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Iranian Girls Names

Afareen Praise; also means to create
afsAneh A fairy tale
afsar Crown
afshAn To sprinkle
afsoon Charm, spell, bewitchment
Ahou/Ahoo Deer
akhtar Star; also name of a flower
AlAleh A flower
AnAhitA Goddess of water
anusheh/anoosheh Happy, fortunate
ArA Ornament, decoration
Arezoo Wish
arghavAn Redish Purple
armaghAn Gift
AsA Like, similar to
asal Honey
AtoosA Name of an Iranian princess
AvA Voice,call
Avizeh A pendant
AzAdeh Free
Azin Accessories (usually jewlery)
AzitA Name of an Iranian princess
Azar Fire, 9th month of the Iranian calendar
Azarakhsh Thunder
Azargoon A red rose
Azarnoush Right in faith
BahAmin/BahAmeen Spring
BahAr Spring (season)
BahArak Small Spring (season)
BahAreh Someone who brings the spring (or a sprint flower)
Banafsheh A flower (Violet)
BAnou Lady
BeetA/BitA Unique
Beh Ayin Clean in faith
BehbahA Best price
Behbod Guardian of goodness
BehnAz Best coquetry
Behrokh Best face
Bolour Crystal
Boubak A mythological bird
Bousseh Kiss
ChalipA Cross
DaryA Sea
DelArAm Quiet-hearted
Delbar Charming, Sweetheart, heart-ravisher
Delkash Fascinating, attractive
DeenA/DinA Dinah; also means judge
DonyA World
Dorri A sparkling star glittering like a gem
FarahnAz Joy
FarAnak A character in Shahnameh, Fereidoun’s mother
Farangis A female character in Shahnameh
FaribA Charming, enticing
Farideh Unique, precious
Farkhondeh Happy, joyous
FarnAz Splendid coquetry, glorious coquetry
Farrin Glorified
FarzAneh Wise
Fereshteh Angel
FilA Lover
Firouzeh/Feerouzeh Turquoise
FojAn/FozhAn A loud voice or sound
Forough Brightness
ForouzAn Shining
Forouzandeh Shining
GelAreh Eyes
Ghamzeh Coquetry
GhAssedak A flower (Dandelion)
GhazAl Gazelle
GhazAleh Gazelle
Ghodsi Holy, sacred, angel
Ghoncheh Bud of the flower
Gisou/Geesou Women’s hair,ringlet,tress
GitA/GuitA A kind of song
Giti/Guiti World, universe
GolbahAr Spring flower
Goli Rose-colored, rosy
GolnAr Flower of the Pomegranate tree
GolnAz Cute like a flower
Golshan A flower garden
GordAfarid A female character in Shahnameh
GordiA A female character in Shahnameh
Hastee/Hasti Existance
Hediyeh Gift
HengAmeh Uproar, wonder, marvel causing admiration
HomA Phoenix, A bird from fables (symbolizes good omen)
IrAn Iran
IrAn-dokht Daughter of Iran
JavAneh Sprout, young
KatAyoun A female character in Shahnameh
KhandAn Smiling
KhAtereh Memory
Khojassteh Royal
Khorsheed Sun
KimiyA Alchemy
LAdan A flower
LAleh Tulip
Leily/Layly/Laily Nocturnal, one who does anything by night
LilA The lilac tree
Lily/Lili A flower
Mahasti The moon’s being
MAhdokht Daughter of the moon
Maheen/Mahin Greatest
MAhrokh Whose face is like the moon, beautiful
MahnAz The moon’s glory
Mahsheed Moon, moonlight
MahsA Like the moon
MahtA Moon-like
MahtAb Moonlight
Mahvash Moon-like; a beauty
Malakeh Queen
MAnA Alike, similar; also name of a God
MandAna Name of a princess
MAnee/MAni A painter who later claimed to be a prophet
Manizheh A legendary female character in Shahnameh
MarjAn Coral
MarjAneh Coral
Marmar Marble
Maryam/Mariam A flower (Tuberose)
MastAneh Drunken (More like joyful)
MehrAngiz To cause affection
MehrnAz The sun’s glory
Mehry Sun; also Affectionate, kind
MeshiA Butter made of sheep’s milk
MinA Enamel,blue glass(lapis lazuli)
Minoo Paradise, heaven
MitrA Name of a God/Goddess
MozhgAn Eyelashes
Mozhdeh Good news
MonA Name of a God
MorvAreed Pearl
Naghmeh Melody, song, tune
NahAl A young plant
NAheed/NAhid A star, the planet Venus
Nargess A flower (Narcissus )
NastarAn A flower much like a wild rose
Nasreen/Nasrin A flower (a wild rose)
NavA Tune
NAzAfarin Producing delight
NAzanin Sweetheart
NAzgol Cute flower
NAzhin Name of a tree
NAzy Cute
NAzillA Cute
Negeen/Negin The precious stone on a ring or other Jewlery
NegAr Sweetheart
NegAh Look
NedA Voice,call
Niloufar A flower (Water Lily)
Niki Goodness
Nikoo/Nikou Good, Beautiful
NiyooshA A listener
Noushin Sweet
NoushAfarin Creator of joy
Omeed/Omid Hope
Oranous One of the 9 solar plannets
Orkideh Orchid
Padideh A phenomenon
Parand Silk
Parastoo A bird (Swallow)
Paree/Pari Fairy
Pareechehr Having a face like a fairy (beautiful)
Pareerou Having a face like a fairy (beautiful)
PareesA/ParisA Like a fairy
Pareevash Fairy-faced
Parto Ray of light
ParvAneh Butterfly
Parvin Name of a constellation
PegAh Dawn
PeymAneh Wine cup
Peyvand A joint, a connection
Pouneh/Pooneh A flower
Poupak A kind of bird
PourAn A successor
PourAn-dokht A female character in Shahnameh
Pouri A successor
RahA Free
RAmesh Rest; cheerfulness
RasA Expressive
RavAn Soul, spirit
Roshanak Small light
RoudAbeh A character in ShahnAmeh (Rostam’s mother)
RoxAnA/RoksAnA light (in farsi roshanAi)
Name of a Iranian princess
the reason Alexander The Great destroyed persepolis (so they say!)
SahbA Wine
SAghar Wine cup
SAlomeh Salomeh
Saman Jasmin
SAnAz A flower
SArA (A) Sarah; also pure, excellent
SarvenAz Name of a tall, slender tree; also a beautiful woman
SAyeh Shade, Shadow
SeemA/SimA Face
Sepeedeh/Sepideh Dawn (the first appearance of light in the morning)
SetAreh Star
ShAdAn Happy, joyful
ShAdee/ShAdi Happiness
Shabnam Dew
Shahin/Shaheen Royal
ShahlA A dark-eyed woman
ShAhzAdeh Princess
ShahnAz The king’s loved/favorite one
ShahrbAnou Lady of the town (good)
ShahrnAz The town’s loved/favorite one
ShahrzAd City-born
SharAreh Single spark
Sheefteh Enamoured, fascinated, charmed, captivated
SheydA Lovesick
SheevA/ShivA Charming
Shideh/Sheedeh Bright, luminous; the sun
Shirin/Shireen Sweet; pleasant, gentle; delicate
Shirin-bAnoo Sweet lady
Sholeh Flame
Shokoufeh Blossom
Shokouh Splendour; magnificence
ShoukA A kind of deer
Simin Silvery, made of silver
Sogand Oath, Pledge
SorayA Name of a constellation
SoudAbeh A legendary female character in Shahnameh
Souri/Suri Red Rose
Sussan/Soussan A flower, Lily of the valley
SouzAn Burning, flaming
TAhereh (A) Pure, chaste, clean
Tahmineh A female character in Shahnameh,Rostam’s wife
TalA Gold
TArA Star
TarAneh Song
TarsA A worshipper of fire; also a Christian
TeenA/TinA Clay
ToucA Name of a bird (Toucan)
TourAn Name of a place in Shahnameh
VandA Wish, desire
Vida/Veeda Found, evident; also little, few
YaldA Name of the longest night of the year
YAsaman Jasmin
YAss A flower, Jasmin
YegAneh Unique, single
YektA Unique, single
Zari Brocaded Silk
Zarrin Golden
Zarrin-dokht Golden girl
ZeebA/ZibA Beautiful
zhAleh/JAleh Dew
Zohreh The planet Venus
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