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Persian Girl Names

Persian baby girls names-Persian names for girls with meanings, Original Persian Names Avestan old Persian Parsi Irani Persian Farsi baby girl names with meanings starting from A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z




aazam/ azam Greatest; supreme


AbAn 8th month of the Iranian calendar; Name of an angel

آبان بانو

AbAnbanu (Z) Name of women during Achaemenid era

آبان دخت

AbAndokht Name of Darius III’s wife


abbAseh (A) Name of Harun al-Rashid’s sister; Lioness


abrisham Silk


Adeleh (A) Just


adileh (A) Alike, equal; just


Adileh (T)(K) Just


AfAgh Horizons


Afari Praise


Afarin/Afareen Praise; also means to create; Name of a tone in Persian music


afrA Praise; Maple tree


afrand Bright, illuminating


afrooz/afrouz Illuminating, dazzling


afrouzeh Illuminating, dazzling


afri A character in Shahnameh (Siamak’s daughter-in-law)


afsAn /afson Fascinating; a fable, story


afsAneh /afsoneh A story of past events; a fairy tale; a charm
افسر afsar Crown
افشک afshak Dew
افشنگ afshang Dew
افشان afshAn/afshAwn Sprinkling; scattering
افشانه afshAneh/afshAwneh Sprinkling; scattering
افشید afshid Splendour of the sun
افشیده afshideh Splendour of the sun
افشینه afshineh/afschineh
افسون afsoon/afsoun Charm, spell, bewitchment; a fascination
آفتاب AftAb Sun
عقدس aghdas Religious
عقیق aghigh (A) Name of a stone
آهنگ Ahang Harmony, melody, tune
عهدیه ahdiyeh/Ahdieh (A) Covenant follower
آهو Ahou/Ahoo Deer
اختر akhtar Star; Name of a flower (Arrowroot, Indian shot)
اکرم akram (A) Honorable; great
آلاله AlAleh A flower (Buttercup)
آلیش Alish (T) Flame, flammable
عالیه Aliyeh Noble, highest social standing; great
آلما AlmA (T) Apple
الماس almAss Diamond
الیا alyA (G) Marshmallows (a pink-flowered perennial herb)
عنبر anbar (A) Ambergris
آمنه Ameneh/Amineh (A) Truthful; Sincere; Name of Mohammad’s mother
آمیتریس Amestris = amestris Friend, companion; Name of Khashayar’s (Xerxes) wife; Name of Dariush II’s daughter
امیربانو amirbanou/amirbanu/amirbanoo
امیره amireh (A) A female ruler
آمیتیس Amitis Name of one of Kourosh the Great’s wife
آموتیا AmutiyA Damsel (in Zand)
آمیتریس Amitris
آنا AnA (T) Mother
آناهیتا AnAhitA = AnAhid Name of deity worshipped by ancient Iranians (Goddess of water)
انارام anArAm Endless light
آندیا AndiA Name of Ardeshir I’s (Achaemenid) Babylonian wife
اندیشه andisheh Thought
انیس anis (A) A friend, companion
انیسا anisA (A) A friend, companion
انیسه aniseh (A) A friend, companion
آنیتا AnitA The plant Myrtle (in Zand)
آنوش anoosh/anoush Immortal
انوشا anoshA Joy
انوشک anoushak Name of women during Sassanid era; Eternal
انوشه anusheh/anoosheh Happy, fortunate; Eternal
انور anvar (A) Brighter
آرا ArA Ornament, decoration
آرام بانو ArAm-banou Quiet Lady, peaceful lady, tranquil lady
آرسته Arasteh Adorned
آراسته ArAsteh Adorned
ارستو arastu A swallow
آرایه ArAyeh Adorn; ornament
آرزو Arezoo Wish; A character in Shahnameh (Salm’s wife and Fereydoon’s daughter-in-law)


arghavAn Reddish Purple; Name of a tree whose flower is red (Judas tree, Redbud tree,  love tree)
آرین Arin  
ارمغان armaghAn Gift
آرمان ArmAn Ideal, hope, aspiration 
آرمیلا ArmillA
آرمین دخت Armindokht Cheerful girl; Name of ancient princesses
آرمیتا ArmitA Righteous, virtuous, good
ارنواز arnavAz Eloquent speaker; A character in Shahnameh (Jamshid’s sister)
اروسا arousA/arusA Name of an Indian plant
آروشا / اروشا AroushA/ArooshA  = aroushA/arooshA White; bright
آرتا ArtA = artA Country (in Zand)
آرتادخت ArtAdokht = artAdokht Secretary of Treasury of a Parthian (Ashkanian) king (Ardavan IV); also name of Sassanid queen; Righteous and truthful girl
آرتمیس Artemis = Artemiz Speaker of truth; Female Admiral of the Persian navy during Xerxes reign
آرتنوس Artoonis/Artunis/Artounis Truthful; Name of the daughter of one of Dariush’s generals
اروانه arvAneh A wild violet
آریا AryA/AriA AryAn
آریان AryAn/AriAn Related, belonging to the AryAns
آرین Aryan/Ariane Aryan
آریانا AryAnA/AriAnA Related , belonging to the AryAns
ارزین arzin Valuable
آسا AsA Decoration; Majesty; Like, similar to; quiet; Name of Shapour II Sassani’s sister
عسل asal Honey
آسام AsAm
آصفه Asefeh (A) Wise woman
اشرف ashraf (A) Nobler or Noblest
آسیا Asia/AssiA Asia
آسیه Asieh The name of Pharoah’s wife who educated Moses
آسمان AsmAn Sky
آسمانه AsmAneh Sky
آتاناز AtAnAz Father’s sweetheart, daddy’s girl
عاطفه Atefeh (A) Affection
آتنا AtenA
آتنه Ateneh
آتسا AtessA AtoosA
عطیفه atifeh (A) Gentle, docile woman
آتیشه Atisheh Fire
  atiyeh (A) Gift
آتوسا AtoosA/AtusA/AtousA/AtoussA (Z) Name of Kourosh’s (the great) daughter, who was also the 1st wife of Darius I, and mother of KhashayAr; also name of Cambyses’ (Sassanid) wife
آتوشه Atoosheh Name of King Shapur’s aunt (the classical Atoosa)
آوا AvA Voice, call
آوند Avand Vessel;  proof; a throne
آوازه AvAzeh Voice
آوید Avid
آویده Avideh Divine abundance
آوین Avin (K) Love
آویسا AvisA (K) Clear water
آویش Avish Wild marjoram, oregano, thyme
آویشن Avishan Wild marjoram, oregano, thyme
آویشه Avisheh Wild marjoram, oregano, thyme
آویز Aviz A pendant
آویزه Avizeh A pendant
آویژه Avizheh Pure; beloved
آیدا AydA (T) In the moon; 
آیدان AydAn/َAydon (T) From the moon; Resembling the moon (beautiful)
آیه Ayeh (A)  
آیلا AylA (T) Moonlight; Halo around the moon
آیلین Aylin (T) Halo (around the moon)
آیناز AynAz (T) The moon’s sweetheart
آیسا AysA (T) Resembling the moon (beautiful)
آیسان AysAn (T) Resembling the moon (beautiful)
آیسل Aysal = AysAl(T) Resembling the moon (beautiful)
آیسان AysAn/Ayson (T) Resembling the moon (beautiful)
آیتان Aytan (T) One resembling the moon (as in beauty) 
آزاده AzAdeh Noble; A character in Shahnameh (Goshtasp’s mother)
آزاد دخت AzAd-dokht Free girl
آزادمهر AzAdmehr
آذر Azar Fire, 9th month of the Iranian calendar
آذرافروز Azarafrouz Illuminating fire; Phoenix
آذرک Azarak Small fire; Name of the daughter of a Sassanid king (Yazdgerd III) 
آذرخش Azarakhsh Flash of fire
آذران AzarAn Fiery, fires
آذرجهر Azarchehr Essence of fire
آذرداد AzardAd Given by fire
آذردخت Azardokht Daughter of fire
آذرفروز Azarfrouz
آذرگل Azargol A flower (Windflower)
آذرگون AzArgun/Azargoon The color of fire; Name of a flower
آذرین Azarin Chamomile flower; Related to fire; A Achaemenid princess who was also a general 
آذرمهر Azarmehr Name of a fire temple
آزرمیدخت Azarmidokht = Azarmdokht = Azarm     Daughter of Khosrow Parviz Sassani, sister of Pourandokht, and 2nd Queen who ruled over the Sasanian Empire
آذرمینا AzarminA The fiery liquid used in enameling
آذرنوش Azarnoush/Azarnoosh/Azarnush Name of a fire temple; Eternal fire;  Name of a female Sassanid general
آذرشین Azarshin A salamander
آذروان Azarvan
آذریاس AzaryAs/AzaryAss Gum of wild rue
آژند Azhand Name of a flower
آذین Azin Decoration, ornament
آذین بانو Azinbanu/Azinbanoo Lovely, graceful lady
آذین دخت Azindokht Lovely, graceful girl
آزیتا AzitA Name of an Iranian princess
عزیز aziz (A) Precious, dear
عزیزه azizeh (A) Precious, dear



بابوک BAbuk Chamomile flowers
بدری Badri /BadrA (A) Full moon
بدریه Badrieh  (A) Woman with a face like the moon (beautiful, round, bright)
بها BahA Price, value
بهاک BAhak Name of a bird
بهار BahAr Spring (season)
بهارک BahArak A plant (Corydalis)
بهاره BahAreh Someone who brings the spring (or a sprint flower); related, belonging to spring
بهاربانو BahAr-banoo The blooming princess
بهامین BahAmin/BahAmeen Spring
بهرامن BahrAman Ruby
بامی BAmi Bright, radiant
بامیک BAmik/BAmeek Radiant, shining
بامین BAmin/BAmeen Bright, radiant, shining
بنفشه Banafsheh A flower (Violet, Pansy)
باناز BAnAz Coquettish
بانو BAnoo/ Banou Lady; wife of “Babak-e Khoram Din”, she fought side by side  her husband, against the Arab invasion and occupation of Iran
بانویه BAnouyeh
باران BArAn Rain
بارانک BArAnak A tree (Mountain ash, Checker tree)
بارانه BArAneh
برسین Barsin/Barsine Clover; daughter of the King Darius III, married to Alexander the Great, who is also called EstatirA 
برسینا BarsinA Name of a plant
به آفرید Beh-Afarid Good creation; A character in Shahnameh (Goshtasb’s daughter and Esfandiyar’s sister)
به آفرین Beh-Afarin Noble
به آرا BehArA Best ornament, decoration
به آذر BehAzar Best fire
به آذین BehAzin Best ornament, decoration
به بها BehbahA Best price
بهدله Behdeleh ?
بهدیس Behdis Good color
بهدخت Behdokht Best girl
بهشته Beheshteh Paradise
بهی Behi Goodness
بهین Behin Best; Selected
بهینه Behineh Best, approved
بههن Behin Best
بهجان BehjAn
بهجت Behjat (A) Joyful; beautiful
بهمیس Behmis
بهناک BehnAk ?
بهناز BehnAz Elegant,; coquette
بهنوش Behnoush Pleasant
بهرخ Behrokh Friendly face
بهرو Behrou/Behroo Friendly face
بهشید Behshid ?
بهتام BehtAm/BahtAm Name of the angel in charge of the winds
بهتن Behtan Strong beauty; A character in Shahnameh (Arjasb’s daughter)
برسابه Bersabeh  
بی بی Bibi Lady
بی بی ناز BibinAz Coy Lady; Elegant Lady
بیدخت Bidokht The planet Venus
بیتا BitA Unique; beautiful
بلور Bolour Crystal
بوبک Boubak A kind of bird (Hoopoe)
بوران BourAn ?
بوران دخت BourAn-dokht ?
بوسه Bouseh Kiss



کاملیا CAmeliA /KAmeliA A flower (Camellia)
کاساندان CAssAndAn/CAssAndawn/KAssandAn Name of one Kurosh the Great’s wife
چلیپا ChalipA A flower (Stock-gillyflower); Cross
چکا ChakA A lark
چکامه ChAkAmeh/ChekAmeh A poem exceeding 18 couplets
چکاوک ChakAvak Name of a bird
چمن Chaman An orchard; a green field; bluegrass
چمان ChamAn Strutting; a goblet of wine
چمانه ChamAneh A goblet of wine; The cup of Jamshid
چامه ChAmeh Melody, song, poetry
چشمک Cheshmak Wink; Name of a plant (Eyebright)
چیکا ChikA Name of a bird
چیستا ChistA (Z) Female angel personifying religious wisdom
چیترا ChitrA



دلیله Dalileh Clear and bright way
دامینه DAmineh ?
دانا DAnA/DAwnA/DonA Wise
دانه DAneh Seed
دریا DaryA Sea
دریاناز DaryAnAz Glory of the sea
دریانه DaryAneh
داور DAvar Arbitrator
دل افرز Delafrouz Heart and soul illuminator
 دل آرا DelArA Beloved; a sweetheart; A character in Shahnameh (DArA’w wife and Roshanak’s mother)
دلارام DelArAm Quiet-hearted; A character in Shahnameh (Bahram-gur’s lover)
دل آسا DelAsA Soothing
دل آویز DelAviz
دلبند Delband Beloved
دلبر Delbar Charming, Sweetheart, heart-ravisher
دلکش Delkash Fascinating, attractive
دلنواز DelnavAz Kind
دلناز DelnAz Sweetheart
دلربا DelrobA A beloved object; Name of a stone
دلشاد DelshAd Happy
دلیار DelyAr Sweetheart
دنا DenA Name of a mountain & mountain peak in Iran
دیبا DibA Brocade
دینا DinA Dinah; also means judge
دینک Dinak = Dinag A just judge; Name of Sassanian queen (Yazdgerd II’s wife)
دینه Dineh Yesterday
دنیا DonyA /DoniA (A) World
دنیاناز DonyAnAz Glory of the world
دنیازاد DonyAzAd
دردانه DordAneh Pearl
دری Dori A sparkling star glittering like a gem
درنا DornA A bird (Crane)
درناز DornAz Precious
  Dorreh Big Pearl
درسا DorsA Pearl like



عفت Effat (A) A modest woman
افتخار EftekhAr Glory
احترام EhterAm (A) Respect
الهه ElAheh (A) Goddess
الهام ElhAm (A) Inspiration, revelation
الیکا ElikA Mother Earth ; a blooming, fruitful tree
الیزه Elizeh Name of a district in the town of Rudbar
المیرا ElmirA (T) Devoted to the tribe
الناز ElnAz (T) A girl whose coquetry is the most perfect of all
امیتیس Emitis
انسی Ensi (A) Friend, companion
انسیه Ensiyeh (A) Friend, companion
ارم Eram Paradise
اریکا EricA/ErikA A plant (Heather, Heath)
عصمت Esmat (A) Pure
اِستاتیرا/ سِتاتیرا EstatirA = Statira/Stateira Name of a King Darius III’s daughter who married Alexander the Great,  who is known as Barsin; Also, name of Darius III’s wife (Barsin’s mother)
استر Ester Star; Esther; Name of Xerxes’ (Khashayar Shah) Jewish wife
ایلا EylA ?



فائقه/ فایقه FA’egeh(A)
فائزه/ فایزه FA’ezeh/FA’izeh(A) Victorious, winner
فقیهه Faghiheh (A) A woman learned in law and divinity
فهیمه Fahimeh (A) Learned
فاخره FAkhereh Precious
فخری Fakhri (A) Glory
فاخته FAkhteh A ring dove
فلامک Falamak  
فرح Farah (A) Joy, happiness, cheerfulness
فرحناز FarahnAz Joy
فرانک FarAnak Characters in Shahnameh (Fereidoun’s mother; also name of one Bahram-gur’s wives); Butterfly
فرانه FarAneh = FarAnak
فرنگ Farang ?
فرنگیس Farangis A character in Shahnameh (AfrAsiAb’s daughter, married to SiAvush and mother of Kai-khosrow)
فریبا FaribA Charming, enticing
فریدا FaridA  
فریده Farideh Unique, precious
فردخت Fardokht Beautiful girl
فریفته Farifteh Enamoured
فریما FarimA Our beautiful and lovable one
فریماه FarimAh Glorious moon
فریمهر Farimehr / Farrimehr Glorious sun
فرین Farin Best
فرینام FarinAm Glorious name
فریناز FarinAz Perfection, excellence, completion, utmost level
فرینوش Farinoush Pleasant and sweet
فاریا FAryA/FAriA ?
فریا FaryA/FariA Friend
فرخنده Farkhondeh Happy, joyous
فرمهر Farmehr Splendor of the sun
فرناز FarnAz Splendid coquetry, glorious coquetry
فرنیا FarniA Noble family; Having great ancestors
فرنوش Farnoush
فرخ رو Farokhrou Beautiful face
فرخروز/ فرخ روز Farokhrouz Splendid day
فریّن Farrin Glorified
فریّن چهر Farrinchehr
فرشیده Farshideh Bright, radiant
فرزانک FarzAnak
فرزانه FarzAneh Wise
فتّانه FatAneh (A) A temptress, seducer
فاطمه FAtemeh / Fautemeh (A) A woman who weans her child; The name of Mohammad’s daughter
فردوس Ferdoss (A) Paradise
فرشته Fereshteh Angel
فریال FeryAl/FiryAl (A) Beautiful; Having a good voice; Name of a bird
فتنه Fetneh Seduction
فیلا FilA (G) Lover
فیروزه Firouzeh/Feerouzeh/Firuzeh/Firoozeh Turquoise
فلورا = فلور FlorA = Flor Flora
فوژان FojAn/FozhAn A loud voice or sound
فروغ Forough Splendor, light, brightness
فروز Forouz/Foruz Shining, light
فروزا ForouzA Shining
فروزان ForouzAn Shining
فروزنده Forouzandeh Shining



گلاره GelAreh (K) Pupil of the eye (in Kurdish)
گلایل GelAyol A flower (Gladiola)
گلاویژ GelAvizh (K) Name of a star
قمر Ghamar (A) Moon
غمزه Ghamzeh Coquetry
قشنگ Ghashang Pretty
قاسدک GhAssedak A flower (Dandelion)
غزل Ghazal (A) A sonnet
غزال GhazAl Gazelle
غزاله GhazAleh Gazelle
قدسی Ghodsi Holy, sacred, angel
غنچه Ghoncheh Flower bud
گیلدا GildA Gold
گیسو Gisou/Guisoo Women’s hair, ringlet, tress
گیسی Gisi/Guisi A fragrant rose
گیتا GitA/GuitA A kind of song
گیتی Giti/Guiti World, universe
گوهر Gohar Gem, jewel
گوهرشاد GoharshAd The founder of the Goharshad mosque who was the wife of the Timurid king  Shahrokh and Teymour’s daughter-in-law
گلاب GolAb Rose water
گل افشار Golafsar Crown of flowers
گل افشان GolafshAn Scattering flowers
گلک Golak A plant (Micromeria)
گلاره GolAleh A bunch of flowers
گل اندام GolandAm Name of Persian queen (wife of Bahram Goor Sassani); beautiful body
گلاره GolarA Gracing flowers
گلاویز GolAviz Name of a plant (Fuchsia)
گل آذین GolAzin Decorating flowers
گلبهار GolbahAr A flower (Winter Aconite); Spring flower
گلبان GolbAn Keeper of flowers
گلبانو/ گل بانو GolbAnu Delicate and beautiful lady
گلبرگ Golbarg Petal
گلبو Golbu/Golboo Fragrant
گلچهر Golchehr Essence of a flower (beautiful)
گلچهره Golchehreh Face like a flower (beautiful)
گلدار GoldAr Possessing roses, flowers
گلدوز Goldooz/Goldouz Embroidered with flowers
گلی Goli Rose-colored, rosy
گلگون Golgoon/Golgoun Vermilion; A character in Shahnameh (Name of Shirin’s horse)
گلمهر Golmehr Flower of kindness, love
گلنام GolnAm Beautiful name
گلنار GolnAr Flower of the Pomegranate tree; A character in Shahnameh (one of Ardavan’s maidens)
گل نسرین Gol-nasrin Chamomile flowers
گلنواز GolnavAz Keeper of flowers
گلناز GolnAz Cute like a flower; A flower (Sun plant, Stonecrop)
گلنسا GolnessA Daughter of a flower
گلنوش Golnoush/Golnoosh A song from old Iranian music; Nectar
گلپر Golpar Garden angelica
گلپری Golpari Beautiful lady; fairy-like
گلرنگ Golrang Rose-colored; Color of a flower
گلریز Golriz A plant (Micromeria); Person scattering flowers
گلرخ Golrokh Face like a flower; Rosy cheeked 
گلرو Golrou/Golru/Golroo Face like a flower 
گلسا GolsA One resembling a flower (as in beauty, or excellence) 
گلسان GolsAn One resembling a flower (as in beauty, or excellence) 
گلشاد GolshAd Happy
گلشهر Golshahr A  character in Shahnameh (PirAn’s wife and Jarireh’s mother)
گلشن Golshan A flower garden
گلشنک Golshanak A small flower garden
گلشید Golshid Bright, shining flower, sun flower
گلشیفته Golshifteh  
گردآفرید GordAfarid A character in Shahnameh (A female warrior who fought with Sohrab)
گردیا GordiA A character in Shahnameh



حبیبه Habibeh (A) Beloved
حدیقه Hadigheh  Garden
حدیث Hadiss (A) New
هایده HAideh/HAydeh = HAyedeh(A) Repentant
هیلا HailA/HaylA A bird (Merlin)
هلاله HalAleh (K) Tulip
هاله HAleh (A) Halo
حلیمه Halimeh (A) Name of Mohammad’s wet-nurse
حامده HAmedeh (A) One who praises
  HamenAz ?
حمیده Hamideh (A) Praiseworthy
حامی HAmi A protector
حامیه HAmiyeh (A) A protector
همراز HamrAz A friend to whom secrets are confided
هانا HAnA/HAnA
حنا HanAh/HanA (A) The shrub henna
هاني HAni/Honi (A) Happy
هانيه HAnieh/Honieh (A) Happy
  HanAneh (A) Very kind
حریره Harireh (A) Female cat
هستی Hastee/Hasti Existence
حاتفه HAtefeh (A) One who praises; a voice from heaven; a guardian angel
حوّا HavvA (A) Eve
هدیه Hediyeh Gift
  HeliA/HelyA Sun
هنگامه HengAmeh Uproar, wonder, marvel causing admiration
  HidA Tranquil, quiet
هیلا HilA (K) Name of a bird  (sparrow-hawk)
هیلدا HildA Strong; Forgiving
هیوا HivA (K) Wish
حدا HodA (A) Right guidance
هما HomA Phoenix, A bird from fables (symbolizes good omen); Happy, joyous
حمیرا HomairA/HomayrA  Rosy cheek woman
همای HomAy Happy, joyous; A character in Shahnameh (Goshtasb’s daughter and Esfandiyar’s sister)
حرمت Hormat (A) Honor
هورشید Horshid Sunlight, sun
حسنا HosnA (A) Goodness, beauty
  HoukAmeh/HukAmeh Kind hearted; a well-wisher
حور Hour (A) Fairy
حورا HourA (A) Nymph
حوری Houri (A) Fairy
حوریه Hourieh (A) Fairy
حوروش Hourvash/Hurvash = Hourivash Fairy-like
هوردخت Hurdokht/Hourdokht Daughter of the sun



ایده Ideh Idea; Name of a plant (Oleaster, silver berry, wild olive)
ایمان ImAn (A) Faith
ایران IrAn Iran
ایران بانو IrAnbanu/IrAnbanoo An Iranian lady
ایران دخت IrAndokht Daughter of Iran; Iranian girl
ایرسا IrsA (G) Rainbow; Iris
ایرسیا Irsia/Irsiya (G) Rainbow



جبّاره Jabbareh (A) Strong, firm
جهان JahAn World
جهان آرا JahAnArA Ornament of the world
جهان بانو JahAn-banou Lady of the world; Queen of the world
جهان دخت JahAndokht Daughter of the world
جهان ناز JahAn-nAz Pride of the world
جهان تاب JahAntAb Sun
جلا JalA (A) Brightness
جلیله Jalileh (A) Noble; Great
جانان JAnAn Beloved
جانفروز JAnfrouz
جنّت Jannat (A) Paradise
جامک JAmak A character in Shahnameh (Jamshid’s twin sister)
جمیله Jamileh (A) Excellent talents
جریره Jarireh A character in Shahnameh (Siavush’s first wife and Foroud’s mother)
جاودانه JAvdAneh Immortal; forever
جوانه JavAneh Sprout, young
جلوه Jelveh Loveliness
جیران JeyrAn/JayrAn (T) Deer (in Azarbaijani)



کمند Kamand Lasso; a lock of hair
کامینه KAmineh Desire, wish
کاناز KAnAz The base of the stem of a bunch of dates or grapes which joins to the main branch or tree
کتانه KatAneh ?
کتایون KatAyoun A character in Shahnameh (Goshtasb’s wife and Esfandiar’s mother)
کیهان KayhAn World
کیهان بانو KayhAn-banu/Kayhan-banou Name of a Sassanid princess (Yazdgerd III’s daughter)
کژال KazhAl (K)  
کاژیره KAzhireh Wild saffron
کرشمه Kereshmeh A wink, coquetry; a charm
خدیجه Khadijeh (A) Mohammad’s wife
خندان KhandAn Smiling
خنده Khandeh Laughter; smile
خاطره KhAtereh Memory
خاتون KhAtoon Lady
خاور KhAvar Name of women during Sassanid era; Splendor, light, brightness; The place where the sun rises
خاوردخت KhAvar-dokht Name of women during Sassanid era; Daughter of light
خزر Khazar
خینا KhinA Sweet voice, song
خنیا KhoniyA/KhoniA Melody, song
خورشاد KhorshAd Sun
خورشید Khorshid Sun
خورشید بانو Khorshid-banou A lady as radiant as the sun
خوروش Khorvash Like the sun (beautiful)
خجسته Khojassteh Royal
خوشه Khousheh The constellation Virgo; a cluster or bunch of grapes or dates
کیانا KiAnA Elements of nature
کیان دخت/ کیاندخت KiAndokht King’s daughter
کیدرا KidrA
کیمیا KimiyA / KimiA (A) Alchemy; elixir;
کبری KobrA (A) Major
کلاله KolAleh A handful of flowers
کترا KotrA ?
کوکب Kokab (A) Star, celestial body; Name of a flower (Dahlia); Name of star in the Ursa Minor constellation.



لبینا LabinA A certain musical mode of old Iranian music
لادن LAdan A flower (Nasturtium, Indian cress)
لاله LAleh Tulip
لطیفه Latifeh (A) Delicate, gentle, kind
لعیا La’yA (A) Name of an angel
لیان LayAn Bright, shining
لیلا LaylA/LeylA/LailA/LeilA (A) Nocturnal
لیلی Layly/Leily/Laily/Laili/Layli/Leili (A) Nocturnal, one who does anything by night
لیلیا LayliyA/LailiyA Night in Zand
لیدا LidA Lady
لیلا/ لی لا LilA The lilac tree
لیلاس/ لی لاس LilAs = LeylAs/LaylAs Name of place in Hamedan Province
لیلوپر Lilupar The water-lily
لیلی/ لی لی Lily/Lili A flower (Lily)
لینا LimA Name of a place in the Gilan Province
لیما LinA/LenA (A) Tender
لُعبت Lobat (A) Doll
لوما LomA (A) Luma



مدینه Madineh (A) Name of a city
مائده MAedeh One of the sura’s of the  Koran
مها MahA Crystal
ماه آفرد MAh-Afarid Characters in Shahnameh (Iraj’s wife and Manouchehr’s mother; name of Tour’s wife; also name of one of Bahram-gur’s wives)
مهان MahAn Moons; fair ones; beloved ones; A character in Shahnameh (Rostam’s daughter and Giv’s wife)
مهستی Mahasti The moon’s being
 مهبانو MAhbanoo = Mahbanoo Moon lady; beautiful lady
محبوبه Mahboubeh Well loved, dearest
مهداد MahdAd Bestowed by the moon
مهدیس Mahdis/MAhdis Like the moon, beautiful
مهدیه Mahdiyeh/Mahdieh (A) A gift
مهدخت Mahdokht Daughter of the moon
ماهدخت MAhdokht Daughter of the moon
مهفام MahfAm The color of the moon; luminous
مهین Mahin/Maheen Greatest
مهین بانو Mahin-banu / Mahin-banoo Name of a character in Nezami’s “Khosrow & Shirin”
مهیندخت Mahin-dokht
مهجبین Mahjabin/Mahjabeen (A) One with a forehead as luminous as the moon (beautiful)
مهلا MahlA Friendly
مهلقا/ مه لقا MahleghA/MahlaghA (A) Face of the moon; Fair as the moon
مهراز MahrAz Secret of the moon
مهرخ MAhrokh Whose face is like the moon, beautiful
مهکامه MahkAmeh Wishing for the moon
مه منیر Mahmonir Shining moon
مهناز MahnAz The moon’s glory
مهنوش Mahnoosh Always beautiful
ماهرخ MAhrokh Whose face is like the moon, beautiful
ماهرخسارر MAhrokhsAr Whose face is like the moon, beautiful
ماهرو MAhroo Whose face is like the moon, beautiful
مهسا MahsA One resembling the moon (as in  beauty)
مهسان MahsAn One resembling the moon (as in  beauty)
مهشاد MahshAd = MAhshid Moonlight
مهشید Mahshid Moonlight
مه سیما MahsimA = MAhsimA One’s face resembling the moon (as in  beauty)
مهسو Mahsoo/Mahsu/Mahsue Moonlight
مهتا MahtA One resembling the moon (as in  beauty)
مهتاب MahtAb Moonlight
مهتاج MahtAj = MAhtAj Crown of the moon
مهوش Mahvash One resembling the moon (as in  beauty)
محیا MahyA (A) Life
مهزاد MahzAd = MAhzAd Child of the moon
ملکه Malakeh Queen
ملکه جهان Malekjahan Queen of the world
ملیح Malih (A) Beautiful
ملیحه Maliheh (A) Beautiful
ملیسا MalisA/MalissA= MelisA/MelissA (G) Balm, Lemon balm, mint; Honeybee (in Greek)
ملوس Maloos Pretty; soft
مامک MAmak A little mother; Kind and lovable mother
مامیسا MAmisA Name of a flower (Pincushion flower)
مانا MAnA Alike, similar; also name of a God
ماندا MAndA = MAndAn = MAndAnA Black amber; Name of a queen (Kourosh the Great’s mother, who wasKamboojieh’s wife)
ماندیس Mandis
مانی MAnee/MAni A painter who later claimed to be a prophet
مانلی MAneli = MAnli Stay for me (in Mazandarani)
مانیا MAniA
منیژه Manizheh/Maneezheh A character in Shahnameh (AfrAsiyAb’s daughter and the love of Bijan)
منصوره Mansoureh (A) Defended, protected by God
منظر Manzar (A) Beholding; face, visage
مرجان MarjAn Coral
مرجانه MarjAneh Coral
مراجل MarAjel
ماریه MAriyeh (A) Name of one of Mohammad’s wives
مرمر Marmar Marble
مارال MArAl (T) Red deer
مریم Maryam/Mariam A flower (Tuberose)
مرضیه Marzieh (A) Satisfactory, agreeable
معصومه Masoumeh/Massoumeh(A) Sinless, innocent
مستانه MastAneh Drunken (More like joyful)
مستوره Mastoureh (A) Veiled, chaste
  MavA ?
میثمه Maysameh/Maisameh (A) Beauty
مهرا MehrA ?
مهرآفرین MehrAfarin Creator of kindness
مهرک MehrAk Small glorious sun; Name of a Sassanid princess
مهران MehrAn Name of a river
مهراندخت MehrAndokht
مهرانه MehrAneh
مهرانگیز MehrAngiz To cause affection
مهرآرا MehrArA Adorning the sun
مهرآسا MehrAsA Like the sun, beautiful
مهراور MehrAvar Bearer of kindness and affection
مهراوه MehrAveh
مهربانو MehrbAnoo Kind Lady
مهردخت Mehrdokht Daughter of the sun
مهری Mehri Sun; also Affectionate, kind; full of light
مهرناز MehrnAz The sun’s glory
مهرنوش Mehrnoosh Full of love, Drunk with love
مهرسا MehrsA
مهرشید Mehrshid Shining sun
مهرورز Mehrvarz Kind
مهروش Mehrvash Like the sun
مهرزاد MehrzAd Born of the sun
ملاحت MelAhat Elegance, beauty
ملیکا MelicA/MelikA (G) A plant (Melic grass);  Name of Imam Mahdi’s(12th Imam of Shi’ites) mother who was the granddaughter of the Roman Emperor of the time
ملودی Melodi/Melody Melody
مرسده Mercedeh/Mersedeh Iranian queen
مشیا MeshiA  Mortal (in Zand); Eve
میچکا MichkA/MitchkA Little bird (in MAzandarAni dialect)
میلا MilA Stork (in MAzandarAni)
میلی Mili A cat
میهن Mihan Country, homeland
میهن یار MihanyAr Homeland friend
مینا MinA Enamel, blue glass (lapis lazuli); An herbal plant (Tansy)
مینو Minoo Paradise, heaven
میثاق MisAgh (A) A promise
میشا MishA Forever in bloom; the plant houseleek
میترا MitrA Name of deity worshipped by ancient Iranians (goddess of loving kindness)
ملود Molood/Molude One who is born
ملوک Molouk/Moluke (A) Kings
مونا MoonA/MunA Name of a God (in Zand)
مونا MonA (A) Wish, desire
منوّر Monavar (A) Illuminated, enlightened; bright, brilliant
منیلا MonilA (A) One who obtains; To accomplish one’s wish
منیر Monir/Moneer (A) Shining
منیره Monireh/Moneereh (A) Shining
مروارید MorvAreed Pearl
موژان MozhAn/MojAn A narcissus
مژده Mozhdeh/Mojdeh Good news
مژگان MozhgAn/MojgAn Eyelashes
موجان MujAn/MoujAn A beautiful eye



نادره NAdereh (A) Rare
نادی NAdi (A) One who calls out
نادیا NadiA Desire, wish; One who calls out
نفیسه Nafiseh (A) Precious, exquisite
نغمه Naghmeh Melody, song, tune
نهال NahAl A young plant
نهاله NahAleh A young plant
ناهید NAhid A star, the planet Venus; A character in Shahnameh (Goshtasb’s wife and EsfandiyAr’s mother which was also known as Katayoon)
ناهیده NAhideh
ناجی Naji (A) A confidant, partner in a secret
نجلا NajlA (A) Large eye
نجمه Najmeh Fruit of the tamarisk; One of the names of Imam Reza’s (8th Emam of Shi’ites) mother
نجوی/ نجوا NajvA (A) A secret
نکیسا NakisA A musician during the Sassanid Dynasty
ناناز NAnAz Delicate
نرگس Nargess A flower (Narcissus )
نارین NArin (T) Fresh, shining, clear, elegant
نرجس Narjis Name of Imam Mahdi’s mother
نرمین Narmin (K) A flower; delicate, soft; slender (having a good figure)
نرمینه Narmineh Delicate, soft
نارسیس NArsis A flower
نشید Nashid Song, poetry
نشوا NashvA Wild plum
نسیم Nasim/Nassim/Nasseem/Naseem (A) Breeze
نسرین Nasrin/Nassrin/Nassreen/Nasreen A flower (a wild rose)
نسترن NastarAn A flower much like a wild rose (dog rose)
نوا NavA Voice, sound; a certain musical tone or mood (dastgah) of Persian music
نوال NavAl (A) A gift
نواز NavAz One who caresses, soothes
نویده Navideh Good news
نیّر Nayyer Radiant
نیّره Nayyereh Radiant
ناز NAz A flower (Sun plant, Stonecrop); Glory; cute; coy; elegance; sweetheart
نازآفرین NAzAfarin Producing delight; born from pride
نازک NAzak A plant (Crassula); cutie, sweetie
نازنین NAzanin Sweetheart; Lovable, beloved
نازبانو NAzbanoo Graceful lady
نازبو NAzboo Basil
نازدانه NAzdAneh Sweetheart
نازدخت NAzdokht Graceful girl
نازگل NAzgol Beautiful flower
ناژین NAzhin Name of a tree
ناژو NAzhu A pine tree
نازیلا NAzilA/NazillA Cute; coy; sweetheart; elegance
نازینه NAzineh Cute; coy; sweetheart
نظیره Nazireh (A) Anything dedicated to God in consequence of a vow
نازیتا NAzitA
نازلی NAzli (T) Coquettish; glory; elegance; sweetheart
نازنوش NAznoush/NAznoosh
نازپری NAzpari A character in Shahnameh (Bahram gur’s wife)
نازتا NAztA Sweetheart
نازو NAzu Name of melodious bird; turtledove
نازی NAzy/NAhzi Cute; coy; sweetheart
نگار NegAr Sweetheart
نگارین NegArin Beloved
نگاه NegAh Look
نگان NegAn Name of a brave woman who fought against the Arab invasion of the Iran; Good destiny
نگین Negin The precious stone on a ring or other Jewelry
ندا NedA Voice, call
نسا NesA/NessA Woman; lady
نشاط NeshAt (A) Joy
نزهت Nez-hAt (A) Joy
نیاز NiAz
نیلگون Nilgoon Resembling the blue of the sky
نیلوفر Niloufar/Nilufar = Niloupar/Nilupar A flower (Morning glory, Water-lily)
نیکا NikA Good, beautiful, elegant; Name of a river in Iran
نیکدل Nikdel Kind hearted; good soul
نیکدخت Nikdokht Good girl
نیکی Niki Goodness; beauty, elegance
نیکی Nikoo/Nikou/Niku Good; Beautiful, elegant
نیکی ناز Nikoo-naz/Nikou-naz Good, beautiful gestures
نیکناز NiknAz Good, beautiful gestures
نیکپر Nikpar
نیکتا NiktA Good
نینا NinA/NeenA (K)
نیرا NirA (Z) Fire in Zand
نیسا NisA Name of the daughter of a Parthian king (Mehrdad)
نیسیا NissiA
نیوشا NiushA/NiyushA/NiyooshA A listener
نیوشه Niusheh/Niyusheh A listener
نیاز NiyAz Need
نوبر Nobar Fresh fruits newly ripe
نوگل Nogol New flower
نور Noor/Nour Light
نورا NoorA/NourA Light
نورانگیز Noorangiz/Nourangiz Radiant
نوشا NoushA/NooshA/NushA Rainbow; sweet, pleasant, cheerful; Name of a Sassanid princess (Narsi’s daughter)
نوشه Noushah/Nushah A character in Shahnameh (Nersi’s daughter)
نوشابه NoushAbeh/NushAbeh A character from NezAmi’s “Eskandar-nameh”(name of a queen); the water of life
نوشآفرین NoushAfarin Creator of joy
نوشبر Noushbar Honey
نوشین Noushin/Nushin Sweet, pleasant
نوشینه Noushineh/Nushineh Pleasant wine; A musical tone/mood of old Persian music
نوین Novin The most excellent in anything
نویسه Noviseh Rainbow
نوژان Nozhan/Nojan (K) A pine tree; A flower bud (in Kurdish)



الدوز Oldouz /Uldouz/ Uldooz / Oldooz A Azeri/Azerbaijani name meaning star
الفت Olfat Friendship
اولیا OliyA Friends (of God)
امید Omid/Omeed Hope
امیده Omideh/Omeedeh Hope
ارانوس Oranous Uranus, one of the 9 solar planets
ارکیده Orchideh/Orkideh Orchid
عذرا OzrA = Azra (A) A virgin; the sign Virgo; Name of a character in `Vameq and Ozra’ by Onsori



پدیده Padideh A phenomenon
پاکنوش PAknoush Pleasant
پاکسیما PAksimA Innocent face
پالیز PAliz Garden
پانیذ PAniz Sugar-candy, sugar
پانویه PAnuyeh/PAnouyeh
پان ته آ / پانته آ PAntehA/PAnteA/PontehA/PonteA = Ponti Name of the wife of Kourosh’s (Achaemenid) general (AryAsb); Strong, stable
پاپلی PApoli Butterfly (in Mazandarani)
پرند Parand Silk
پرندین Parandin Silky
پرندیس Parandis Silk-like
پرنگ Parang (K) A pendant
پرستان ParastAn A bird resembling a peacock; worshippers
پرسته Parasteh Any object of worship
پرستو Parastoo/Parastu A bird (Swallow)
پرستوک Parastook/Parastuk A bird (Swallow)
پردیس Pardis Paradise
پرگل Pargol Soft as a petal of a flower
پری Pari Fairy
پری دخت Paridokht Daughter of a fairy
پریچهر Parichehr Essence of a fairy (beautiful)
پریچهره Parichehreh Having a face like a fairy (beautiful)
پریجهان ParijahAn
پریما ParimA
پرین Parin Fairy-like
پریناز ParinAz Good virtues
پرینوش Parinoush/Parinoosh
پری رو Pariroo Having a face like a fairy (beautiful)
پریسا ParisA Like a fairy
پریسان ParisAn Like a fairy
پریساتیس ParisAtis/Parysatis Name of Persian queen (King Darius II’s wife, aka ProshAt); Fairy-like
پریشاد ParishAd
پرسون Parsoon Halo of the moon
پریور Parivar Truthful; orthodox
پریوش Parivash Fairy-faced (beautiful); Name of a flower (periwinkle, Madagascar periwinkle)
پریا PariyA/PariA Fairy-like
پریناز ParinAz A fairy’s sweetheart
پریشم Parisham Silk
پریسیما ParisimA Face like a fairy
پریسوز Parisuz/Parisouz Name of a temple built by Khosrow Parviz
پریزاد ParizAd
پرخیده Parkhideh
پرمیدا PArmidA = PArmis /Parmis
پارمیس PArmis /PArmys = Parmis Name of Kourosh the Great’s granddaughter (Bardia’s daughter) who became one of the wives of the Persian king Darius the Great. 
پارمین PArmin
پرمون Parmoon Ornament, decoration with gold, silver and jewels
پرنا ParnA Painted or embroidered silk
پرناز ParnAz
پرنیا ParniA Silk
پرنیان ParniAn Fine painted silk
پارنیز PArniz ?
پرنو Parnou/Parnu/Parnoo = Parnoon Fine painted silk
پارسادخت PArsA-dokht Pure, chaste, devout, holy
پرتو Parto Ray of light
پروا ParvA Desire, affection
پروان Parvan A character in Shahnameh (Giv’s wife); Flue of silk
پروند Parvand  
پروانه ParvAneh Butterfly
پرور Parvar
پروه Parveh Pleiades
پروین Parvin Name of a constellation (Pleiades)
پسند Pasand Praised; approved; agreeable; excellent
پاتونه PAtune/PAtoon/Potune/Potoon A falcon marked with a distinguishing sign
پگاه PegAh Dawn
پلاگه PelAgeh ?
پرشه Persheh (K) A spark
پرشنگ Persheng = Pershang (K) A spark; Name of a star; Happiness
پیمانه PeymAneh Wine cup
پیموده Peymoudeh A draught of wine
پیوند Peyvand A joint, a connection
پژواک PezhvAk An echo
پیچک Pichak A flower (Glorybind, Bindweed)
پیراسته PirAsteh Adorned
پیرایه PirAyeh Ornament, decoration; beauty
پیروزدخت Pirouzdokht
پیروزه Pirouzeh Turquoise
پروچیستا PorochistA = PourochistA (Z) Name of the daughter of Zartosht
پرشاد PorshAd Very happy
پونه Pouneh/Pooneh/Puneh A plant (Wild mint)
پونل Pounel/Poonel/Punel Name of a place in GilAn Province
پوپک Poupak A kind of bird (Hoopoe)
پوپه Poupeh A kind of bird (Hoopoe)
پوران PourAn A successor
پوران دخت PourAndokht/PurAndokht Daughter of Khosrow Parviz Sassani, sister of Azarmidokht,  and 1st Queen who ruled over the Sasanian Empire
پوری Pouri A successor
پروشات ProshAt Name of Persian queen (King Darius II’s wife, aka Parysatis); very happy
پروسکا ProuskA A Kurdish name
پورکار Purkar/Pourkar Name of a wife of Bahram-gur



ردیمه Radimeh = Redimeh Name of  Achaemenid queen (Cambyses’ wife and Houtan’s daughter)
رادنوش = رادانوش RAdnoosh = RAdAnoosh  
رایکا RaeekA/RAikA = RAykA/RykA Beloved, wished for, desired ; Lovable
راحیل RAhil (A) Rachel; Name of Joseph’s mother
رفا RafA (A) Happiness; prosperity
رها RahA Free
رهادخت RahA-dokht Free girl
راحله RAheleh (A) A traveler
راهله RakhshA Shining, flashing
رخشاد RakhshAd Happy face
رخشان RakhshAn Flashing
راما RAmA (Z) Name of deity worshipped by ancient Persians (joy)
رعنا RanA (A) Elegant, of elegant stature
رامک RAmak Name of women during Sassanid era; cheerful
رامبهشت Rambehesht Wife of Sassan
رامدخت RAmdokht Quiet, obedient girl
رامش RAmesh Rest; cheerfulness
رامینا RAminA Tall stature
رامین دخت RAmindokht Quiet, peaceful girl
رامینه RAmineh Quiet, peaceful
رامونا RAmonA
رسا RasA Expressive
راسن RAsan Name of a plant
رشا RashA (A) A fawn
رشاد RashAd Name of a plant (Rock cress, wall cress)
رشیا RashiA/RashiyA Right; true
راشین RAshin Possessor of harvests of wheat and barley
راستا RAstA Right; true
راستاک RAstAk A young sapling
راستینه RAstineh True, real
روا RavA Worthy; pleasant, agreeable; obtaining one’s desire
راوک RAvak Purest and best of a thing
روان RavAn Soul, spirit
راز RAz Secret
رازک RAzak Name of a plant (Hop, Wild hop)
رازان RAzAn (K)   Adorned
راضیه RAzieh (A) Content, pleased
ریحان RayhAn Basil
ریحانک ReyhAnak A plant (Wild basil savory)
ریحانه RayhAneh A flower
راضیه RAzieh (A) Content; agreeable
رزما RazmA Warrior
رضوان RezvAn (A) Paradise
ریکا RikA Loved; a beloved object
ریما RimA/ReemA (A) White antelope
ریماز RimAz A light and rare garment
ریتا RitA (G) Black pearl
رباب RobAb A rebeck (a musical instrument); White cloud
ربابه RobAbeh (A) Name of an instrument
رُدگون Rodogune/Rodogoon Bright red, vermilion; Name of a Parthian (Ashkanian) princess; also name of a couple of  Achaemenid princesses; name of Darius I’s mother
رقیّه Roghayyeh (A) Gentle; Name of one of Mohammad’s  daughter
رجاء RojA (A) Hopeful
رخند Rokhand ?
رخساره RokhsAreh Face
رخسارا RokhsArA Beautiful face
رخشا RokhshA Shining
رخشاد RokhshAd Happy face
رخشان RokhshAn = RokhsAn/Rokhsun =RoksAna/RoxAna
رونق Ronagh (A) Beauty
روناک RonAk (K) Shining
روح انگیز Roohangiz Pleasing to the spirit
روزچهر Roozchehr
روشن Roshan Bright
روشنا RoshanA Light
روشنک Roshanak A character in Shahnameh (DArA’s daughter); Small light; a torch bearer
روشانه RoshAneh Roxanna
رویا RouyA Growing, anything that grows
رکسانا RoxAnA/RoksAnA = RoksAneh Light; Name of Alexander the Great’s wife, who was Dariush II’s (Achaemenid) daughter
رویا RoyA (A) Dream, vision
روژان RozhAn = RojAn (K) Light, day
روژین Rozhin/Ruzhin (K) Dawn; light
روژینا RozhinA/RuzhinA (K) Light
رودابه RudAbeh/Roudabeh A character in ShAhnAmeh (Rostam’s mother and Zal’s wife); Luminous child
روجا RujA/RoujA Morning star (in Mazandarani)
رومینا = رمینا RuminA/RouminA = Romina Polished, cleaned, brightened



صبا SabA (A) Zephyr; a gentle breeze; east wind
صابره SAbereh (A) Patient
صدف Sadaf (A) Sea shell
صدیقه Sedigheh (A) A sincere friend
سعیده Saeedeh (A) Happy, prosperous, lucky
صفا SafA  Purity, clearness; joy; pleasure;  Name of a melody in Persian music (a gusheh of dastgah-e Shur)
صفیّه Safiyeh (A) True friend
صفورا SafourA (A) Name of the wife of Moses
ساغر SAghar Wine cup
ساقی SAghi Wine bearer
سحر Sahar (A) Dawn
سحرناز SaharnAz Glory of dawn
صهبا SahbA (A) Wine
ساحل SAhel (A) Beach, shore
  SAhereh (A) Awake
سهی Sahi = Sohi Fresh; A character in Shahnameh (Name of the wife of Iraj)
سلا SalA Song
سلما SalmA (A) Sweetheart; peaceful
سلمه Salmeh Name of a plant
سلامه SalAmeh
سلیمه Salimeh (A) Perfect
سالومه SAlomeh Salomeh
سماء SamA (A) To listen; also the circle dance done by whirling dervishes
سمن Saman Jasmin
سمانه SamAneh Name of a bird (Quail)
سمنه Samaneh A plant (Corn salad, Lamb’s lettuce)
سمنبر Samanbar Fragrant, one who carries Jasmin
سمناز SamannAz
ثمر Samar (A) Result, reward
ثمره Samareh (A) Result, reward
سامه SAmeh An oath
سامیه Samieh (A) Noble woman
ثمیلا SamilA = Samileh (A) Anointed with surmeh/surma
ثمن Samin/Sameen (A) Precious, expensive
ثمینا SaminA/SameenA  
سمینه Samineh (A) A delicate thing
سمیرا SamirA (A) An entertaining female companion; A medicinal plant; a woman with wheat/tawny color skin tone
سمیره Samireh A line drawn; written
سمراد SamrAd/Samrod Imagination, thought, fancy
صنم Sanam (A) Idol
ساناز SAnAz (T) Rare; a flower
سانوا SAnovA Eloquent speaker
سارا SArA (A) Sarah; pure, excellent (applied to gold, ambergris, musk)
سارنگ SArang Name of a bird; also a musical instrument
ساره SAreh Name of one of Prophet Abraham’s wives; A Starling (bird)
سارینا SArinA Pure
سروند SarvAd Ode, song
سرور Sarvar Master
سروناز SarvenAz A tall cypress-tree ; a woman with a beautiful figure; a sweetheart
سروین Sarvin A cypress-tree
ستّاره SattAreh (A) Concealer
ساویس SAvis A valuable thing
سایه SAyeh Shade, Shadow
ساینا SAyenA = SAinA/SAenA (Z) The fabled bird “Simorgh”/”Simurgh”
صدا SedA (A) Sound, echo, call
سیتا SeetA/SitA ?
صنوبر Senobar Name of a tall tree (Poplar)
سپهرم Sepahram
سپنتا SepantA Holy
سپیدا SepidA  
سپیده Sepideh Dawn (the first appearance of light in the morning)
سپینود Sepinood/Sepinoud = Sapinud/Sapinoud A character in Shahnameh (An Indian princess who became one of Bahram-gur’s wives)
ستاه SetAh A star; name of a note in music
ستاره SetAreh Star
سزانه SezAneh Worthy
شباهنگ ShabAhang The morning-star; Nightingale
شبنم Shabnam Dew
شبپر Shabpar Dew
شبناز ShabnAz  
شادآفرین ShAdAfarin
شادان ShAdAn Happy, joyful
شادی ShAdee/ShAdi Happiness
شاده ShAdeh Glad
شده Shadeh (A) Honey
شادمان ShAdmAn Joyful
شادناز ShAdnAz
شفق Shafagh (A) Twilight
شقایق ShaghAyegh (A) A flower (Poppy)
شاهگل Shahgol
شاهنگ ShAhang Queen bee
شاهد ShAhed  
شهین Shahin/Shaheen Royal; Name of a musical instrument
شهلا ShahlA A dark-eyed woman
شاهپری ShAhpari Ambergris
شاهوش ShAhvash A royal maiden
شاهزاده ShAhzAdeh Princess
شهناز ShahnAz The king’s loved/favorite one; Name of a piece in Iranian music (a gusheh of dastgah-e Shur)
شهنواز ShahnavAz The king’s musician
شهرا ShahrA
شهرناو ShahrbAnou Name of a Persian princess (Yazdgerd IIIs’s daughter and Emam Hossein’s wife)
شهرود Shahrood/Shahroud A character in Shahnameh (Sohrab’s wife, and Borzu’s mother)
شهرناز ShahrnAz A character in Shahnameh (Jamshid’s sister)
شهرنواز ShahrnavAz A character in Shahnameh (Another name for ShahrnAz, Jamshid’s sister)
شهرنوش Shahrnoosh/Shahrnoush ?
شهرزاد ShahrzAd Main character in the book 1001 Nights; City-born
شیدا ShaidA/ShaydA/SheydA Lovesick, in love
شکیبا ShakibA Extremely patient
شالیزه Shalizeh Of rice fields
شمس Shams Sun
شمیلا ShamilA (A) Innate good quality; Great lady
شمیم Shamim (A) Fragrant, perfume
شمین Shamin Fragrant
شمیسا ShamisA Light
شمسی Shamsi Solar
شمیا ShamyA Heaven
شاندیز ShAndiz/Shawndiz Name of a place near Mashad
شهپر Shahpar The longest feather in a bird
شاپرک ShAparak Butterfly
شراره SharAreh Single spark
شریفه Sharifeh/SharifA (A) Noble; holy
شرمین Sharmin Modest
شاورد ShAvard Halo
شاوه ShAveh (K) Name of a bird (from the nightingale species) 
شایا ShAyA Worthy, deserving
شایان دخت ShAyAndokht Worthy, deserving, meriting girl
شایسته ShAyesteh Worthy, honorable
شروین Shervin = Sharvin The fort of Shirvan
شیبا ShibA Gold; clear
شیده Shideh Bright, luminous; the sun
شیدخت Shidokht Luminous girl
شیدوش Shidoush Like the sun
شیدرخ Shidrokh Luminous face
شیفته Shifteh Enamored, fascinated, charmed, captivated
شیما ShimA (A) Lady with a mole; Name of Halimeh’s (Mohammad’s wet-nurse) daughter
شیراز ShirAz Shiraz
شیردخت Shirdokht Brave lady
شیرین Shirin Sweet; pleasant, gentle; delicate;  A character in Shahnameh (Khosrow Parviz’s wife); Main character in Nezami’s “Khosrow & Shirin”
شیرین بانو Shirin-bAnoo Sweet lady
شیوا ShivA Eloquent; Charming
شیواد ShivAd A kind of water fowl
شیوه Shiveh Coquetry; An air of elegance; beautiful, delicate
شعله Sholeh/Sho’leh (A) Flame
شهره Shohreh (A) Famous
شوکت Shokat (A) Glory, greatness
شکوفه Shokoufeh Blossom
شکوه Shokouh Splendor; magnificence
شکرانه ShokrAneh Gratitude
شورت Shorat ?
شوکا ShukA/ShoukA A kind of deer
شوشا ShushA/ShoushA Pleasant
شورانگیز Shurangiz Something which brings excitement
سیکا SikA A duck (in the dialect of GilAn)
سیما SimA Face
سیماه SimAh
سیمبر Simbar Young
سیمتن Simtan Having a body as fair as silver
سیمین Simin Silvery, made of silver; fair, delicate
سیمین دخت Simindokht Fair complexion girl
سیمیا SimyA /SimiA Enchantment, fascination
سیندخت Sindokht A character in Shahnameh (Rudabeh’s mother, and Rostam’s grandmother)
سیرادخت SirAdokht ?
سیرانوش SirAnoush/Siranush ?
سیتا SitA World, universe
سیوا SivA Apple
سوگند Sogand Oath, Pledge
سوگل Sogol Beloved (in Azerbaijani)
سوگلی Sogoli Beloved, favorite one
سها SohA/SuhA (A) A star
سهیلا SoheilA/SohaylA/SohailA (A) Star
سلماز SolmAz (T) Unfading, always fresh, never wilts (in Azerbaijani)
سمیّه Somayyeh (A) Of the same name; resembling; high, elevated
سنبل Sonbol Hyacinth
ثریّا SorayA Name of a constellation
سرمه Sormeh Kohl
سرور Sorour (A) Joy
سروشه Sorousheh An angel
ستوده Sotoudeh Blessed
سودابه SoudAbeh A character in Shahnameh (the daughter of the King of Hamavaran and  Kay-Kavus’ wife who falls in love with Siavash)
سوری Souri/Suri Red Rose
سوسن Sussan/Soussan/Sousan A flower (Lily, Iris)
سوسنک Susanak/Soussanak/Sousanak A flower
سوزان SouzAn Burning, flaming
سوران SurAn/SourAn Name of a bird (a Starling)
سورا SurA/SourA Flower face; Name of an Parthian (Ashkani) princess



تابا TAbA (Z) Gold (in Zand)
تابان TAbAn Radiant, dazzling, shining
تبسم Tabassom (A) A smile
تابش TAbesh Splendor, brilliancy; heat; power
طاهره TAhereh (A) Pure, chaste, clean
تهمینه Tahmineh A character in Shahnameh (Rostam’s wife); Strong
تاج بانو Tajbanu
طلا TalA Gold
طلعت Tal’at (A) Aspect; appearance
طلایه TalAyeh (A) Golden ray of sun
  Talieh (A) Leader
تندیس Tandis Image
تانیا TAniA/TAniyA (A) Name of a star (the second “leap”) in the constellation Ursa Major.
طناز TannAz Beautiful figure; Coquettish; A character in Shahnameh (Arash’s daughter)
تارا TArA Star
ترانه TarAneh Song
طراوت TarAvat (A) Freshness
ترسا TarsA A worshipper of fire; also a Christian
طاوس TAvous Peacock
طیبه Tayyebeh (A) Good deed
ترمه Termeh Silk
تیبا TibA (Z) A doe (in Zand)
تیکا TikA Name of a bird
تینا TinA/TeenA (Z) Clay (in Zand); Amorous blandishments
تیرا TirA Name of an angel
تیرام Tiram (T) Great lady
تیراژه TirAzheh/TirAjeh Rainbow
تکتم Toktam = Taktom One of the names of Imam Reza’s (8th Imam of Shi’ites) mother
ترنگ Torang A pheasant
طوبی ToubA/ToobA (A) Name of a tree in paradise; also excellent, best
توکا ToucA/ToukA Name of a bird (Toucan)
طوفان ToufAn (A) Storm
توران TourAn Name of a place in Shahnameh
توران خت TourAndokht Daughter of Khosrow Parviz Sassani
توریا TouriA ?
طوسک Tousak/Tusak A flower (Pincushion flower)
توسکا TouskA/TouscA Name of a tree (Alder)
توتک Toutak/Tutak A money-chest; Name of a plant (cat-tail grass)



اورسیا UrsiyA Roots of the Iris or White lily
اوزن Uzan A kind of itinerating ballad singers



وانوشه Vanousheh/Vanusheh (K) A flower (Violet, Pansy)
وجستا VajestA ?
واله VAleh (A) A lover
وجیهه Vajiheh (A) Of a noble presence
وندا VandA Wish, desire
ونیژه Vanizheh Pure frankincense
وارسته VArasteh Free
ورد Vard (A) A rose
وردا VardA A rose
ورنا VarnA A bird (turtle-dove); A youth; good
ورسا VarsA A bird (Starling)
ورتا VartA (Z) A rose (in Zand)
وشتا VashtA Alive; life
وشتی Vashti Beauty, goodness; Esther
واژه VAzheh A word (in Zand)
وصال VesAl (A) Being united
وستا VestA (Z) Knowledge
ویدا Vida Found, evident; also little, few
وینا VinA Color
ویرا VirA/VerA A learner
ویره Vireh (K) Idea; thought
ویشکا VishkA Name of a village (GilAn)
ویستا VistA (Z) Knowledge
ویس Viss/Vace A character in the Persian romantic epic “Vis & Ramin”
ویژه Vizheh Pure



یاقوت Yaghoot Ruby
یلدا YaldA Name of the longest night of the year
یارا YArA Courage, strength
یاسمن YAsaman = YAsamin Jasmin
یاسمین YAsmin Jasmin
یاس YAss A flower, Jasmin
یزدانه YazdAneh
یگانه YegAneh Unique, single
یکامه YekAmeh
یکتا YektA Unique, single
یوتاب YoutAb/YutAb Unique; Name of the sister of Dariush III’s general (Aryo Barzan), who fought side by side her brother against Alexander the great)



زهرا ZahrA (A) White, bright, clear, serene; also name of Mohammad’s daughter
زینب Zainab/Zaynab (A) Ali’s daughter
زرافشان ZarafshAn Sprinkling gold
زرآسا ZarAsA Like gold
زربانو Zarbanu Golden woman, wealthy woman
زری Zari Brocaded Silk
ظریف Zarif (A) Delicate
ظریفه Zarifeh (A) Delicate
زریله Zarileh (K) Name of a bird
زرسا ZarsA Like Gold
زنبق Zanbagh (A) A flower (Iris, Fleur-de-lis)
زرّین Zarrin Golden
زرّین دخت Zarrin-dokht Golden girl
زرّینه Zarrineh Golden
زرّین تاج Zarrin-tAj Golden crown
زیکا ZekA/ZikA (Z) Wind (in Zand)
ژاله ZhAleh/JAleh Dew
ژامک ZhAmak Small poem
ژاوه ZhAveh (K) Name of plant
ژیلا Zhila/JilA Name of a river
ژیله Zhileh  Dew
ژینا ZhinA (K)  
زیبا ZibA Beautiful
زیباچهر ZibAchehr Beautiful face
زیبادخت ZibA-dokht Beautiful girl
زینا ZinA
زینت Zinat (A) Ornament, decoration
زیور Zivar An ornament of gems, gold, or silver
زها ZohA (A) Forenoon
زهره Zohreh The planet Venus
زویا ZoyA  Freedom, liberty
زوزان ZozAn (K)  Mountain pasture, high plateau
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