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Latest Muslim Baby Girls Names 2016 With Beautiful Meaning

Girls are blessings & gifts of Allah swa for all parents and after birth of new born baby relative want to select a unique and latest Islamic names for their beautiful girl with accurate meanings, Here you can suggest a famous modern popular Arabic name for your Muslim cute baby girl which is suitable in Muslim society.

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Islamic Girls Names:

Islamic Girl Names With Meaning

S# Name Meaning S# Name Meaning
1. Abal Wild Rose 2. Abia Great
3. Abidah, Abida Worshipper 4. Abir, Abeer Fragrance, Perfume
5. Ablah, Abla’, Ablaa Perfectly Formed 6. Abra Example, Lesson
7. Abrar Devoted To God 8. A’dab, Aadab Hope And Need
9. Adara Virgin 10. Adawiyah Summer Plant
11. Adiba Well Mannered, Cultured, Polite; Writer 12. Adilah, Adila, Adeela Equal, Just, Honest
13. Adn Paradise 14. Afaf Chaste, Virtuous, Decent, Pure
15. Afifah Chaste, Modest 16. Afnan Tree Branches Or Twigs
17. Afra’, Afraa White 18. Afrah Celebrations, Festivals
19. Afya Shadows 20. Ahd Pledge, Commitment, Delegation
21. Ahlam Witty, Imaginative; One Who Has Pleasant Dreams 22. A’idah, Aida Visiting, Returning; Reward
23. Ain Eye, Thus “precious” 24. Aini Spring, Flower, Source, Choice
25. A’ishah, Aisha, Ayishah Living, Prosperous; Youngest Wife Of The Prophet 26. Akilah Intelligent, Logical, One Who Reasons
27. Ala’, Aalaa Signs Of Allah 28. Alhena A Ring; (A Star In The Constellation Gemini)
29. Alima Wise 30. Alimah Skilled In Music Or Dance
31. Aliyah, Aliyyah, Alia, A’lia Exaulted, Elevated, Highest Social Standing 32. Almas Diamond
33. Altaf Kindness, Politeness 34. Aludra Virgin
35. Alya’ Loftiness 36. Al Zahra The Illuminated; Nickname Of The Prophet’s Daughter, Fatimah
37. Alzubra (A Star In The Constellation Leo) 38. Amal, A’mal, Aamal, Amala Hope, Aspiration
39. Aman Security, Peace, Safety 40. Amani Wishes, Aspirations
41. Amatullah Female Servant Of Allah 42. Amber Jewel
43. Aminah, Amineh, Ameena Trustworthy, Faithful, Secure; Name Of The Mother Of The Prophet 44. Amirah, Ameera Princess, Leader
45. Amjad Magnificence, Splendor 46. Amsah Friendly; Of Good Company
47. Anan, Anaan Clouds 48. Anbar Perfume, Ambergris
49. Anbarin Of Ambergris 50. Anisah, Aneesa Close, Intimate, Good Friend
51. Anjum Stars 52. Anmar Leopard
53. Anwar, Anwaar Rays Of Light, Blossoms 54. Aqilah Wife, Spouse; The Best, The Pick
55. Ara Opinions 56. Aram Signs, Flags
57. Areebah Witty, Smart 58. Arij, Areej Fragrance, Sweet Smell
59. Arub, Aroob Loving To Her Husband 60. Asalah Nobility Of Descent
61. Ashwaq Love, Affections 62. Asil Smooth
63. Asilah Noble Origin, Pure 64. Asimah, Asima Protector
65. Asiya, Asiyah One Who Tends To The Weak, One Who Heals, Comforts, Consoles 66. Asma’, Asma, Asmaa Excellent, Lofty, Eminent, Precious; Daughter Of Abu Bakr
67. Asra Travel By Night 68. Asrar Secrets
69. Asriyah Modernist 70. Athir Favored, Preferred
71. Atifah, Atifa Affectionate, Compassionate, Sympathetic 72. Atikah, Atika Virgin, Pure, Clear
73. Atiyah, Atiya Gift, Present 74. Atyaf Fantasies
75. Awatif Emotions 76. Ayah, Ayeh Qur’anic Verse, Clear Evidence, Sign Of God
77. Ayat Qur’anic Verses, Clear Evidences, Signs Of God 78. Azhar, Azhaar Flowers, Blossoms
79. Azizah, Aziza, Azeeza Precious, Cherished, Beloved, Dear 80. Azzah, Azza Young, Female Gazelle
81. Badi’ah, Badi’a Unprecedented, Amazing, Admirable, Unique 82. Badra Full Moon
83. Badriyah, Badriyyah, Badriya Resembling The Full Moon 84. Bahijah Magnificent, Splendid
85. Bahirah, Bahira, Baheera Dazzling, Brilliant, Noble Lady 86. Bahiyah, Bahiya, Bahiyaa Beautiful, Radiant
87. Balqis Name Of The Queen Of Sheba 88. Balsam Balsam, Balm
89. Ban A Kind Of Tree 90. Banan Delicate, Finger Tips
91. Bara’ah Innocence 92. Barakah, Baraka Blessing; White One
93. Bari’ah, Baraa’a Excelling 94. Barika Bloom, Be Successful
95. Barirah Faithful And Devoted 96. Basha’ir Good News, Good Omens
97. Bashirah, Basheera Bringer Of Good Tidings, Joy 98. Basilah Brave
99. Basimah, Baseema Smiling 100. Basinah Kitty, Kitten
101. Basmah, Basma A Smile 102. Batul, Batool Ascetic Virgin
103. Bayan Clearness, Eloquence 104. Baysan To Walk With Pride
105. Bilqis, Bilqees Queen Of Sheeba 106. Bisar Adolescent
107. Budur Full Moons 108. Buhaysah, Buhaisah Walking With Pride
109. Buhjah Joy, Delight 110. Buhthah Happy, Delighted When Seeing Others
111. Bushra Good Omen, Good News 112. Busr Unripened Dates; Star, Height
113. Buthaynah, Buthainah, Buthayna Of Beautiful And Tender Body 114. Da’d Old Arabic Name
115. Dahab Gold 116. Dalal Treated Or Touched In A Kind And Loving Way
117. Daliyah Grape Vine 118. Daniyah Closer, Nearer
119. Dhakirah One Who Remembers God Frequently 120. Dhakiyah Bright, Intelligent
121. Dhuka’ Name Of The Sun 122. Dimah Cloud Which Carries Rainwater
123. Du’a’ Prayer 124. Duha, Dhuha Forenoon
125. Dunya World 126. Dunyana Our World
127. Durar Pearls 128. Durrah Pearl
129. Durriyah Shining, Bright 130. Fadilah, Fadheela Virtuous, Outstanding, Superior, Cultured And Refined
131. Fadiyah Redeemer, Self Sacrificing 132. Fadwa Name Derived From Self Sacrifice
133. Fahdah, Fahada Leopardess 134. Fahimah Intelligent
135. Fa’iqah Surpassing, Excellent 136. Fa’izah, Faiza Victorious, Winner
137. Fajr Dawn, Morning Prayer 138. Fakhriyah Honorary
139. Falak Star 140. Fanan Tree Branch Or Twig
141. Farah Joy, Cheerfulness 142. Farhah Lively
143. Farhanah Happy 144. Faridah, Fareeda Unique, Matchless, Precious Pearl Or Gem
145. Farihah, Fareeha Happy, Joyful, Cheerful, Glad 146. Farizah Arch
147. Fathiyah Beginning 148. Fatimah, Fatima Accustom; Daughter Of The Prophet
149. Fatin Or Fatinah Fascinating, Captivating, Alluring, Enchanting 150. Fawz Victory Or Success
151. Fawzah, Fawza Success 152. Fawziyyah, Fawziya, Fazia Successful, Victorious
153. Fayha’ Fragrant 154. Fayruz Turquoise
155. Fellah Arabian Jasmine 156. Fida’ Redemption
157. Fiddah Silver 158. Fikriyah Intellectual
159. Firdaws, Firdoos Highest Garden In Paradise 160. Firyal Old Arabic Name
161. Furat Sweet Water 162. Ghadah, Ghaada Beautiful
163. Ghadir Stream 164. Ghaliyah, Ghaaliya Dear, Beloved, Fragrant, Expensive
165. Ghaniyah Pretty Girl, Beautiful Woman, Beauty 166. Gharam Love
167. Ghayda’, Ghaydaa Young And Delicate 168. Ghazal Flirt, Words Of Love
169. Ghazalah Female Gazelle 170. Ghufran Forgiveness, Pardon
171. Ghunwah Or Ghunyah Indispensible 172. Ghusun, Ghusoon Branches Of A Tree
173. Habibah, Habeeba Beloved, Sweetheart, Darling; A Wife Of The Prophet 174. Hadeel To Coo (like A Dove)
175. Hadiyah, Haadiya Guide To Righteousness, Calm 176. Hadiyyah Gift
177. Hafa Gentle Rain 178. Hafizah Heedful, Mindful
179. Hafsah, Hafsa Wife Of The Prophet 180. Hafthah Preserved, Protected
181. Haifa, Hayfa’ Slender, Of Beautiful Body 182. Hajar Name Of The Wife Of The Prophet Ibrahim
183. Hala Sweetness 184. Halah, Haala Aureole
185. Halimah, Haleema Gentle, Patient, Mild Tempered; Name Of The Prophet’s Nursing Mother 186. Hamdiyah One Who Praises A Lot
187. Hamidah, Hameeda Praiseworthy 188. Hana’, Hana Happiness, Bliss
189. Hanan Mercy; Affectionate, Loving, Tender 190. Hani’ah Of Happiness, Bliss
191. Hanifah, Hanifa, Haneefa True Believer 192. Hanin Longing, Yearning
193. Haniyyah, Haniya Pleased, Happy 194. Hasibah Respected, Noble
195. Hasnah, Hasna’, Hasna Beautiful 196. Hawa’, Hawwa Eve
197. Hawadah Pleasant 198. Hawazin Name Of An Arabic Tribe
199. Hawra’ Having Eyes With A Marked Contrast Of Black And White 200. Hayah, Hayat Life
201. Hayam, Hayaam Deliriously In Love 202. Hayed Movement, Motion
203. Hayud A Mountain 204. Hazar Nightingale
205. Hessa Destiny 206. Hibah Gift, Present
207. Hibat Allah Gift Of God 208. Hidayah Guidance
209. Hijrah Migration (of The Prophet, From Makkah To Madinah) 210. Hikmah, Hikmat Wisdom
211. Hind Old Arabic Name 212. Hiyam Love
213. Hubab Aim, Goal 214. Huda, Hooda Right Guidance
215. Hudun To Become Quiet 216. Hulyah Jewelry, Ornament, Finery
217. Huma Bird Who Brings Joy 218. Humairah, Humayrah Of Reddish Complexion; Nickname The Prophet Gave To His Wife ‘A’ishah
219. Hunaidah, Hunaydah Diminutive Of Hind 220. Hur Virgins Of Paradise
221. Huriyah, Huriyyah, Hooriya Angel; A Houri, Virgin Of Paradise 222. Husn Beauty
223. Husna Most Beautiful 224. Husniyah Beautiful
225. Hutun Clouds With Rain 226. Huwaidah, Huwaydah Gentle
227. Iba’ Pride, Sense 228. Ibadah Worship
229. Ibtihaj, Ibtihaaj Joy, Delight 230. Ibtihal Supplication, Prayer
231. Ibtisam Smiling 232. Idhar Fluff
233. Iffah, ‘Iffat Chaste 234. Iftikar Thought, Contemplation
235. Iftikhar Pride, Glory 236. I’jaz Inimitability Of The Qur’an
237. Ijlal Respect, Honor 238. Inayah, ‘Inayat Care, Concern
239. Ikhlas Sincerity 240. Ikram, Ikraam Honor, Hospitality, Generosity
241. Ilham, Ilhaam Intuition 242. Iman Faith, Belief
243. Imtithal Polite Obedience 244. In’am, Inaam Kindness, Benefaction, Bestowal
245. Inas Sociability 246. Inaya Concern; Solicitude
247. Insaf Justice, Equity 248. Intisar, Intisaar Triumph
249. Isa’ Spacious, Generous 250. Is’ad To Bring Happiness, To Provide Help
251. Is’af Relief, Help 252. Isar Fascinating
253. Ishfaq Compassion, Affection 254. Ishraq Radiance
255. Ismah, ‘Ismat Purity, Modesty, Infallibility 256. Isra’ Nocturnal Journey; Night Journey Of The Prophet From Makkah To Jerusa
257. Istilah Agreement 258. Itab Censure
259. Itaf Clock 260. Ithar Preference
261. I’tidal Straightness, Tautness 262. I’timad Reliance, Dependencen
263. Izdihar, Izdihaar Flourishing, Blossoming 264. Izzah Might, Power
265. Jabirah Comforter, Consoler 266. Jada Gift, Present
267. Jadwa Gift, Present 268. Jala’, Jala Clarity, Elucidation
269. Jalilah Splendid, Lofty 270. Jamilah, Jameela Beautiful, Graceful, Lovely
271. Jana Harvest 272. Janan, Janaan Heart, Soul
273. Jannah Garden, Paradise 274. Jawa Passion, Love
275. Jawahir Jewels 276. Jawharah Jewel
277. Jawl To Move Freely 278. Jawna’ The Sun
279. Jihan A River In Iran 280. Jilan Courtier
281. Jinan Gardens, Paradise 282. Johara Jewel
283. Jud Generosity 284. Judi Name Of A Mountain Mentioned In The Qur’an
285. Juhanah Young Girl 286. Juhainah, Juhaynah Name Of An Arab Tribe
287. Juman Pearl 288. Jumanah, Jumaana Silver Pearl
289. Jun Inlet, Bay, Gulf 290. Junah The Sun
291. Juwairiyah, Juwayriyah Wife Of The Prophet 292. Juwan Perfume
293. Kalila Sweetheart, Beloved 294. Kamilah Perfect, Complete
295. Karam Generosity 296. Karawan Variety Of Plover Birds
297. Karida Untouched 298. Karimah, Kareema Generous, Noble
299. Kawakib Satellites 300. Kawkab Satellite
301. Kawthar River In Paradise 302. Khadijah, Khadeeja First Wife Of The Prophet
303. Khalidah, Khalida Immortal, Everlasting 304. Khalisah Sincere, Pure
305. Khawlah Female Deer 306. Khayriyah, Khayriyyah, Khairiya Charitable, Beneficent, Good
307. Khitam Conclusion 308. Khulud, Khulood Immortality, Eternity, Infinity
309. Khuzama Lavender 310. Kifah Struggle
311. Kulthum, Kulthoom Daughter Of The Prophet 312. Kulus Clearness, Purity
313. Labibah Sensible, Intelligent 314. Lama Darkness Of Lips
315. Lam’ah Brilliancy 316. Lami’ah Shine
317. Lamis, Lamees Soft To The Touch 318. Lamya’, Lamya Of Dark Lips
319. Lana To Be Gentle, Soft, Tender 320. Latifah, Lateefa Gentle, Kind, Pleasant, Friendly
321. Layali Nights 322. Layan Gentle And Soft
323. Layla, Leila (Born At) Night; Rapture, Elation 324. Lazim Essential, Imperative
325. Linah, Lina, Leena Tender 326. Lubab The Best Part
327. Lubabah, Lubaaba The Innermost Essence 328. Luban Pine Tree; Denotes Long Neck
329. Lubanah Wish, Desire 330. Lublubah Affectionate, Tender
331. Lubna Kind Of Tree 332. Luja Of Great Depth
333. Lujain, Lujayn Silver 334. Lu’lu’ Pearls
335. Lu’lu’ah, Lulwa Pearl 336. Lunah Date Palm
337. Lutfiyah Delicate, Graceful 338. Ma’ab Place To Which One Returns
339. Ma’ali Noble Things 340. Mada Utmost Point, Degree
341. Madihah, Madeeha Praiseworthy, Commendable 342. Maha Wild Cow; Has Beautiful Eyes
343. Mahabbah Love, Affection 344. Mahasin Beauties
345. Mahbubah Beloved 346. Mahdiyah Rightly Guided
347. Mahibah Noble, Respected 348. Maimoona, Maymunah Auspicious, Blessed; A Wife Of The Prophet
349. Ma’isah, Maisa Walking With A Proud, Swinging Gait 350. Maizah Discerning
351. Majidah, Majida Glorious 352. Makarim, Makaarim Of Good And Honorable Character
353. Makkiyah From Makkah 354. Maladh Protection, Shelter
355. Malak Angel 356. Malakah Talent
357. Maliha Praising 358. Malikah Queen
359. Manab Deputyship, Share 360. Manal, Manaal Attainment, Achievement
361. Manar, Manaar Guiding Light 362. Maram, Maraam Aspiration
363. Mariam, Maryam Arabic Form Of “Mary”; Mother Of Jesus 364. Mariyah Fair Complexion; Name Of The Wife Of The Prophet
365. Marwah A Mountain In Makkah (Al Safa Wa Al Marwah) 366. Marzuqah Blessed By God, Fortunate
367. Masarrah Delight, Joy 368. Mas’udah, Mas’ouda Happy, Lucky, Fortunate
369. Mawaddah Affection, Love, Friendliness 370. Mawahib Talents
371. Mawiyah, Mawiya The Essence Of Life; Clear Mirror 372. May Old Arabic Name
373. Maymunah Fortunate, Blessed; Name Of The Wife Of The Prophet 374. Mays, Mais Proud Gait
375. Maysa’, Maysaa Walking With Pride 376. Maysam Beautiful
377. Maysan A Star 378. Maysarah Left Hand Side
379. Maysun, Maysoon To Walk With A Proud, Swinging Gait 380. Mayyadah, Mayyada To Walk With A Swinging Gait
381. Mayyasah To Walk With A Proud Gait 382. Masahir Ancient Arabic Lute
383. Mina A Place Near Makkah 384. Minnah Kindness, Grace, Blessing
385. Mirah Provisions, Supply 386. Mishael Torch, Light
387. Mu’azzaz Powerful, Strong 388. Mubin Clear, Obvious
389. Mufi’ah Obedient, Compliant 390. Mufidah, Mufeeda Useful, Helpful, Beneficial
391. Muhibbah Loving 392. Muhjah, Muhja Heart’s Blood, Soul
393. Muhsinah Charitable, Benevolent 394. Mukarram Honored
395. Mukhlisah Devoted, Faithful 396. Mumayyaz Distinguished
397. Mu’minah Pious Believer 398. Muna, Mona Wish, Desire
399. Munawwar Radiant, Illuminated 400. Munirah, Muneera Illuminating, Brilliant
401. Mu’nisah Friendly 402. Muntaha The Utmost, Highest Degree
403. Murjanah Small Pearl 404. Murshidah Guide
405. Muruj Meadows 406. Mushirah, Musheera Giving Counsel, Advising
407. Muslimah Devout Believer; Submitting Oneself To God 408. Musn Rain, Clouds
409. Musnah Rain, Clouds 410. Muyassar Facilitated, Wealthy, Successful
411. Nabihah, Nabeeha Intelligent 412. Nabilah, Nabeela Noble
413. Nada Generousity, Dew 414. Nadia The Beginning, First
415. Nadidah, Nadeeda Equal, Rival 416. Nadirah, Nadira Rare, Precious
417. Nadiyah Announcement 418. Nadwah, Nadwa Council, Generosity
419. Nafisah, Nafeesa Precious Thing, Gem 420. Naflah Surplus, Overabundance
421. Nahid One With Full, Round Breasts 422. Nahidah, Naheeda Big
423. Nahlah, Nahla A Drink Of Water 424. Na’ilah, Naila Acquirer, Obtainer, One Who Succeeds
425. Na’imah, Na’ima Comfort, Amenity, Tranquility, Peace; Living A Soft, Enjoyable Life 426. Najah, Najaah Success
427. Najat Safety 428. Najibah, Najeeba Distinguished; Of Noble Birth
429. Najiyah Safe 430. Najla Of Wide Eyes
431. Najmah Star 432. Najwa Confidential Talk, Romantic Talk, Secret Conversation
433. Najya Victorious 434. Namar Name Of A Mountain
435. Narjis Narcissus 436. Nashida Student
437. Nashita Energetic, Full Of Life 438. Nashwa Fragrance, Perfume, That Which Intoxicates
439. Nasiha One Who Gives Valuable Advice 440. Nasim Fresh Air, Breeze
441. Nasira Victorious, Helper 442. Nasmah Breeze
443. Nasrin Eglantier 444. Nathifa Clean, Pure
445. Nawal Gift 446. Nawar Flower; One Who Dislikes Bad Deeds
447. Nawrah Blossom, Flower, Happiness 448. Nawwar May
449. Nazahah, Nazaaha Purity, Righteousness, Honesty 450. Nazihah, Nazeeha Honest
451. Nazirah, Nazeera Like, Equal, Matching 452. Nibal, Nibaal Arrows
453. Nibras Lamp, Light 454. Nida’ Call
455. Nihad Height 456. Nihal Drink
457. Ni’mah, Naeema Blessing, Loan 458. Ni’mat, Nimaat Blessings, Loans
459. Nisrin Kind Of Aromatic Plant 460. Niyaf Tall And Pretty
461. Noor, Nur Light 462. Nouf Highest Point On A Mountain
463. Nudar, Nudhar Gold 464. Nuha Intelligence
465. Nujud, Nojood Noble, Wise 466. Nu’ma Beautiful And Pleasant; Happiness
467. Nunah Dimple In The Chin 468. Nurah, Noorah Corolla, Blossom
469. Nur Al Huda Light Of The Faith 470. Nuriyah Radiant, Brilliant
471. Nusaibah, Nusaybah Old Arabic Name 472. Nuwairah, Nuwayrah Small Fire
473. Nuwwar Blossoms, Flowers 474. Nuwwarrah Blossom, Flower
475. Nuzhah Pleasure Trip, Promenade 476. Qadr Fate, Destiny
477. Qadriyah To Believe In God’s Will 478. Qamar Full Moon
479. Qismah Destiny, Fate, Ordained By God 480. Qubilah Concord
481. Qudsiyah Glorious, Sacred 482. Rabab White Cloud
483. Rabi’ah, Rabeea Garden, Springtime 484. Rabiyah Hill
485. Radiyah, Radhiya Content, Satisfied 486. Radwa, Radhwaa A Mountain In Medina
487. Rafa’, Rafa Happiness, Prosperity 488. Rafah Pleasant, Luxurious Life
489. Ra’fah, Ra’fat Mercy 490. Rafal To Trail A Garment
491. Rafi’ah Sublime, Exquisite 492. Rafidah Support
493. Rafif To Gleam, Shimmer 494. Raghad Or Raghda’ Pleasant
495. Raghidah Pleasant 496. Raha Peaceful
497. Rahaf Delicate, Fine 498. Rahimah Merciful, Compassionate
499. Rahiq Nectar 500. Rahmah Mercy
501. Ra’idah, Raaida Leader 502. Ra’ifah Merciful
503. Raja’, Raja Hope 504. Ramlah Old Arabic Name
505. Ramziyah Symbolic 506. Rana To Gaze, Look
507. Rand Bay Laurel 508. Randa Tree Of Good Scent
509. Ranim, Raneem To Recite In A Sing Song Voice 510. Raniyah, Raniya Gazing
511. Rasha Young Gazelle 512. Rashad Straight
513. Rashidah, Rasheeda Wise, Mature 514. Rasmiyah Official, Formal
515. Raw’ah Charm, Beauty, Splendor 516. Rawdah, Rawdha Garden
517. Rawhah Nice 518. Rawhiyah Spirituality
519. Rawiah, Raawiya Transmitter Of Ancient Arabic Poetry 520. Rayhanah Aromatic Sweet Basil
521. Rayya, Rayyaa Sated With Drink 522. Razan, Razaan Sensibility And Respect
523. Rida Favored By God 524. Rihab Vastness, Expanse
525. Riham Lasting, Fine Rain 526. Rihana Sweet Basil
527. Rim, Reem Gazelle 528. Rima, Reema White Antelope
529. Ru’a Dreams, Visions 530. Rubaa Hills, Height
531. Rubadah Ash Colored 532. Rudainah, Rudaynah Old Arabic Name
533. Rufaidah, Rufaydah Support 534. Rukan Steady, Confident
535. Rumailah, Rumaylah Old Arabic Name 536. Rumaithah, Rumaythah Old Arabic Name
537. Ruqayyah, Ruqayya Gentle; Name Of The Daughter Of The Prophet 538. Rushd Sensible Conduct
539. Ruwaidah, Ruwaydah Walking Gently 540. Ru’yah Dream, Vision
541. Saba’ Sheba, A Town In Yemen 542. Sabaa A Nice Wind
543. Sabah Morning 544. Sabihah Beautiful
545. Sabirah, Saabira Patient 546. Sabr Patience, Self Control
547. Sabriyah Patient 548. Sadad Right Thing To Do, Lucky Hand
549. Sa’dah Happiness 550. Sa’diyah Fortunate
551. Safa’ Pure 552. Safaa Clarity, Purity, Serenity; Name Of A Hill In Makkah
553. Saffanah Pearl 554. Safiyyah, Safiya Untroubled, Serene, Pure, Best Friend; Wife Of The Prophet
555. Safun Breezing 556. Sahar Dawn
557. Sahlah, Sahla Smooth, Soft, Fluent, Flowing 558. Sa’idah Happy, Fortunate
559. Saihah Good, Useful 560. Saja To Be Calm And Quiet
561. Sajidah Prostrating To Allah 562. Sakinah, Sakeena Allah Inspired Peace Of Mind, Tranquility
563. Salihah Correct, Agreeable 564. Salimah, Saleema Peaceful, Flawless, Faultless, Safe, Healthy
565. Salma Peaceful, Safe, Healthy; A Wife Of The Prophet 566. Salsabil, Salsabeel Spring In Jannah
567. Salwa Solace; Quail 568. Samah, Samaah Generosity
569. Samar Evening Conversation 570. Samarah Soft Light
571. Samawah Summit, Height 572. Sameh Forgiver
573. Samihah, Sameeha Generous 574. Samirah, Sameera Entertaining Female Companion
575. Samiyah, Saamiya Elevated, Exhalted, Lofty 576. Samra’ Soft, Light Tanned Color
577. Sana, Sanaa Brilliance, Splendor 578. Sana’, Sanaa’ Eminence, Sublimity
579. Saniyah Resplendence, Brilliance 580. Sarah Name Of The Wife Of The Prophet Ibrahim
581. Sauda, Sawdah Wife Of The Prophet 582. Sawsan Lily Of The Valley
583. Sayyidah Lady, Woman 584. Sfiyah Righteous
585. Shadan Young Gazelle 586. Shadha, Shadhaa Aroma
587. Shadhiyah Aromatic 588. Shadiyah Singer
589. Shafiqah Compassionate, Sympathetic 590. Shahd Honey, Honeycomb
591. Shahidah Witness 592. Shahirah Well Known, Famous
593. Shahlah Blush 594. Shahrazad Teller Of (Tales Of 1,001 Nights)
595. Shakirah Thankful 596. Shamilah Complete, Comprehensive
597. Shams Sun 598. Sharifah, Shareefa, Sherrifah Noble, Honored
599. Shawq Longing 600. Shayma, Shaymaa To Look Out
601. Shifa’ Curing, Healing 602. Shimah Nature, Habit
603. Shiyam Nature, Character 604. Shudun Powerful, Straight
605. Shuhrah Fame, Reputation 606. Shukrah Thankfulness
607. Shukriyah Of Thanks 608. Shuruq Rising, Shining
609. Sibal, Sibaal Eyes With Long Lashes 610. Siddiqah Upright, Very Truthful
611. Siham, Sihaam Arrows 612. Simah Sign, Characteristic, Expression
613. Sirah See (Sarah) 614. Sirin, Sireen Wife Of Prophet’s Companion Hassan Ibn Thabit
615. Su’ad, Souad Good Fortune 616. Subhah In The Morning
617. Subhiyah Of The Morning 618. Su’da Happy, Lucky
619. Suha Name Of A Star 620. Suhailah, Suhaylah Smooth, Soft, Fluent, Flowing
621. Suhaimah, Suhaymah Small Arrow 622. Suhair, Suhayr Proper Name
623. Sukainah, Sukaynah Charming, Likable 624. Sulafah Choicest
625. Sultanah Sultaness 626. Sumaira, Sumayra Diminutive Of Samra’
627. Sumaiyah, Sumayyah Name Of A Lady Companion Of The Prophet ? The First Martyr In Islam 628. Sunbul Spikes Of Grain
629. Sundus Silk Brocade 630. Sura, Suraa To Travel By Night
631. Tabassum Smiling 632. Taghrid Singing (as A Bird)
633. Tahani Congratulations 634. Tahirah, Taahira Pure, Chaste
635. Tahiyah Greeting 636. Tahiyat Greetings
637. Taima’, Tayma’ Oasis In Northwest Arabia 638. Takiyah Pious, Righteous
639. Talah, Taalah Young Palm Tree 640. Talibah Seeker After Knowledge
641. Tamadur Brilliant 642. Taqiyah Heedful Of Allah
643. Taqwa, Taqwaa Piety, Devoutness, Heedfulness Of Allah 644. Tarub Merry
645. Tasnim Fountain In Paradise 646. Tawbah Repentence
647. Thana’, Thanaa’ Thankfulness, Commendation, Praise 648. Thara’, Tharaa’ Wealth
649. Tharwah Wealth 650. Thawab Reward
651. Thuraiya, Thurayya Star, Constellation Pleiades 652. Thuwaibah, Thuwaybah Deserving Of Allah’s Reward; Name Of A Female Companion Of The Prophe
653. Tibah Goodness, Kindness 654. Tuba, Tubaa Blessedness, Beautitude
655. Tuqa, Tuqaa Heedfulness Of Allah 656. Ubab, ‘Ubaab Waves, Heavy Rain
657. Uhud Commitment, Pledge, Delegation 658. Ula Uppermost, Highest
659. Ulfah Harmony, Intimacy 660. Umamah Young Mother; Name Of The Prophet’s Granddaughter
661. Umaymah Young Mother 662. Umm Kalthum Name Of The Prophet’s Daughter
663. Umniyah A Wish, An Aspiration 664. Usaimah, Usaymah Old Arabic Name
665. Uwaisah, Uwaysah Bilberry, Whortleberry 666. Wa’d Promise
667. Wadha, Wadhaa Bright 668. Wadi’ah Calm, Peaceable
669. Wafa’, Wafaa’ Faithfulness 670. Wafiqah, Wafeeqa Successful
671. Wafiyah Loyal, Faithful 672. Wahbiyah Giving
673. Wahibah Giver, Donor 674. Wahidah Exclusive, Unique
675. Wajd Passion, Strong Emotion 676. Wajihah Eminent, Distinguished, Notable
677. Wala’, Walaa’ Loyalty 678. Walidah Newborn
679. Walladah Frequently Producing, Prolific 680. Wardah, Wordah Rose
681. Warqa’, Warqaa’ Pigeon 682. Wasfiyah Depictive
683. Wasimah Pretty, Beautiful 684. Wi’am Harmony, Agreement
685. Wid Loving, Affectionate 686. Widad, Widaad Love, Friendship
687. Wifaq Harmony, Consent 688. Wijdan Ecstacy, Sentiment
689. Wisal, Wisaal Reunion, Being Together, Communion In Love 690. Wisam, Wisaam Medal, Badge Of Honor
691. Wurud Roses 692. Yafiah High
693. Yakootah Emerald 694. Yamha Dove
695. Yaminah Right And Proper; Blessed 696. Yarah Warm
697. Yasmin, Yasmeen Jasmine 698. Yasirah Lenient
699. Yumn Good Fortune, Success 700. Yumnah, Yumna Right Side
701. Yusra, Yusraa Most Prosperous 702. Yusriyah Most Prosperous
703. Zafirah, Zaafirah Victorious, Successful 704. Zahidah Ascetic, Abstentious
705. Zahirah Shining, Luminous 706. Zahra’, Zahraa’ White
707. Zahrah Flower, Beauty, Star 708. Zahwah Beauty, Pretty
709. Zain, Zayn Beauty 710. Zainab, Zaynab An Ornamented Tree; Name Of The Daughter Of The Prophet
711. Zakiyah Pure 712. Zanubiya Name Of A Great Syrian Queen
713. Zaynah, Zaina Beautiful 714. Zinah, Zinat Adornment, Ornamentation
715. Zubaidah Excellent; Name Of The Wife Of Caliph Harun Al Rashid 716. Zuha, Zuhaa Adornment
717. Zuhrah Brightness 718. Zuhur To Flower, To Blossom, To Glow
719. Zumurrud Emerald
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