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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Welcome to TadeebulQuran! We understand your intetrest of Learn Quran online. Before starting your Quran classes as a students either kids or adults, permission to use this web is conditioned that you will be agree to our term of service.

1: Your Quran classes will be held on your flexible scheduled times and days to fit your need (Weekdays, Weekend)

2: After getting the free trial classes and experience the quality of our Quran tutors, If you decide to continue the Quran lessons, You will pay the affordable fee in advance of that month.

3: There is certainly no make make-up class if you are absent at any your Quran lesson time without informing the Quran tutor and your leave would be considered as paid from your side.

4: TadeebulQuran reserves the right to change the tutor of any student if needed, Quran teacher also can be changes on your request immediately if desired time slots with another teacher is available.

5: If your Quran tutor remain absent for the lessons frequently or often take the Quran classes late, Kindly contact ur through whatsapp number or email info{@}

6: TadeebulQuran have right to stop your Quran classes if you don’t pay the fair and sensible fee in time or don’t conduct the Quran lessons timely.

7: If any reason the Quran tutor is resigned or terminated, students will be provided the new tutor timely to continue the Quran classes. But TadeebulQuran is not be responsible of any damage if students will remain in touch with their old tutor in the future.

8: If students miss/skip the Quran classes except any genuine reason, Tutors at TadeebulQuran will not arrange to make up those classes.

9: TadeebulQuran will not be responsible in case of misuse, So don’t share your personal information like email, whatsapp contact number, credit card details to any teacher.

10: Quran tutors at TadeebulQuran have no other holidays except four times in a year, One week for winter and summer and one week on both Eid occasions with paid leaves and there would not refund or make up classes on their leaves.

11: We may modify these terms of Service and conditions at any time when it needs and you will agree to be bound by such revisions.

12: These terms of service and conditions were updated on April 25 – 2024 and would be applicable to all students.

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