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Muslim Boys Names Q

Popular Muslim Boy Names Starting With Q And Meaning

Searching a popular Muslim boy name that starts with q and comprehensive meaning is just on a click now. One of the important decisions for moms and dads when it comes to naming a baby boy with exciting, Parents often choose quite unique Muslim boy names of Arabic origin which carry significant Islamic values traditionally.

If you are looking for an ideal and modern Islamic boy names with strong meaning for your new bundle of joy, Check out our top Arabic and Muslim boy names with q alphabet. You might like the most popular Pakistani Muslim names for boys in Urdu. We have a great combination of baby boy names Muslim from Quran to modern-day choices.
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Muslim Boy Names
Muslim Boys Names Start from Q
Name Meaning
Qaadir Capable
Qabeel Son of Sayyidina Aadam
Qadar Divine destiny
Qadeer Powerful, very kind hearted and honest
Qadi Judge
Qadim Ancient
Qahtan Name of a tribe
Qaim Rising, Standing, Existing, well-grounded
Qais Lover
Qamar Moon
Qani Content, Satisfied
Qanit Obedient, Submissive, Humble, God-fearing
Qareeb Near
Qaseem Share, Portion
Qasid Messenger
Qasif Discover
Qasim Divider, distributor
Qatadah A hardwood tree
Qawee Strong, powerful
Qays Firm
Quadir Strong
Qudamah Companion of Prophet (S.A.W)
Qudoos Most holy
Qurban Offering, Sacrifice
Qusay Distant
Qutaybah A narrator of hadith
Qutb Celebrity, personality
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