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Learn Tajweed Rules in Urdu For Quran Recitation-Quran Classes For Kids, Adults Female Sisters

Learn how to read, recite, understand, memorize quran pak with tajweed rules for kids and beginners quran learning new Muslim revert males, females sisters with online quran shareef tutor using Skype by getting 1 Month Free Trial Classes, lessons for good satisfaction of unique quran teaching method living at one’s home place. Learn Quranic Tajweed rules for children & adults online free in Urdu that how does Arabic alphabets come out from different parts of teeth, lips and throat by touching tongue on them and you will also learn here about names of dissimilar signs, letters and their working. Urdu rules of Tajweed to recite quran majeed fluently with a correct way. Learn quran free lessons joining quran sharif classes.

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