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Waqf in Quran

Waqf in Quran - Types of Signs & Rules of Stopping

Learn and understand about waqf in Quran. What does waqf mean and how many types of waqf sings and symbols are there. Read rules of stopping (waqf) in Quran. Let us explain about waqf in Quran Arabic with examples in Urdu, Hindi as well..

Types of Waqf With Details

What is the meaning of Waqf in Quran and Arabic?

Waqf means to stop, there are two types of waqf (stopping) in Quran and Arabic.

First is a stopping on a word – either by replacing the waqf sign with sukoon sign mostly or apply other rules like removing one fatha in tanween condition and Alif maddah after that or reading some words as it such as (وَمَا) (حَتّٰى) (قَالُوْا).

What does Waqf Letter Mean?

Waqf letter means A letter that we stop in is called waqf letter.

Where There is a Waqf Letter in Arabic Word?

The last letter of each Arabic word is called waqf letter if it’s not empty/without sign, If last letter is empty – does not have any sign then second last letter is called waqf letter, but if second last letter is also empty then we make it (second last letter) waqf letter by taking sukoon sign on top of it.

What does Waqf sign mean?

A sign that comes on waqf letter is called waqf sign.

How do we make waqf /stop on an Arabic word?

There are some rules of stopping / making waqf on a word but we have tried to divide them in five steps.

Waqf Signs And Rules For Stopping in Quran

There are almost twenty waqf signs and symbols for stopping (making waqf) in Quran and Arabic. Lets us explain all waqf sings and their rules with examples in English, Urdu and Hindi. Waqf is an Arabic word that means to stop in English.

1: The Permissible Stop - Waqf Jaiz / ج - وقف جائز

Waqf Jaiz that means it’s better to stop here but not obligatory to do so. It depends on the reader preference either to stop on Waqf jaiz sign or to continue and both ways of reciting the Quran are correct. Waqf Jaiz sign comes in Quran where discussed matter in that fragment of the verse has been completed.

Jeem sign – ج indicates that it is sufficient to pause at this point to absorb the meaning discussed in previous part of the Ayat, and reader can prepare to learn about new matter in the following part of same verse in Quran.

2: The Absolute Pause - Waqf Mutlaq / ط - وقف مطلق

Waqf Mutlaq that means a complete stop at the end of a sentence but it’s not a restricted pause.

Taa sign – ط indicates that you should stop here and take a gap to breath and discontinue reciting the long passage for an instant period. It makes the reading process easier for reciter to grasp the meaning of the Arabic text.

3: The Compulsory Stop - Waqf Lazim / مـ - وقف لازم

Waqf Lazim that means a compulsory stop at this point and it’s restricted pause but not each time.

Sometimes you see that after the margin on right or left side of page is written Waqf lazim that means you need to stop here compulsory, otherwise meaning of that verse will be changed. but mostly it’s not written and top Quran teachers have opinions about it that it can be read with next sentence if you have deep breath as Arab shaikh mostly do like this.

Waqf Lazim مـ –  indicates a required stop and bounds the read to stop here. 


وَلَا يَحْزُنكَ قَوْلُهُمْ ۘ إِنَّ الْعِزَّةَ لِلَّهِ جَمِيعًا ۚ هُوَ السَّمِيعُ الْعَلِيمُ – يونس 65

5 Steps to Make Waqf on Each Word in Arabic, Quran

1: Rule/Step Of Making Waqf on a Word

Make waqf / stop on a word by replacing the waqf sign with Jazm/sukoon sign expect three signs and three words. Three signs are . . .

Standing Fatha – Zabar: ـَ

Double Fatha – Double Zabar: ـً

Shadd – Tashdeed: ـّ

And three type of Arabic words, we read them same while stopping on them.

1: Waqf letter has fatha sign and after that there is empty Alif – بَا

2: Waqf letter has standing fatha and after that the next letter is empty yaa – دٰى

3: Waqf letter has Jzam / Sukoon sign – دْ

Note: This 1st rule of making waqf on Arabic words, you can almost apply 75% of all Arabic words in Quran.


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