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Unique Baby Girl Muslim Names With Their Meanings

Muslim Girl Baby Name

Meaning In Urdu/English

‘Aakifa girl name means A lady who worship Allah in solitude.
‘Aatika girl name means Lady who is richly perfumed.
Abla girl name means Perfectly formed
Afaf girl name means Chastity
Afrah girl name means Happiness
Ahd girl name means Pledge; Knowledge
Aida girl name means Visiting; Returning
Amal girl name means Hopes; Aspirations
Amani girl name means Wishes; Aspirations
Amina girl name means Trustworthy; Faithful
Aneesa girl name means Friendly; of good company
Anwaar girl name means Rays of light
Aroub girl name means (Woman) Loving to her husband
Arwa girl name means Female mountain goat
Asiyah girl name means One who tends to the weak and heals them
Ayah girl name means Sign; distinct
Azra girl name means A young lady.
Badriya girl name means Resembling full moon
Bahiyya girl name means Beautiful; Radiant
Banan girl name means Finger tips
Bashira girl name means Bringer of good tidings
Baseema  girl name means Smiling
Bushra girl name means Good news.
Buthayna girl name means Of beautiful and tender body
Fadheela girl name means Virtue.
Falak girl name means Star.
Farida girl name means Unique.
Firdous girl name means Garden; Paradise.
Fatin girl name means Captivating
Fawziya girl name means Successful; Victorious.
Ghaliya girl name means Fragrant; Valuable.
Ghusoun girl name means Branches (tree)
Hadiyya girl name means Gift
Hajar girl name means Mother of Prophet Ismail.
Hana girl name means Happiness
Hala girl name means Aureole
Hanifa girl name means True believer
Hasnaa girl name means Beautiful
Haifa girl name means in Urdu Slender; Of beautiful body.
Hessa name means in Urdu Destiny
Huda name means in Urdu Right guidance
Husna name means in Urdu Most beautiful.
Ibtihl name means in Urdu Supplication. Prayer
Iffat name means in Urdu Purity; Chastity.
Ilham name means in Urdu Inspiration.
Imtithal name means in Urdu Politeness; Obedience.
Inaya name means in Urdu Concern; Solicitude
Izdihar name means in Urdu Flourishing; Blossoming
Jamila name means in Urdu Beautiful.
Jumana name means in Urdu Silver pearl.
Kamila name means in Urdu Most perfect.
Kawkab name means in Urdu Satellite.
Khadijah name means in Urdu Name of Prophet Muhammad’s wife
Khawlah name means in Urdu Proper name
Khuloud  name means in Urdu Immortality
Lama name means in Urdu Darkness of lips.
Lamya name means in Urdu Dark-lipped
Layla name means in Urdu Old Arabic name; A night.
Lubaba name means in Urdu The innermost essence
Lujain name means in Urdu Gold.
Maha name means in Urdu Gazelle.
Makarim name means in Urdu Of good and honorable character
Malak name means in Urdu Angel.
Maleeha name means in Urdu Beautiful and charming.
Maram name means in Urdu Aspiration.
Maryam name means in Urdu Name of Mother of Jesus
Ma’soomah name means in Urdu Protected.
Maymouna name means in Urdu Auspicious; Blessed.
Maysoon name means in Urdu Of beautiful face and body
Mufeeda name means in Urdu Useful
Muna name means in Urdu Wish; Desire
Munira name means in Urdu Illuminating; Shedding light.
Nabeeha name means in Urdu Intelligent.
Nadia name means in Urdu The beginning, first.
Nafisa name means in Urdu Precious
Naeema means Living an enjoyable life
Na’ila means Acquirer; Obtainer.
Najat means Safety.
Najeeba means Of noble birth.
Najla means Of wide eyes
Nasira means Victorious, helper.
Nawal means Gift
Nazeera means Like; Equal; Matching.
Nida means Call.
Noor means Light
Nuha means Intelligence; Mind.
Nusayba means Proper name.
Qamar  means Moon.
Rabee’a means Garden.
Radhiya means Content; Satisfied
Raghd means Pleasant.
Raihana means A sweet-smelling flower.
Rafa means Happiness; Prosperity.
Raniya means Gazing.
Rashida means Wise; Mature
Rawiya means Transmitter (of ancient Arabic poetry)
Reem means Gazelle.
Rafee’a means High; Sublime, Confident
Ruwayda means Walking gently.
Saadiya means Good fortune.
Safa means Clarity; Purity; Serenity.
Sahar means Dawn.
Sakina means Peace; Tranquility.
Saiyyda  means Chief.
Salma means Peaceful.
Samah means Generosity.
Sameeha means Generous.
Samiya means Elevated; Lofty
Sarah  means in Urdu Name of prophet Ibrahim’s wife.
Shatha means in Urdu Aromatic
Sharifa means in Urdu Noble means in Urdu
Suha means in Urdu Name of a star
Suhair means in Urdu Proper name.
Tahira means in Urdu Pure; Chaste.
Tasneem means in Urdu Name of fountain in Jannah.
Thameena means in Urdu Valuable; Precious.
Taybah means in Urdu Good; Pure; Chaste.
Wafa means in Urdu Faithfulness.
Wafiyya means in Urdu Loyal; Faithful.
Warda means in Urdu Rose.
Wijdan means in Urdu Ecstasy; Sentiment.
Yakootah means in Urdu Emerald.
Yumn means in Urdu Good fortune; Success
Yamamah means in Urdu Dove
Zahira means in Urdu Shining; Luminous
Zainab means in Urdu Name of Prophet’s daughter
Zeenat means in Urdu Beauty; Elegance.
Aalia means in Urdu Exalted; Highest social standing
Abeer means in Urdu Fragrance
Abida means in Urdu Worshipper; Devotee.
Adeela means in Urdu Equal.
Afeefah means in Urdu Pure; Chaste; Modest.
Afra  means in Urdu A lady with fair complexion.
Ahlam means in Urdu Witty; one who has pleasant dreams; imaginative
Aisha means in Urdu Living; Prosperous; Wife of Prophet Muhammad
Almas means in Urdu Diamond
Amatullah means in Urdu Female servant of Allah
Amira means in Urdu Leader; Princess
Aqeelah means in Urdu A wise and intelligent lady.
Areej means in Urdu Pleasent smell
Aseelah means in Urdu One belonging to a great heritage and family
Asma means in Urdu Daughter of Abu Bakr
Aziza means in Urdu Esteemed; Precious; Cherished
Azza means in Urdu Young female gazelle
Baheera means in Urdu Dazzling; Brilliant.
Balqis means in Urdu The name of the Queen of Sheba
Baraa’a means in Urdu Excelling
Basma means in Urdu A smile
Batool means in Urdu Ascetic virgin
Faiza means in Urdu Victorious; Winner
Fadhila  means in Urdu Virtuous.
Fadwa means in Urdu Name derived from self-sacrifice
Fareeha means in Urdu Happy; Joyful
Fatima means in Urdu Prophet Muhammad’s daughter.
Fatina means in Urdu Captivating.
Firdous means in Urdu Paradise
Ghada means in Urdu Beautiful
Ghayda means in Urdu Young and delicate lady.
Hadiya means in Urdu Guide to righteousness
Hafsa  means in Urdu Name of wife of the Prophet.
Hamida means in Urdu Praiseworthy.
Hanan means in Urdu Mercy.
Halima means in Urdu Gentle; Patient.
Haniya means in Urdu Pleased; Happy.
Hayat means in Urdu Life
Hawwa  means in Urdu Name of the wife of Prophet Adam.
Hind means in Urdu Proper name
Humaira  means in Urdu Sayyida Aisha’s title.
Husn means in Urdu Beauty
Ibtihaj means in Urdu Joy
Ikram means in Urdu Honor; Hospitality; Generosity
Iman means in Urdu Faith; Belief
In’am means in Urdu Act of kindness; Benefaction.
Intisar means in Urdu Triumph
Jalaa means in Urdu Clarity; Elucidation
Janan means in Urdu Heart or soul
Kaamla means in Urdu Perfect
Karima means in Urdu Generous; Noble
Kawthar means in Urdu River in Paradise
Khalida means in Urdu Immortal
Khairiya means in Urdu Charitable; Good
Kulthoum means in Urdu Daughter of the Prophet.
Lamees means in Urdu Soft to the touch
Latifa means in Urdu Gentle; Kind.
Lina means in Urdu Tender
Lubna means in Urdu A tree yielding sweet liquid.
Madeeha means in Urdu Praiseworthy.
Maisa means in Urdu Walking with proud swinging gait
Majida means in Urdu Glorious.
Manar means in Urdu Guiding light (lighthouse)
Best Arabic Names For Girls With Their Meanings
Mariyah means in Urdu Lady with fair complexion.
Manal means in Urdu Attainment; Achievement
Mawiya means in Urdu Old Arabic name
May means in Urdu Old Arabic name
Maysa means in Urdu To walk with a swinging gait
Mayyada meaning in Urdu To walk with a swinging gait
Muhja meaning in Urdu Heart’s blood; Soul
Musheera meaning in Urdu Giving counsel
Nabila meaning in Urdu Noble
Nada meaning in Urdu Generosity; Dew.
Nadira meaning in Urdu Rare, Precious
Nahla meaning in Urdu A drink (of water)
Najah meaning in Urdu Success
Najiya meaning in Urdu Safe.
Najwa meaning in Urdu Confidential talk.
Nasreen meaning in Urdu White rose.
Nawar meaning in Urdu Flower.
Nazaha meaning in Urdu Purity; Righteousness; Honesty.
Naziha meaning in Urdu Honest.
Ni’mat meaning in Urdu Blessings.
Nudhar meaning in Urdu Gold.
Nouf meaning in Urdu Highest point on a mountain.
Nuzha meaning in Urdu Pleasure trip; Excursion spot
Rabab meaning in Urdu White cloud.
Rabi’a meaning in Urdu Name of righteous woman.
Ra’eda meaning in Urdu Leader.
Rana meaning in Urdu To gaze; Look.
Raja meaning in Urdu Hope
Rand meaning in Urdu Tree of good scent.
Rasha meaning in Urdu Young gazelle.
Rawa meaning in Urdu Satisfaction with drink.
Rawdha meaning in Urdu Garden.
Reem  meaning in Urdu White antelope
Ruqaiya meaning in Urdu Name of the Prophet’s daughter.
Sabira meaning in Urdu Patient
Saeeda meaning in Urdu Fortunate; Happy.
Safiyyah meaning in Urdu Serene; Pure; Best friend
Sahla meaning in Urdu Smooth; Soft; Easy.
Saliha meaning in Urdu Good; Righteous.
Salima meaning in Urdu Safe; Healthy.
Salwa meaning in Urdu Quail; Solace
Samar meaning in Urdu Evening conversations
Sameera meaning in Urdu Entertaining companion.
Sana meaning in Urdu Resplendence; Brilliance
Sawsan meaning in Urdu Lily of the valley.
Shadiya meaning in Urdu Singer.
Siham meaning in Urdu Arrows
Suhaila meaning in Urdu Smooth; Soft ; Fluent;
Sumayyah meaning in Urdu Companion of the prophet.
Tamadhur meaning in Urdu Old Arabic name.
Thana meaning in Urdu Thankfulness.
Thara meaning in Urdu Wealth.
Thurayya meaning in Urdu Star.
Wafeeqa meaning in Urdu Successful.
Wajeeha meaning in Urdu Eminent; Distinguished.
Widad meaning in Urdu Love; Friendship
Wisal meaning in Urdu Communion in love.
Yasmin meaning in Urdu Jasmine.
Yusra meaning in Urdu Proper name; Easiness.
Zahra meaning in Urdu Flower; Beauty; Star
Zaina meaning in Urdu Beautiful.
Zakiyya meaning in Urdu Pure

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