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Learn Tajweed Rules In English:

Learn Tajweed rules with an easy & unique way in English for those Muslim Kids & Adults who want to know how to recite quran majeed with perfect accent & pronunciation while applying these mentioned principles of Tajweed during recitation of Holy Quran without help of quran tutor for you & your children.

Usage of Arabic Alphabets In Quran:

1:There are 29 Arabic alphabets in Quran and we stretch\prolong sound of each letter for one second straight (equal to Alif) except Alif & Hamza

2: When we pronounce sound of letter then sound of each should be different not same.

Types of Letters In Arabic:

1:Makharij Letters 2:Points Letters 3:Circle Letters 4:Throat Letters 5:Whistle Letters 6:Bold Letters 7:Space Letters 8:Harkat Letters 9:Tanween Lettes 10:Ikhfa Letters 11:Waqf Lettes 12:Standing Sign Letters 13:Sakin Letters 14:Maddah Letters 15:Leen Letters 16:Qalqalah Letters 17:Empty Letters 18:Shadd Letters 19:Madd Letters 20:Gunnah Letters 21:Izhar Letters 22:Idgham Letters 23:Iqlab Letters 24: Shamsi Letters 25:Qamari Letters

Categories of Signs In Arabic:

1:Harkat Signs 2:Tanween Signs 3:Waqf Signs 4:Sakoon Sign 5:Shadd Sign 6:Madd Sign 

Tajweed Rules About Below Mentioned Words:

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