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Morning Azkar Dua After Fajr Prayer

Morning Azkar, Dua after Fajar prayer, Learn Morning Akhar supplication that we read after fajr prayer, Dua to read for Muslim kids, males and females which our Beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to recite at morning time after Fajr Namaz in daily routine.
أَصْبَـحْـنا وَأَصْبَـحْ المُـلكُ للَّهِ رَبِّ العـالَمـين اللّهُـمَّ إِنِّـي أسْـأَلُـكَ خَـيْرَ هـذا الـيَوْم ، فَـتْحَهُ ، وَنَصْـرَهُ ، وَنـورَهُ وَبَـرَكَتَـهُ وَهُـداهُ ، وَأَعـوذُ بِـكَ مِـنْ شَـرِّ ما فـيهِ وَشَـرِّ ما بَعْـدَه

Morning Dua with English Meaning:The morning has come to me and the whole universe belongs to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, O Allah, I ask of you the good of the day, it’s success and aid and it’s nur (celestial light) and barakaat (blessings) and seek hidayah (guidance) and seek refuge from the evil in it (this day) and from the evil of that which is to come later.
(Hisn from Abu Dawood)

Recite this Dua at Morning time alternatively

اللّهُـمَّ بِكَ أَصْـبَحْنا وَبِكَ أَمْسَـينا ، وَبِكَ نَحْـيا وَبِكَ نَمُـوتُ وَإِلَـيْكَ المَصِيْر

Morning Prayer in English Translation:O Allah we enter the day time and the evening and die with your Qudrat (power) and to You do we return.

Recite this supplications in the morning and evening to abstain from any harmful Reptiles

Hazrat Uthman (R.A.) reported that Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has said that nothing (noxious reptiles, animal or jinnat, will harm the servant who recites these words three times in the morning and evening time everyday.
بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الَّذِي لَا يَضُرُّ مَعَ اسْمِهِ شَيْءٌ فِي الْأَرْضِ وَلَا فِي السَّمَاءِ
وَهُوَ السَّمِيعُ الْعَلِيمُ
سُبْحَانَ اللهِ، وَالْحَمْدُ للهِ، ولَا إِلَهَ إِلَّا اللهُ، وَاللهُ أَكْبَرُ

Morning Dhikr with Meaning in English: We have made (started) the morning (and night) in whose Name nothing in the skies and the earth can harm and He is the All-hearing, the All-knowing.

Ayatul Kursi Benefits and Importance According to Merits Virtues Hadith with Reference in English
There are great virtues and benefits of reciting Ayat ul Kursi in Morning, evening time, after fard namz or when you leave your home.
Hadith No:1 for Ayatul Kursi
It was narrated that Abu Umamah said: The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Whoever recites Ayat Al-Kursi immediately after each prescribed Prayer, there will be nothing standing between him and his entering Paradise except death.” (Reported by An-Nasa’i and Ibn Hibban.)
Hadith No:2 for Ayatul Kursi
Hadhrat Ali (ra) says that the chief of the Ayats of the Quan Majeed is Ayatul Kursi.
Hadith No:3 for Ayatul Kursi
Hadhrat Ibn Masood (ra) says that no space in the sky or on the earth is loftier than Ayatul Kursi.
Hadith No:4 for Ayatul Kursi
Hadhrat Ali bin Kaab (ra) remarks that Nabi (saw) asked him,” Which is the most high ranking Aayat in the Qur’aan Kareem?” He said, ” Allaah and His Rasul know best”. Rasulallah repeated this statement very often. Hadhrat Ali (ra) stated, “Ayatul Kursi”. Nabi (saw) said:”Oh Abul Munzar (family name of Abi bin Kaab). May you be blessed by this knowledge. I swear by that Being in whose Hands and Control is my life, that this Ayat has one tongue and two lips. It is by the threshold of Allaah’s Arsh, Mentioning His purity”.
Hadith No:5 for Ayatul Kursi
Hadhrat Anas (RA) narrates that Rasulallaah (saw) asked one of his companions: “Oh, so and so are you married?” He replied: “No, I do not have enough wealth that I may marry.” Nabi (saw) said: “Do you know Surah Qul Huwallaahu Ahad?” The Sahaba replied: “I know”. Nabi (saw) said: “It is equal to a quarter of the Qur’aan. Nabi (saw) asked: “Do you not know Qul Yaa Ayyuhal Kaafiroon?” The Sababi replied “I know”. Nabi (saw) said “It is equal to a quarter of the Qur’aan.” Nabi (saw) asked, “Do you not know Surah “Iza Zul Zilzilaat ” ?” The Sahaabi replied, “I Know”. Nabi (saw) said:”It is a quarter of the Qur’aan”. Nabi (saw) asked: “Do you not know Surah Iza Jaa a Nasrullaahi Wal Fath” The Sahabi replied “I Know” Nabi (saw) said, it is a quarter of the Qur’aan. Nabi (saw) asked: “Do you know the Ayatul Kursi?” The Sahabi replied “I know”. Nabi (saw) said, “It is equal to a quarter of the Qur’aan. Marry, Marry, Marry.”
Hadith No:6 for Ayatul Kursi
Hadhrat Anas (ra) said that Nabi (saw) said: “The one who recites Ayatul Kursi after every fard Salaat will be protected until the next Salaat and this is constantly done by a Nabi or a Siddiq or a martyr.

Hadith No:7 for Ayatul Kursi
Hadhrat Hassan bin Ali (ra) says: “A person once asked: “Oh Rasulallaah (saw) what does that person receive who recites Ayatul Kursi after every Fard Salaat ? Nabi (saw) said: “That person remains under the protection of Allaah until the next Salaat.”
Hadith No:8 for Ayatul Kursi
Hadhrat Anas (ra) says: Rasulallaah (saw) asked; “Do you know which Ayat in the Qur’aan is most lofty?” I said, Allaah and his Rasul know more.” Nabi (saw) read Ayatul Kursi
Hadith No:9 for Ayatul Kursi
Hadhrat Efai bin Abdullah Kallee said that one person asked.”Oh Rasulallaah (saw), which Ayat in the Qur’aan is the most lofty one?” Nabi (saw) said: ” Ayatul Kursi”. The person asked,”Which Ayat has those benefits which you desire for your Ummah, in the Qur’aan?” Nabi (saw) said: “The last Ayat of Surah Baqarah, for it is from the treasures of Allaah from underneath the threshold of the Arsh. It encompasses all the good of this world and the Aakhiraat”.
Hadith No:10 for Ayatul Kursi
Hadhrat Muhammad bin al Saumi bin Al Salsal bin Damasc narrates from his father, who in turn, narrates from his father that Prophet(saw) said: ” Whoever recites Ayatul Kursi after every fard Salaat, there is only death between him and Jannat”, he will enter into Jannat immediately when he dies.  
Hadith No:11 for Ayatul Kursi
Hadhrat Ayesha (R.A.) narrates that one person came to Nabi (saw) and said that there was absolutely no “Barakat” (blessings) in the things at home. Nabi (saw) replied, “Why are you neglectful of Ayatul Kursi.”
Hadith No:12 for Ayatul Kursi
Hadhrat Ali (RA) says “I have heard Rasulallaah (saw) say that person who recites Ayatul Kursi after every Salaat, only death prevents him from Jannat and who recites it whilst retiring to his sleeping place, Allaah will protect his house, his neighbours and even his surroundings.
Hadith No:13 for Ayatul Kursi
Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (ra) narrates this (above) Hadith from Rasulallaah (saw), with the addition that there is an Ayat in Surah Baqara, which is the chief ayat of the Qur’aan. Whosoever recites it in a house wherein Shaitaan is, he (Shaitaan) will leave.
Hadith No:14 for Ayatul Kursi
Hadhrat Abu Qatada (RA) narrates that Nabi (SAW) said.”Whoever reads Ayatul Kursi and the last Ayat of Surah Baqarah when in difficulty, then Allaah listens to that plea.”
Hadith No:15 for Ayatul Kursi
Hadhrat Qatadah (RA) says: ” Whoever recites Ayatul Kursi on his sleeping bed, Allaah Ta’aala nominates 2 angels to protect him until morning.”
Hadith No:16 for Ayatul Kursi
Rasulallaah (saw) stated, “I have been given Aayatul Kursi from the treasures under the Arsh of Allaah and it was not given to anyone before me”.
Hadith No:17 for Ayatul Kursi
Hadhrat Ali (ra) says, “From the time I have heard this, I have never passed a night without reading it”.
Hadith No:18 for Ayatul Kursi
Hadhrat Abu Huraia (ra) said that Rasulallaah (saw) stated that whosoever reads “Haa meem al Mu’minoon” upto “al maseer” and Ayatul Kursi in the morning, will be protected until the evening and whoever reads both of these in the night will be protected until the morning.

Allahu la ilaha illa huwa Al -Haiyul-Qaiyum
La ta’khudhuhu sinatun wa la nawm
lahu ma fi as-samawati wa ma fil-‘ard
Man dhal-ladhi yashfa’u ‘indahu illa bi-idhnihi
Ya’lamu ma bayna aydihim
wa ma khalfahumwa la yuhituna bi shai’in min ‘ilmihi illa bima sha’a
Wasi’a kursiyuhus-samawati wal ard
 wa la ya’uduhu hifdhuhuma wa Hu wal ‘Aliyul-Adheem

Ayat Al Kursi in English Translation:Allah! There is no ilah (deity worthy of worship) but He The Living, The Eternal One. Neither slumber, nor sleep overtakes Him. To Him belonges whatever is in the Heavens and on the earth. Who is he that can intercede with Him but by His permission? He knows what is before and what is behind them. They encompass nothing of His knowledge which He will. His Throne extends over the Heavens and the Earth, and the preservation of both does not weary Him. He is the Exalted The Immense One.

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