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Muslim boys names & Muslim girls names, some boys names girls names are derived from Arabic root which are mentioned in Quran. Beautiful Unique Muslim girls names in Urdu and Muslim girls names starting with D. Muslim baby girl names in Hindi and Muslim boy name meaning in Malayalam, Modern Muslim girls names list, find top Muslim girls names and Muslim boys names 2015 and Muslim girl name meaning in Bengali. Muslim girl name meaning in Arabic and famous boys names list, Muslim girl name meaning in Tamil and find top Muslim boys names 2015. Muslim girl name meaning in Malayalam and Beautiful Unique Muslim boys. Muslim girl name meaning in Urdu Muslim girl names from Quran and Muslim boys names starting with D.

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Muslim boys names and girls names with English Meanings Starting with: D

Daamin name meaning in Urduضامن
 (Zaamin) One who stands surety for another, one who helps.
Daanish name meaning in Urduدانش
 (Persian) Knowledge, science, and learning.
Daanyaal name meaning in Urduدانیال
 Name of a prophet of Allah Almighty. Its English equivalent is Daniel.
Dahhaak name meaning in Urduضحاک
 (Zahhaak) Name a of Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Dameer name meaning in Urduضمیر
 (Zameer) Heart, conscience.
Daniyah name meaning in Urduدانیه
 Dear, close, low, easy, comfortable.
Darakhshaan name meaning in Urduدرخشاں
 (Persian) Shining.
Darrah name meaning in Urduدَرّہ
 Name of a Sahabiyah, daughter of Abu Lahab.
Daulah name meaning in Urduدوله
 Wealth, government.
Daulah name meaning in Urduدوله
 Riches happiness: felicity, prosperity, Name Saifuddawlah.
Dawood name meaning in Urduداؤد
 Name of a well-known prophet of Allah Almighty. Its English equivalent is David.
Dayyaan name meaning in Urduدیّان
 A mighty ruler, judge , protector, one who doesn’t render deed worthless but compensates Accordingly, Allah’s attribute. Name Abdud Dayyan.
Deebaa name meaning in Urduدیبا
 (Persian): Cloth of silk
Deen name meaning in Urduدین
Deenha name meaning in Urduدینه
 (Arabic) Obedience, nature, habit, Name of a Sahabiyah (RA)
Dhaakir name meaning in Urduذاکر
 (Zaakir) One who constantly praises and remembers Allah Ta’ala..
Dhaakirah name meaning in Urduذاکرہ
 One who constantly remembers and glorifies Allah.
Dhakaa name meaning in Urduذکاء
 (Zakaa) Keen perception, sharpness of mind, deep insight, sagacity. Name: Zakaa’ ud Deen.
Dhakawaan name meaning in Urduذکوان
 (Zakawaan) Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Dhaki name meaning in Urduذکی
 (Zaki) One who has a sharp mind and keen perception intelligent. Name: Zakiyyud Deen.
Dhakiyah name meaning in Urduذاکیه
 A lady with keen perception and a sharp mind, an intellgent lady.
Dhakiyyah name meaning in Urduذکیه
 A lady with a sharp mind and keen perception, intelligent.
Dheeshaan name meaning in Urduذیشان
 (Zeeshaan) Graceful, distinguished, elegant.
Dhukaa name meaning in Urduذُکاء
 The sun, dawn, morning, suitable combination: Zukaa’ uddeen.
Dhulfaqaar name meaning in Urduذوالفقار
 (Zulfaqar) Name of a celebrated sword which fell into the hand of Rasoolullah (sallallaahualayhi wasallam) in the Battle of Badr and which was presented to Ali (RA). Note: It is incorrect to Say Fiqaar (with kasrah).
Dhulkifl name meaning in Urduذوالکفل
 (Zulkitl) Name of a prophet of Allah.
Dhunnoon name meaning in Urduذوالنّون
 (Zunnoon) The title of Hazrat Yoonus (Peace be upon him) meaning The Man of the whale.
Dhushshimalain name meaning in Urduذوالشمالین
 (Zuthimalin) Name of a Sahabi (RA).
Dihyah name meaning in Urduدحیه
 Name of shahbi
Dilawar name meaning in Urduدلاور
 (Persain) Courageous, brave, audacious.
Dildar name meaning in Urduدلدار
 (Persian) Possessing, or delighting the heart, charming, beloved, sweetheart.
Diyaa name meaning in Urduضیاء
 (Ziyaa) Light, spender, brilliance.
Dmaurah name meaning in Urduضمرہ
 (Zamurah) Name of Sahabi who participated in the hattle of Badr.
Douha name meaning in Urduضحیٰ
 (Zuhaa) Forenoon, Name: Shamsu-Zuhaa.
Dubaah name meaning in Urduضباعه
 (Zuba’ah) Name of a Sahabiyah. Daughter of uncle of the Holy prophet (peace he upon him)
Dujanah name meaning in Urduدجانه
 Name of a woman.
Durdaanah name meaning in Urduدردانه
 A pearl, Name of woman.
Durrah name meaning in Urduدُرّہ
 A large or precious pearl, name of a Sahaabi (RA).

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