3.Third Kalima: Tamjeed (The word of Glorification)

third kalima tajmjeed, kalma tamjeed translation in english

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       1: First Kalima Tayyab       2: Second Kalima Shahaadat

3: Third Kalima Tamjeed   4: Fourth Kalima Tauhid

          5: Fifth Kalima Istaghfar    6:  Sixth Kalima Radd-e-Kuffer

Third Kalima Tamjeed in Roman English:Subhaana-llaahi Walhamdu Lillaahi Walaaa Ilaaha Illa-llaahu Wallaahu Akbar. Walaa Hawla Walaa Quwwata Illaa Billaahi-l ‘Aliyyil ‘Azeem.

3rd Kalma Tamjeed with English Meaning:Glory be to ALLAH and praise to ALLAH and there is none worthy of worship but ALLAH, and ALLAH  is the Greatest. And there is no might or power except with ALLAH, the Exalted, the Great One.

Islamic third Kalma Tamjeed English translation 3rd kalima tamjeed Urdu meaning 
Third kalma in arabic english translation  third kalima with English Arabic text 
 kalma sharif pictures tessra kalma in arabic kalma third tamjeed in arabic text 
 kalma tamjeed benefit third kalma kalma tamjeed with arabic urdu translation 
Kalma tamjeed in hindi arbic with English translation kalima tamjeed ka matlab