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Learn Asan Tajweed Rules in Urdu By Salma Kaukab

Learn Basic Asan Tajweed Rules in Urdu For Free By Salma Kaukab Book

Tajweed rules in Urdu by Salma Kaukab book PDF. Learn to read the basic rules of tajweed in Urdu for correct recitation of Quran. Salma Kaukab tajweed book is very easy and have a key role for beginners students of Quran learners. Learn tajweed rules in Urdu with easy steps for kids, adults and female sisters in Islam. Tajweed refers to improve the principles of Arabic accent for proper Quran recitation. 

Tajweed means to improve. So Tajweed is basically an important key to pronounce the Arabic alphabet from it’s correct makhrij. We at Tadeebulquran want you to learn the rules of tajweed in Urdu from basic roots by help of Salama kaukab book PDF. This book of tajweed rules will guide you to improve your recitation of the holy Quran. Learn and understand the basic rules of tajweed in Urdu for free for sake of Allah.

Fehrist of Twenty Two Tajweed Lessons In Urdu 
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