al-Safdi in his book as one of the distinguished people of Egypt.
Yasmin, Yasmeen Jasmine
Yasmina A beautiful flower that shines.
Yasmine, Yasmin, Yas Jasmine
Yasna It means white rose in arabic.
Yassaman The flower Jasmin
Yelda Dark night.
Yumn Good fortune, success
Yumnah, Yumna Right side
Yusayrah Easy. One of the first two swear allegiance (bayah) to the Prophet (S.A.W) among the Ansar (but it is also said that she was among the Muhajirs (Emigrants)
Yusra, Yusraa Most prosperous
Yusriyah Most prosperous
Yusriyya Rich, prosperous
Yusur Prosperous
Zarin Golden
Zaafira Victorious; Successful
Zaahirah Guest
Zaaminah One who stands surety for another one who helps.
Zaara Beautiful Flower
Zabiyah She was the daughter of al-Barra bin Maroor; she reported Hadith from the Prophet PBUH.
Zabreen Dominant, exalted, upright.
Zabya Female gazelle.
Zaeemah Leader
Zafeera One who is a source of success, a successful lady.
Zafeerah Firm
Zafira Victorious, triumphant, successful, winner, conqueror; fem. of Zafir.
Zafirah, Zaafirah Victorious, successful
Zafreen Victorious, Knowledgable
Zaghlula Young pigeon; fem. of Zaghlul.
Zaha Radiance, splendor
Zahabia Golden, precious.
Zahabiya Gold
Zahara Flower, beauty, star.
Zahbia  Beautiful
Zaheen Clever, fast, intelligent, sharp.
Zaheera Helper, supporter, protector, patron; fem. of Zahir.
Zaheerah Helper, Assistant.
Zahia Pious, noble, grand, great.
Zahida Devout, ascetic, a hermit, self-denying.
Zahidah Ascetic, abstentious
Zahira Bright, brilliant, shining, luminous, distinguished, lofty.
Zahirah Shining, luminous
Zahiya Beautiful, bright faced
Zahra, Zahraa White
Zahrah Beauty, the planet venus
Zahratun Nisa Flower of women.
Zahwah Beauty, pretty
Zaiah Popular, well-known
Zaib Beauty
Zaid Growth, Increase.
Zaida She was a very devoted worshipper about whose worship the Prophet (S.A.W) also learnt; she was the freed slave of Sayyidina Umar bin al-Khattab
Zaima Leader
Zain, Zayn Beauty, grace. Zayn un Nisa was a literary lady of her times.
Zaina Fem. of Zayn; embellishment, adornment, decoration, ornament.
Zainab, Zaynab Daughter of the Prophet (pbuh)
Zaira Visitor
Zairah Visitor
Zaiton Olive
Zaitoon Olive.
Zaituna Olive; fem. of Zaytun.
Zakia Beautiful, intellegent
Zakira One who glorifies or eulogises Allah; fem. of Zakir.
Zakirah One who remembers Allah regularly
Zakiya Intelligent, bright, brilliant, sharp-witted.
Zakiyaa Pure
Zakiyah Name for Hazrat Fatimah Zahra
Zakiyya Pure, chaste, sinless, fem. of Zaki.
Zakiyyah Pure
Zalfa This was the name of a distinguished woman of her times, she was Hajib known as Umm al-Hajib Abdul Malik.
Zameelah Companion
Zameena Intelligent, Intellectual
Zamrud She was a narrator of Hadith
Zanubiya Name of a great Syrian queen
Zanyah Beautiful flower
Zaqawat Wisdom, sharpness, prudence.
Zara Bright as the dawn
Zarafat Wit, humour, wisdom, prudence.
Zareefa Elegant, witty, graceful; fem. of Zarif.
Zareen Full of expression and smile
Zareena Gold
Zareenah A companion of Prophet (S.A.W).
Zarifah Beauty, smart.
Zarin Golden
Zarina Beautiful
Zariya Beauty and light.
Zariyah Queen
Zarma Captivating.
Zarmina Lovely and precious gold.
Zarqa Bluish green (eyes).
Zarrah She was a narrator of Hadith who reported from the Prophet PBUH and Sayyidah Ayshah RA.
Zarreena Golden
Zartaj Queen.
Zarwa Apex, peak, zenith
Zawiya Slim Beauty
Zayaan Something beautiful.
Zayb Adornment.
Zayba Adornment; Beauty
Zayn Beauty; grace
Zaynab Name of Prophet’s Daughter
Zaynah, Zaina Beautiful
Zaytoon Olive
Zaytoonah (A single) Olive.
Zeb Ara Adorning ornament.
Zeba Pretty, beautiful.
Zeb-un-Nisa Adornment of women.
Zee Shan Dignified
Zeena Ornament, Something beautiful
Zeenat; Zinat Beauty; Adornment; Ornamentation
Zehba  Gold
Zehna Beautiful.
Zehra Flower.
Zerah Rising of light
Zerina Princess, Smart, Inteligent.
Zhalay Dew
Zia Light, Splendid
Ziba Pl. of Zaby, gazelle.
Zilal Shade, Shadow
Zinaat Pl. of Zinat, ornament.
Zinah, Zinat Adornment, ornamentation
Zinat Adornment, ornament, decoration, elegance, beauty.
Zinat-un-Nisa Ornament of women.
Zineta Beautiful ornament
Zinneerah Name of a sahabiah
Ziram Glow
Ziya Light
Ziyada Increase, addition, surplus, superabundance.
Ziyan Beauty, ornament. From Zeenat
Zoeya Life.
Zoha Light
Zoharin Dawn, light of day
Zohha Hope, Shining light
Zohura Beautiful, innocent and caring
Zonira Precious Stone, Expensive Jewel.
Zorah Dawn
Zoufishan Moonlight.
Zoya Loving & caring, Alive, life and joyous
Zubaah Name of a Sahaabiyyah, daughter of the uncle of the Holy Prophet PBUH.
Zubaida Diminutive of Zubda, butter, cream. Elite, choicest part, quintessence, essence, prime, flower.
Zubaidah Excellent; name of the wife of Caliph Harun Al Rashid
Zubaria Blooming flower
Zubash Silver
Zubayda Historical name
Zubaydah This was the name of the daughter of Jafar Mansoor and the wife of Khalifah Haroon Rasheed.
Zubdah Butter.
Zubi Loving and understanding.
Zuha, Zuhaa Adornment
Zuhaira Floret, small flower.
Zuharah Planet Venus
Zuhayra Courage
Zuhera Name of a planet
Zuhra Venus, brilliancy, brightness, flower.
Zuhrah Brilliance
Zuhrah Brightness
Zuhur Flowers
Zulaikha Wife of the king of Egypt (Pharaonic age) who was attracted by the beauty of the Prophet Yusuf/Joseph.
Zuleika Brilliant
Zulekha Brilliant beauty.
Zuleyka Beautiful
Zulfa Having a small and finely chiselled nose.
Zulfah Nearness, closeness.
Zumurrud Emerlad
Zumurruda Emerald
Zumzum Sweet water of paradise.
Zunairah Flower found in paradise.
Zurafa Elegant, witty, graceful; fem. of Zarif.
Zykaraya Smart
Zynah Beautiful.
Zyva Brightness, radiant, splendor