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Latest Muslim Boys Names 2016 With Meaning Starting From Alphabet “A” to “Z”

Boys are rewards & gifts of Allah swa for all parents and after birth of new born baby relative want to select a unique and latest Islamic names for their beautiful boy with accurate meanings, Here you can suggest a famous modern popular Arabic name for your Muslim cute baby boy which is suitable in Muslim society.

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Islamic Boys Names:

Islamic Boy Names With Meaning

1.AbanOld Arabic Name2.AbbasDescription Of A Lion
5.Abdul, Abdel, ‘Abd AlServant (of Allah)6.Abdul AdlServant Of The Just
7.Abdul AhadServant Of The One8.Abdul AlimServant Of The Omniscient
9.Abdul AliyyServant Of The Most High10.Abdul AzimServant Of The Mighty
11.Abdul AzizServant Of The Powerful (Dear) One12.Abdul BadiServant Of The Incomparable
13.Abdul Ba’ithServant Of The Resurrector14.Abdul BaqiServant Of The Everlasting
15.Abdul BariServant Of The Creator16.Abdul BarrServant Of The Source Of All Goodness
17.Abdul BasirServant Of The All Seeing18.Abdul BasitServant Of The Extender
19.Abdul FattahServant Of The Opener (of The Gates Of Sustenance)20.Abdul GhaffarServant Of The Forgiver
21.Abdul GhafurServant Of The Forgiving22.Abdul GhaniServant Of The Self Sufficient
23.Abdul HadiServant Of The Guide24.Abdul HafizServant Of The Protector
25.Abdul HakamServant Of The Arbitrator26.Abdul HakimServant Of The Wise One
27.Abdul HalimServant Of The Patient One28.Abdul HamidServant Of The Praised One
29.Abdul HaqqServant Of The Truth30.Abdul HasibServant Of The Respected, Esteemed
31.Abdul HayyServant Of The Living32.Abdul JabbarServant Of The Compeller
33.Abdul JalilServant Of The Great, Revered One34.Abdul KarimServant Of The Noble, Generous One
35.Abdul KhabirServant Of The Aware36.Abdul KhaliqServant Of The Creator
37.Abdul LatifServant Of The Kind One38.Abdul MalikServant Of The Master (or King)
39.Abdul MajidServant Of The Glorious One40.Abdul MatinServant Of The Firm, Strong
41.Abdul Mubdi’Servant Of The Originator42.Abdul MughniServant Of The Enricher
43.Abdul MuhaiminServant Of The Supervising, The Guardian, The Protector44.Abdul MuhsiServant Of The Reckoner
45.Abdul MuhyiServant Of The Giver Of Life46.Abdul Mu’idServant Of The Restorer
47.Abdul Mu’izzServant Of The Giver Of Might And Glory48.Abdul MujibServant Of The Responder
49.Abdul Mu’minServant Of The Giver Of Faith50.Abdul MuqaddimServant Of The Expediter
51.Abdul MuqtadirServant Of The Powerful52.Abdul MusawwirServant Of The Fashioner
53.Abdul Muta’alServant Of The Most High54.Abdul Nafi’Servant Of The Benefactor
55.Abdul NasserServant Of The Victorious One56.Abdul NasirServant Of The Helper, Protector
57.Abdul NurServant Of The Light58.Abdul QadirServant Of The Capable
59.Abdul QahharServant Of The Subduer, The Almighty60.Abdul QawiServant Of The Most Strong
61.Abdul QayyumServant Of The Self Subsisting62.Abdul QuddusServant Of The Most Holy
63.Abdul Rafi’Servant Of The One Who Raises, Elevates (intellect, Esteem)64.Abdul RahimServant Of The Merciful
65.Abdul RahmanServant Of The Beneficent66.Abdul RashidServant Of The Rightly Guided One
67.Abdul Ra’ufServant Of The Compassionate68.Abdul RazzaqServant Of The Maintainer, The Provider
69.Abdul SaburServant Of The Patient70.Abdul SalamServant Of The Peace
71.Abdul SamadServant Of The Eternal72.Abdul SamiServant Of The All Hearing
73.Abdul SattarServant Of The Protector74.Abdul ShahidServant Of The Witness
75.Abdul ShakurServant Of The Most Thankful76.Abdul TawwabServant Of The Forgiver
77.Abdul WadudServant Of The Loving78.Abdul WahhabServant Of The Giver
79.Abdul WahidServant Of The Unique One80.Abdul WajidServant Of The Finder
81.Abdul WakilServant Of The Trustee82.Abdul WaliServant Of The Governor
83.Abdul WaliyServant Of The Protecting84.Abdul WarithServant Of The Supreme Inheritor
85.Abdul ZahirServant Of The Manifest86.AbdullahServant Of God
87.AbidWorshipper, Adorer88.AbidinWorshippers, Adorers
89.Abu BakrName Of One Of The Prophet’s Companions90.Abu Al KhayrOne Who Does Good
91.Adan(Garden Of) Eden92.Adel, ‘AdilJust
93.AdhamBlack Or Dark94.AdibCultured, Well Mannered One
95.AdliJudicial, Juridicial96.Adnan, ‘AdnanOld Arabic Name
97.Afif, AfeefChaste, Modest98.Ahmad, AhmedMost Highly Adored, Or Most Praised; Variation Of The Name “Muhammad”
101.AkilIntelligent, Thoughtful, One Who Uses Reason102.AkramMost Generous
103.Ala’Nobility, Excellence104.Ala’ Al DinExcellence Of Faith
105.Al ‘AbbasDescription Of A Lion; Name Of The Prophet’s Uncle106.Aladdin, Ala’ Al DinNobility Of Faith
107.Al Bara’Wholesome With Innocence108.Al HakamThe Arbitrator, The Judge
109.Al HarithThe Plowman110.AlhasanThe Handsome, The Good; Name Of The Prophet’s Grandson
111.Alhusain, AlhusaynDiminutive Of The Handsome, The Good; Name Of The Prophet’s Grandson112.Ali, ‘Ali, ‘AliyyThe Highest, Greatest, Excellent, Noble; Name Of The Prophet’s Son In
113.AlimWise Or Learned114.AlmahdiGuided To The Right Path
115.Al SafiClear, Pure, Fine116.AltafKindness
117.AltairThe Flying Eagle; Also Refers To A First Magnitude Star In The Conste118.Al TayyibThe Good One
119.Al TijaniCrowning120.Al Tufail, Al TufaylOld Arabic Name
123.Amin, AmeenFaithful, Trustworthy124.Amir, AmeerRuler, Prince, Leader
125.AmirProsperous, Populous126.AmjadMore Glorious
127.Ammar, ‘AmmarBuilder, Constructor128.AmroOld Arabic Name
129.AnasVery Sociable; Name Of One Of The Prophet’s Companions130.AnisClose Friend
131.AntarahHeroic; Name Of An Arab Folk Hero132.AnwarRadiant, Full Of Light
133.AqilOld Arabic Name134.ArfanGratitude
135.ArifCorporal136.ArifAquainted, Knowledgable
137.AsadLion138.As’adHappy, Fortunate, Lucky
139.AsadelMost Prosperous One140.AshrafMost Honorable
141.AsifForgiveness142.Asim, ‘AsimProtector, Defender
143.AswadBlack144.Ata’, ‘AtaaGift
145.Ata’ AllahGift Of God146.Ata’ Al RahmanGift Of The Beneficent
147.AthilFirmly Rooted148.AthirFavored, Preferred
149.Atif, ‘AtifCompassionate, Sympathetic150.Awad, ‘AwadReward, Compensation
151.AwfA Plant With A Nice Smell152.AwsTo Give
153.AwwabReturning (to Allah)154.AyhamBrave
155.AymanLucky; On The Right156.AyserEasy In Dealing, Wealthy
157.Ayyub, AyoobA Prophet’s Name (Job)158.AzaComfort
159.AzabTouring, Travelling, Wandering160.AzharMost Shining, Luminous
161.Azeem, AzimDefender, Referring To One Of God’s Ninety Nine Qualities162.Aziz, ‘AzizPowerful (dear)
163.Azzam, ‘AzzamDetermined, Resolved164.BadiMarvelous
165.Badi Al ZamanThe Marvel Of Time166.BadrFull Moon
167.Badr Al DinFull Moon Of The Faith168.BadriOne Who Took Part In The Battle Of Badr
169.Baha, Baha’Beautiful, Magnificent170.Baha Al Din, Bahiyy Al DinMagnificence Of The Faith
171.BahijCheerful172.BahirDazzling, Brilliant
173.BakrOld Arabic Name174.BakriOne Who Starts Work Early
175.BalighEloquent176.BandarSeaport, District Capital
179.BashirBringer Of Glad Tidings180.BashsharBringer Of Many Glad Tidings
181.BasilBrave182.Basim, BassamSmiling
183.BayhasName Of The Lion184.BilalSatisfies Thirst; Name Of The Prophet’s Muezzin (one Who Calls For Pr
185.BishrJoy186.BoulosArabic Form Of “Paul”
187.Budail, BudaylName Of A Companion Of The Prophet188.BurhanProof
189.BushrJoy, Happiness190.ButrusArabic Form Of “Peter”
191.DabirSecretary192.DaniNear, Close
193.DarwishDervish194.Da’ud, DawudBeloved; A Prophet’s Name (David)
195.DhakirOne Who Remembers God Frequently196.DhakiyIntelligent, Bright
197.DhakwanIntelligent198.Dhul FiqarName Of The Prophet’s Sword
199.DirarOld Arabic Name200.DiyaBrightness, Light
201.Diya Al DinBrightness Of The Faith202.FadiRedeemer
203.FadilGenerous, Honorable, Superior204.FadlFavor, Surplus
205.Fadl AllahFavor Of Allah206.Fahd, FahadLeopard, Lynx
207.FahmiUnderstanding208.Faisal, FaysalDecisive
209.Fa’izWinner210.FakhirProud, Excellent
211.Fakhr Al DinPride Of The Faith212.Fakhri, FakhryHonorary
213.FakihLegal Expert; One Who Recites The Qu’ran214.FalahSuccess
215.FalihSuccessful216.Faraj, FarrajRelief, Freedom From Grief
217.FarhanHappy218.Farid, FareedUnique, Rare
219.Fariq, FareeqLieutenant General220.FarisHorseman, Knight, Cavalier
221.Faruq, FarooqOne Who Distinguishes Truth From Falsehood222.FathVictory
223.FathiVictorious One224.FatihConqueror
225.Fatin, FateenClever, Smart226.FawwazMost Successful
227.FawzanVictorious228.FawziTo Do With Success
229.FayyadOverflowing, Generous230.FerranBaker
231.FidaRedemption, Sacrifice232.FikriThought, Ideas
233.FirasPerspicacity234.Fouad, Fu’adHeart
235.FudailExcellent In Character236.Gamal, GamaliCamel
237.Ghaith, GhaythRain238.GhaliValuable, Dear, Beloved, Expensive
241.GhassanArdor, Vigor (of Youth)242.GhawthSuccor, To Help
243.GhaziConqueror244.GhazwanOne On Expedition, To Conquer
245.GhiyathSuccorer246.HabbabAffable, Lovable
247.HabibBeloved248.HadadSyrian God Of Fertility
249.HaddadSmith250.HadiGuiding To The Right (truth)
251.HafizProtector, One Who Has Memorized The Qur’an252.HakemRuler, Governor
253.Hakim, HakeemWise, One Of God’s Ninety Nine Qualities254.HalimMild, Gentle, Patient
257.HamdanThe Praised One; Variation Of The Name “Muhammad”258.HamdiOf Praise
259.HamidThe Praised One; Variation Of The Name “Muhammad”260.HamimIntimate, Close Friend
261.HamzahLion; Name Of The Prophet’s Uncle262.HanaArabic Form Of “John”
263.Hana’iOf Happiness264.HanbalPurity
265.HaniHappy, Delighted, Joyful266.HanifTrue Believer
267.HannadOld Arabic Name268.HarisGuardian, Protector
269.HarithPloughman, Cultivator270.Haroun, HarunLofty Or Exalted; A Prophet’s Name (Aaron)
271.HashimBroker, Destroyer Of Evil; Name Of The Prophet’s Great Grandfather272.HassanBeautiful, Handsome
275.HaythamYoung Hawk276.HayyanOld Arabic Name
277.HazimResolute278.Hilal, HilelThe New Moon
279.HilmiGentle, Calm280.HishamGenerosity
281.Hud, HoudA Prophet’s Name282.HudadName Of A Pre Islamic Arabic King
283.HudhafahOld Arabic Name284.Hudhaifah, HudhayfahOld Arabic Name
285.HumamBrave, Noble, Courageous, Generous286.Husain, Husayn, HusseinBeautiful, Doer Of Good Deads; A Descendent Of The Prophet
287.HusamSword288.Husam Al DinSword Of The Faith
289.IbrahimFather Of A Multitude; A Prophet’s Name (Abraham)290.IdFeast, Festival
291.IdrisA Prophet’s Name292.IhsanKindness, Beneficence; Highest Level Of Iman
293.IhtishamModesty, Decency294.IkrimahOld Arabic Name
295.IliasA Prophet’s Name (Elijah)296.Imad, ‘ImadSupport, Pillar
297.Imad Al DinPillar Of The Faith298.ImamLeader (of Prayer Or Community)
299.Imran, ‘ImranLong Lived; A Prophet’s Name300.ImtiyazMark Of Distinction Or Excellence
301.In’amAct Of Benefaction, Bestowal302.IqbalProsperity, Good Fortune
303.Irfan, ‘IrfanThankfulness304.Isa, ‘Isa, EisaA Prophet’s Name (Jesus)
305.Isam, ‘Isam, IssamSafeguard306.IshaqA Prophet’s Name (Isaac)
307.Isma’ilA Prophet’s Name (Ishmael)308.IyadPigeon
309.IyasConsoling310.Izz Al DinMight Of The Faith
311.JabalahMountain, Hill312.Jabbar, JabrMighty, Brave
313.JabirConsoler, Comforter314.Jad AllahGift Of God
315.Jafar, Ja’farRivulet, Little Creek316.JalResolution, Firm Will
317.JalalGlory318.Jalal Al DinGlory Of The Faith
319.Jalil, JaleelGreat, Revered320.JamalBeauty
321.Jamal Al DinBeauty Of The Faith322.Jamil, JameelBeautiful
323.JarirOne Who Can Pull; Name Of A Famous Arab Poet324.JasimGreat, Big, Huge
325.JaulChoice326.JaunKind Of Plant
327.JawadOpen Handed, Generous328.JawdahHeavy Rain, Benevolent Deed
329.JawharJewel, Essence330.JibranOld Arabic Name
331.JibrilArchangel Of Allah (Gabriel)332.JihadStruggle, Holy War
333.Jubair, JubayrOld Arabic Name334.JulResolution, Firm Will
335.Jumah, Jumu’ah(Born On) Friday336.Junaid, JunaydYoung Fighter
337.Juwain, JuwaynSibling338.Kadar, KedarPowerful
339.Kadeen, KadinFriend, Companion, Confidant340.Kadeer, KadirGreen Or Green Crop (connoting Freshness And Innocence)
341.KahilFriend, Lover342.KaliqCreative, Refers To A Quality Of God
343.KamalBeauty, Perfection344.Kamil, KameelPerfect; One Of The Ninety Nine Qualities Of God
345.KaramGenerosity346.KardalMustard Seed
347.Karif, KareefBorn In Autumn348.Karim, KareemGenerous, Noble, Friendly, Precious And Distinguished
349.Kasib, KaseebFertile350.Kaseem, KasimDivided
351.Kateb, KatibWriter, Scribe352.KazimWell Tempered, Cool, Patient
353.KhalafDescendent, Successor354.Khaldun, KhaldoonOld Arabic Name
355.Khalid, KhaledEternal356.KhalifahCaliph
357.Khalil, Khaleel, KalilBeautiful, Good Friend358.Khalil Al AllahFriend Of God; Title Given To Prophet Ibrahim
359.KhalisPure, Clear360.KhatibReligious Minister
361.Khair Al DinGoodness Of The Faith362.Khairi, Khairy, KhayriCharitable, Beneficent
363.KhouryPriest364.KhulusClearness, Purity
365.Khuzaimah, KhuzaymahOld Arabic Name366.Labib, LabeebSensible, Intelligent
367.LablabIvy368.LatifGentle, Kind, Pleasant, Friendly
371.Lubaid, LubaydOld Arabic Name372.LuqmanA Prophet’s Name
373.LutA Prophet’s Name (Lot)374.LutfiKind, Gentle
375.Ma’dOld Arabic Name376.MadaniUrban, Civilized, Modern
377.MahbubBeloved, Dear378.MahdiGuided To The Right Path
379.MahfuzSafe, Protected By God380.MahirSkilled
381.MahjubConcealed, Veiled382.Mahmud, MahmoudThe Praised One; Variation Of The Name “Muhammad”
383.MahrusProtected (by God)384.Maimun, MaymunLucky
387.Majd Al DinGlory Of The Faith388.MajidGlorious
389.MakinStrong, Firm, Well Founded390.MalikMaster, King
391.Mamdouh, MamduhOne Who Is Commended, Praised, Glorified392.Ma’munTrustworthy, Trusted
393.Ma’n, Ma’inBenefit394.MandhurVowed, Consecrated To God
395.MansurDivinely Aided, Victorious396.MarghubDesirable, Coveted
397.MaridRebellious398.Ma’rufWell Known, Good
399.MarwanOld Arabic Name400.MarzuqBlessed By God, Fortunate
403.MasrurHappy, Joyful404.Mas’udFortunate, Happy, Lucky
405.MasunWell Protected, Sheltered406.MaysarahOf Comfort, Ease
407.MazharAppearance408.MazinOld Arabic Name
409.MihranName Of A Companion Of The Prophet410.MihyarName Of A Famous Poet
411.Mika’ilName Of An Angel (Michael)412.MiqdadName Of A Sahabi
413.MisbahLamp414.Mishaal, Mish’alTorch, Light
415.MiyazDistinguished, Preferred416.Mu’adhProtected; Name Of A Companion
417.Mu’awiyahYoung Fox (first Umayyad Caliph)418.Mu’ayyadSupported (by God)
419.MubarakHappy, Blessed420.MubinClear, Evident
421.MudarAn Arabian Tribe; Name Of A Great Grandfather Of The Prophet422.MuddaththirCovered; A Title Of The Prophet
423.Mufid, MufeedUseful, Helpful424.MuflihSuccessful
425.MuhabDignified426.Muhair, MuhayrSkilled
427.Muhammad, MohammedPraised, Praiseworthy; The Name Of The Prophet428.MuhannaHappy, Delighted
429.Muhannad, MuhannedSword430.MuhibNoble, Respected
431.MuhibbLoving432.MuhsinBeneficient, Charitable
433.MuhtadiRightly Guided434.Muhyi Al DinReviver Of The Faith
435.Mu’inSupporter, Helper436.Mu’izzComforter
437.MujabOne Whose Prayers Were Answered438.MujahidFighter (in The Way Of Allah)
439.MukarramHonored440.MukhlisFaithful, Sincere
443.MulhimInspiring444.Mu’mmarGiven Or Granted Long Life
447.MunahidStrong448.MundhirWarner, Cautioner
449.MunibRepentent450.MunifExalted, Excellent
451.Munir, MuneerBrilliant, Shining452.Mu’nisPleasant Companion
453.MunjidHelper454.MunsifJust, Right
455.MuntasirVictorious456.MuradWanted, Desired
457.MurshidGuide458.Murtada, Murtadi, MurtadhySatisfied, Contented, Pleased
459.Musa, MoosaA Prophet’s Name (Moses)460.Mus’abOld Arabic Name
461.Mus’adUnfettered Camel; Favored By Fortune, Lucky462.Musa’idHelper, Supporter
463.MushtaqLonging, Yearning464.MuslihConciliator, Reformer
465.MuslimSubmitting Oneself To God466.MustafaChosen; One Of The Prophet’s Names
467.Muta’Obeyed468.Mu’tasimAdhering (to Faith, To God)
469.MutawalliEntrusted470.Mu’tazzProud, Honorable
471.MuthannaOld Arabic Name472.MutiObedient
473.MuwaffaqSuccessful474.MuyassarFortunate, Facilitated
475.MuzaffarVictorious476.MuzzammilOne Who Is Wrapped Up; A Title Of The Prophet
477.Nabhan, NabihNoble, Outstanding478.NabighahIntelligent
479.NabihSmart480.Nabil, NabeelNoble
481.NadhirWarner482.Nadim, NadeemFriendly, Entertaining
483.NadirDear, Rare, Precious484.Nafi’Useful
485.NahidGenerosity486.Na’ilAquirer, Earner
487.Na’imComfort, Ease, Tranquility488.NajiSafe, Survivor
489.Najib, NajeebOf Noble Descent490.NajidLion, Brave
491.NajjarCarpenter492.Najm Al DinStar Of The Faith
493.Na’manOld Arabic Name494.NamirGood, Pure, Dear
495.Nash’ah, Nash’atGrowing Up, Youth496.NashwanExultant, Elated
497.NasibNoble, Relative498.NasihAdvisor, Counselor
499.NasimFresh Air500.NasirProtector, Helper, Supporter
501.Nasir Al DinProtector Of The Faith502.Nasr, NasserVictory
503.NasriOf Victory504.NasuhSincere, Faithful
505.Nawaf, NawwafHigh, Lofty506.NawfalGenerous; Old Arabic Name For The Sea
507.Nayif, NaifHigh, Excellent; Surplus, Abundance508.Nazih, NazeehPure, Chaste
509.Nazim, NazeemArranger, Adjuster510.NazmiArranger, Organizer
511.NibrasLamp, Light512.NidalStruggle
513.NijadTall, Dominant514.NimrTiger
515.NizarOld Arabic Name516.Nu’aim, Nu’aymName Of Several Of The Prophet’s Companions
517.Nuh, NoohA Prophet’s Name (Noah)518.Nuhaid, NuhaydBig
519.NumairPanther520.Nu’manBlood, Red
521.Nur Al DinBrightness Of The Faith522.Nuri, NooriShining, Brightness
523.Nusrah, NusratHelp, Support524.QasimDivider, Distributor
525.Qays, QaisFirm526.QudamahCourageous
527.QusayOld Arabic Name528.QatadahName Of A Companion Of The Prophet
529.Qutaybah, QutaibahIrritable, Impatient530.QutbLeader
531.RabahGainer, Winner532.RabiSpring, Breeze
533.RadiSatisfied, Content534.RafiExalting
535.RafidSupport536.RafiqKind, Friend
537.Raghib, RaghebDesirous, Willing538.RaghidPleasant
539.RahmanCompassionate, Merciful; Referring To Qualities Of God Listed In The540.Ra’idLeader
541.Ra’ifMerciful, Gentle542.RaisCaptain
543.RajaHope544.RajabSeventh Month Of The Muslim Lunar Calendar
545.RajiHoping, Full Of Hope546.RajihHaving The Upper Hand, More Acceptable
547.RakinRespectful, Firm, Confident548.RamadanNinth Month Of The Muslim Lunar Calendar; Month Of Fasting
549.RamiMarksman550.RamihArcturus (brightest Star In Constellation Bootes)
551.RamizHonored, Respected552.RamziSymbolic
553.RaniTo Gaze, Gazing554.RashadIntegrity Of Conduct, Maturity, Wisdom
555.RashidOne Of Good Council; Rightly Guided, Wise, Having True Faith556.RasilMessenger
557.RasinComposed558.RasmiFormal, Official
559.RasulMessenger560.RatibRegular, Arranger
561.Ra’ufCompassionate562.RayhanSweet Basil; Favored By God
563.RayyanLuxuriant; One Of The Gates Of Paradise564.RazinComposed, Subtle
565.Reda, Rida, Ridha(In God’s) Favor; Contentment, Satisfaction566.RidwanAcceptance, Satisfaction; Name Of The Keeper Of The Gates Of Heaven
567.RihabVastness568.Riyad, RiyadhGardens
569.RizqSubsistence, Blessing Of God570.RuhiSpiritual
571.RushdMaturity, Wisdom, Sensible Conduct572.RushdiMature, Wise
573.Ruwaid, RuwaydWalking Gently574.SaadGood Luck
577.Sabih, SabeehBeautiful, Pleasant, Fond578.Sabir, SabeerPatient, Persevering
579.SabriOf Patience, Perseverence580.Sa’dGood Luck
581.Sa’d Al DinGood Of The Faith582.SadadRight Thing To Do, Lucky Hand
583.SadidRelevant, Correct, Right584.SadiqSincere, Truthful
585.Sa’dunHappy586.Sa’eed, Sa’idHappy
587.SafiPure, Clear588.SafiyBest Friend
589.Safiy Al DinBest Friend Of The Faith590.SafuhForgiving
591.Safwah, SafwatThe Best, The Chosen592.SafwanRock, Solid, Pure
595.SahlEasy To Deal With596.Sa’ibAppropriate, Correct
597.Saif, Sayf, SeifSword (of Religion)598.Saif Al DinSword Of The Faith
599.SajidOne Who Worships God600.SajjadOne Who Worships A Lot
603.Salah Al DinRighteousness Of The Faith; Name Of The Muslim Leader Who Liberated J604.SalamahSafety
605.Saleh, SalihGood, Right; A Prophet’s Name606.Salim, SaleemSafe, Healthy, Whole, Flawless
607.SalmanHealthy, Safe, Wholesome; Name Fo The First Persian To Embrace Islam608.SamiHigh, Lofty, Elevated
609.SamihForgiver610.Samir, SameerEntertaining Companion
613.SariyahClouds At Night; Name Of A Companion Of The Prophet614.SatiShining, Bright
617.Sha’banEighth Month Of The Muslim Lunar Calendar618.ShadiSinger, Enchanter
619.ShadinFawn, Young Deer620.ShafiMediator
621.Shafiq, ShafeeqKind, Compassionate, Tender622.ShahidWitness
623.ShahinHawk624.ShahirWell Known, Famous
625.ShakibPresent, Gift, Reward626.ShakirThankful
627.Shams Al DinSun Of The Faith628.ShamalWind That Comes From The North
629.ShamilAll Comprehensive630.ShamimFragrant
631.SharafHonor632.Sharif, ShareefHonest, Honorable, Noble, Distinguished
633.ShawqiAffectionate634.ShihabFlame, Blaze
635.Shihab Al DinStar Of The Faith636.ShihadHoney
637.Shu’aib, Shu’aybA Prophet’s Name638.ShukriThankfulness
639.ShumaylComplete640.SiddiqTruthful, Upright
641.SinanSpearhead642.SirajLighted Torch
643.Siraj Al DinLight Of The Faith644.SofianDevoted
645.SubhiEarly Morning646.SufyanOld Arabic Name
647.Suhaib, SuhaybOf Reddish Hair Or Complexion; Name Of The First Roman To Embrace Isl648.Suhail, SuhaylGentle, Easy; The Name Of A Star
649.Suhaim, SuhaymArrow650.Sulaiman, SulaymanA Prophet’s Name (Solomon)
651.SultanSultan, King652.SumrahBrownness
653.SuraqahName Of A Companion Of The Prophet654.Su’ud, SuoudGood Luck
655.TahirPure, Clean, Chaste, Modest656.TahsinBeautification
657.Taim Allah, Taym AllahServant Of God658.TajCrown
659.Taj Al DinCrown Of The Faith660.TalalNice, Admirable
661.TalibSeeker (of Truth)662.TamimStrong, Complete
663.TamirRich; One Who Owns Date Palm Trees664.TamamGenerous
665.TammamPerfection, Strength666.TaqiyDevout, God Fearing
667.Tarif, TareefRare, Uncommon668.TariqName Of A Star
669.TaslimSubmission670.TawfiqSuccess (granted By God), Reconciliation
671.TawhidBelieving In One God672.TaymullahServant Of God
673.TaysirFacilitation (granted By God)674.TayyibGood Or Delicate
675.ThabitFirm676.Thamer, ThamirFruitful, Productive
677.ThaqibShooting Star678.ThawabReward
679.ThawbanName Of A Companion Of The Prophet680.Ubaidah, ‘UbaydahServant Of God
681.UbaidFaithful682.UbayyOne With High Self Esteem
683.UdailUdayl Old Arabic Name684.UdayOne Who Runs Fast
685.Umar, OmarName Of The Second Caliph686.UmarahOld Arabic Name
687.Umayr, UmairOld Arabic Name688.UmayyahFamous Arabian Tribe
689.UrwahSupport, Handle690.Usaim, UsaymLion Cub
691.Usama, UsamahDescription Of A Lion692.UtbahOld Arabic Name
693.UthalName Of A Mountain694.UthmanName Of Tht Third Caliph
695.WaddahBright, Brilliant696.WadiCalm, Peaceful
697.WadidFavorable, Devoted, Fond698.Wafiq, WafeeqSuccessful
699.WahabGiving700.WahhabTo Give, To Donate
701.WahidSingular, Exclusive, Unequalled702.Wa’ilComing Back (for Shelter); One Of The Companions Of The Prophet
703.WajdiOf Strong Emotion, Passion And Love704.WajidSmooth Land
705.WajihNoble, Notable, Distinguished706.WakilLawyer
707.Walid, WaleedNewborn Child708.WalifBefriending
709.Waliy AllahSupporter Of God710.Waliy Al DinSupporter Of The Faith
711.WaqarDignity, Sobriety712.WaqqasOld Arabic Name
713.WardBlossoms, Flowers714.WasifDescriber
715.WasilConsiderate, Inseperable Friend716.Wasim, WaseemGraceful, Good Looking
717.WazirMinister718.YahyaA Prophet’s Name (John)
719.YamanGood Tidings720.Ya’qubA Prophet’s Name (Jacob)
721.Yasar, YasserWealth, Comfort, Ease722.Yasin, YaseenThe Two Opening Letters Of Surah 36 In The Qur’an; One Of The Prophet
723.YasirWealthy724.YazanOd Arabic Name
725.Yazid, YazeedGod Will Increase, Enhance726.Youssef, Yusef, YusufTo Increase (in Power And Influence); A Prophet’s Name (Joseph)
727.Yunus, YoonusA Prophet’s Name (Jonah)728.YushuaGod Saves
729.YusriWell To Do, Wealthy730.YusufA Prophet’s Name (Joseph)
733.ZahidSelf Denying, Abstentious, Ascetic734.ZahirBright, Shining, Flowery
735.Zaid, ZaydIncrease, Growth, Abundance736.ZaimBrigadier General
737.Zain, ZaynBeauty738.ZarifNice, Graceful, Humorous
739.ZakariyyaA Prophet’s Name (Zakaria)740.Zaki, ZakyPure
741.ZakwanIntuitive742.Ziad, ZiyadSuper Abundance
743.Zubair, ZubayrStrong, Powerful, Smart744.Zuhair, ZuhayrBright, Having Flowers
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