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Learn to Read Quran, Quran Classes For Reading Lessons Online

It is a sacred duty of learning Holy Quran for all Muslims and in a convenient way if you are either living in a Non-Muslim World and even want to memorize or learn with Tajweed is now so easy. TadeebulQuran gives you an opportunity to learn the basic Recitation of Holy Quran, Learning with Tajweed, Learning with Translation and Context, To Memorize the Holy Quran for Kids and Adults at the same time. We have the Learned Scholars and Quran Tutors available. Your kids are not getting the basic Islamic exposure due to non-availability of Home Tutor then we can help you out. ALHAMDULILLAH we are serving with Online Holy Quran teaching for a quite a long time

Holy Quran is a Base of Islam and You Need to Learn It…!!

Our online Quran Tutors can serve you either in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Middle East and Entire Europe along with USA and Canada. You can hire our online Quran Tuitions set according to your time zone and availability of kids. Our expert Scholars do not just help kids and adults in basic learning that starts with “Noorani Qaida”. The recitation and then with Tajweed is one important factor which people in various European Countries as well as in North America lacks at different places. How we work for your benefit is that TadeebulQuran tutors will provide three day free tuition to your kids or you via Skype. If you are satisfied with teaching qualities then let us know and we will continue with a monthly salary for the tutors.

Quran Classes For Everyone to Learn…!!

Holy Quran was revealed over our Beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) for the sake of guidance for whole humanity. So, the teachings of the Quran are universal and eternal which is necessary for born Muslims as well as Non Muslims, to read and try to understand the real Divine Message sent by “ALLAH Almighty” for Human Beings till the Day of Judgment. It is your obligation as parents if you are residents in a land where normal Quran Tutors or Special Islamic Schools in Mosques or Other ways are not available. Call and we will arrange an Online Quran Tuition for anybody regardless of which geographical area you reside in…!

One Month Free Trial Classes

TadeebulQuran as its name suggests does not only address the Holy Quran Tuition issues but the matter of How to pronounce it. Here we can offer Arabic Courses along with Tajweed and even Hifz (Memorization of Whole Quran). You can start with One Month Free Trial and after satisfaction which we are sure of then you can give us go ahead for regular classes.

Our Basic Islamic Services

  • Basic Learning of Recitation of Holy Quran
  • Quran Learning with Tajweed (Exact Arabic Pronunciation)
  • Hifz or Memorization of Holy Quran
  • Learning of Quran Translation with Tafseer (Urdu, English & Arabic)
  • Advanced Tajweed Courses
  • Teaching of Sunnah and Hadith (Deeds & Sayings of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAWW)
  • Basics of Islam (Newly Reverts)

Our Reputable Islamic Tutors and Scholars serve from Pakistan to the whole world wherever you reside. Either you speak Urdu, Arabic or English then our tutors can guide you and teach you, not just ‘Quran Recitation’ but its meaning. We will adjust the tutors and scholars as per your language preferences. They will guide you all about Quran, Sunnah, Fiqah and Routine matters according to Islamic Principles. So, you will miss your homeland but will not regret losing your children in the hands of Non Muslim teachings and culture all through their lives if not given a proper message at right time.

Why Tajweed is Important for Proper Learning of Quran!

Well, you see each language has its own set of grammar and set rules. Holy Quran is revealed in undoubtedly the best language on Earth means Arabic. It will be the language in Heavens as well. Understanding the rules of Arabic and the exact dialect of Holy Quran definitely is worth giving importance and to learn. When a Muslim recites Quran as its actual dialect then the chances of change in Arabic meaning of that verse are almost zero. You see the Miraculous Arabic language with change of meaning and context of whole phrase or verse with a difference in tone or delivery. Learning Tajweed will allow your kids and you to read Holy Quran without hindrance and get the first meaning by yourself and you know Arabic and then how it means in the verses.

Online Coaching of Holy Quran – A Great Convenience

Quran Institute provides you an opportunity to let your kids of any age and even you as adults to read and then spread teachings of Islam and Quran to other Muslims and Non Muslims in a proper way. ALHAMDULILLAH, we have done it within our humble capacity by the Guidance of ALLAH Almighty. You cannot access any Islamic Institute directly then do it online with Quran Invites. We have the best team of tutors, scholars and then available at all times. What you require is to firstly access our Quran Invites Portal and then carry following accessories.
  • A computer, Laptop, Tablet or a Smart phone
  • Internet Connection
  • Headset
  • Free and Noiseless Space
  • A Tidy Place
  • Perform Wudu before Holy Quran Class
  • Install Skype or Other Video or Audio Messaging Apps
  • Holy Quran in Book From Online Availability

Each Muslim Should Strive to Enter the Gate of Islam through Quran!

The recitation of Holy Quran simply gives so many rewards in this life and afterlife In Sha ALLAH. You need to know it before spreading it to your kids and relatives or in a social circle. Anyone gets a true guidance and turn towards right path of Islam will perform whatever act of piety, and you will get its rewards in both worlds with peace of mind and soul for sure.

How Holy Quran Benefits Us for Both Worlds

  • It is proven with Islamic Scholars through Sayings of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) that each letter recited will result in ten rewards of afterlife.
  • Holy Quran guides us on all aspects of Human Life whether its society, economics, justice, law, political aspects, family life, and more than that for having a true and pious lifestyle.
  • Recitation of Holy Quran, its Surahs and verses by us and our kids will stand as our vocals to let us pass the tests of Day of Judgment – In Sha ALLAH
  • Angles keep on writing good deeds and act as guardians for a person who recites Holy Quran as a whole or recites its parts on regular basis
  • In each prayer we have to recite Surahs from Holy Quran and it is our account for the hereafter.
  • A Hafiz (who memorizes Holy Quran) will be a savior of his many generations from hellfire on Day of Judgment and be a source of entry in Heavens.
  • Lots of special duas or prayers are mentioned in Holy Quran that saves us from problems of this mortal world, will be our partners for heaven in afterlife.

Be a Source of Inspiration for Others…!!

Quran Invites is actually asking you to join our online portal to get Quran teaching and then be a source of inspiration for others including Non Muslims. You and your kids will be in a better position to talk about Islam and Islamic Teachings in a proper way. Be a light if you see darkens in your own lives and path finder for many around you with Holy Quran as more understandable and practical than other books of the world.
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