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Learn Quran With Tajweed

Word “Tajweed” Meaning: Tajweed word is derived from an Arabic root “Ja-Wa-Da” that means “To improve or make better and well. Tajweed points out the principles conducting pronunciation when you read quran so Tajweed is mandatory to put on its rules while reciting quran.

Ejection Points in Tajweed: There are 29 alphabets in Arabic language which come out from 17 ejection points, These Makharij-al-huroof are situated in different places of lips, tongue, throat and nose in the way of Tajweed.

Tajweed Rules & Principles when recite Quran: There is a bunch of Tajweed rules which dominate the way of quran reciting in a slow measured rhythmic tone.

Recitation of Quran Majeed With Tajweed: Quran Majeed is a holy book revealed by Allah s.w.a on beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w for guidance of people of whole world to the straight path which leads to Jannah.

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